Environmental Health Unit_ Lesson 1 - Introduction

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					    Environmental Health Unit:
      Lesson 1 - Introduction

      TSWBAT identify issues of how the
 environment affects our personal health on a
                 daily basis.
  TSWBAT investigate environmental issues,
government agencies, and eight laws that deal
          with our environment.
  Big Ideas – Discuss with your seat
1. How do your surroundings affect
  your personal health?

2. How can your actions affect your
           Environmental Health
• The study of humans & their interactions with the
• It examines:
  ▫ chemical, physical & biological agents that move through
    the environment affecting human health & investigates
    ways to control or minimize them.

• Human health is dependant on a high quality
• The professional in environmental health works to
  protect the overall quality health of air, water, soil &
    Environmental Protection Agency
• Department of the US government
• Protects the country’s land, air, and water
• Enforces environmental laws
• Researches issues related to the health of the
• Educates the public about environmental
    Occupational Safety and Health
        Administration (OSHA)
• Part of US Department of Labor

• Works to prevent injuries and other health
  problems in the workplace.

• Sets safety standards for workplaces

• Helps train and educate workers.
 Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

1. Clean Air Act:
  – Law that allows the EPA to set standards for major
    air pollutants.
   Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

2. Comprehensive Environmental Response,
  Compensation, & Liability Act:
  – Law provides funding to clean up uncontrolled or
    hazardous waste sites & oil & chemical spills
    Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

3. Clean Water Act:
  – Law that sets regulations on wastes going into
    water and on the operation of waste treatment
    plants & makes it illegal to release pollutants into
    the water
    Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

4. Safe Drinking Water Act:
  – Law that protects the quality of drinking water. It
    also sets standards for owners and operators of
    public water systems
    Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

5. Endangered Species Act:
  – Law that protects animal & plant species
    threatened by extinction.
    Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

6. National Environmental Policy Act:
  – Law that requires all governmental agencies to
    consider and assess the impact on the
    environment before taking any action that might
    affect the environment.
    Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

7. Toxic Substances Control Act:
  – Law the authorizes the EPA to set standards for
    the manufacturing, use, transportation, and
    disposal of toxic substances
    Laws & Acts – Regulate the Environment

8. Occupational Safety and Health Act:
  – Law that sets a series of minimal safety and health
    standards that all employees must meet.

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