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									Why Software Change Management Solution is Important?

        Software change management is an important discipline for an IT enterprise. In today’s modern day IT
enterprises, software automates a wide selection of business procedures. Software changes are in effect to the
alterations made to the business processes. For instance, the manner in which an insurance agency offers life
insurance policy quotes is encoded in its quote engine. Any unplanned alterations in the quote would also lead
to unplanned changes in the quote types that the firm offers. Therefore, software changes need a careful
management exactly the way a business process change does, as both are interrelated.

Without a systematic change management process, IT organizations lack a complete understanding of the way
the software running in production automates their business process. This comprises managing changes in
software development, production and to related artifacts such as models, requirements and test cases. This
also comprises the management of both individual changes as well as the coordination of dependant changes.

Furthermore, the new age development language techniques and tools are placed in IT enterprises in a manner
to cater to the business requirements for speed by significantly increasing the productivity of the organization
development. However, the increased productivity also tempts IT shops to roll software into production
without applying any apt controls. This can result in wastage of more money than what got saved when the
productivity increased. Maximized adoption of componentized software infrastructure is one of the crucial
technical drives for an improved change management.

Today solution providers specializing in agile methodology have introduced advanced change management
solutions that offer the following benefits:

      Simple to use – Users can use it with very less training.
      Has a single repository for application lifecycle entities – This means entities like Use cases,
       Requirement management, Change items, Test cases, Issues, Change packages and others are available
       in one repository. This effortlessly integrates change with other entities and leads to an improved cross-
       entity visibility.
      Offers a two-way requirements traceability association – End users can create or update Change
       package as they enter the change items. They can view the Change package status from Change items
       and can also manage Change items from Change package.
      Offers a process driven methodology – The solution enables enterprises to define their own change
       management procedures. As soon as the process is defined the system guides the specified resources
       for conducting the appropriate functions.

Furthermore, advanced change management solutions tracks and manages the software changes optimally
with reactive and proactive impact analysis all through the software development life cycle. Automated change
management process can be deployed and enforced for minimizing the chances of things going beyond hands
to manage.

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