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					scrumptious summer supper

Linguine with tomatoes, lemon, chilli and crab

75g/1/2 a cup of cherry tomatoes
Sea salt
1 clove of garlic, peeled
1/2 a red chilli, deseeded and fi nely chopped
3 tablespoons of olive oil
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
170g/ 3/4 cup of cooked crab meat – white and brown
180g/6oz of wholemeal/whole wheat or spelt
Fresh chopped parsley

Stolen, stolen, stolen – this recipe (and variations of) has
graced summer menus all over the place, the best and fi rst
at the brilliant River Café in London. But oh, it’s good, and
so moreish, and seems to epitomize summer in every bite.
If there is one good summer pasta dish in your repertoire
this should be it.

Cut the tomatoes into halves and sprinkle them with a
little sea salt. In a pestle and mortar, crush the garlic
and chilli into a red pulp. Mix in the olive oil, lemon
juice and zest. Add the crab to the mix if your pestle
and mortar is big enough; if not, transfer everything
to a slightly bigger bowl.

Cook the pasta so it’s al dente. Drain then pour the crab
mixture and tomatoes over and sprinkle with parsley. Eat.

Extract taken with permission from Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous
Delights by Sophie Dahl; published by HarperCollinsPublishers;
ISBN978-0-00-726117-8; RRP $44.99

  Reviewed by Karin de la Rey
  The title says it all ... Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights. Talking about a culinary adventure and you have to mention Sophie Dahl’s
  colourful recipe book in which the first person narrative draws the reader into her life-story as it unfolds alongside tantalising
  recipes. Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights is not only a delight to read, but it is a palate tickler too. Written in a down-to earth and
  honest genre, it begs you to get up, don the apron and prepare the plat du jour that will find guests journeying through layer upon
  layer of fresh simplistic flavours that are a tease to any palate.                                                                            October ‘09 • Healthy Options 39

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