Chinatown Bus Traveling in the US by christerrodi


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									                     Chinatown Bus Traveling in the US
Visitors traveling in the US have many options with all kinds of transportation services available. With
relatively cheaper gas prices, renting a car is often considered as a better option than travelling by train
but if you are traveling to far off places than flying is a much better option.

But what about traveling in buses?

Many people think that traveling in buses is for the budget traveler only as the buses offer only the basic
services of taking you from one place to another. This thinking started with Chinatown bus service that
was started in the 90’s by an entrepreneur mainly for Asian immigrants. The bus would commence from
Chinatown, New York and reach its destination Chinatown, Boston.

It was the most inexpensive bus service available and many other bus operators started their business
after this successful venture. ‘Chinatown bus’ has become a name to reckon with that offers
transportation services to people at a comparatively lower price all over the US. Many bus service
providers even offer luxury coaches for travelers who wish to travel in style. These carriers offer first
class services and amenities just like most airlines but at lower costs.

The bus carriers are the most successful traveling option for reaching destinations that are fewer than 6-
8 hours apart. It is far better than renting a car because you don’t have to drive or later park the vehicle
once you reach your desired destination. Furthermore, you could visit any city you like as almost all
cities offer bus transportation services. You can check the Chinatown bus schedule and book your
tickets online.

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