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									George Kurian’s “encyclopedia of christian civilization”: Presents Christianity Dynamically

It is needless to mention that Christianity is one of the major religions of the world. On the other
hand, it is also the largest religion in terms of number of followers. Besides, a large number of
people interested in the comparative study of religionsseem interested in understanding it in detail.
“Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization” by George Kurianis a wonderful read for the dedicated
Christians as well as the readers of comparative religion.

The book mentioned above presents a comprehensive reference work on history. Moreover, it also
tells about the impact of Christianity on the people. Readers can get over 1400 entries of an in-depth
and dynamic look at Christianity. This in-depth look has been provided through the history of
Christianity as well as the way it has shaped the societies across the globe.

The paperback is in a clear and attractive format, and it attracts the attention of the buyers, who are
going to get it through online books purchase. Besides, a series of interlocking major themes have
been explored in this book. First thing that readers may find is the exploration of theological ideas of
Christianity. These ideas are of the great help to understand the impact of this religion. Thereafter,
author talks about literature, music and art. These are the aspects, which are thought to be the
significant parts while reading the history of any religion. The author does not stop here, and he
further explains about the politics, law and scholarship.

Author has united all the above mentioned themes and tried to make the people understand the
Christianity as a truly global phenomenon with strong regional and denominational identities.
Moreover, the paperback consists of the entries of a team over 350 scholars and teachers, which are
from over twenty four nations. They presented a research in an attractive, clear and concise way.
Moreover, the paperbackhas presented the necessary reference for researchers, academics,
practitioners as well as students.
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readingit in the modern prospective.

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