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					The Advocate        Brandon Voss                  
Associated Press    Dolores Barclay               
Backstage           Simi Horwitz                  
Backstage           Erik Haagensen                
Backstage           David Sheward                 
Bergen Record       Robert Feldberg               
Daily News          Joe Dziemianowicz             
Daily News          Richard Belsky - Arts feature ed
Newsday             Naomi Serviss - Lives
Newsday             Linda Winer                   
Newsday             Robert Kahn                   
Next Magazine       Benjamin Solomon              
Next Magazine       Dan Avery                     
NJ Ledger           Peter Filichia                
NJ Ledger           Jennifer Braun                
NJ Ledger                                         
NY Mag              Boris Kachka - writes features & shorts
NY Mag              Michael Connelly              
NY Mag              Jared Hohlt - "NY Minute"     
NY Mag              Logan Hill                    
NY-1 News           Frank Dilella                 
NY-1 News           Donna Karger                  
NY Observer         Sara Vilkomerson              
NY Post             Frank Scheck                  
NY Post             Barbara Hoffman - Entertainment Ed.
NY Press            Jerry Portwood                
NY Times            Scott Heller                  
NY Times            Erik Piepenberg               
NY Times            Patti Cohen                   
NY Times            Jason Zinoman                 
NY Times                                          
Jewish Week         Robert Goldblum               
Jewish Week         Ted Merwin                    
The Forward         Dan Friedman                  
Time Out            Soren Larson - features ed    
Time Out            Adam Feldman                  
Time Out            David Cote                    
Village Voice       Brian Parks                   
Village Voice       Michael Musto                 
Village Voice       listings                      
Daily Candy                                       
Flavorpill                                        ,, stephan@        Paul Wontorek                         Kathy Henderson                  Robert Diamond                   Jessica Lewis                    Gabrielle Sierra              
Playbill            Adam Hetrick                  
Playbill            Ken Jones                     
Playbill            Andrew Gans                   
Talkin' Broadway    Ann Miner                     
Talkin' Broadway    Mike Reynolds                 
Theatremania     Peter Filichia     
Theatermania     Brian Scott Lipton 
Theatermania     Dan Bacalzo        
NY   Martin and Rochelle Denton,
The Advocate                                Brandon Voss
Associated Press                            Dolores Barclay
AM NY                                       E
                   Listings and Entertainment mily Hulme
AM NY              Theater Crtic            Matt Windman
Backstage                                   Simi Horwitz
                   Feature Writer "Face to Face column
Backstage          Reviews Editor           Erik Haagensen
Backstage          National Theatre Editor David Sheward
Daily News         Entertainment Columnist Joe Dziemianowicz      45 West 87th Street - Apt. 5B
Daily News         News Staff Writer        Robert Dominguez
New Yorker         Reviews Editor           Shauna Lyon
New Yorker         Staff Writer             Hilton Als
Newsday            Staff Writer             Linda Winer           235 Pinelawn Road
NEXT               Reviewer                 David Hurst
NJ Ledger          Theater Critic           Peter Filichia        1 Star Ledger Plaza
NY Mag             Theatre Editor           Emma Rosenblum
NY Mag             Entertainment Writer     Jeremy McCarter       444 Madison Avenue
NY Mag             Culture Editor           Mary Kaye Schilling   444 Madison Avenue
NY Observer        Theatre Writer           John Heilpern         915 Broadway, 9th Fl.
NY Observer        Theatre Writer           Jesse Oxfeld          915 Broadway, 9th Fl.
NY Post            Theatre Columnist        Frank Scheck          1211 Avenue of the Americas
NY Times           Staff Writer             Charles Isherwood
NY Times           Staff Writer             Scott Heller
NY Times           Reviews Editor           Suzanne O'Connor
NY Times           Staff Writer             Anita Gates
NY                              Martin and Rochelle Denton
ShowBusiness       Reviews Editor           Chris Zara
Time Out           Theatre Writer           Adam Feldman          475 Tenth Avenue, 12th Fl.
Time Out           Theatre Editor           David Cote            475 Tenth Avenue, 12th Fl.
Time Out           Theatre Writer           Helen Shaw            475 Tenth Avenue, 12th Fl.
TDF                Theatre Writer           Mark Blakenship
Variety            Theatre Writer           Gordon Cox
Village Voice      Senior Theatre Editor    Alexis Soloski        36 Cooper Square
Village Voice      Staff Writer             Michael Feingold
Talkin' Broadway   Senior Editor            Matthew Murray
Theatremania       Contributer              Peter Filichia        314 West 56th Street - #1C
Theatremania       Contributer              David Finkle
Theatremania       Managing Editor          Dan Bacalzo
Theatremania       Editor-in-Chief          Brian Scott Lipton
Theatremania       Contributers             Barbara and Scott Siegel
New York, NY 10024
Melville, NY 11747
Newark, NJ 07102
New York, NY 10022           (moved to Newsweek)
New York 10022
New York, NY 10010
New York, NY 10010
New York, NY 10036
New York, NY 10018
New York, NY 10018
New York, NY 10018
New York, NY 10003
New York, NY 10019

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