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									     Meet dart117, The New Gold Standard in Graphics and Design Outsourcing

(1888PressRelease) Chicago based INTERSOG today announces the opening of dart117, a newly
formed graphics and digital design outsourcing start up. This new creative solutions agency provides
clients with custom design services, specializing in the mobile and social gaming market, e-
commerce, and other interactive corridors of the digital industry.
Chicago, USA - INTERSOG, an international software development and IT outsourcing firm, today
announces the launch of dart117, the company's newest business subsidiary. A full-circle design
studio with expertise in graphic design work needed for mobile apps during their development,
production, and promotion dart117 is geared to become one of the leading design hubs operating
out of Ukraine today. Specializing in mobile, social, and gambling based games, e-commerce,
manufacturing, as well as other digital industries, the newly opened unit's offerings are highlighted
by a uniquely skilled creative team as well as an extensive portfolio and track record of success
stemming from the group's prior in-house work with INTERSOG.

dart117's innovative outsourcing work model and custom cost effective design services have the
power to meet the needs of both independent and enterprise clients on nearly any scale. Serial
entrepreneur and industry veteran Vadim Chernega, a driving force behind previous successful
digital projects including the Zeniz Social Casino among others, guides the company's graphic
artists, 3D modelers, creative strategists, analysts, and web designers.

With offices in Kiev and Odessa in Ukraine dart117 is utilizing the well developed infrastructure and
clientele base of its parent organization INTERSOG to ensure that it has all the resources necessary
to achieve of its current and future project goals. dart117 is primed and ready to cement its place at
the forefront of the contemporary graphic design ecosystem and the company's design teams are
available for hire immediately.

This press release was prepared and released by ComboApp, the leading PR and Marketing agency
for mobile and software promotions.



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About dart117:
Design is king in the digital ecosystem and dart117 Studio is sitting on the cutting edge. We know
what works visually - what design styles, graphics, and visual strategies send the messages you want
to send, and what doesn`t. In an arena where memorably implementing the right aesthetics the right
way makes or breaks brands, applications, businesses, and institutions - dart117 has you covered.

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