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									               Real Birthstone for Month of February Is Amethyst

Amethyst is the precious stone for all those born in the month of February. It is a variety of
Quartz and is suggested for the people born specifically in the month of Feb as the stone can
work wonders for them. The stone gets its name from ancient Greek words a(TM) and
amethystos(TM) meaning not(TM) and intoxicated(TM) respectively.


The quartz variety looks purple in color and has a violet tinge due to irradiation. It contains iron
impurities and is as hard as quartz which makes it a suitable choice for jewelry. There is a
certain hue associated with the look which ranges from light pink to dark purple. Due to the
heat variations and hues it appears differently in different states and temperatures.


                                      The Romans believed that if they made drinking vessels
                                      out of Amethyst, it would make them prevent intoxication.
                                      Europeans believed that the soldiers should wear it for
                                      protection and also believed it to make them cool headed.
                                      The color was thought to be so due to the presence of
                                      Manganese in it. But its alteration and discharge in heat
                                      then made them to believe it was due to the organic
                                      content. The Greek also believed it to prevent
                                      drunkenness for which they had the wine glasses carved
                                      out of Amethyst.

                                      Benefits on the wearer

Amethyst has a cleansing effect on the body. It is known to sober and calm down the person
who wears it (Birthstones for Month of February). It has positive effects on the skin, cures
stomach acidity and has also known to be serving the need when insects bite.

The person wearing Amethyst is said to benefit more if born in the month of February, it being
the birthstone of the same month. A person must wear Amethyst for the positive effects of
nobility awareness and peace within the mind. The wearer has known to benefit from the
spiritual awareness that the stone possibly brings in. People who have several unresolved
issues are suggested to wear this stone. The richest feeling of peace of mind, body and soul is
experienced by the wearer who is born in the month of Feb. The use of the stone is advised to
people who seek mental balance, relief from stress and communicational disabilities. It is
known to open the path to the positive transformation of the person wearing the stone.

If you are February born and experience troubles with the mind as mentioned above, then you
are strongly advised to wear the mighty Amethyst. Amethyst also has physical benefits on the
body; it boosts the metabolism, hormone production and endocrine system. It gives a positive
physical and physiological impact on the wearer. The stone being a form of non toxic nature is
known to be beneficial for the wearer to keep the drugs, liquor and other toxic habits away.
Dream analysis is also favored for the person who wears Amethyst in any form.

Amethyst for February born people is beneficial in many above ways as described.

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