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									                                              NUTRITION SERVICES
                                                  HELP LIST

 Patricia Lazzaroni   Department Clerk         Free and Reduced program, processing applications, mail distributions, filing, ice-
 Ext. 28556                                    cream orders (special events). Answering phones, parent and school calls. Web
                                               page backup.
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Alice Birlson        Coordinator              Monitor school lunch at fourteen schools, POS System, VBOSS, free and reduced
 Ext. 28552                                    program, communication and promotion specialist.
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Veronica Boivin      Buyer                    Purchasing food and produce. Weekly orders; overages, shortages, and any changes
 Ext 28557                                     that need to be done on orders. Processing applications for free and reduced lunch
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Mona Martinez-       Director                 Questions regarding rules and regulations. Issues and needs that concern you or are
 Brosh                                         unresolved, strategic planning for department, assure program is in compliance.
 Ext. 28553                                    Group Wise e-mail

 Gayle Govednik       Coordinator              Monitor school lunch at fifteen schools.
 Ext. 28564                                    Free and reduced program. POS System, VBOSS, training specialist.
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Shauna Whitbeck      Interim Coordinator      Monitor school lunch at fifteen schools. Classes, free and reduced program. POS
 Ext. 28566                                    system, VBOSS, technology specialist.
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Kevin King           Catering Manager         Provides catering for breakfasts, lunches, meetings and all special district functions.
 Ext. 28559                                    Group Wise e-mail

 Alea Moore           Assistant Coordinator    Inventories, catering and special event billing, order office supplies, free and
 Ext. 28551           Office                   reduced program, processing applications, PAYPAMS, VBOSS, daily deposits.
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Barb Stembel         Bakery Manager           District bakery manager.
 Ext. 28558                                    Group Wise e-mail

 Diane Stockton       Account Technician       Accounts payable, CDE reimbursement claims and reports, journal entries,
 Ext. 28555                                    expenditure transfers, and processing applications for free and reduced program.
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Shelley Hubbard      Department Secretary     Free and Reduced program, processing applications, distribute breakfast and lunch
 Ext. 28561                                    menus, refrigerator and freezer emergency repair calls, SEMS approvals, a la cart
                                               reports, negative balance letters. Computer, phone and fax non emergency work
                                               repair calls, kitchen calls. Nutrition Services web page.
                                               Group Wise e-mail

 Kristen Neilson      Part Time Clerk          Free and Reduced program, processing applications, mail distributions, filing.
 Ext. 28565                                    Answering phones, parent and school.
                                               Group Wise email

                      Field Coordinator        On-site training of Nutrition Services staff. Mentor Nutrition Services staff and
                                               visits kitchens. Assists Lead Coordinator and Coordinator with substitute training,
Updated 8/05/09                                manager training and refresher courses. Group Wise

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