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HR interview Questions


Here are some HR interview questions, may you have useful

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									1) Tell me about yourself?
    My name is kishore kumar. I was born in metpally. I completed my PG in computer science from KU. I
    did my intermediate and schooling in karimnagar. My hobbies are listening songs. Finally about my
    family, we are four in our family. My father was working as a collection officer in vipanchi chit funds.
    My mother was house wife. My brother was working as a SE in cap Gemini Company. This is all about
    me, Thank you sir.
2) Why do you want to work for this organization?
    I need a platform to show case my skills and knowledge and improve them. I strongly believe company
    success is because of its employees.
3) Why should I hire you?
    I will give my best at work. If you give me an opportunity I can prove myself.
4) Why did you leave your last job?
    I am very thankful to my previous company, because I learn a lot from them. But I am looking for a new
    opportunity and challenging. Change is necessary to make yourself refresh.
5) Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized?
    Yes sir, there are few situations which my work was criticized. But quickly I recognize it and improve it
    with creative work.
6) How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
    There need to be proper balance and symbolic relationship between organization and employees.
7) Tell me about the most boring job you have ever had.
     Sir, No job is boring it is totally depend upon individual interest. If I will be interested about any job
    then we can take this as a challenge.
8) Difference between hard work and smart work?
    No one can do smart work without doing hard work.
    Hard work-fresher.
    Smart work - experience.
9) Strengths and weakness?
    Strengths: self motivated team player and positive attitude.
    Weakness: emotional
10) How do you feel about working nights and weekends?
    Doing job properly is my first priority. Working night and weekends will not be an issue for me.
11) What qualities for you look for in boss?
    Knowledge, fair and high standards.
12) Would you be willing to relocate if required?
    Yes sir, it is great pleasure for me to travel. These things best ideas of outer world.
13) What motivates you to do your best on the job?
    Self motivation sir, I want the people to look up to me as person who executes the job perfectly.
14) Can you work under pressure?
    Yes sir, it is an opportunity to prove myself.
15) How many hours weeks do you normally work?
    Whenever situation demands we always stand for work.
16) Have you been absent from work more than a few days in any previous position?
    Yes I have taken leave for 2-3 days but I have completed my work properly so that there should be no
    pending work.
17) What changes would make if you came on board?
    In every type of company basic things are.
    Customers satisfaction.
    Employers satisfaction.
    Benefit to the company.
    If those criteria is satisfied and changing according to that than I will go for changing.
18) What would you to say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think its stinks?
    If boss is open for ideas then i'l discuss my points with him. if he's nt open to new ideas from
    subordinates, then i'll follow "boss is always right" rule.
19) How could you have improved your career progress?
    Always I would like to resolve my weak point without any hesitation and cooperative with superior
    person team member.
20) Tell me honestly about strong points and weak points of your boss?
    Sir once I get this job I will be one of the employee to this organization.
    So it’s my responsibility to save the information regarding our company, boss, employees etc. If I tell
    this information I am not an honest person.
21) Looking back on your last position, have you done your best work?
    I have done my best work in my previous position. I have improved myself a lot by doing hard work.
22) How do you feel about reporting to a youngest person?
    I feel comfortable. Because I won't give importance to the age, I give importance to his post or
23) Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?
    I'm not money minded person...i prefer future growth, job satisfaction & happy family life, i am career
    oriented person and i believe that if career is on right track money can come automatically...
24) What makes u angry?
    I usually get angry when someone speaks about a person behind ones back. But I don’t care.

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