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					LNE & Spa—the magazine for skin care and spa professionals   November 2011   $7.50
                               spa                      winter
                                                        survival kit
by Anne C. Willis

WE MAY SWEAT MORE, EXPOSE                     and induce light sweating, which carries
more skin and soak up more sun in             toxins from the skin and motivates the
warmer months, but winter brings a            movement of stagnant lymph. Gentle
whole new set of beauty and health            dry brushing can also be incorporated
issues we must help clients deal with.        in these treatments.
    As we transition from fall to winter,
the first signs of change include adding      Emollients
extra layers of clothes, eating warming       Now that skin is free of dead skin cells
foods like soups and stews, and apply-        and exposed to excessive dry heat, opt
ing additional moisture to our skin for       for oil-based serums and balms. A few
protection from dryness.                      drops of a good quality oil-based serum
                                              will protect and hydrate, leaving skin       dress stagnation and improve skin color.
Nature’s response                             glowing with healthy moisture. The lip       These techniques are therapeutic and
Watching nature’s response during sea-                                                     beneficial to the client:
sonal changes is a great way to stay
connected to what our bodies are ex-                                                           stagnation and obstruction of
                                                      Body wraps using
periencing as we transition from one                                                           waste in connective tissue.
season to another. Every autumn, di-
                                                   herbal-infused clays also
minishing daylight hours and falling                help the skin and body                     stagnant energy or Qi.
temperatures cause nature and our skin               to naturally detoxify.
to prepare for winter. In these prepa-                                                         moves stagnant circulation.
rations, trees shed their leaves—much                                                          We never know what magical weath-
like our skin and hair sheds, and nail        and eyes require special care as well.       er will blow our way this winter, but hav-
cuticles peel. We must remember that          Offering clients add-on services that        ing a winter survival kit ensures your cli-
dead skin cells are part of our natural       target these delicate areas can provide      ents that you have the remedies to keep
detoxification system, and we should          great relief and comfort.                    their skin healthy and vibrant during the
allow this system to respond normally              The chemistry of autumn colors par-     most challenging months.
to the changes in temperature.                allels our own pigmentation system as
    It is not advisable to apply aggres-      it also begins to change. Less sunlight      Anne C. Willis, a licensed esthetician
sive exfoliation products or techniques       means less production of melanin! During     and worldwide leader in holistic and
to the skin, but rather to work naturally     the winter months it is important to catch   medical skin therapies, is the founder of
with the skin’s desquamation system. In       5 to 10 minutes of sun a day. We tend to     De la Terre Skincare. She is an accred-
the fall, recommend your clients soak         be more vitamin D deficient in the winter,   ited skin care instructor and the direc-
in mineral-rich saltwater baths or apply      which can lead to skin rashes and auto-      tor of Oncology Skin Therapeutics™,
salt wraps for a healthy approach to          immune disorders. Do not block the sun,      bringing more than 30 years of ex-
dead skin removal. The minerals in the        but rather capture small amounts for its     perience and knowledge to the new
salts allow dead skin cells to detach,        many health benefits.                        generation of skin therapists. Willis
open pores for better detoxification                                                       co-authored The Esthetician’s Guide
and penetrate valuable nutrients. Body        Moody skin                                                                    and has
wraps using herbal-infused clays also         Skin goes through moods too, and its         been featured in numerous publica-
help the skin and body to naturally de-       mood in the winter is pale, dry and          tions. For more information, contact her
toxify. The enzymatic action of the clay      blotchy. Energize skin by incorporating      at or visit
and the herbs aid in digesting dead skin      skin manipulation techniques that ad-

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