; Internet Marketing Rational For Local Small to Medium Organizations
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Internet Marketing Rational For Local Small to Medium Organizations


The Rationale for Internet Marketing for Small to Medium Businesses goes something like this

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									Internet Marketing Rational For Local Small to Medium Organizations

The Rationale for Internet Marketing for Small to Medium Businesses goes something like this. More
and more people come online and are consuming more of their media online every day. These users are
buying more online now than in the past with many depending on the Net as their primary source local
product and service information source. Website Marketing for SMBs is crucial, particularly for local
services organizations competing to capture a growing section of the local market, namely online
shoppers and the ones turning to the web first for local business information. Competitive advantages
can be gained by businesses investing in online marketing by placing their business to a growing section
of the marketplace.

Online marketing enables local SMBs as now in the usa to reach more users, 3 out of 4 are online. More
than 90% of the 170M US Online users access their rich media content through high - speed Internet
connections. These high-speed connections enable rich media experiences include on-line gaming,
digital quality video and sound and complex business applications running as nimbly as though they
certainly were executing locally. During recent years, the US online media consumption, on average, has
nearly doubled from 2.1 hours/day to 3.8 hours/day. With increased online media consumption comes
increased online sales. In fact, the US Depart of Trade estimates that, as of November 2009, e commerce
has reach 3.7% of total US retail sales as compared to.8% in 2000, representing a 362% increase all
through that period.

Further accelerating online media growth and raising the value of Online Marketing for SMBs is the
development of popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Unless you use up zero
media in your daily life, you no doubt have heard mention of these very popular social support systems.
The explosion of highly specialized user generated content available on these social networks and other
popular sites like YouTube have raised peoples reliance on the Web, which for most, has become their
primary source of local business information.

As more organizations and consumers turn to the Internet first for local product and services
information. Internet marketing for SMBs becomes even more vital, particularly if the business is a local
services business where online visibility to the local market is key. Local services businesses, in
particular, have to make sure that their companies are listed in the local search results of for the most
widely used local search engines.
By way of example, picture you are a financial advisor creating a services practice in the Albany, NY
region. For advertising, one can imagine buying print (yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
possibly TV, Radio and perhaps even outside (billboard) advertising, but late to the Net Marketing game.
Now image a potential local investor is online and performing the following search on a popular local
search engine: "financial advisor, Albany, NY."

If you run this search in just about any popular local search engine, you will see list of the of competitors
for a potential investor performing this search is long. Businesses not in the search results are in
essence, invisible to individuals using local search to find financial advisors. This segment of the market
who goes on the web first is really a substantial segment of the market, many believing it the majority,
and perhaps more importantly, a segment of the market that is actively looking for services and
products to analyze and ultimately purchase. This kind of prospect garnered through Online Marketing is
valuable since they are actively searching for the services offered by companies on line. Take to affiliate
marketing online in a big way.

The takeaway is that Online marketing signifies an excellent opportunity for local SMBs, especially local
services company. Internet Marketing, and expressly, local search as illustrated in the example above,
provide useful visibility to a growing segment of the local market, a segment who turns to the Internet
first to locate information on the local products and services of interest.

Online marketing remedies for medium and small businesses are affordable with directly measurable
results. Getting started can costs less than a single print advertisement.

Rick Noel can be an experienced Internet marketing consultant with over 10 years of Internet, marketing
and sales while employed for market leaders including General Bellcore, Electric, Telcordia and Burst
Media experience obtained. Rick owns and operates eBiz ROI, Inc., an Online Marketing firm focused on
delivering affordable business sites and traffic to companies enabling them to promote their products
and services online while raising their return on investment. Obtain more info when you can go here.

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