Why are more Businesses Changing the Way they Recruit? by RichardWilson100


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									Why are more Businesses Changing the Way they Recruit?

Many businesses are starting to ditch their traditional methods of recruitment and are leaning towards Flat Fee
Recruitment. There are many benefits to using a Low Cost Recruitment solution. Listed below are some of the
ways that Flat Fee Recruitment is more beneficial than traditional recruitment agency methods:

1) Cheaper

A Recruitment agency may charge up to 20% of the annual salary per hire. This means that you could be
paying £6,000 for a £30,000 role. But, at Flat Fee Recruiter no matter what the annual salary, you only pay one
low cost, flat fee recruitment charge of £199

2) Higher Success Rate

Traditional recruitment agencies only have a 20% success rate of filling the vacancies they have. This means
that they have to charge a higher fee to make up for the 80% of unproductive time. At Flat Fee Recruiter we fill
85% of our jobs, which means that you only have to pay for the successful candidate generation activity.

3) What Technology is Required?

Most traditional recruitment agencies clog up your inbox with CV’s and cover letters, this could only slow down
your recruitment process. Flat Fee Recruiter has a dedicated (ATS) Applicant Tracking System, which means that
all the CV’s and cover letters come are centralised in one place which means we do not waste your time with
irrelevant administration and speed up your process.

4) Our Adverts are Always Approved by Our Clients

All of our adverts are written by fully trained copy writers. They are also approved by our clients before they get
published on the job boards. We believe it’s important that we maintain your company brand and culture
throughout your recruitment process.

Have you considered changing the way you recruit? It would be great to show you how easy the flat fee
recruiter process is. Why not contact us on 0113 322 7243 you may also like our simple guide on how to get the
most out of your flat fee recruiter

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