Salbei Sage oil Bombastus Werke AG by benbenzhou


                                                          (Sage oil)

general information:
Salbeiöl is a cosmetic concentrate consisting of 100% pure natural essential oil.

      origin preferred: Dalmatia (Croatia)
      plant part: leaves
      extraction: steam distillation
      note: top note
      description of fragrance: fresh-spicy, herbal, clear

           for skin care and mouth care
           for herbal-spicy scent experiences

      1 drop is put into a glass of water and used for mouth care
      up to 2 drops are mixed with 50 ml carrier oil (or 1 drop is put into water) and used
      for skin care
      up to 2 drops are put in the fragrance lamp with 50 ml water for scent experiences

important advices:
      keep out of reach of children
      avoid contact with the eyes
      not to be used during pregnancy
      do not exceed the recommended quantity

ingredients (INCI):
Salvia officinalis oil, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool*
(*components of natural essential oil)

article no.:

package size:
10 ml

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