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									                                               PCGN Newsletter
                                               December 2012
                                      “Cultivating Resilient & Vibrant
                                    Communities One Garden at a Time”
                                                           Grants, Grants, Grants
                                     Although the PCGN doesn’t have a pool of $$ to give out, we can help your
Our coordinator will be on
                                    garden group secure some funds. We can connect you to potential funders,
holidays from Dec. 17- 31st          supporters & even advise you on writing grant applications. There are local
 Our offices will be closed                  grants for up to $1000 & some larger ones available too.
   from Dec. 24th – 28th           *Stay tuned for details on an upcoming grant writing workshop in winter 2013
  Hope you have a great             Check out our website for a list of potential grants/ funders (list on right bar)
      holiday season!
                                          Lift Lock Garden Clean-Up
                                 Earlier this week, a group of dedicated community
                                 gardeners took advantage of a warm day to get out
                                   into the garden. They worked together to ensure
                                  that the garden was put to bed neat & tidy for the
                                 winter. Many hands made light work of pulling out
                                    remaining trellising & plants, as well as covering
                                         weedy areas with cardboard & mulch.
                                             Growing food & Community!

  Video Tutorial Series:
The PCGN is creating a 12             Overwintering Root Crops: Without a Root Cellar
part how-to video series.                You can eat your root crops all winter long in a few simple steps:
     Videos will show           1) Don’t wash your veggies. Brush off excess dirt, but don’t clean. Remove greens.
 gardeners how to easily           2) Layer carrots & beets between sand, soil or peat in a plastic bucket. Cover.
                                3) Potatoes, garlic & onions need to be ‘cured’; lay out in a well ventilated, cool &
preform seasonal tasks in
                                                       dark place for two weeks before storing.
       their gardens.
                                  4) Store garlic, potatoes & onions in bushel baskets or cardboard boxes. Cover.
The first two videos: ‘How                5) Store between 2-5 C, in a dark place. Do not let them freeze.
to Plant Garlic’ & ‘How to                             6) Store individual root crops separately
 Put Your Garden to Bed’
   are on our website.

Do you have ideas of what
 you would like to see in
  our video series? Or do
you have a great tip or skill
   that you would like to
       share on film?
      LET US KNOW!
                                  If you have any questions or comments or would like to learn more about the
                                         Peterborough Community Garden Network, please contact us at:
                                                          Phone: 705.745.3238 ex. 204
                                             Or Drop By: 378 Aylmer St. N (Peterborough Green-Up)

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