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					How Much Should I Pay for
     Copywriting ?
Here’s a question… or variation of a
 question I get all the time from
 business owners.
What does copywriting cost?
How much should I pay for blog posts on
 my business website?
Why is there such a huge difference in
 the rates copywriters charge?
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Why should I even pay a copywriter to
 write blog p          y
          g posts for my business?
Let’s explore this “what’s the cost, how
 much should I pay for copywriting
 content, and business blog posts”
 question here today.
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 Price
“Price is what you pay. Value is what
 you get…. especially with
As we work through these questions,
 let s
 let’s keep this paraphrase from Warren
 Buffett in mind.
Because content is very much like stock.
Content is an investment
The price of content varies widely, as
 we ll                    bit
 we’ll explore here in a bit.
Content is an asset.
Like the stock market, if you chase low
 prices, expecting to make a killing…
 instant Number One Ranking on Google,
 tons of traffic, boat-loads of leads, and a
 shower of sales to immediately appear…
I have a couple thousand Facebook IPO
 shares for you.
What Does Copywriting Cost?
Copywriting rates range widely
You can go to Elance or Text Broker and
      250-300 word
 get 250 300 word, even up to 500 word
 articles, written for $5 per article.
Read the left side of the Infographic
 (kudos to Don Campbell who heads a
 local search optimization and social
 media firm located in Silicon Valley)
 below to see what you’ll get… and, more
 importantly, what’s missing from $5
Now I have a question for you:
If you get an article that:
   Isn’t original, in fact, it’s most likely
    completely copied from another article
   Has no research behind it so you don’t
    know if the claims are true or not
 Includes obvious spelling and grammar
 Has zero SEO value
 Is delivered in a Word document that you’ll
                                       you ll
  need to spend time formatting to post on
  your blog
 Gets no “Likes”, Shares. Tweets, or
  Comments… well, because it sucks
Why would you even waste one
  morning s
  morning’s Venti Mocha on it?
Aren’t you putting your business and
Aren t
  your business brand message at a huge
  risk using this poor content on your
  website… or on any website connected to
  your business?
Don’t buy cheap content. It will cost you
  time and money. (in lost revenues)
Rather than a smart business investment
  that helps market your business, cheap
  content is a pure business expense.
So then
How Much Should You Pay for
The best way to answer this is with
  another question:
How Much WOULD You Pay to Hire an
  Employee Who Perfectly Fit Your
  Business Needs?
And, you had an URGENT need to fill this
 position ASAP
And, qualified applicants for this position
 are limited
Here’s the thing…
If you realize, that your business NEEDS
 “Leadership-Quality” Content…
You MUST be willing to pay the price to
 invest in content that is:
 Original
 Well Researched
 Clean, clear, and written in a conversational
  tone that matches your business voice
 Free from spelling and grammar errors
 SEO On-Page Optimized with Titles, Tags,
         On Page                    Titles Tags
  META Description, keyword and related long
  tail keywords included yet still reads well for
 Already written and formatted in WordPress
  on your blog so you spend minimal time on
  formatting and editing to publish

 Strong enough to attract social media buzz
  and spread your message and build natural
  back links.
As Don Campbell explains in his video
 (see below the Infographic) review of his
 Infographic, the sweet spot seems to be
 $50 an article.
But, you WILL NOT get all of the
 above for $50 an article.
And, you will not be able to position
 your business as a MARKET LEADER
 using $50 a pop articles.

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