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Celebrate Christmas with our delicious chocolates, brownies, truffles, cupcakes, chocolate covered pizza, and many more products, you can get on one platform easily. Visit our website.
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Chocolate types

Chocolate brownies makes your desert complete and this is the product which is
on demand all the time. From kids t elders, everyone loves brownies and a best
gift on a Christmas to your friends or relatives.
Chocolate types

            Chocolates bars are the perfect gifts for your kids
            and others’ kids. Adults also enjoy bars and mostly
            girls. Perfect gift for this Christmas.
Chocolate types

  Perfectly baked chocolate
  cookies for this Christmas
  occasion. Crispy and tasty
  chocolate cookies only for
Chocolate types

Fruits covered with chocolate.
Best combination for chocolates
lovers who want to stay healthy
with the fruits.
Chocolate types
Chocolate types

  Dark Chocolate is the most
  preferred chocolates by the people
  nowadays. The original flavor of
  dark chocolate for the Christmas .

                               Chocolate fudge is a mouth watering
                               chocolate type . Not so hard and not so
                               soft, The perfect texture for the mouth.
Chocolate types
Chocolate types

An innovative idea of having pizza in
Christmas is to have pizza made out of
chocolate. Chocolate crust and white
chocolate for cheese and other beautiful
toppings on it.

                                    For tough guys out there who loves
                                    cigars. In this Christmas chocolate cigars
                                    are the best option for you to enjoy the
                                    chocolate in cigar way.
Chocolate types

A basket full of chocolates and covered
with chocolates. Only chocolates in the
basket designed specially for this

                                          Chocolate cupcake which are perfectly
                                          baked and soft like sponge and ready to
                                          melt in mouth. Specially designed for
Chocolate types
Chocolate types
Chocolate types

Delicious chocolate cakes for   Chocolate balls loved by your
this Christmas to enjoy with    mouth. Quick melting chocolate
your friends and family         balls made from quality
Chocolate types
                  Don’t want to gift
                  flowers or bouquets???
                  Then you must go for
                  this product. Bouquet
                  made by chocolates and
                  candies. Gift Chocolates
                  bouquet and candies
                  bouquet         which    is
                  decorated and arranged
                  beautifully       together.
                  Your      friends      and
                  relatives are going to
                  love this gift.
Christmas Shopping Trends :

        Online shopping for Gifts 51.8%

                    Sale shopping 46.4%

        Shopping through Smart phone 32.9%

        Shopping through coupon code 35.9%
American family budget for Christmas :
Average family budget for Christmas :

 In 2011, the average budget for Christmas shopping of family was

 In 2012, the average budget for Christmas shopping of family is
  $749.51, which is higher than 2011.
Americans spend for Christmas items :

For Gifts they spend $548.56

                                    For Food & Candy they spend $100.76

For Decorations they spend $51.99
Americans spend for Christmas items :

                                       For Greeting Cards they spend $28.66

For Greeting Cards they spend $19.55

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