CloudAccess' Nikkhoo Honored with Lifetime Achievement in IT Award by


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									CloudAccess' Nikkhoo Honored with Lifetime Achievement in IT Award

CEO of the Security-as-a-Service leading firm CloudAccess Kevin Nikkhoo was recognized for his
paradigm-challenging career accomplishments and personal contributions by Cloud Silver Lining.

Los Angeles, CA, December 06, 2012 --( In recognition of a forward-thinking career,
innovative accomplishments and community involvement, CloudAccess, CEO and serial entrepreneur
Kevin Nikkhoo was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in IT from the leading IT consultancy
Cloud Silver Lining.

The distinguished award and $5,000 donation in his name to UNICEF was presented to Nikkhoo for a
series of conceptual and technological advances in IT ranging from his early successes as a leading
developer at Xerox to his current pioneering venture in the emerging cloud computing field of virtualized
and integrated enterprise-class security solutions, tagged “security-as-a-service.”

“I'd like to think every accomplishment and failure; every challenge and sleepless night; every step and
stumble in my career, provided a significant piece of the puzzle that has positively impacted the way
businesses, and more specifically IT, works.”

The award, according to Cloud Silver Lining, transcends technological achievements. A significant part
of the acknowledgement is based on how Nikkhoo has given back to the community and how he has
helped lift up the lives of those around him.

“I have been blessed with a great deal of success, but one thing is for certain. I did not do this alone,”
Nikkhoo said. “Over the years I've worked with many extremely talented developers, sales people,
partners, project managers, assistants; all who shared a vision, drive and commitment to changing the
paradigms; to making things better. Without them I would be selling pencils on a street corner.”

The honor, in its second year, is awarded to the individual who has made the most significant innovative
contributions to Information Technology, either through individual accomplishment or guidance of a
group. Winners are chosen from leading IT executives whose professional contributions reflect leadership
and mentorship. Candidates must have influenced the industry by demonstrating a commitment to
diversity and service to their profession, industry, and community.

And, as the pioneering leader of CloudAccess, Nikkhoo has led the ground breaking charge to apply
Open Stack development technologies against the huge need for all companies (SMB to Fortune 500) to
protect their assets against hackers, streamline and improve security processes, and better control the
quickly shifting landscape of enterprise online needs. This, according to Nikkhoo is “changing the game”
by making security deployments more egalitarian and increasingly effective.

Nikkhoo's paradigm challenging and changing career started more than 30 years ago. Earlier in his career,
he helped develop a means for printers to talk to each other--now an industry standard. He experienced
further success as the CEO of Vertex which developed a new web-based communication model for

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ATMs to share information with a secure central database.

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