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									Chaos Commandos Offers Dentists Maximum Efficiency with Minimum
Disruption in Their Office

Chaos Commandos, a company of professional office and home organizers, was called upon to
create a more organized dental office by Dr. Joseph Ilan and Parkview Dental of Rockland County,

White Plains, NY, December 06, 2012 --( Dr. Ilan had just relocated his dental practice and
moved into a space already furnished with dental chairs and an examination room left over from a
previous practice. However, there was a significant drawback: The office was in chaos. Mislabeled
cabinets and drawers, and vital dental instruments commingled with laboratory chemicals were just a few
of the problems. "Medical Office organizing was clearly not this doctors' strong suit," says Dr. Ilan. The
professional organizing services of Chaos Commandos was called upon to save his practice many hours
of frustration and ultimately increase efficiency.

Chaos Commandos is led by Robert Mizrahi. He explained how the company approached organizing Dr.
Ilan's dental office. "We needed to make sweeping changes in the examining rooms and equipment areas
while not interrupting the flow of Dr. Ilan's practice. We worked after hours along with their excellent
staff to not only create a more organized workspace, but put those changes in place for immediate use the
very next day."

Among the changes, Chaos Commandos transformed the outdated dental office, organizing it with new
color-coded and labeled procedure trays and located an “arsenal” of epoxy guns for creating molds and
appliances within easy reach of examination chairs.

“I am calmer and more productive now that the office is well-organized,” Dr. Ilan says. “Plus, the
organizing systems Chaos Commandos put in place were custom designed for the needs of our practice.
We feel that it'll be easy to maintain them as time goes on.”

Ilan's nurse, Donna, agrees. “I no longer have to scramble to find a particular tool or instrument while a
patient is waiting in the chair.”

Chaos Commandos has been featured in publications such as Women's Day and The Chicago Tribune,
and Robert's articles have appeared on Lending's web site as their moving and organizing
consultant. Robert is a long standing member of the American Institute for Graphic Artists where he has
served as a student mentor, and the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the
country's leading authority on Professional Organizing.

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