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Marriage partner checklist astrology

Marriages are made in heavens and marriage partners like natives fate is already
decided at the time of native birth, but unlike a native birth time cannot be
controlled but a marriage partner can be selected by checking the compatibility
with the native although however hard one tries he or she will get the spouse that
is reflected in one’s birth chart.

Let’s us a have an astrological look for selecting a marriage partner.

   1) Venus and Jupiter :
      Venus is significator for marriage for both man and woman, though Venus
      represents wife and woman in man’s horoscope and Jupiter husband in
      woman’s horoscope. So a strong, well placed and unaffiliated Venus and
      Jupiter is the first checklist for marriage partner.
   2) Mars and Moon :
      Mars and moon are the second important planets after Venus and Jupiter
      for marriage. Well aspected, unafflicted and well placed mars and moon are
      vital for sexual and emotional wellbeing of the couple. Mars should not be
      in first,second,fouth,seventh,eighth and twelfth house from ascendant only
      for consideration of manglik dosha that becomes detrimental for martial
      progeny and harm to the spouse unless mars is benefic to any one of the
      spouse and strong. Similarly moon should not be in malefic houses,
      debilitated or expected by malefic by nature or lordship. EXALTED moon in
      seventh house is a big plus point for marriage partner.
   3) Seventh house and seventh lord :
      Seventh house planet and seventh house should not be weak, unafflicted,
      conjuct or expected by malefic in nature or lordship.Seventh lord exaltation
      or association with benefic houses and planets gives success in marriage
      and after marriage. Similarly strong, unafflicted and exalted planet in

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       seventh house and strong benefic planets in seventh house or aspecting
       seventh house is good for marriage alliance and business.

4) Sun and Saturn:

Strong well placed, unafflicted Jupiter and sun is also considered for beneficial for
marriage.Sun closely conjunct with Venus and mars gives extramarital affairs.Sun,
Saturn and mars in seventh house results in late marriages.Jupiter, venus and sun
must be strong and related to fifth house or fifth house lord to give good

   4) Fifth house and fifth lord:
      Fifth house and fifth lord must be checked before marriage for child and
      offsprings.Fifth house should not be afflicted with malefic or expected by
      malefic and fifth lord should not be debilitated or in dushtanas ,i.e. malefic
      houses,i.e 6th,8th or twelfth house.
   5) Second and fourth house and its lord :
      A strong second house and its lord unaffiliated are good for family life and
      expansion. A strong fourth house and its lord for in laws and happiness for
      home life, gain of convenience through marriage and strong belief in
      marriage as institution is necessary.
   6) Eight house and its lord :
      A strong eight house and its lord are necessary to get good dowry and
      maintain good sexual life. A strong and unaffiliated eight house and its lord
      is necessary than any other factors. Also vacant eight house and no aspect
      of malefic to eighth house is also considered positive and catalyst in
      maintaining good martial harmony and bliss.

8) Twelfth house and its lord:

A strong unafflicted twelfth house and its lord give frequent and benevolent bed
pleasures and also extramarital love affairs if afflicted or lack of bed comforts if

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9) Eleventh house and its lord:

No house or lord is as important as eleventh house for any aspect of life, so for
marriage also eleventh house and its lord must be strong, unaffilcted and
aspected, conjunct strong benefices as it is house of realization of hope and ones
wishes and gain. An exalted planet in eleventh house or eleventh house lord in
good relation, aspect or conjunct benefic lord in benefic house is good while
looking for marriage partner.

10) Ruling Planets:

Check the ruling planets of planets and ascendant, i.e., check the planets and
ascendant are in which planets sign, nakshatra and sub planets.If more than four
planets have same sign, nakshatra and sign lords than it’s considered more than
average for compatibility.

11) Weakness must be strength:

The weak planets and houses of natives must be strong in spouse horoscope and
vice versa as they become overall strong giving strength to each other. No planet
and houses should be weak for both the spouse.

12) Favorable Dashas:

The Dashas of spouse must be good to come in future because no analysis is
complete without assuring good dashas to come in spouse’s life. The dashas and
transits of spouse should also support marriage as event.

13) Auspicious Nakhshatras:

 Moon, sun, Jupiter, mars, Venus, ascendant and no planets should be in
inauspicious nakashtras as moola, Jyeshtha, Ashlesha', Magha, Revati,
'Ashwini called gand moola nakashtras. Mool, Jyesth and Ashlesha are more
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To conclude as in real life for marriage we check and want to ensure that the
man or woman must be good man or woman, so in astrology we must check
that our spouse horoscope in individuality is good one with lot of benefic
points.If our spouse horoscope is strong, benevolent and free from afflictions
than, there is no need to make any match or compatibility as anyone will like
to love a man or woman who is strong, loving and free from negativity.

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