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					Arab Women – Towards Brighter Tomorrow

Women in arab societies are facing challenges on each and every
level in their daily lives. They have been facing discrimination and
partiality for eras. The fact is that most of these prejudices were
aroused from traditions and beliefs of past generations. However,
as times have changed and many developments have taken place
in the society, Arab women have somewhat succeeded in
breaking the persistent knots of narrow minded people by
endeavoring in each and every field of life. On one side, women
have explored the field of politics, business industry, technology,
education, whereas on the other side, they have explored new
definitions in their relationships.
Women empowerment is the result of many changes that have occurred
during the past few years. These changes included increased freedom
and a new found belief of parents towards their daughters, the scope of
education has been widened, education is now not concentrated towards
one gender only but it’s covered the prerequisites of both sexes.
Educational facilities have been broadened as many educational
institutions have been opened for both , economic globalization has
somewhat touched the people of the Arab world as they have now started
recognizing the importance and participation of women in their
developing society. Economic situations being tougher by the day have
also enforc ed women into their urge of self-recognition by taking on
various employments and making a success out of them as well as
earning a living. This urge has eventually increased the opportunities for
women to involve themselves in all fields even in foreign countries.
Arab women are now educated hence, more confident about themselves.

They have started thinking about themselves from a different angle that is
very different to that of their society. This self-recognition has led them
into having a strong urge to earn their rights and step forward to collect
the rewards they deserve.
It has been sensed by the world that without active participation by both genders,
social, political and economical development cannot be achieved. Hence,
contribution of women is a must. Initially, Arab countries did not have allow
college education for women earlier but now, women are the majority in higher
education. In today’s arab world,women get more chances of entering any field
they chose and achieving high levels of success.
Lack of social and economic well-being in some parts of the Arab world is a
proven enemy for women. Circulation of education has reframed the minds of
people and they have started realizing the magnitude of the actual fact that
women should move beyond their gender. Many Arabic women have turned the
tables on their side. They are succeeding in not only the political efforts but are
also progressing in the business industry. They are setting examples for the
upcoming generation of their gender and establishing idealism in their hearts
about what a woman can do. The only condition is that she should have an
inner urge to progress.
Looking at the current scenario, it can be said that women in the Arab world
need to go far beyond to increase their participation as even today,a lot more
needs to be done. The progress made by these women is most appreciated but
still there is so much to be done.

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Description: Women in arab societies are facing challenges on each and every level in their daily lives. They have been facing discrimination and partiality for eras.