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									Autism: Integrative Pieces to Consider
Cheryl Leuthaeuser, D.O. OsteoMed II 7271 Engle Road, suite 115 Middleburg Heights, OH 44141 440-239-3438

Autism: Learning Objectives
Discuss Sensitivity Reduction Technique (SRT) Define Osteopathic Manipulation and Osteopathy in the Cranial Field Discuss integration of bio-medical treatments and the above Case Studies

Autism: potential causes
Genetic predisposition Heavy Metals Lack of nutrition Viral infections Candida Food Sensitivities Lack of ability to detoxify

Autism: the foundation
Genetic predisposition + Environmental triggers = ASD

Autism: Heavy Metals
Heavy Metal Toxicity: confusion, headaches, short-term memory loss, myalgias, food intolerances, diarrhea.

Autism: Heavy Metals
Where to commonly find heavy metals?
-paint: lead -treated lumber: arsenic -fire retardant fabrics: antimony -amalgam dental fillings: mercury -fish: mercury -vaccines: aluminum, some have mercury -water sources: lead pipes

Autism: Common nutrient deficiencies
Vitamin C Zinc Omega 3 fatty acids Glutathione B vitamins Iron CoQ10

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Autism : Common Diets
Gluten free/ Casein free diet Feingold diet Low oxalate diet Specific carbohydrate diet Yeast free diet

Autism: viral triggers
MMR Human Herpes Viruses Herpes Simplex Viruses Epstein Barr Virus Certainly, many more

Autism Treatment Biomedical
Biomedical: the application of the natural, biological and physiological sciences in clinical medicine.

Autism Treatment common supplements
Pro-biotic Zinc Calcium/Magnesium Digestive Enzymes DMG TMG Glutathione Methyl B12 Cod liver oil Flax seed oil DHA, GLA, EPA Multivitamin Taurine

Autism Treatment
At OsteoMed II….
Our goal is to correct the underlying problems

This is the “house” you live in, called “Your Body”
Bones, Muscles, Organs How everything works


What you eat, drink & breathe

“Chemical” ATP



“Electromagnetic”— “chi”

OsteoMed II: Treatment
Goal is to achieve balance:
– Energetic balance using acupressure during allergy elimination – Biochemical balance using nutritional supplements – Structural balance with osteopathy, may include osteopathy in the cranial field

Treating ASD with SRT
All foods, chemicals and environmental particles are considered potential “allergens”

All allergens have an electromagnetic charge associated with them

Treating ASD with SRT

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For a variety of reasons, disruptions can occur in the body’s life force (electromagnetic) energy, or “chi”(Qi) The electromagnetic charges of allergens “disrupt” the flow of energy in the acupuncture channels called meridians

SRT: Results
Treatments act to “calm” the brain
– Food and environmental allergies have been documented to cause disruption of the brain waves

– Treatment involves the use of acupressure on specific acupuncture points
– After this treatment, the brain can function more appropriately; therefore, other types of behavioral therapies can be more effective

Penny Montgomery slides

Slide Courtesy of Penny Montgomery, PhD

Clinical Outcomes of a Diagnostic & Treatment Protocol in Allergy/Sensitivity Patients

Clinical Study on Allergy Elimination Shows 87.2% of Patients Rate Allergy Elimination as Good to Excellent.

This investigation used a technique very similar to the methods used at OsteoMed II
Alternative Medicine Review 2001; 6 (2) 188-202

First visit: what to expect
• Muscle response testing: otherwise known as kinesiology, applied kinesiology

Surrogate Testing

First visit: what to expect
Treatment vials homeopathic vials that are placed in contact with the skin Acupressure technique 15 minute treatment period

First Visit: Acupressure

Moving towards chelation
Complete SRT series Lab work to check health of liver and kidneys (other tests may be ordered) 4-6 wks of supplements prior to beginning chelation with DMSA

Moving towards chelation
Can start with 30mg/kg DMSA challenge – Also use non-challenge dose testing in about 50% of patients Quarterly urine and stool tests to chart progress Chelation series generally lasts 18-24 months Follow-up Lab work periodically

Autism: Heavy Metals
Dimercaptosuccinic-acid (DMSA) -Has been used since the 1950’s to treat lead toxicity -FDA approved for treatment of Pb toxicity since 1991. -Available in topical, oral and suppository formulations Other chelation agents: EDTA, DMPS

Yeast: fighting the bread box
Natural Aids:
– – – – Probiotics yeast free diet garlic Kirkman’s yeast aid

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Detoxification of viruses
Done on a very individual basis Begins at first visit with SRT
– Vitamin A, dose determined by practitioner – Monolaurin – Homeopathy: specialized homeopathic remedies may be suggested for specific viral detoxification – May incorporate homeopathy any time during treatments

ASD treatment: Osteopathy
Can be added any time Beneficial if long and difficult delivery, including the use of vacuum extraction or forceps Childhood trauma: accidents & fractures Aids infants quickly with lactation dysfunction

History of Osteopathic Medicine
• Philosophy of Osteopathy was developed in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. • In 1864 Dr. Still was compelled to return to his anatomy and physiology textbooks to search for a way to create wellness. He lost 3 of his children to meningitis and found orthodox medicine offered ineffective treatments. • Dr. Still opened his first school of osteopathic medicine in 1892 • Currently there are 23 colleges of osteopathic medicine • Osteopathic curriculum includes the same basic science courses as M.D. institutions as well as extra training in palpation, structural alignment, and philosophy of osteopathy.

Cranial Osteopathy
•Cranial Osteopathy
is an expansion of the general principles of osteopathy which includes a special understanding of the central nervous system and a mechanism called primary respiration. Those who wish to practice Cranial Osteopathy train intensively through post-graduate studies.

William G. Sutherland

•William Garner Sutherland, DO (1873-1954), discovered, developed and taught Cranial Osteopathy in the early to mid-1900s. Dr. Sutherland referred to his discovery as Osteopathy in the Cranial Field(OCF). He never failed to emphasize that the Cranial Concept was only an extension of, not separate from, Dr. Still's science of osteopathy. Dr. Sutherland was the first to perceive a subtle palpable movement within the bones of the cranium.

Outline of Treatment
1. Allergy testing 2. Lab testing 3. Nutritional Supplements 4. Heavy metal detoxification Can be added anytime: Osteopathy Viral detoxification Fungal detoxification Dietary recommendations

Case Studies
Language attained only with SRT and probiotics Discharged from speech therapy 6 weeks following speech initiation

Case Studies
GF/CF diet (now off) SRT Methyl B12 Chelation


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