Real Birthstone for Month of December Is Turquoise

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Real Birthstone for Month of December Is Turquoise

Turquoise is known as the official birthstone for the people born in the month of December.
This precious stone which was first brought from Turkey to Europe is originally from Persia.
They hence gave it its name from the French word for Turkish which means Turquoise but
actually in Persian Turquoise is translated as Farsça Turkuaz(TM) which means victorious.


It is a mineral that is green to blue in color and is waxy in luster. The mineral is opaque and
hard with its properties dependent on the grain size. The blue and green color is due to the
presence of the copper and iron contents. It has less hardness as compared to other stones
and reacts well to polish.


                            People believe that it came from Turkey but it has its roots of
                            mining in Persia. The Ancient Mexicans preserved it for the Gods
                            and even mortals couldn’(TM)t wear it. In Asia it was considered to
                            be protective against the evil eye. The Tibet still believe in it to
                            have the properties of personal adornment.

True significance

The stone is known to reflect the properties of success, prosperity and happiness. It has shared
its favor as a popular jewel in the Victorian jewels. The Christian and biblical religious
representations have seen turquoise color acceptance. The ability of the stone to change its
color signifies it with the cycle of life from birth to death.

Benefits on the wearer

A person born in December is supposed to benefit in various ways with the Turquoise gemstone
being worn (Birthstones for Month of December). It provides the wearer with creativity,
freedom, success and prosperity. The stone is known to impart happiness to the person
wearing it. Health problems related to the throat, lungs and infections have known to be
relieved with the wearer sporting a Turquoise stone. The turquoise gives its bearer strength,
protection and recovery from diseases. It teaches better communication to the person if he or
she lacks at it. The change in the color is known to show the significance of life and death in
the life of the wearer. It treats mood swings, depression and exhaustion of the body. This stone
is known to bring peace to the mind by being an absorber of negativity. The self realization
characteristics of the stone help the wearer to grow as an individual. Friendship love and inner
strength bring in the healing of the person wearing turquoise. Medical issues like skin problems,
headaches, throat problems, infections are effectively dealt with by the use of Turquoise in

relevance. The wearer is protected from violence and was hence also used at wars in ancient
times. The stone has a positive effect on all chakras and opens up communication for the
wearer. With experience of truth and wisdom, the wearer is better able to perform and stabilize
their life being unhappy from it. Turquoise is one of the birthstone for December born people
and is the most effective form of it.

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Description: The two birthstones for month of December are blue topaz and turquoise as per zodiac. Buy loose natural certified birthstones direct from India.