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									"Is there going to be an iPhone 5S?
I am eligible for an upgrade and I was wondering if there was going to be an iPhone
5S. I don't want to buy the new iphone and then a month later the next one comes
out. Also, I would like to know if I should even go with the new iPhone or get the
Samsung Galaxy. I see a lot of people with the Galaxy and they seem to like them."
--From Yahoo! Answer

One of the rumours originates from a post on a forum website called that claims to have pictures of the back cover of the upcoming

Parts firm ETrade Supply also has posted several photos of what it believes may be
the rear shell for next-generation iPhone, which we are referring to as the iPhone 5S
in accordance with Apple's recent pattern of naming the devices.

Tim Worstall said: My own supposition (not backed up by any hard evidence, this is
pure speculation) is that this rumoured 5S isn’t going to come as soon as we might
have thought 6 weeks or two months ago. For back then we were hearing stories of
low construction yield on the iPhone 5. And I thought that this might mean that a
newer design would be released to deal with the design problems that led to that
manufacturing problem (specifically, the scratching of the anodised aluminium case).
If they’ve solved that problem then the imperative of a new device which deals with
it has gone.
But of course all of this is indeed speculation. We’re near 100% certain that there will
be another generation of the iPhone. But when and what it will be is all purely a
matter of rumour at present.

In my opinion:
Even though there are some cons about the iphone 5,like:
That god awful Maps app
Different port
Battery life doesn't seem to be improved in any noticeable way
Dwarfed against competing smart phone's screen size
The lack of excitement and new features
Passbook needs its own app store
But the iPhone 5 hasn't even come out in most countries yet, I do not think the New
iPhone 5S will come soon. Apple comes out with a new version of its smartphone
each year, the new version of smartphone finally will come out.

What do you think about this? Are you also waiting for the new generation of iPhone?
But no matter what version of the iphone, the video format supported by are
mainly .mov, .mp4, .m4v. What should you do to watch the mkv, mts, mod, swf file
on your iphone? So even the iphone 5s is coming out, you also need a video
converter if you want to watch different video format on the iphone. Maybe the
video format supporting will be the next improvement. If you have an iPhone 5, and
have the video format problem, you can learn these:

Mac iPhone 5 Converter: Convert video to iPhone 5 on Mac
How to play AVI movies on iPhone 5?
MKV to iPhone 5: Play/Enjoy MKV movies on iPhone 5
How to convert MP4 to iPhone 5 on Mountain Lion/Windows?

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