Letter to Governor Chris Christe by MayorTonyMack


									                      OFFICE OF THE MAYOR
                          CITY OF TRENTON, NEW JERSEY 08608

TONY F. MACK                                                               609-989-3030

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Governor Chris Christie
New Jersey State House
125 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08625

Dear Governor Christie,

The City of Trenton has seen a dramatic increase in crime since we were forced to downsize our
police department, due to budget cuts. We have taken the necessary steps to improve the efficiency
of departmental operations in order to better utilize a smaller police force. While some of these
changes have had moderate success it has become obvious that doing more with less, from a crime
suppression standpoint, is not working.

Having said that, I would ask that your office consider the following requests:
• Authorize a permanent battalion of troopers from the State Police to work in tandem with the
   Trenton Police Department. I would further ask that this battalion be assigned for a period of
   up to six months or more.
• Authorize additional public safety funding above and beyond any transitional aid allotment.
   Over the next six months we would like to expand our police force by an additional 60 to 75
   officers, with the vast majority of these new hires being placed in our Patrol Bureau.

I hope you consider these requests as New Jersey’s Capital City needs your support. I am available
to meet with you or your staff to further discuss any commitments the State is willing to make.


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