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essay Alexxxx Final


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									Alex Forbes

How Hip Hop affected the world

Mrs. Nickell

Table Of Contents:

1. Title page
2. Essay
3. Conclusion
4. Bibliography
5. Appendix
Alex Forbes



Mrs. Nickell

                                            Hip hop/Rap

Even though rap music is one of the least listened to genres of music it has still affected most
people around the world. Rap is even part of its own culture, but since its origins rap hasn’t
had the smoothest of lives. Surrounded in violence and discrimination from the general public,
ever changing languages and style best is rap just a misunderstood art form people faced with
a life on the streets.

        Rap music is one of the most simple but                                                   A picture
                                                                                                 depicting the
effective genres of music. To make a rap song you
                                                                                                 seven Pillars
need two things a beat (background music) and a                                                  of the hip hop
voice. Even though it is very simple it became one of                                            culture
the biggest genres of music. Rap came around as a
part of the a new sub-culture, The Hip Hop culture,
The Hip Hop culture is an culture of artistic
expression primarily from the streets. Outline by a
local Bronx (a northern district of New York City) DJ called Africa Bambara, the four pillars of hip
hop are Ding (Scratching a disc on the pin to make a song last longer), MCing (Rapping), B-
boying (break dancing) and Graffiti writing (the hip hop years)

         Rap music began its life in the mid-seventies. It was mostly practiced in the African
American communities of America’s major cities. The First
ever Hip Hop or Rap song ever recorded was called Rappers
Delight released in 1979 by the Sugerhill Gang, but the song
wasn’t very popular outside of the Hip Hop community ( at the
time it was only Queens and the Bronx. The first ever popular
semi rap song recorded was by a pop artist called Blondie. The
song was called Rapture released in 1981. Toward the end of

the song the singer starts rapping, Inspired by friend and Hip        Above: A boy standing on
Hop pioneer Fab Five Freddy. The song became very popular             Charlotte Street in the Bronx the
                                                                      Home of Hip Hop
hence rap music started to grow big in the mid-80s when it
spread to the west coast of the US. Nowadays there are rappers from all cites in the U.S.A.
Groups and single artists started to emerge from all around America; Rap was starting to get
on the world wide music scene. By the 90s rap was one of the biggest music genres. Artists
where beginning to emerge around the world, the second biggest country for Rap was France
(even though France was years behind the US). By the 00s had over taken most music genres
topped only by Rock and Pop. There are now 1000s of rap recording companies which is a lot
considering there was none until the late 70s. Rap has also changed a great deal since its
origin, nowadays raps are much quicker and the beat is much more intense. (the Hip Hop

         Having been music from the toughest and most dangerous streets in the U.S.A there
was always going to be violence involved with the music genre. Violence in hip hop is probably
never going to go away. Many rappers have been shot because of their violent up bringing in
gangs that has led to rappers being killed by rival gangs. Some examples of rappers killed
before their times are:
   MC PROOF who was part of Eminem’s group D12 was shot in a club in Detroit 2006
   Notorious B.I.G was murdered during a war
    of words with fellow rapper 2pac who
                                                                                                   Left: A
    murdered him and why is still unresolved                                                      memorial
    1998                                                                                          statue to
   2pac who is the highest selling rapper of all                                                 Shakur or
    time was shot in las Vegas after he had been                                                  2pac

    caught on tape beating up a rival gang
    member 1997
    The main reason for the death is their past connections to gangs. Even though most
    rappers leave their past behind them some just can’t get away from the violence. Even
    some recording companies where fiercely Blood or Cribs (the two biggest rival gangs in
    the U.S.A). The Recording Company called Death Row was extremely involved with the
    Bloods fierce rivals of the Cribs. Death Row was home to arguably the 3 biggest rappers
    of the 90s 2pac, Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg. There are conspiracies that this lead to the
    murder of 2pac .Many rappers have also survived multiple gun shots famously 50 cent
    or Curtis Jackson survived 9 gun shots, and 2pac or Tupac Shakur survived 5 shots in one
    day but was shot two years after the incident. Rappers have stressed how terrible the
    murdering of fellow rappers is. In Eminem’s music video of “like toy soldiers” he acts out
    a story of a rapper who has been shot. The rapper playing the corpse called MC PROOF
    was shot just months after filming. Even though Violence in Hip Hop terrible most
    rapper deal with, but are left with mourning the death of fellow artists.

           Hip hops and raps will always be embedded deep in the streets. Many people
    have discriminated rap because of profanity and violent lyrics, but is rap discriminated
    against because people don’t understand the culture of the streets. Profanity is used
    frequently in rap, this is because curse word will rhyme and also make sense to the
    consumers of rap music because they will have many different meanings. Another
    reason is this is a sort of slang used by most rappers and on the streets. Violence is also
an issue in rap music but is this because rappers are trying to get a message across?
(Tupac Shakur, Tupac resurrection) “One of the main reasons the Vietnam War was
ended is because they released footage of the horror going on out there, so I put
violence in my videos so people would realize the horrors of the streets and try to stop
it”. Many people worry (mainly higher middle class families and the higher class) that
Rap music is affecting their kids. “Of course, this isn't the first time that rebellious music
has been blamed for society's ills. From Elvis to Columbine, the songs of music-obsessed
youth have often been blamed for anti-social behavior. But rap and in particular, the
especially violent and sexually-explicit gangsta variety has raised special concern” (Sid
krichheimer). "We know that with any type of repeated media exposure, desensitization
can occur that makes these behaviors seem normal. So this finding doesn't surprise me
at all." (Susan Buttrose). This basically means that even though rap is an obvious factor
in the behavioral issues in a child, there would probably be another leading factor to be
found on the internet or the television. Bur even though money rap songs do include
violent or sexual lyrics there are also many songs that have none of them and a theme
no one can dislike. Songs such as Dear Mama by 2pac, which is a song about thanking
his mother for being there though out his life even though he was a difficult child. Also
Mocking Bird by Eminem which is a song about explaining the reason him and his wife
are divorced to his daughter.

       Without a doubt rap is or one of the most controversial and ever changing
genres of music. Rap has one of the most humble beginnings. Starting in the Bronx in
the north of New York City rap grew to be one of the biggest music genres, exploding
onto the music scene in the 80s rap continued to grow until where it is today, in the top
three biggest music genres ( Rock and Pop are the other two). Even though rap is a great
music genre it has been surrounded by constant gang violence, murder of rappers or
general explicit content. But all the violence is because rap is an art from the streets
and most of the artists who make rap have had violent upbringings on the street.
   Even though rap is ever-changing there is one thing for sure, rap will be in the headlines
   and in the music charts for years to come.


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