Industrial Chisel Machines for Stone working by DiamondContintntal


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									   Continental DIA Diamond Products, Inc.

      Terminator Jaws is the ultimate stone chiseler.
      Non-marring nylon base plate
      Chisel edges fast and clean
      Comfortable rubber handles reduce vibration and allow for better control
      Replaceable chisel tips

Jaws 1 allowable chiseling material thickness 2cm-4cm

Jaws 2 allowable chiseling material thickness 4cm-6cm

Helpful Tips: (it is always suggested to run a test piece before actual application)

      Always start at one end on the piece, never start in the middle.
      Set a guide along the length of the piece to ensure the edge comes out straight
      When chiseling remove only a chisel tips width
      Be sure to lock thickness in place (1mm between stone and chisel tip), by
       tightening the silver lock nut.

For laminated pieces always use an epoxy based glue and let set for 24hrs. This will
ensure a better quality chisel.

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