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During the 1800s, clinical research and trails started proliferating in different parts of the world and
gained more attention. These studies were recognized and its important was assessed too. Placebos
were used for the very first time in the year 1863. Randomization, as a concept, evolved in 1923. The
very first research using some of the randomized treatment options along with control groups were
carried out in the year 1948 by a team from Medical Research Council. The trail involved different
streptomyins for treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. The research involves blind assessment, which
resulted in an unbiased analysis of the course and gave an unadulterated result. During the period of
1945, the impact of these ethical clinical researches and eventual trials become more important this
causing some strict regulations of different types of medical experimentation on various human
subjects. All these regulations were protected in the form of documents to be used for various purposes.

Clinical research and clinical trials have been a standard practice that focuses on the safety of patients
and required informed consent as well from all the participants. There has to be a balance between the
medical progress of a research and the safety of patients too.

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