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									C H I L D R E N S H O S P I TA L L O S A N G E L E S
annual report 2004 • spring 2005
our mission

To advance the health and well-being of children and adolescents by integrating medical
care, preventive services, medical education and research in response to the needs of our
community and in an atmosphere of love, compassion and respect for people.

Founded in 1901, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles has been treating the most seriously
ill and injured children in Los Angeles for more than a century, and it is acknowledged
throughout the United States and around the world for its leadership in pediatric and
adolescent health. Childrens Hospital is one of America’s premier teaching hospitals,
through its 73-year association with the Keck School of Medicine of the University
of Southern California. The Saban Research Institute of Childrens Hospital Los
Angeles is a national leader in pediatric research.

Since 1990, U.S. News & World Report’s panel of board-certified pediatricians has
named Childrens Hospital Los Angeles one of the top pediatric facilities in the nation.
Child magazine also ranked Childrens Hospital Los Angeles among the Top Ten
children’s hospitals in America in its February 2005 issue.

                                                             on the cover:
                                                             Jaos Vera, age nine, is playing a
                                                             happier tune — Living Proof that
                                                             Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
                                                             is Making a World of Difference.
                                                             (see page 4)

                                                           Philip Stanley, MB, BS
                                                           Chairman, Medical Staff
                                                           Vice Chairman of Radiology
                                                           Professor of radiology at the Keck School of Medicine
                                                              of the University of Southern California
                                                           Co-Chair, Physicians’ Campaign

Each of us who works at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles has a personal reason for dedicating
our energies to this special place. We are united in what inspires us on a daily basis: the chance

to make a difference for children and families.

  As you will read in this Fiscal Year 2004 annual report issue of Imagine, we find inspiration

in our ability to reach out globally to children in need; to offer the most advanced treatments,

including innovative orthopaedic surgeries and bone marrow transplants; to provide the best

care to all families who need our specialized services; and to work as part of an expanded

care team.

  Now is an exciting time for Childrens Hospital, with plans underway for our 460,000-square-

foot New Hospital Building. This visionary inpatient facility will enhance our delivery of family-

centered care and meet our community’s growing demand for lifesaving services.

  Through our Employee Giving Campaign and Physicians’ Campaign, we have made our own

commitment of support to Living Proof: The Campaign for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. We

invite you to join us in creating the finest healing environment for future generations.

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                        Matt Joyce 21

                        Precious gifts 11
                        On-the-job inspiration 16
                        A world of caring 22

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    nikita box age 5
                       As we work to heal the

                       bodies of young patients,

                       we heal their spirits

                       in an atmosphere of

                       compassion and respect.

                                                                                                                      by elena epstein

                                            When Ana Arias first heard the word “cancer” in regard to the
                                        growing lump on her two-year-old son’s temple, she could feel her whole body
                                        tremble. But soon the single mother felt something much stronger than fear —
                                        an unrelenting determination to save her little boy.
                                           Clutching a piece of paper on which a nurse had scribbled the address of
                                        Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Ms. Arias took her son, Jaos Vera, and boarded
                                        the bus from her home on the eastside of Los Angeles.
                                           Once at Childrens Hospital, she tearfully told her story of how, when local
                                        physicians dismissed her concerns about the growth on Jaos’ left temple, she took
                                                        him to Mexico. There, surgeons removed the fast-growing tumor,
               “WE COULDN’T KEEP OUR DOORS              then the size of a lime. But now, several months later, the tumorous
                OPEN WITHOUT THE GENEROSITY OF growth had returned.
                UNRESTRICTED GIFTS.”                        Jaos underwent a four-hour operation at Childrens Hospital to
                                 – WALTER W. NOCE, JR.  remove the soft tissue tumor (rhabdomyosarcoma), then year-long
                                                        chemotherapy and six weeks of daily radiation treatments at the
                                        pediatric facility.
                                           Jaos, now a healthy nine-year-old with a mischievous sense of humor, doesn’t
                                        mind going to the hospital for his semi-annual check-ups. “Everybody there is
                                        very nice,” says the fourth-grader at Monte Vista Elementary School in Highland
                                        Park. “And I like the Gameboy in the playroom,” referring to the Chase Place
                                        playrooms throughout the hospital.
                                             The sophisticated care that has allowed Jaos to pursue his passion for playing
                                        video games comes at a high price. While Medi-Cal relieved the monetary bur-
                                        den for Ms. Arias, it didn’t reimburse Childrens Hospital Los Angeles for the
                                        complete cost of treatment.
                                           “Medi-Cal’s compensation is typically well below what it costs us to provide
                                        the type of advanced care we offer our patients,” explains Lannie Tonnu, MBA,
                                        CPA, senior vice president of finance and chief financial officer.
                                           Government programs like Medi-Cal and Medicaid represent just one compo-
                                        nent of the issue of under-reimbursed care the hospital faces daily.
                                           Families with chronically ill children often reach the maximum on their com-
                                        mercial insurance policies, essentially being left without insurance. Other families

                                            Jaos Vera, right, is now a healthy, active nine-year-old, thanks to the expert medical care he
                                            received at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
   4 | imagine spring 05

                                                           tial gifts enable the hospital to fund     14 to 550 employees, eventually selling
                                                           such critical needs as groundbreaking      it to global manufacturing giant,
                                                           research, graduate medical education,      Avery Dennison. Mrs. Beim returned
                                                           medical equipment, facility expansion      to college after their three children
                                                           and new construction.                      were in school to receive her graduate
                                                               “We couldn’t keep our doors open       degree and became a marriage and
                                                           without the generosity of unrestricted     family therapist.
                                                           gifts. We are very grateful to these           Gaining security meant the Beims
                                                           donors,” says hospital President and       could now devote more time to their
                                                           Chief Executive Officer Walter W.           philanthropic work. They increased
                                                           Noce, Jr.                                  their charitable giving and joined vari-
                                                               Two such donors are Sanford            ous boards. In 2000 they established
                                                           “Sandy”and Phyllis Beim. For the           the Beim Family Foundation to
                                                           past four decades, the Encino couple       encourage their children and grand-
                                                           has made an annual donation to             children to become more involved
                                                           Childrens Hospital with one simple         with philanthropy. Their gifts support
                                                           instruction: “Use it where you need        organizations whose main missions
                                                           it most.”                                  are education, religion, music, health
                                                               Sandy Beim was 25 when he made         and community service. Childrens
                                                           his first donation. Then a recent UCLA      Hospital remains a special beneficiary.
                                                           engineering graduate, he had no per-           “Every time we walk through this
                                                           sonal connection to the hospital and       hospital, we see how well the children
                                                           not much money. He did have a pas-         are taken care of,” says Phyllis Beim.
                                                           sion for helping others. “Childrens        “I’m so impressed by the physicians
  Phyllis and Sanford Beim, dedicated donors               Hospital Los Angeles is one of those       and nurses, who not only have great
                                                           rare institutions where all the positive   knowledge, but a certain warmth that
                 have no health coverage at all.           things you hear about it are absolutely    can make all the difference to a sick
                    Childrens Hospital was founded         true,” says Mr. Beim today.                child and his or her parents.”
                 on the principle that every child who         Mr. and Mrs. Beim are both chil-           Ms. Arias is one mother who is
                 requires its specialized services         dren of immigrants who watched their       reminded daily of the importance of
                 deserves the finest medical treatment.     parents share with others what they        philanthropy — and of finding the
                 To accomplish this goal, it relies on     could have used for themselves. That       right medical facility. While enduring
                 community support to help fill the         selflessness instilled in them that phi-    the grueling ordeal of her son’s cancer
                 gap between the real cost of care and     lanthropy doesn’t require great wealth,    treatment, she knew in her heart Jaos
                 reimbursements from public and pri-       just care and planning.                    was in the very best hands.
                 vate sources. During the fiscal years          Early in their 42-year marriage, the       “When I heard Jaos had cancer, I
                 2003 and 2004, the unpaid cost of         Beims began an annual ritual of map-       thought I was going to die,” Ms. Arias
                 public programs exceeded $15.5 mil-       ping out their charitable contributions    says. “I look at him now and I see a
                 lion and $22.6 million, respectively.     around the dining room table. At first,     miracle.” •
                    While many donors specify where        the donations were small, a reflection
                 they want their gifts distributed,        of their earnings. Over time, the cou-     For information on making an unre-
                 others give the hospital’s Board of       ple’s hard work brought them finan-         stricted gift, please contact Stephanie
                 Trustees discretion to use their money    cial prosperity. Mr. Beim and his          Eversfield, director of annual giving, at
                 where the need is greatest. In addition   cousin grew their family’s small office     323-671-1710 or
                 to under-reimbursed care, these essen-    supply manufacturing business from

   6 | imagine spring 05
                The Ellison Research Career Development
                Award for Physician-Scientists

                generating knowledge
                                                                                          Dee and Tom Ellison, center, with Dr. Yves DeClerck,
                                                                                          right, director of The Saban Research Institute, and Klaus
                                                                                          Kratochwil, PhD, of Austria, whose recent visiting fellow-
                                                                                          ship was supported by the Ellison family.

Leon and Carol Ellison fell in love in a       They gave generously to the Burbank        young scientists to make their first
hospital — he was suffering from a             YMCA, funding a childcare center and       notable discoveries — and generate the
painful ulcer and she was the nurse            building renovations. Eventually, their    data and publication credits essential
who took care of him. The following            family grew to include seven grandchil-    to attracting other large-scale funding.
summer, they married, marking the              dren and 13 great-grandchildren.               “Leon and Carol had a real vision for
beginning of 60 years of devotion to               In 1989, they became reacquainted      which we thank them,” says Yves
family and community.                          with Childrens Hospital Los Angeles        DeClerck, MD, director of The Saban
    It stands to reason they would focus       through their nephew, Ernest Ellison,      Research Institute, vice president of
their generous spirits on Childrens            then a member of the hospital’s Board      research at Childrens Hospital, and pro-
Hospital Los Angeles, reflecting their         of Trustees, who served as chair of its    fessor of pediatrics, biochemistry and
conviction that good fortune must be           investment committee from 1985 to          molecular biology at the Keck School of
shared.                                        1999. He encouraged his aunt and           Medicine of the University of Southern
    Now, the Ellison Research Career           uncle to remember the hospital             California.
Development Award for Physician-               through a charitable remainder trust.          “There is a critical shortage of young
Scientists, funded through an endow-               Leon and Carol Ellison were moved      physicians motivated by a career that
ment created by the couple, supports           by the mission of the hospital, where      combines clinical care and research,”
a physician-scientist for a two-year           Carol had trained decades before as a      explains Dr. DeClerck.“Too often, prom-
period at The Saban Research Institute         nursing student.“They felt the best        ising individuals are turned away from
of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.“My          way to make a difference in the world      such careers because of a lack of finan-
parents believed in giving back to the         was to improve the lives of children,”     cial support to protect them. Nurturing
community,” says Tom Ellison.                  says their daughter, Judy Bertagna.        and developing these individuals is
    Leon and Carol Ellison came of age             The Ellison Research Career            critical to our remaining at the fore-
during the Depression. Together with           Development Award grants qualified         front of pediatric inquiry.” •
their two children, Tom and Judy, they         junior physician-scientists at The Saban
lived in a modest two-bedroom house            Research Institute of Childrens Hospital
in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.          a support package, including laboratory
    In 1947, Leon Ellison started Electrical   space, equipment and a base salary to
Advertising Inc., manufacturing and            conduct research under the supervision
selling outdoor neon signs. As their           of a senior faculty mentor.                                         by elena epstein
Burbank business prospered, the cou-               As a permanent fund, the endow-
ple invested in local real estate and          ment creates a stable stream of rev-
continued to focus on civic leadership.        enue to help provide opportunities for

                                                                                                                               imagine spring 05 | 7
                                                                                                            by carl marziali


      a different                          life
                                             Danny Morales had a disease they don’t talk about in medical
                                             school, because there’s no point. Why spend class time on an incurable and
                                             often lethal deformity that is so extremely rare?
                                                The disease is Jeune’s Syndrome, or asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy, in which
                                             the chest doesn’t grow. As the rest of a child’s body expands, the burden on
                                             underdeveloped lungs becomes intolerable. The standard Pediatric Desk
                                             Reference states that nothing can be done.
                                                That was the message a doctor at another hospital carried to Danny’s parents
                                             on an autumn day in 2002. Aracely and Carlos Morales of Pomona lost their first
                                             child to Jeune’s. Their son, Danny, one and a half years old, was now in jeopardy,
                                             subsisting on a ventilator and feeding tube. (The family also has a healthy six-
                                             year-old daugher.)
                                                His mother recalls the day a doctor said he wanted to take Danny “off the
                                             machine” — the same day a nurse in Danny’s unit did some research on the
                                                She found out that a physician in San Antonio, Texas, had invented an experi-
                                             mental titanium rib prosthesis for use on kids with deformed ribs and small
                                                             chest cavities. She also found a doctor in Southern California
                                                             who could perform the procedure: David Skaggs, MD, vice chair
                                                             of Orthopaedic Surgery at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and
                                                             associate professor of orthopaedic surgery at the Keck School of
                                                             Medicine of the University of Southern California.
                                                                Dr. Skaggs learned how to implant the prosthesis when the
                                                             Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America sent him to

Danny Morales has a chance to grow up, thanks to a
groundbreaking surgery to implant a titanium rib prosthesis.                                                             imagine spring 05 | 9

                                                                    the hospital hallway to give Dr. Skaggs an enthusiastic “high five” —
                                                                    it was Danny.
                                                                        To date, Dr. Skaggs has done more than 20 such surgeries for
                                                                    children with Jeune’s, congenital scoliosis and small chests or fused
               “THIS IS PROBABLY THE SINGLE                         ribs. “This is probably the single greatest advance I’ve participated in
                GREATEST ADVANCE I’VE SEEN.”                        or even seen. Kids who were otherwise going to die are out playing
                                        – DR. DAVID SKAGGS          soccer,” he says. “That’s why Childrens Hospital is here — to take
                                                                    care of kids no one else can.”
                                                                        The Childrens Orthopaedic Center — recently ranked fourth in
                                                                    the nation among pediatric orthopaedic programs by Child magazine
                 Texas after giving him its Young Investigator      — will enjoy state-of-the-art facilities in the New Hospital Building
                 Award. Childrens Hospital is one of only seven     when it opens in 2008. This premier environment will set the stage for
                 hospitals in America that offer the investigationalmore innovations, such as those furthered by Dominic Femino, MD.
                 device, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug             An attending surgeon at Childrens Hospital, Dr. Femino has
                 Administration.                                    helped pioneer an extendable leg prosthesis that is saving limbs for
                     Once at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles,        children with bone cancer. He removes the cancerous bone but
                 Danny was evaluated by its multidisciplinary       salvages as much surrounding muscle and tissue as possible, then
                 Early Scoliosis and Chest Wall Deformity Team,     implants the prosthesis, consisting of an artificial knee and bone
                 including Attending Pediatric Pulmonologist        segment.
                 Cheryl Lew, MD, associate professor of pediatrics      What sets this device apart is its ability to be repeatedly extended
                 at the Keck School of Medicine, and Attending      without surgery. A donut-shaped magnet goes around the patient’s
                 Surgeon James Stein, MD, assistant professor       leg. Its magnetic energy is converted to electrical energy within the
                 of surgery at the Keck School of Medicine.         prosthesis, melting a small piece of plastic that holds a spring in
                     The team decided Danny, who had been hos-      place. Given this signal, the spring lengthens about an inch. As a child
                 pitalized since birth, was a good candidate for thegrows, the prosthesis “grows”as well, without invasive surgery.
                 groundbreaking surgery.                                “When I see a patient I’ve treated for cancer who is now cured, has
                     In the operating room, Dr. Skaggs and Dr.      a functional limb and is graduating from college, there’s no greater
                 Stein cut Danny’s                                                                 satisfaction than knowing you’ve had a
                 ribs and implanted                                                                part in this child’s development,” says
                 the prosthesis to hold                                                            Dr. Femino, an assistant professor of
                 the ribs at the proper                                                            clinical orthopaedic surgery at the Keck
                 spacing. The tissue                                                               School of Medicine.
                 around the lungs                                                                      As for Danny Morales, now four, he’s
                 would fill in the gap                                                              busy — attending school, riding his tri-
                 by growing new                                                                    cycle, talking on the telephone. “He’s
                 bone, reconnecting                                                                doing great. He’s a real boy,” laughs his
                 the ribs to spine and                                                             mother. •
                 chest plate. The
                 result: a wider chest                                                           To support the Childrens Orthopaedic
                 cavity. As a child                                                              Center, please contact Melany Duval,
                 grows, the device can                                                           assistant vice president of major and
                 be expanded with a                                                              planned gifts, at 323-671-1705 or
                 small incision.                                                       
                     Eight months
                 later, a boy ran down Danny with his mother, Aracely Morales

   10 | imagine spring 05
                      The Kazanjian Foundation Jewels for Charity Program

                      precious gifts

                      Thanks to the vision of the Kazanjian Foundation and its Jewels          Doctors at Childrens Hospital provided treat-
                      for Charity Program, friends of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles           ment, guidance and encouragement.
                      have a unique new way to share their support and benefit from                Michelle, who recovered within a year,
                      making a charitable gift.                                                later became a high school athlete.
                         Michael Kazanjian, chairman of the famed wholesale estate                 “We want other people to know about
                      jewelers Kazanjian Bros., Inc., had an idea — if people could donate     this wonderful place and how much it does
                                          cars to benefit their favorite charities, why        for families,” says Mr. Kazanjian.
                                          couldn’t they donate jewelry that might other-           In 1912, brothers James and Harry
                                          wise be tucked away in a safe-deposit box?           Kazanjian emigrated to the United States
                                              Through the Jewels for Charity Program,          from Armenia. In appreciation of their new
                                          individuals can contribute jewelry to Childrens      home, the two jewelers carved four large
                                          Hospital and receive the highest tax benefit         sapphires into the busts of U.S. presidents —
                                          permitted by law.                                    Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and
                                              To qualify for the Jewels for Charity Program,   Eisenhower. They also carved the image of
                                          donated items must be professionally appraised       the Liberty Bell into what was then the
                                          at $10,000 or more.The Kazanjian Foundation          world’s largest rough ruby.
                                          sells the jewelry at its full appraised value.           In 1957, the family established the
                                          Seventy percent of the proceeds are passed on to     Kazanjian Foundation to support a wide
                                          Childrens Hospital, which determines the gift        range of scientific, artistic and cultural
                                          annuity based on this amount.The remaining           causes, with an emphasis on programs for
Euphrates Kazanjian                       30 percent goes to a charity chosen by the           disadvantaged youth.
                                          jeweler or store that facilitates the sale.The           The Foundation has organized a nation-
                      Kazanjian Foundation underwrites all expenses.                           wide tour of its jewelry collection, which
                         Mr. Kazanjian’s mother, Euphrates Kazanjian, who turned 100           includes pieces once owned by such celebri-
                      in 2004, has established a charitable gift annuity at Childrens          ties as Clark Gable, Howard Hughes and
                      Hospital with her donation of an emerald and diamond ring and            Madonna, as well as the Liberty Bell ruby and
                      an emerald, pearl and diamond bracelet given to her by her late          the jewels donated to Childrens Hospital.
                      husband, James.                                                              “We hope this tour will raise awareness
                         If the donor establishes a charitable gift annuity with that gift,    of the Jewels for Charity Program,” says
                      the hospital will pay the donor a lifetime annuity, the amount of        Mr. Kazanjian,“and encourage even more
                      which is based on the value of the asset and the donor’s age.            donations.” •
                         Because of her age, Mrs. Kazanjian will receive the highest pos-
                      sible annuity payment — 11.3 percent — available to people               To participate, call the Kazanjian Foundation
                      90 and over.                                                             at 310-278-0811, or contact Terry Green,
                         She was inspired by the help her granddaughter Michelle, 25,          associate vice president of special gifts at
                      received at the hospital more than two decades ago. At age four,         Childrens Hospital, 323-669-5675 or
                      Michelle was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in both knees.

                                                                                                                         imagine spring 05 | 11
                                                                         by kate vozoff

                             Valerie Sun was 11 years old,
                             in seventh grade and a competitive
                             gymnast when her world changed
                             forever. “Suddenly I couldn’t keep up
                             physically,” she recalls.                    waited for an unrelated donor to be
                                Valerie was diagnosed with Severe         identified.
                             Aplastic Anemia. With her bone mar-             That wait extended to seven long,
                             row no longer able to produce blood          difficult years, during which Valerie
                             cells, a bone marrow transplant              survived on transfusions that tem-
                             (BMT) was her only hope. Because             porarily bolstered her blood cell
                             of her disease, Valerie needed an allo-      counts.
                             genic transplant, the hard-to-find               Then good fortune brought her to
                             gift of someone else’s marrow. (By           the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in
                             contrast, autologous BMT uses the            the Childrens Center for Cancer and
                             patient’s own marrow, which has been         Blood Diseases at Childrens Hospital
                             cleansed of diseased cells.)                 Los Angeles, the nation’s largest pedi-
                                Valerie’s brother and sister were         atric hematology/oncology program.
                             promising donor candidates.                     Physicians here combine advanced
                             Unfortunately, neither proved appro-         treatments with innovative research to
                             priate, so Valerie registered with the       help youngsters whose blood isn’t
                             National Marrow Donor Program and            doing its job correctly. From 40 to 50
                                                                          bone marrow transplants are per-
                                                                          formed annually on children with
                                                                          cancer, marrow failure and such

                             Valerie Sun’s own bone marrow failed her, until a transplant at Childrens Hospital —
                             “a place for hope and life.”
    12 | imagine spring 05

                                                                        imagine spring 05 | 13

                                                              borne contaminants, she lived inside       physical and occupational therapists
                                                              a sterile room in the unit, where clean    work on such skills as rolling over and
                                                              air was continually pumped in. “At my      walking. Child Life specialists help
                                                              most vulnerable,” Valerie, now 23,         young patients understand medical
                                                              remembers, “nurses entered only a few      procedures, while the hospital’s school
                                                              times a day and wore layers of sterile     program makes it possible for them to
                                                              clothing because even an eyebrow hair      continue coursework.
                                                              was more than I could tolerate.”              When the New Hospital Building
                                                                  “Chemotherapy doesn’t differenti-      debuts in 2008, it will provide sophis-
                                                              ate between good and bad cells — it        ticated facilities to match this highly
                                                              kills both,” explains Ami Shah, MD, an     respected team of physicians,
                                                              attending physician in the BMT Unit,       researchers and caregivers. The BMT
                                                              its director of clinical research, and     Unit will respond to demand by
                                                              assistant professor of clinical pedi-      increasing its private rooms. The plan
                                                              atrics at the Keck School of Medicine      also will include a family lounge, plus
                                                              of the University of Southern              space for private family conferences
                                                              California.                                and in-service training.
                                                                  Other risks from the treatment             Now five years post-transplant,
                                                              include organ damage, rejection of the     Valerie graduated with honors from
                                                              new marrow and graft-versus-host           USC, where she joined the a cappella
                                                              disease, where the donor’s white cells     group, USC Sirens. She works full-
                                                              attack the patient’s body.                 time, but has returned to the BMT
                                                                  A world leader in pediatric BMT        Unit to sing at its 20th anniversary cel-
                                                              research, the hospital designs and tests   ebration and at holiday parties. Valerie
                                                              therapies to lower risk and improve        also volunteers for Teen Impact, a sup-
   Valerie Sun, 23, is now five years post-transplant.         outcomes. One current protocol for         port group for teens with cancer and
                                                              patients with leukemia involves pre-       blood diseases. “You hear about kids
                  genetic diseases as Severe Combined         conditioning without radiation. “For       facing these huge problems at
                  Immune Deficiency Syndrome.                  young patients whose brains are devel-     Childrens Hospital and your heart
                     Marrow is spongy material inside         oping, radiation can have an adverse       sinks,” she says. “But my transplant
                  bones that contains hematopoietic           cognitive impact,” says Dr. Shah. “We      taught me that this is a place for hope
                  stem cells, which can mature into           think this new chemotherapy-based          — and life.” •
                  white blood cells to fight infection, red    regimen can circumvent some of that
                  blood cells to transport oxygen and         damage.” A related study is evaluating     To support the work of the Bone
                  platelets to help clot blood.               cognitive deficits before and after         Marrow Transplant Program, please
                     Just after Valerie’s freshman year       transplant.                                contact Terry Green, associate vice pres-
                  as a communications major at the                The BMT Unit works to restore          ident of special gifts, at 323-669-5675
                  University of Southern California           some routine to disrupted lives — in       or
                  (USC), her donor was found.                 part by encouraging such activities as
                      Like all transplant patients, Valerie   daily bathing, sitting up for meals and
                  underwent radiation and chemother-          reading.
                  apy “pre-conditioning” to kill her own          “Babies sometimes stay here for
                  stem cells. The treatment left her          months and take their first steps here,”
                  exhausted and open to serious infec-        says Lisa Hatter, RN, clinical manager.
                  tion. To minimize exposure to air-          To support normal development,

    14 | imagine spring 05
    fanny meza age 19
                        There may be no more

                        important gift than

                        providing for the health

                        of our society’s children,

                        for they are the future.

                                     imagine spring 05 | 15

                           by candace pearson

  16 | imagine spring 05

                                              Albert Garcia finds his greatest inspiration working at
                                              Childrens Hospital Los Angeles in “the chance to do something, any-
                                              thing, you can for a family. I could just fulfill my job description, but
                                              that’s not enough — it feels good to make a difference, ” says the
                                              toy/gift coordinator in Volunteer Services.
                                                  His sentiment is echoed by employees hospital-wide, who make up
                                              the extended care team and behind-the-scenes support that families
                                              encounter from the moment they arrive until after their children go
                                              home. Thousands of dedicated employees help keep the hospital
                                              running, including respiratory therapists, occupational and physical
                                              therapists, lab technicians, carpenters, electricians, valets, housekeep-
                                              ers and more.
                                                  A single dad of two healthy infant boys, Mr. Garcia only has to
                                              look at them to be thankful. “It gives me the motivation to work even
                                                  His job is both joyful and, at times, exhausting. Childrens Hospital
                                              distributes approximately 78,000 toys annually from the Sue Smigel
                                              Toy Room, 15,000 at the year-end holidays alone.
                                                  Toys are used for rehabilitation — to increase flexibility or muscle
                                              strength, for example — and for celebration. Children typically
                                              receive a toy each week they are hospitalized. Toys also are distributed
                                              in outpatient clinics, on children’s birthdays, after a difficult proce-
                                              dure or when a child accomplishes a key goal, such as feeding them-
                                              selves or standing.
                                                  Sometimes, toys are given out “just because,” says Mr. Garcia, such
                                              as last year’s “Christmas in July” celebration, which included a Santa

Albert Garcia, toy/gift coordinator at Childrens Hospital
                                                                                                                          imagine spring 05 | 17

                                                                                                diabetes or assist parents dealing with a life-
                                                                                                and-death situation in the Pediatric Intensive
                                                                                                Care Unit.
                                                                                                   Growing up with Spanish-speaking parents,
                                                                                                he served as a communications link. In school, he
                 “ OUR FAMILIES COPE WITH DEVASTATION AND TRAUMA                                learned the demanding art of medical transla-
                   — AND THEY DO IT WITH GRACE.”                                                tion. “My parents needed help from interpreters,”
                                                                      –JEAN HOLTZ
                                                                                                he says. “I want to be able to help people in that
                                                                                                same way.”
                                                                                                   Today, the families who come to the hospital
                                                                                                inspire him on a daily basis. “I’m impressed by
                  in beach gear. “It’s all about improving the quality of life kids have in     their strength and courage. Parents are able to
                  the hospital.” He adds that he may be the one who benefits most. “I            put their own worries aside to thank the doctors
                  get to meet some amazing kids and families and some amazing                   and nurses for trying to help their child.”
                  donors and volunteers.”
                      Roxanna Spencer also appreciates the patients and families she            Teaching health
                  meets in her job as a guest services representative. Working in the           Jean Holtz, LCSW, agrees. “Our families cope
                  hospital’s John Stauffer Lobby, she greets visitors, distributes visitor      with devastation and trauma — and they do it
                  passes and answers a wide range of questions. Most of all, she’s a            with grace. I’ve learned about quality of life from
                  friendly face and source of comfort.                                          them,” says the clinical social worker in hematol-
                      Children and parents who must return day after day for treatment,         ogy/oncology who works with children with
                  or to visit someone, often develop friendships with the familiar per-         blood disorders.
                  son behind the desk. Some patients bring her things they make in the             Social workers assist families with everything
                  hospital, such as braided key rings or drawings, and invite her to their      from transportation, Social Security benefits,
                  bedside birthday parties. Parents have even given her photos of their         school and insurance issues to emotional and
                  children. “It’s a gift for me to be here to help them,” says Mrs. Spencer.    psychosocial support. The approach is holistic.
                      One lesson she’s learned is to treat each child “as a regular kid,” she   “We don’t just treat the patient. We treat the
                  adds. “You can change someone’s day for the better by the way you             whole family,” says Ms. Holtz.
                  talk to them.”                                                                   Education is a large part of the social worker’s
                                                                                                job, as they reinforce the information doctors
                  Interpreting care                                                             and nurses provide. “My goal is to teach patients
                  Language and Cultural Specialist Fernando Hernandez defines a                  and families how to do things for themselves and
                  “good day” as when he can help a parent understand exactly what’s             to help them realize they can do more than they
                  going on with his or her child. Armed with information, parents feel          thought.”
                  better able to participate in care planning and ask questions, “which is         She enjoys being part of a teaching and
                  critical, since they’re the most important people in their child’s life,”     research hospital, where new knowledge is cre-
                  he says.                                                                      ated, and passing on her experience in the Social
                     Childrens Hospital Los Angeles has the only formal Language and            Work internship program.
                  Cultural Services Program of any children's hospital in the country,             The year she started, she met a six-year-old
                  which provides translation for literally dozens of languages, including       boy with hemophilia. Last December, he came in
                  American Sign. Some specialists are assigned to specific units, while          again — now 21, with his infant daughter.
                  others, including Mr. Hernandez, work throughout the hospital.                “Former patients are handing me their business
                  On any given day, he may help a family understand a diagnosis in              cards and introducing me to their own children.
                  pulmonology, translate home care instructions for a patient with              We’re reaching generations of families.” •

     18 | imagine spring 05
                                elizabeth age 10          brenden age 7

spring has sprung                                         springtime
                                                          The clouds are weeping
                                                          tears of joy
                                                          because it's springtime.
       New beginnings happen every day at Childrens
       Hospital Los Angeles. A handful of its patients    The blue roses
       celebrate the spirit of Spring in these drawings   are dancing in the wind
       and poetry, which were produced through the        because it's springtime.
       Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Artists Program.
                                                          The children
                                                          are twirling in the rain
                                                          because it's springtime.

                                                          And I am going to wait
                                                          at the window
                                                          for summer to come
                                                          because it's springtime.

                                                          tahnee age 14

              marly age 4

                                                                            imagine spring 05 | 19
i   profile
                                                                           by candace pearson

Matt “Worm”Joyce [surfer, counselor]
          Matt “Worm” Joyce, 21, rides the waves four times a week near La Jolla and
          has surfed in Australia, Fiji, Hawaii and Costa Rica — all while savoring every
          clear breath.
                Only a few years ago, Matt was near death and breathing with the help
          of a BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Air Pressure) machine, which pumps air into the
          lungs. That was before he got a new set of lungs.
                Matt was born with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disorder that affects
          some 30,000 Americans. CF interferes with the flow of salt and water
          through the cells, resulting in what can be fatal damage to the lungs and
          pancreas. Until age 14, Matt managed to out-surf CF. Then a rare bacterium
          called Burkholderia cepacia invaded his lungs. When he arrived at Childrens
          Hospital Los Angeles, he couldn’t wait long for a donor. Fortunately, two com-
          patible living donors who heard of his plight came forward.
                On November 2, 2000, Vaughn Starnes, MD, removed Matt’s diseased
          lungs and replaced them with a lobe from each of his donors’ lungs. Dr.
          Starnes, director of the Heart Institute at Childrens Hospital and Hastings
          Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of the
          University of Southern California, pioneered the pediatric living lobar trans-
          plant procedure.
                Today, Matt counsels other CF patients awaiting transplants. He lives his
          life fully, he says,“with a confidence that I have Childrens Hospital on my
          shoulder. I was reborn there.”

                                                                                    imagine spring 05 | 21

                                     a world of caring
                                                   When Richard MacKenzie, MD,                 School of Medicine of the University
                                                   first visited a children’s hospital in       of Southern California.
                                                   Mongolia, shortly after its disengage-         That desire to make a global differ-
                                                   ment from the Soviet Union in 1995,         ence is shared by many physicians and
                                                   he was startled by what he saw.             nurses throughout Childrens
                                                   Surgeons were using common thread.          Hospital. By forming international
                                                   Equipment dated back to the 1930s.          collaborations and volunteering their
                                                   Hallways were dark. Children were           time, they extend the hospital’s
                                                   dying because routine medications           expertise worldwide.
                                                   weren’t available.                             Occasionally, patients are flown to
                                                      The visit was a stark reminder of        Childrens Hospital from other coun-
                                                   disparities in the quality of health care   tries for specialized treatment. More
                                                   around the world.                           often, efforts focus on sharing knowl-
                                                      Working with the Ulan Bator              edge, facilitating collaborative research
                                                   Foundation, Dr. MacKenzie now               and creating training opportunities.
                                                   travels to Mongolia almost every year,      “We’re trying to help institutions
                                                   bringing with him other physicians,         develop the means to care for these
                                                   surgeons and house staff from               children in their own countries,” says
                                                   Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. His         Stuart E. Siegel, MD, director of the
  Kenneth Geller, MD, head of the Division of      project involves children helping           Childrens Center for Cancer and
  Otolaryngology at Childrens Hospital Los
  Angeles, examines patients in Mongolia.          children, with Los Angeles-area youth       Blood Diseases, head of the Division
                                                   creating artwork to decorate the            of Hematology/Oncology at Childrens
                                                   Mongolian hospital. He’s also a             Hospital and professor and vice chair
                                                   medical consultant to a World Health        of the Department of Pediatrics at the
                                                   Organization project to stem sub-           Keck School of Medicine.
                                                   stance abuse in street children in             Dr. Siegel has been involved in
                                                   Africa, Eastern Europe, the Philippines     international outreach for nearly 20
                                                   and South America.                          years, particularly in Russia, China
                                                      “It’s a chance to have an impact,        and Brazil. Besides creating educa-
                                                   not just on one child, but on a whole       tional exchanges where doctors and
                                                   nation’s health,” explains Dr. Mac-         nurses train at Childrens Hospital and
                                                   Kenzie, director of the Division of         take their new knowledge home, he
                                                   Adolescent Medicine at Childrens            has helped develop cooperative studies
                                                   Hospital Los Angeles, and associate         and encourage new research.
                                                   professor of pediatrics at the Keck            For Marcio Malogolowkin, MD,

  22 | imagine spring 05
                                                                                                                            by katie sweeney

Left: Dr. Grace Aldrovandi has been working with the Tilimbizane Mother’s Support Group in Africa, among other groups. Right: Dominque
DeClerck, RN, holds a young cleft palate patient in Vietnam.

director of the Bone and Soft Tissue        breastfeeding is the only option for        each year with Operation Smile, a
Tumor Program at the Childrens              most mothers, given local cultural          nonprofit organization that provides
Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases,       customs and a lack of clean water.          free reconstructive surgeries to poor
giving back to his native country of           “It’s devastating. We’re just trying     children with facial deformities.
Brazil is a priority. He typically visits   to light a candle in the darkness,” says       The unrelated donor coordinator
twice a year, giving lectures, discussing   Dr. Aldrovandi, a physician-scientist       in the hospital’s Bone Marrow
patient cases and making sure needed        in Childrens Hospital’s Division of         Transplant Program has been on 16
medicines are available.                    Infectious Diseases and an associate        missions in the past 10 years, visiting
    He recently began doing similar         professor of pediatrics at the Keck         Vietnam, Morocco, the Philippines,
work in Russia. “I feel a responsibility    School of Medicine.                         China, India, Kenya, Guatemala and
to help children in other parts of the         In 2004, Tae Ho Kim, MD, surgeon         Venezuela. Occasionally she brings
world who aren’t as fortunate,” says        in the Division of Plastic Surgery, led a   another helper — her husband, Yves
Dr. Malogolowkin, an associate pro-         medical team to treat children with         DeClerck, MD, director of The Saban
fessor of pediatrics and clinical scholar   congenital and acquired deformities in      Research Institute of Childrens
at the Keck School of Medicine.             Tena, Ecuador, a small city in the          Hospital Los Angeles.
    In some countries, the needs are        Amazon. “In this region, children with         Volunteering as a post-op nurse,
enormous. Grace Aldrovandi, MD,             cleft palates are considered outcasts of    she sees firsthand the joy of parents
has been working with the Zambia            society, as they are in many parts of       and children after surgery. Equally
Exclusive Breastfeeding Project in          the world. There’s a real need for sur-     important, the system is working, with
Sub-Saharan Africa for five years,           gical care,” says Dr. Kim, assistant pro-   more surgeries being handled by local
studying ways to decrease transmis-         fessor of clinical surgery at the Keck      physicians. “With education and
sion of HIV in breastfeeding.               School of Medicine.                         needed supplies,” she says, “the coun-
    In Zambia, one in three people are         That opportunity to change lives         tries become capable of providing free
infected with HIV — many of them            inspires Dominique DeClerck, RN,            medical care to their own.” •
women and children. However risky,          BSN, to volunteer her vacation time

                                                                                                                          imagine spring 05 | 23
annual report

                                                                                        Jasmine Dmini, age 5

                    HONOR ROLL OF DONORS
                    for the time period of January 1, 2004, through December 31, 2004

                                                                                        in gratitude and recognition
                                       The patients, families, staff and Board of Trustees of Childrens Hospital Los
                                       Angeles are grateful to the many people who help us build for the future and provide clinical
                                       care, research, medical education and community outreach through their financial support.
                                          In recognition, the 2004 Honor Roll lists our esteemed donors who contributed at least
                                       $130 in cash gifts, pledges or pledge payments. Foregoing individual recognition, we also
                                       extend thanks to those who made generous contributions directly to one of our Associate
                                       and Affiliate groups, or other allied organizations. Gifts through the Children’s Miracle
                                       Network National Offfice will be recognized in the next issue of Imagine.
                                          In spite of our best efforts, errors and omissions may occur, and we are eager to make
                                       corrections. Please direct all inquiries to Marie Logan, director of donor relations, at
                                       323-671-1733 or

      24 | imagine spring 05
$4 Million and above                       Elizabeth and Kirk Day                  The Physicians of the Department of       Division of Plastic Surgery
Anonymous                                  Department of Radiology                   Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine      John Gross, MD; Tae Ho Kim, MD; John            i
Mrs. David Gackenbach                        Vicente Gilsanz, MD; Fariba             Ashraf Abou-Zamzam, MD; Teresita           Reinisch, MD; Karen Sherwood, MD;
Cheryl and Haim Saban                        Goodarzian, MD; Hollie Jackson, MD;     Bailon, MD; Robert Bart, MD; Gerald        Mark Urata, MD
Saban Family Foundation                      Connie Kaminsky, MD; Arzu               Bushman, MD; Timothy W. Deakers,        Mr. Henry Ivan Dorsett
                                             Kovanlikaya, MD; Sheila Moore, MD;      MD; Ana Maria Drachenberg, MD;          Dougherty Family Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                            for the time
$1 Million – $3,999,999                      Marvin Nelson, MD; Ashok Panigrahy,     Joseph A. Farlo, MD; Irma M.            The Gabriel C. and Mary Duque
                                             MD; Philip Stanley, MB                  Fitzgibbons, MD; Mashallah Goodarzi,       Gift Shop                                     period of
Marion and John E. Anderson                                                                                                                                               January 1, 2004
                                           The William Driscoll Family               MD; Joanna E. Green, MD; Gary           The Edelstein Family Charitable
Anonymous (6)                                                                                                                                                                 through
                                           Joseph Drown Foundation                   Halajyan, MD; Laura Hastings, MD;          Foundation
Mrs. Anna Bing Arnold                                                                                                                                                    December 31, 2004
                                           Mr. Thomas E. Duque                       Michael Joseph, MD; Marla M. Matar,     Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Elko
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Black
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Wally Durham                 MD; William McIlvaine, MD; Karen        Entertainment Industry Foundation
Mrs. Alphonse A. Burnand III
                                           Margaret D. and Jerrold L. Eberhardt      McVeigh, MD; David Maromisato, MD;      F. Squared, LLC
Children’s Miracle Network
                                           Suzie and Dick Farman                     Christopher J.L. Newth, MB; Duc Q.      Ms. Giselle Fernandez-Farrand and Mr.
Costco Wholesale National
                                           Farmers Insurance Group                   Nguyen, MD; Niurka Rivero, MD;             John Farrand
Ms. Sophia Scano Fitzmaurice
                                           Mr. Francis D. Fetty                      Amgad Saied, MD; Gary M. Scott, MD;     Fidelity Investments Charitable
Herbert M. and Beverly J. Gelfand
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fish                  Mark Shafa, MD; David Stewart, MB;         Gift Fund
W. M. Keck Foundation
                                           Mr. George C. Friese                      Jae Townsend, MD; Sabine Von Busse,     Flintridge Guild
Mr. Douglas W. Knight
                                           Gardner Grout Foundation                  MD; Randall Wetzel, MB; Samuel          Fox Group
Ms. Mary Joan Palevsky
                                           Good Hope Medical Foundation              Yanofsky, MD                            Mr. and Mrs. George C. Good
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
                                           Mrs. William Goodan                     Jane and Kris Popovich                    Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman
Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell Smith
                                           Terence and Mary Lou Green              Mr. and Mrs. Rick Powell                  HBO
John Stauffer Charitable Trust
                                           Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hambleton           QueensCare                                Jack C. and Doris C. Helms
United Way of Greater Los Angeles
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Hernandez, Jr.     RE/MAX                                    John C. Herklotz in honor of
Weingart Foundation
                                           Conrad N. Hilton Foundation             Rite Aid Corporation                         Dale Melbourne Herklotz
Drs. Jane and Morton Woolley
                                           The Larry and Helen Hoag Foundation     Kenneth B. and Dayle I. Roath             Devin Hock Fund of the Michael Hoefflin
                                           Michael Hoefflin Foundation              Marilyn and Jud Roberts                      Foundation
$500,000 – $999,999
                                           H. Leslie and Elaine S. Hoffman         Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Rooney            Houston Jewish Community Foundation
Anonymous                                    Foundation                            The Rose Hills Foundation                 Mrs. George Daniel Jagels
The Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research       Carolyn Volk Horne                      Hazel Gibbons Ross                        Linda Tallen and David Paul Kane
  Program of the T.J. Martell Foundation   The Mark Hughes Foundation              Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Samuels             Educational and Research Foundation
California Community Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. James Huyck                Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Sawa                Katzenberg Family Trust
The California Wellness Foundation         The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation      The Ronald A. and Victoria Mann Simms     Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Katzenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Dalany             KABC-TV 7                                 Foundation                              Ms. Aleta L. Knight
Mrs. Dorothy F. Fredericks                 K-Big 104.3                             Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Smidt                Ms. Gladys W. Koster
Steven and Christine Hazy                  Kohl’s Department Stores                Dr. and Mrs. Norman F. Sprague III        Mr. and Mrs. James K. Looney
Drs. Faye and Jonathan Kellerman           Ms. Ruth Krell                          Stop Cancer                               The Los Angeles Free Clinic
Las Madrinas                               La Providencia Guild                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Strouse II           Beth and Bob Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio E. Lozano, Jr.        Ms. Eleanor Adele Lam                   Ms. Johanna Swager                        LRZ Chinese New Year Dinner Society
The Sharon D. Lund Foundation              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Larkin, Jr.      Philip A. Swan and                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marquez
Maybell Machris                            Ms. Sandra Lee and                        Patricia A. MacLaren                    Ronald McDonald House Charities of
Nickel v. Bank of America                    Mr. Bruce E. Karatz                   University Children’s Medical Group          Southern California
  Settlement Fund                          Mr. Morris Leviloff                     The V Foundation for                      Jessie Barker McKellar Foundation
Ms. Irma Louise Rudd                       Nancy and Ken Lewis                       Cancer Research                         National Charity Support Foundation
Mr. Charles Schulze                        The Lincy Foundation                    Dr. and Mrs. John C. Vinson               Harriet West Nielson, MD
The H. Russell Smith Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Loggia              Anita S. Watson                           Northern Trust Bank of California
Ms. Robin A. Ferracone and                 Mr. and Mrs. José Ignacio Lozano        The Webb Foundation                       The Notkin Family
  Mr. Stewart R. Smith                     Mrs. Luppe Hodgdon Luppen               Westside Guild                            Mr. Norman Panama
UniHealth Foundation                       MAGIC International                     Mrs. Alice E. Whitmore                    The Physician Faculty of the
Wal*Mart Stores and Sam’s Clubs            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Markovich          Ms. Edith P. Williamson                      Division of Cardiology
                                           Phillip D. and Lois S. Matthews         Ms. Naomi Wilson                             Sarah Badran, MD; Arno Hohn, MD;
$100,000 – $499,999                        The Harold McAlister Charitable         Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wilson                      Grace Kung, MD; Alan Lewis, MD;
Mr. Chris Albrecht                           Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wirtz                 Michael Silka, MD; Mark Sklansky, MD;
Roy and Betty Anderson                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. McCormick        Ms. Suzanne Wiskerson                        Jackie Szmuszkovicz, MD; Masato
Anonymous (2)                              Ronald McDonald House Charities                                                      Takahashi, MD; Pierre Wong, MD; John
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jefferson Arnett       In Honor of Milbank McFie               $50,000 – $99,999                            Wood, MD
Emanuel O. Bachmann                        Mr. and Mrs. Doug McKellar              AFLAC                                     Stanley and Jessica Prescott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrat                 Ms. Margaret McMartin                   Mr. and Mrs. Beny R. Alagem               The Gene Raymond Trust
The Ethel Wilson Bowles and                MGM and UA Services Company             Anonymous (4)                             Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Robinson
  Robert Bowles Memorial Fund              The Mitchell Milias Family              June and Merle Banta                      Salton Settlement Fund
Lynn and Douglas Brengel                   Tally and Bill Mingst                   The Stanley and Joyce Black Family        Mrs. June Sapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brigham                Mildred E. and Harvey S. Mudd              Foundation                             The Schwab Fund for
Ms. Dorothy A. Brown                         Foundation                            Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, LLC           Charitable Giving
The California Endowment                   Alfred C. Munger Foundation             Mr. William Bue, Jr. in honor of          The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
California HealthCare Foundation           Nancy and Charles Munger                   Jean Bue                               South Bay Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan Carpenter      Lynn H. Myers and Gerald G. Myers       Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Call              Mrs. Ray Stark
The Chase Foundation                       The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris       Childrens Chain                           Wilhelmine Stauffer
Dr. Peggy Tsiang Cherng and                  Foundation                            Childrens Hospital Christmas Fund         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone
  Mr. Andrew J.C. Cherng                   Mary Adams O’Connell and                Childrens Hospital Los Angeles            Albert H. Sutton
Larry and Carol Clemmensen                   Kevin O’Connell                          Thrift Shop                            The Thai Physician Association of
Sam and Cynthia Coleman                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. O’Gar            L.J. Christopher                             America
Concern Foundation                         Padres Contra El Cáncer                 Ms. Shelley L. Conger                     Juanita Travers
Michael J. Connell Foundation              Juliette and George C. Page             Couples Against Leukemia                  Mr. A. Ray Van Horn
Cynthia and Joe Connolly                   Palm-Lan Real Estate Agents Company     Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Crawford              I.N. and Susanna H. Van Nuys Foundation
Kenneth and Sherry Corday                  Panda Restaurant Group                  Jeffrey Cusumano Fund of the              Variety – The Children’s Charity of
Suzanne and Donald Crowell                 Paramount Pictures Corporation             Michael Hoefflin Foundation                Southern California, Tent 25
Lucy and Don Crumrine                      Ms. Judi Partridge/My Brother Joey      Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Davis              Warner Bros. Studios
Mary and Gary Damsker                        Foundation                                                                      Billy and Audrey L. Wilder Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Dauer              Pasadena Guild                                                                    Ina Coleman, Alan Wilson, and Family
                                           Peninsula Committee                                                               Ms. Estelle J. Zrodlo

                                                                                                                                                           imagine spring 05 | 25
                   $10,000 – $49,999                     Department of Pediatrics on behalf of   Mrs. Frederick G. Larkin                Michael Robertson                      Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Vickman
   i               21
                                                            the full-time medical staff
                                                         Dey, LP
                                                                                                 Mr. Vincent Laurentis
                                                                                                 The Michael Learned Family
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. G. Ronus
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Rose
                                                                                                                                                                                Vivendi Universal Entertainment, LLP
                                                                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wachtell
                   Adams O’Connell, Inc.
                                                         Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio                   The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey           Major and Mrs. Craig A. Ross           The John Newell Wade Foundation
                   The Mary and Peter Adams Family
                                                         Celine Dion Foundation                     Foundation                           San Antonio Guild                      Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wade
                   Adir International Export, Ltd.
                                                         The Walt Disney Company                 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Lederman          Santa Monica Bay Auxiliary             Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wagner
                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert Adler
                                                         Division of Dentistry                   Mr. and Mrs. Brian Po-Jen Lee           Ms. Carole Satnick                     Wallis Foundation
annual report

                   The Ahmanson Foundation
                                                            David M. Kang, DDS; José C.          Legacy Heritage Fund Limited            Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Sauvage            Washington Mutual Bank-
                   Albertson Foundation
                                                            Polido, DDS, MD                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leire               Mr. and Mrs. Bashar A. Sawaf              South Grand
                   Mrs. Betty Allen
                                                         Division of Otolaryngology              Mrs. Hedwig Lester                      Paul and Judy Schaeffer                Mr. and Mrs. David D. Watts
                   Mr. Talal Abdul Aziz Alsoud
                                                            Erica Bennett, MD; Kenneth A.        Ms. Monica Lester                       Robert E. Schneider Foundation         Mr. Keith C. Watts
                   Amgen Foundation
                                                            Geller, MD; Jeffrey Koempel, MD      Mr. Paul Lester                         Mr. and Mrs. John E. Seidel            Edna and Mickey Weiss Family
                   Amgen, Inc.
                                                         Dolce & Gabbana USA, Inc.               Ms. Jennifer Lopez                      Stuart E. Siegel, MD                      Foundation
                   Ms. Brooke Anderson
                                                         DreamWorks SKG                          Los Angeles Clippers Foundation         Sigma Chi Fraternity                   Joseph and Marcia Weiss Family Fund
                   Anonymous (14)
                                                         Mr. Norman H. Drechsel                  Los Angeles Times                       SKETCH Foundation                      Cathy Siegel Weiss and Ken Weiss
                   Antelope Valley Guild
                                                         Evan T.J. Dunbar Neuroblastoma          Lucky Brand Foundation                  The Skirball Foundation                Mrs. Edna Weiss
                   Mr. Temo A. Arjani
                                                            Foundation                           Mr. Wishart MacFarren                   Lon V. Smith Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Weiss
                   Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Arnall
                                                         Edison International                    Majestic Realty Foundation              Ralph L. Smith Foundation              Wells Fargo Bank, NA
                   Mr. Matthew Ashford
                                                         Eleven Twenty Seven Foundation          Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mancino            Dr. and Mrs. Chadwick Smith            Dr. and Mrs. Winfield J. Wells
                   Ms. Virginia H. Austin
                                                         Ms. Olga M. Elledge                     Gretchen W. Marble                      Mr. and Mrs. Murray J. Smith           Western Cardiac Foundation
                   Mr. and Mrs. Zareh Baghdasarian
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Ellison        Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation         Solera Capital, LLC                    Whittier Guild
                   Banta Family Foundation
                                                         Caroline Etchemendy                     Ms. Nancy P. Marriott                   Solteras, Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Willard
                   The Cecile & Fred Bartman
                                                         Evil Shenanigans, Inc.                  Mary Duque Juniors                      Sony Corporation of America            Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brooks
                                                         Mr. Paul Farberman                      Mas Family Foundation Trust             Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.            Williamson
                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Baxter
                                                         Lynda and Blaine Fetter                    Philanthropy International           Sony Pictures Television               Mr. Jeffrey S. Wilpon
                   Sanford and Phyllis Beim Family
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. David I. Fisher            Mayflower Trust                          Southern California Volvo Retailer     The Winkler Family Foundation
                                                         Forest Lawn Foundation                  Mrs. J. Thomas McCarthy                    Advertising Association             Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Winkler
                   Phyllis and Sanford Beim
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. David J. Foster            Patricia A. McClure                     Ms. Phyllis M. Spampani                Ms. Alison Winter
                   Milo W. Bekins Foundation
                                                         Dr. Reynold L. Foutz                    Callie D. McGrath Charitable Trust      G.N. Spencer                           Mr. and Mrs. Mel F. Woods
                   Lilly M. Berg
                                                         Ms. Sherry Lansing and                  Ms. JoAnn McGrath                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spielberg          Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Worthe
                   Dr. and Mrs. William Bergin
                                                            Mr. William Friedkin                 MDRT Foundation                         Mr. Brian James Stack                  Dr. and Mrs. Peter Wu
                   Beta Healthcare Group
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall Galbraith   Merrill Lynch                           Mr. John M. Stahl                      Carl E. Wynn Foundation
                   Mr. and Mrs. David Bianchi
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martin Genow       MGM Mirage                              Dr. and Mrs. Vaughn A. Starnes         Young’s Market Company, LLC
                   The Bicycle Casino
                                                         Genzyme Corporation                     Milano Foundation                       State Farm Insurance Companies         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yu
                   The Otis Booth Foundation
                                                         The Geomar Foundation, Inc.             Scott and Valerie Milano                Mr. Jonathan H. Steinberg              Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Zeile
                   Mr. and Mrs. Otis Booth, III
                                                         Mr. and Ms. David Gersh                 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Miletich         Mr. and Mrs. George Steinkamp          Ms. Diane V. Zeoli
                   Mr. and Mrs. Otis Booth, Jr.
                                                         Giannini Family Foundation              Mr. Chad Miraglia                       Mr. Lewis Hyman Stillerman             Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer,
                   Mr. Louis L. Borick
                                                         Gold Family Foundation                  The Mitchel Company                     Joseph and Fiora Stone Foundation         Gilbert-Lurie & Stiffe
                   Mr. and Mrs. Ben Borsook
                                                         Goldman, Sachs & Company                Ms. Isabella Mitwede                    Mrs. Fiora Stone                       Zolla Family Foundation
                   Mr. and Mrs. James Boyle, Jr.
                                                         Jane and Ron Gother                     The Celia Moh Foundation                Swat Fame, Inc.                        Susan and Edward Zolla
                   Ms. Christine E. Bozigian
                                                         Green Family Charitable Trust           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moh                TG Investments, Ltd.                   Ms. Ruth Harvey Zommick
                   Mrs. Susan Bourne Brinkama
                                                         The Green House                         Fredrick H. Moll                        These Three Words
                   Ms. Barbara Broccoli and
                      Mr. Michael G. Wilson
                                                         Margaret Grant Gregg                    Monrovia Guild                          This Little Light                      Children’s Circle of Care
                                                         Guess ? Foundation                      Peter Morton Foundation                 Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Charlene Tolo      Children’s Circle of Care, our most
                   Mr. Elliott B. Broidy
                                                         Dr. and Mrs. G. Denman Hammond          Mr. Peter Morton                        Toluca Guild                           prestigious giving society, is made up
                   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bronchick
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hammond         MTV Networks                            Ms. Lannie Tonnu and                   of annual donors to children’s hospi-
                   Carol Young Brooke Foundation
                                                         William H. Hannon Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Craig Murray                  Mr. Calvin Nguyen                   tals nationwide. It recognizes indi-
                   Mr. Richard H. Brown
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hanson              National Childhood Cancer               Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.          viduals who pledged, made cash or
                   Eva Benson Buck Trust
                                                         Marian and Pinkus Happ Fund                Foundation                           Tyler’s Team – San Marino High         irrevocable planned gifts valued at
                   Ron W. Burkle Foundation
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Hartley            New Line Cinema Corporation                School Associated Student Body      $10,000 or more either personally or
                   Mr. and Mrs. James Burrows
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Homer M. Harvey            The New York Mets Foundation, Inc.      The Ueberroth Family Foundation        through their privately held company
                   California Pizza Kitchen Foundation
                                                         Dr. Lillian P. Harvey                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Noah                 United Talent Agency, Inc.             or family foundation.
                   Capital Guardian Trust Company
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hasbrouck         Mr. Walter W. Noce, Jr.                 United Way of Kern County, Inc.
                   Carlson Capital, LP                                                                                                                                          The David and Linda Adams Family
                                                         Drs. Esther and Daniel Hays             Novartis                                United Way of the Desert
                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Casey                                                                                                                            Dr. and Mrs. Robert Adler
                                                         Mr. George W. Herman                    Oarsmen Foundation                      University of Southern California
                   James Castelfranco                                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Beny R. Alagem
                                                         Thomas A. Heymann and                   Occidental Petroleum Corporation        U.S.T.E., Inc.
                   Centennial Guild                                                                                                                                             Mr. Chris Albrecht
                                                            DeAnne K. Heymann                    One Small Voice Foundation              J.B. and Emily Van Nuys Charities
                   Cerner Corporation                                                                                                                                           Mr. Talal Abdul Aziz Alsoud
                                                         The Highland Street Connection          The Paige Foundation                    Vanguard Charitable Endowment
                   Scott Chaplin
                                                         Ms. Linda Joyce Hodge                   Nicole Parker Foundation for Children
                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Chasalow
                                                         Glen and Gloria Holden Family           Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts
                   Mr. Remington W. Chase
                                                            Foundation                           The Patron Saints Foundation
                   The Children’s Brain Tumor                                                                                                 Children’s Circle of Care
                                                         Ambassador and Mrs. Glen A. Holden      The Patron Spirits Company
                      Foundation, Inc.
                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Sung J. Hong               Payden & Rygel                               Members receive an invitation to the North American Leadership
                   Chiron Corporation
                                                         John Jay Hopkins Foundation             Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation         Conference & Gala held each spring in rotating cities across the
                                                         Ms. Edith Humphrys                      Ms. Rhea Perlman and                         United States and Canada. Childrens Hospital Los Angeles grate-
                   The William M. & Helen L. Close
                                                         Hyde Family Foundation                     Mr. Danny DeVito                          fully acknowledges the following sponsors of the 2004 conference
                      Family Foundation
                                                         Mr. Kirk Richard Hyde and               Joseph and Evelyn Pertusati                  held in Washington D.C.
                   Mr. and Mrs. William M. Close
                                                            Mrs. Angi Proctor                    Peter Pan Children’s Fund
                   Coca-Cola Enterprises Bottling
                                                         Mr. Alan Hymowitz                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Petersen              Founding Sponsors
                                                         IBM                                     John D. and Victoria R. Pettker
                   The Condon Family Foundation                                                                                               Costco Wholesale
                                                         Institutional Capital Corporation       Pfaffinger Foundation                         The Oki Foundation
                   Mr. and Mrs. Donn B. Conner
                                                         The Audrey and Sydney Irmas             Mr. Michael Phelan
                   Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cookman, Jr.
                                                            Charitable Foundation                The Physicians of the Department of
                   Elizabeth Corlin                                                                                                           Signature Sponsor
                                                         Mr. Alan Joelson                           Pathology
                   Mr. Verne M. Cottom                                                                                                        Fight For Children
                                                         John Paul Mitchell Systems                 Ignacio Gonzalez-Gomez, MD;
                   Craig Murray Productions, LLC
                                                         Carl W. Johnson Foundation                 Clark Inderlied, PhD; Hector
                   The E.A. Crane Family Fund
                                                         Mrs. Leland Francis Johnson                Monforte, MD; Paul Pattengale,            Gold Circle
                   Mrs. Gloria M. Crane
                                                         JP Morgan Chase                            MD; Deborah Schofield, MD; Hiro            Freddie Mac Foundation
                   Creative Artists Agency
                                                         Mrs. Peggy Lynn Joslyn                     Shimada, MD; Timothy Triche, MD           McKesson Corporation
                   Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee Crowe, Jr.
                                                         The Karma Foundation                    Verl Marie Pointer
                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crowell
                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kay                 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Quaranta               Silver Circle
                   Ms. Jennifer Cue
                                                         The Michael King Family Foundation      Angela D. Ramos, MD
                   Mr. Charles Cummings                                                                                                       The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
                                                         Ms. Elizabeth Whiting King              Red Hot Chili Peppers
                   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cuñado                                                                                                 The H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael King               The Regal Foundation
                   Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis                                                                                                       Harris Private Bank
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael King               Mr. and Mrs. John Remeny
                   DanJaq, LLC                                                                                                                Stephen A. and Diana L. Goldberg Foundation
                                                         Kirkeby Foundation                      Robin and Susan Richards
                   The David Family Foundation, Inc.                                                                                          The Harry & Lea Gudelsky Foundation
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kirkeby             Mr. Charles D. Richardson
                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Day                                                                                                 Morrison Healthcare Food Services
                                                         Ms. Carla Kirkeby                       Ms. Patricia Richardson
                   Delta Delta Delta Sleighbell                                                                                               Nextel Communications
                                                         Carol and Arnold J. Kleiner             Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Richman
                                                                                                                                              Alison and Mark Russell
                                                         Lancaster Group US, LLC                 Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Richter               Wachovia
                   The Corwin D. Denney Foundation
                                                         Mr. John Laoo                           Riteway Charity Services

      26 | imagine spring 05
Ms. Brooke Anderson                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Elko           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leire               Saban Family Foundation                 The American Society of Hematology
Marion and John E. Anderson
Mrs. Roy L. Anderson, Jr.
                                        Mr. Ernest O. Ellison
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Ellison
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Tim Leiweke
                                                                              Mr. Christopher Leonard
                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Saleh
                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Samuels
                                                                                                                                                              Anonymous (5)
                                                                                                                                                              Auction Broadcasting Company, LLC
Anonymous (17)                          Mr. Jack Epstein                      Ms. Monica Lester                       Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Sanford           The Autry Foundation
Mr. Temo A. Arjani                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Farman           Mr. Paul Lester                         Mrs. June Sapiro                        Ms. Laura Awazu and
Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Arnall           Ms. Giselle Fernandez-Farrand and     Nancy and Ken Lewis                     Ms. Carole Satnick                         David Moromisato, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jefferson Arnett       Mr. John Farrand                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Light               Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Sauvage             The Emanuel Bachmann Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                                        for the time
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Auen             Mr. and Mrs. Sean Ferrer              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Loggia              Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Sawa              Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Baise
Mrs. Emanuel Bachmann                   Lynda and Blaine Fetter               Mr. and Mrs. James K. Looney            Mr. and Mrs. Bashar A. Sawaf            Bank of America                             period of
Mr. and Mrs. Zareh Baghdasarian         Mr. Francis D. Fetty                  Ms. Jennifer Lopez                      Paul and Judy Schaeffer                 Bank of America United Way Program      January 1, 2004
June and Merle Banta                    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fish              Beth and Bob Lowe                       Mrs. George T. Scharffenberger          Barnes Family Foundation                    through
Ms. Eloise C. Goodhew Barnett           Mr. and Mrs. David I. Fisher          Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio E. Lozano, Jr.     Robert E. Schneider Foundation          The Beal Foundation                    December 31, 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrat              Ms. Sophia Scano Fitzmaurice          Mr. and Mrs. José I. Lozano             Stuart E. Siegel, MD                    Bell of California No 1, Inc.
Mrs. Cecile C. Bartman                  Mr. and Mrs. David J. Foster          Mr. Bradford D. Lund                    The Ronald A. and Victoria Mann         Drs. Rebecka and Arie Belldegrum
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bartman            Mrs. Dorothy F. Fredericks            Ms. Michelle A. Lund                       Simms Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. Tyler P. Bensinger
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Baxter            Ms. Sherry Lansing and                The Sharon D. Lund Foundation           Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Simon           Mary and Harold Berger
Sanford and Phyllis Beim Family            Mr. William Friedkin               Mrs. Luppe Hodgdon Luppen               Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Smidt              Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bergman
  Foundation                            Mrs. David Gackenbach                 Ms. Patricia MacLaren and               Mrs. Suzan K. Smigel                    Mr. Gregory Berlanti
Milo W. Bekins Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. James M. Galbraith          Mr. Philip Swan                      Dr. and Mrs. Chadwick F. Smith          Mr. Jonathan Bloch
Mr. Aaron Belokamen in honor of         Herbert M. and Beverly J. Gelfand     Carol and Douglas Mancino               Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell Smith           Mrs. William Bloomfield
  Lilian and David Belokamen            Mr. and Mrs. Rick Genow               Mr. and Mrs. Al E. Mann                 Mr. and Mrs. Murray J. Smith            Steven Bochco Productions, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. William Bergin             Mr. and Ms. David Gersh               Mr. and Mrs. William Mann               Ms. Robin A. Ferracone and              Mr. Logan A. Boggs
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Bianchi           Gold Family Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marquez               Mr. Stewart R. Smith                 Mark Borchert, MD and
Mr. and Mrs. Les Bider                  Mr. and Mrs. George C. Good           Ms. Nancy P. Marriott                   Ms. Valerie Sobel                          Karen Sherwood, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Black              Mrs. William Goodan                   Phillip D. and Lois S. Matthews         Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spielberg           John G. Braun
Mrs. William Bloomfield                  Jane and Ron Gother                   The Harold McAlister Charitable         Dr. and Mrs. Norman F. Sprague III      Broadcast Response, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Booth, III            Joseph B. Gould Foundation               Foundation                           Mr. Brian James Stack                   Mrs. Kingsland Daniel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Booth, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Terence M. Green         Mrs. J. Thomas McCarthy                 Dr. Philip and Penny Stanley            C.C. Goldwater
Mr. Louis L. Borick                     Mr. and Mrs. Earl Greenburg           Mrs. Arthur M. McClure                  Mrs. Ray Stark                          Daniel Capen, MD
Ms. Christine E. Bozigian               Mr. and Mrs. Brad Grey                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. McCormick        Mrs. Fiora Stone                        Cardinal Health
Lynn and Douglas Brengel                Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Hahn         Mrs. Milbank McFie                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone               Carroll, Kelly, Trotter, Franzen &
Mrs. Susan Bourne Brinkama              Dr. and Mrs. G. Denman Hammond        Ms. JoAnn McGrath                       Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Strouse II            McKenna
Ms. Barbara Broccoli and                Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hammond       Mr. and Mrs. Doug McKellar              Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Charlene Tolo       Cathay Bank Foundation
  Mr. Michael G. Wilson                 Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman           Mr. Ricardo Mestres                     Ms. Lannie Tonnu and                    CBS Television Network
Mr. Elliott B. Broidy                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Hartley          Scott and Valerie Milano                   Mr. Calvin Nguyen                    Chais Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bronchick          Mr. and Mrs. Homer M. Harvey          Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Miletich            Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Trabulus            Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Chais
Ms. Patricia A. Brown                   Dr. Lillian P. Harvey                 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell John Milias       Miss Lenore Treister                    CIBC World Markets Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. William Bue                Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hasbrouck       Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Miller               The Ueberroth Family Foundation         CIT Group Foundation, Inc.
Mr. William Bue, Jr. in honor of        Mrs. Nancy Hatch                      Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mingst          Mr. A. Ray Van Horn                     Citigate Sard Verbinnen, Inc.
  Jean Bue                              Drs. Esther and Daniel Hays           Mr. Michael Moh                         Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Vickman           City National Bank
Mrs. Alphonse A. Burnand III            Steven and Christine Hazy             Mr. and Mrs. Gene Montesano             Mrs. Barbara E. Vinson                  Cossette Productions, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Burrows              Mr. John C. Herklotz in honor of      Mr. Peter Morton                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wachtell            Mr. Lee Cowden and
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Call               Dale Melbourne Herklotz            Mildred E. & Harvey S. Mudd             Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wagner                Ms. Pauline Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan             Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Hernandez, Jr.      Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. David D. Watts             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford
  Carpenter                             Thomas A. Heymann and                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Munger          Mr. and Mrs. John Turner Waugh          Mr. and Mrs. John A. Creelman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Casey          DeAnn K. Heymann                   Mr. Rupert Murdoch                      Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Webb, Jr.            Mrs. Jacqueline R. Culbert
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Catalano          The Larry and Helen Hoag              Mr. and Mrs. Craig Murray               Mrs. Edna Weiss                         Mr. Paul J. Culbert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Chasalow           Foundation                         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gibson Myers, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Ken Weiss                  Ms. Mary J. Currie
Dr. Peggy Tsiang Cherng and             Ms. Marcia Wilson Hobbs               Mr. and Mrs. Peter Noah                 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Weiss            Nancy M. Daly Foundation
  Mr. Andrew J. C. Cherng               Mr. Andrew Hock                       Mr. Walter W. Noce, Jr.                 Dr. and Mrs. Winfield J. Wells           Colleen Lanza Davis
Larry and Carol Clemmensen              Ms. Cynthia Hock                      The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris     Michael R. Whalen                       Deloitte & Touche Services LP
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Close           Ms. Linda Joyce Hodge                    Foundation                           Mrs. Alice E. Whitmore                  Ms. Florence R. Devine
Sam and Cynthia Coleman                 Mr. and Mrs. Chris D. Hoefflin         Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Notkin              Billy and Audrey L. Wilder Foundation   Diageo North America, Inc.
The Hugh and Audy Lou Colvin            Ambassador and Mrs. Glen A. Holden    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Connell            Ms. Annie Willette                      DIC Entertainment Corporation
  Foundation                            Ms. Bambi Holzer                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. O’Gar            Roberta G. Williams, MD                 Doheny Asset Management
Ms. Shelley L. Conger                   Dr. and Mrs. Sung J. Hong             One Small Voice Foundation              Ms. Edith P. Williamson                 Doheny Eye Institute
Michael J. Connell Foundation           Mrs. Carolyn Volk Horne               Ms. Mary Joan Palevsky                  Mr. Jeffrey S. Wilpon                   Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donn B. Conner             Donald and Marjorie Howley            Ms. Jane Vruwink Palmer                 Ina Coleman, Alan J. Wilson and         Libby and Will Doheny
Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Connolly III   Sally and Bill Hurt                   Ms. Lori Parker-Gladstein                  Family                               Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Duckett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cookman, Jr.       Mr. Kirk Richard Hyde and             Ms. Judi Partridge/My Brother Joey      Mrs. John C. Wilson, Jr.                The E. Jordan Brookes Company, Inc.
Kenneth and Sherry Corday                  Mrs. Angi Proctor                     Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. Tim G. Wilson              East Tennessee Nissan
Mr. Verne M. Cottom                     Mr. Alan Hymowitz                     Mr. and Mrs. Barry Perlman              Mrs. Mignon W. Winans                   El Cholo-Santa Monica
Mrs. Gloria M. Crane                    Mr. Robert J. Irmas                   Ms. Rhea Perlman and                    Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Winkler              El Segundo Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Crawford            Mrs. George Daniel Jagels                Mr. Danny DeVito                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Winston          Mr. and Mrs. James George Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford             Mr. Alan Joelson                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Petersen         Ms. Alison Winter                       Mr. Ernest O. Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee Crowe, Jr.      Carl W. Johnson Foundation            John D. and Victoria R. Pettker         Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wirtz            Endeavor Talent Agency
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crowell            Mrs. Leland Francis Johnson           Mr. Michael Phelan                      Ms. Suzanne Wiskerson                   FDI Computer Consulting
Suzanne and Donald Crowell              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Joslyn           Jane and Kris Popovich                  Mr. and Mrs. Mel F. Woods               FFF Enterprises, Inc.
Lucy and Don Crumrine                   Jack and Gioia Kalvin                 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Powell                Drs. Jane and Morton Woolley            Jonathan L. Finlay, MD
Ms. Jennifer Cue                        The Karma Foundation                  Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Quaranta          Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Worthe             First Southwestern Title
Mr. Charles Cummings                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Katzenberg       Angela D. Ramos, MD                     Dr. and Mrs. Peter Wu                   Ms. Lucy Fisher and Mr. Douglas Wick
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cuñado              Drs. Francine and Neal Kaufman        Mr. Bennie C. Reagan                    Richard and Judy Zeigler                Ms. Barbara J. Foreman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Cusumano        Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kay            Mr. and Mrs. John Remeny                Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Zeile              Foster’s USA, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Dalany          Drs. Faye and Jonathan Kellerman      Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Resnick         Ms. Diane V. Zeoli                      Fraternal Order of Eagles
Mr. Robert A. Daly and                  Mr. Kirk Kerkorian                    Robin and Susan Richards                Mrs. Ruth Ziegler                       Fraternal Order of Eagles #2743
  Ms. Carole Bayer Sager                Ms. Elizabeth Whiting King            Ms. Patricia Richardson                 Susan and Edward Zolla                  Mary and George Garvey
Mary and Gary Damsker                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael King             Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Richman          Ms. Ruth Harvey Zommick                 The David Geffen Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Dauer           Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. King          Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Richter          For more information about              GGE Foundation
Mrs. Marvin Davis                       Carol and Arnold J. Kleiner           The Honorable and                       Children’s Circle of Care, please       Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gittelsohn
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Day                Ms. Aleta L. Knight                      Mrs. Richard J. Riordan              contact Stephanie Eversfield, director   Mr. George Gittelson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Day              Mr. Douglas W. Knight                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Roath           of annual gifts, at 323-671-1710        Douglas and Eunice Erb Goodan
Ms. Irene M. Dehnel                     Mr. and Mrs. Kent Kresa               Marilyn and Jud Roberts                 or                Family Foundation
Ms. Celine Dion                         Mr. John Laoo                         Ms. Shirlee A. Roberts                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Goodan
Dougherty Family Foundation             Mrs. Frederick G. Larkin              Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. G. Ronus         $5,000 – $9,999                         Mashallah Goodarzi, MD
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Driscoll        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Larkin, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Rooney                                                  The Michael Grannis Family
                                                                                                                      ABN AMRO Services Company
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dunbar           Mr. Vincent Laurentis                 Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Rose                                                     Mrs. Helen Rae Grau
                                                                                                                      Adesa Golden Gate
Mr. Thomas E. Duque                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Learned       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenblatt                                                 Mr. Leroy Haden
                                                                                                                      Advanced Text & Data, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Wally Durham               Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Lederman        Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Roski, Jr.                                               Ms. Sheron Hardaway
                                                                                                                      Ms. Alison Aldrich
Margaret D. and Jerrold L. Eberhardt    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Po-Jen Lee         Ms. Irma Louise Rudd                                                            Laura A. Hastings, MD
                                                                                                                      Mrs. Jean A. Aldrich
The Edelstein Family Charitable         Ms. Sandra Lee and                    Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Rudnick                                                   John Randolph Haynes and
                                                                                                                      AltaMed Health Services Corporation
  Foundation                               Mr. Bruce E. Karatz                Cheryl and Haim Saban                                                              Dora Haynes Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                                       imagine spring 05 | 27
                    Heflin & Company, LLC                   Patrick Henry Creative                 $1,000 – $4,999                      Berkes, Crane, Robinson & Seal, LLP   Chevron Texaco Employees
   i                Heumann Powered Productions
                    HFI Corporation
                                                              Promotions, Inc.
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Patterson
                                                                                                  A.A.A. Billiards of Beverly Hills
                                                                                                                                       Berlex, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Berliner
                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Elizabeth Chiang-Kuo
                                                                                                                                                                             Chicago Title Company
                                                                                                  Mr. Yonus Abedi
                    Mrs. David B. Hill in honor of         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perez                                                  Mr. and Mrs. James E. Berliner        Children’s Hospital Oakland
                                                                                                  Mr. Abraham Adrian Abel
                       Rosemary Rae Hill Hansen            Philips Medical                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Berliner       Childrens Lung Specialists, Ltd.
                                                                                                  Action Auto Center, Inc.
                    Hillview Middle School                 Philips Ultrasound, Inc.                                                    Ms. Brenda Berry                      Mr. and Mrs. Ryan R. Chinn
                                                                                                  Berle H. Adams Foundation
                    Hirsch Wallerstein Matlof &            Ms. Mary J. Phosky                                                          Mr. Michael J. Betancourt             Mr. and Mrs. James K. Christian
annual report

                                                                                                  Mr. Berle H. Adams
                       Fishman, LLP                        Mr. and Mrs. Ali Reza Ramezani                                              Better Body Maker                     Church of Religious Science
                                                                                                  ADVO, Inc.
                    Mr. David Hockney                      Mr. Richard M. Ramirez                                                      Beverly Hills Escrow                  Joseph A. Church, MD
                                                                                                  Mr. John J. Agoglia
                    Yung-Ta Huang, DDS                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rapport                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Julian M. Bieber         CitiMortgage, Inc.
                                                                                                  Agoura High School
                    Mrs. Suzan Hughes                      Mr. Robert Clifford Ray                                                     C. Billings                           Citrus Valley Association of Realtors
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Hemant Agrawal
                    Mr. and Mrs. James Hunter              RBC Dain Rauscher                                                           BillMatrix Corporation                Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Clark
                                                                                                  Neil and Cynthia Alexander
                    Imagine Entertainment                  RCM Capital Management, LLC                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Biondi, Jr.     Ms. Daniella Clark
                                                                                                  Ms. Madelyn Alfano
                    Mr. and Mrs. James Iovine              Red Bull North America, Inc.                                                Kevin and Nancy Blake                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Clark
                                                                                                  Alhambra Rotary Charities
                    James & Gable Insurance Brokers        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reiner                                                  Mrs. Linda J. Blinkenberg             Mr. and Mrs. Terrik Clark
                    Mr. John R. James                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reiser                                                    Mr. William E. Bloomfield, Jr.         Mr. John G. Clary
                                                                                                  Allen Lund Company, Inc.
                    Mr. Mark Andrew James                  Retinoblastoma International, Inc.                                          Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blunt              The Clifford Family Trust
                                                                                                  Mrs. Susan E. Allison
                    Mr. and Mrs. Todd James                Warren and Carolyn Richards                                                 Bob Souza, Jr. Insurance Agency       Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clifford
                                                                                                  The Alton Foundation
                    Jewish Community Foundation of            Foundation                                                               Employees Community Fund of           Clinical Products, Ltd.
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Alton
                       Greater Los Angeles                 Dr. and Mrs. Warren Richards                                                   Boeing Southern California         Francis H. Clougherty
                                                                                                  Mr. George G. Alva
                    JM Realty Group, Inc.                  Mr. David Riggs                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bond                  Charitable Trust
                                                                                                  Amber Glass and Mirror, Inc.
                    Johnson Controls Foundation            The Riordan Foundation                                                      Boom Pictures, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Clougherty
                                                                                                  Ms. Katherine Amber
                    Blanche and George Jones Fund, Inc.    Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Robinson                                             Ms. Lisa Borgness                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coburn
                                                                                                  American Express Gift Matching
                    Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Kane               Taryn Rose, MD                                                              Mr. Rony Borrayo                      The Coca-Cola Company
                    Neena Kapoor, MD                       Ross Swiss Dairies                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Steve Boss               Codefront, Inc.
                                                                                                  Anchors Guild
                    Drs. Francine and Neal Kaufman         Mr. Irving Ross                                                             The Boudjakdji Foundation             Coffee Kiosk, Inc.
                                                                                                  Anderson & Anderson
                    KB Home                                Mr. and Mrs. James Fredric                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Brabant              Thomas and Bebette Coleman
                                                                                                  Anderson Dairy, Inc.
                    Steven and Kathryn Keefer                 Rothenberg                                                               Braemar Women’s Tennis Club              Foundation
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Anderson
                    King World                             Ms. Mary Elizabeth Rowell                                                   Ms. Betty E. Brainerd                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Coleman
                                                                                                  Trent and Linda Anderson
                    Mr. Larry King                         Mr. Paul Schambach                                                          Louise Brancale                       Mr. Neill F. Collins
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Joel J. Andryc
                    Paul and Daphne King                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Schenkman                                           The Saul Brandman Foundation          Mr. and Mrs. Steve Collins
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Don Robert Angel
                    Kings Care Foundation                  Mr. Robert S. Schenkman                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Alex Brankovic           Mr. Edwin A. Colon
                                                                                                  Anheuser-Busch Sales, BCC
                    Kobold Watch Company, LLC              Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Schwartz                                              Ms. Doreen Ruth Braverman and         Color Spot Nurseries, Inc.
                                                                                                  Anonymous (19)
                    Mr. Michael Kobold                     Louise Fettig Seimer                                                           Mr. Stuart William Rudnick         Confidence Foundation
                                                                                                  Linda and Kenny Antonioli
                    Mr. David Kohan                        Sempra Energy, Energy for Others                                            Ms. Ruth Braverman                    Ms. Ann Denise Cooper
                                                                                                  The Sheldon and Carol Appel Family
                    Ms. Rashelle Koon                      Shaw Systems Associates, Inc.                                               Mr. Gabriel Brener                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Cordner
                    Mr. and Mrs. Kent Kresa                The Shea Foundation                                                         Mr. George J. Brennan                 Mr. David Corleto
                                                                                                  Mr. Sheldon Appel
                    Mrs. Roy Kropke                        Shirvanian Family Foundation                                                The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Nick D. Costantini
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Avi Arad
                    Ms. Susan F. Laffer                    Siebel Systems, Inc.                                                        Mr. Joshua Britt                      Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Crowley, Jr.
                                                                                                  Arena Auto Auction
                    Lakeshore Entertainment Group, LLC     Mr. Mace Siegel                                                             The Bronson Companies                 Crustacean Restaurant
                                                                                                  Mr. Frank Arentowicz
                    Mr. Alfred J. Landegger                Signal Products, Inc.                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bronson           Ittie and Warren Cutting
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Arford
                    Las Hermanas Guild                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Silverman                                              Mr. Keith D. Bronstein                Cystic Fibrosis Services, Inc.
                                                                                                  Argonaut Charitable Foundation
                    The Abe and Frances Lastfogel          Arnold H. Simon Family Foundation                                           Drs. Caroline and Iraj Broomand       Mr. Emmanuel Damoulakis
                                                                                                  Argus Consulting Group, Inc.
                       Foundation                          Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Simons                                              Ms. Janet C. Brown                    Mrs. Jean T. Danielson
                                                                                                  Mr. Thomas C. Armitage and
                    Latina Media Ventures, LLC             Jeffrey and Kellie Singer                                                   Ms. Kathleen L. Brown and             Mr. Asher Dann
                                                                                                     Marguerite Parisi, MD
                    Law Offices of David Weiss              Mr. and Mrs. Mark David Slomann                                                Mr. Van Gordon Sauter              Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Darnell
                                                                                                  Jennifer Armstrong
                    Lerman & Son                           Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Smith                                                Andrea M. Broyard                     Ms. Lynn Dasmal
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Arnold
                    Mr. and Mrs. Max Lerman                Society of Operating Cameramen                                              Ms. Rheta J. Brumm                    Mr. and Mrs. Larry David
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnoldi
                    Mr. Seth N. Levinson                   Southern Wine & Spirits of                                                  Mr. William L. Bryan                  The Davidow Charitable Fund
                                                                                                  The Arquette Family
                    Richard Spencer Lewis Memorial            Northern California                                                      Michael D. Bryant, MD                 Davis Wright Tremaine
                                                                                                  Mr. Moshen Asgari
                       Foundation                          Eugene and Marilyn Stein Family                                             Mr. and Mrs. David J. Burke           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Davis
                                                                                                  Ms. Shirley E. Ashcraft
                    Mr. John C. Lewis                         Foundation                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Burroughs       Kathleen de Pablo Rosas
                                                                                                  Ms. Nancy L. Asner
                    Light Bulb City                        Sidney Stern Memorial Trust                                                 Ms. Joan Cooper Burton                The de Toledo Family
                                                                                                  Mr. Shane Astani
                    Ms. Joann Mei Yen Lin and              Emily Storrow                                                               Ms. Phyllis Bushart                   Mr. Timothy J. Dean
                                                                                                  ATLA Escrow Corporation
                       Mr. Purwitadji Samadi               Sudden Infant Death Syndrome                                                Ms. Britta Bushnell and               Ms. Deborah Del Prete
                                                                                                  Ms. Ann Babcock
                    Calvin G. Lowe, MD                        Foundation of Southern California                                           Mr. Brent Kessel                   Delahooke Appraisal Company
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Guilford C. Babcock
                    Carolyn and Bruce Ludwig               Mr. and Mrs. Philip V. Swan                                                 C & P Properties #7, LLC              Mr. and Mrs. Scott Delahooke
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Burt F. Bacharach
                    Mrs. Louise B. Lyon                    Ms. Christine Taylor and                                                    Cadbury Adams USA, LLC                Della Robbia Guild
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. John Badham
                    Mark Anthony Brands, Inc.                 Mr. Ben Stiller                                                          California Delta of                   Mr. Rodney L. Delson
                                                                                                  Mr. Clive Baillie
                    Marsh US                               TELACU Industries, Inc.                                                        Sigma Alpha Epsilon                Mrs. Ann DeMartini
                                                                                                  Ms. Nancy R. Baker
                    Mrs. Elise Mudd Marvin                 Dr. and Mrs. Irving R. Tessler                                              California State University,          Mrs. Sally Cherry Dempsey
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Rick Baker
                    Maxwell Arizona Charitable Trust       Tokio Marine Management, Inc.                                                  Los Angeles                        Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thomas DeNero
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. James P. Baldwin
                    Mr. and Mrs. James C. McClure          Jan M. Van Tornout, MD, MS                                                  Mr. Richard M. Callahan, Jr.          Larry and Sandi Dennis
                                                                                                  Jennifer Baldwin
                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McKay              Mr. and Mrs. Don Tuffli                                                      Call-Fleming Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Depew
                                                                                                  Bank of America Matching Gifts
                    McKesson Information Solutions, Inc.   Union Pacific Foundation                                                     Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Campbell            Design Masonry, Inc.
                    Mr. and Mrs. John V. McLaughlin        United Way California Capital Region                                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cane                Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Detchmendy
                                                                                                  Bank of the West
                    Mr. and Mrs. Brendan McLoughlin        United Way of Tri-State                                                     Cannon Family Foundation              Mrs. Sallie T. Determan
                                                                                                  Denise Lynn Banks-Fears
                    Medtronic MiniMed                      United Way of Ventura County                                                Cap Gemini Ernst & Young US, LLC      Ms. Deborah A. Deutsch
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Irving Bao
                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Meehan          Universal Love Foundation                                                   Capital Network, Inc.                 Ms. Emily A. Devine
                                                                                                  Mr. Patrick E. Barela
                    Mericos Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. A. William Urquhart                                            CARES Foundation, Inc.                Diana Software Company, Inc.
                                                                                                  Ms. Holly Baril
                    Miss Geraldine Eva Miller              USC Neurosurgeons, Inc.                                                     Mr. Mark Carnessale                   Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Dickson
                                                                                                  Mr. Richard C. Barker
                    Steven and Evelyn Miller               Venetian Foundation                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Carr            Suzanne Diers
                                                                                                  Mr. Brent Barnes
                    Molson 2000, LLC                       Robert A. Waller Foundation                                                 Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, LLC          Ms. Betty P. Dietrich
                                                                                                  William and Carol Barrett
                    Moore, Winter, Skebba &                Ms. Judy T. Waller                                                          Castaldi’s Killer Boot Camp, Inc.     Digestive Care, Inc.
                                                                                                  Mrs. George Barrie IV
                       McLennan, LLP                       Wapakoneta Foundation                                                       CC Hospital Volunteers Services       DiMare Enterprises, Inc.
                                                                                                  Mr. William A. Bartlett
                    Mr. John Morris                        Watson Land Company                                                         Mr. Mark Cendrowski and               Ding S. Lam, MD, FAAP, Inc.
                                                                                                  Mr. Jeffrey T. Barton
                    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Murphy              Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign                                            Ms. Cynthia Glazar                 Ms. Janyth Dison
                                                                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Terrence Baruch
                    Mrs. Jean Kaplan Nathan                Mr. Rossiter L. White                                                       Central County United Way             Ms. Nancy M. Ditoro and
                                                                                                  Barwick Studios, LLC
                    Native American Choppers               William Morris Agency                                                       Certified Service                         Mr. Robert McGowan
                    New Regency Productions, Inc.          Roberta G. Williams, MD                                                     Mr. Raymond Chan                      Division of Urology
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Baseman
                    Ms. Vera S. Newman                     Mr. and Mrs. Basil G. Witt                                                  Ishak Shou Ning Chang and                Roger E. DeFilippo, MD; Brian E.
                                                                                                  Mr. Jonathan R. Bates
                    Mr. and Mrs. George Nicholaw           Mr. Paul P. Wurzer                                                             I-Fang Chang                          Hardy, MD; Andrew H. Hwang, MD
                                                                                                  Ms. Cindy Bauman and
                    OBH, Inc.                              The Henry A. and Cynthia G. Yost                                            Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Chapin    Ms. Melissa Do Vale
                                                                                                     Mr. Gary N. Frischling
                    O’Melveny & Myers, LLP                    Family Foundation                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chapman             Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Dodge
                                                                                                  Mr. Don Baylor
                    Pacific Pediatric Cardiology            Mr. and Mrs. Henry Allan Yost                                               Mr. Brent P. Chappell                 Mrs. William H. Doheny
                                                                                                  Mrs. Suzanne Beatty and
                       Medical Group, Inc.                 Yung Ta Huang, DDS, Inc.                                                    Ms. Rosalie M. Chase                  Dr. Maria and Mr. Paul Dohi
                                                                                                     Ms. Kathryn Payer
                    Parks Palmer Turner &                  Mr. Joseph D. Zazzi                                                         The William E. Chelew Foundation      Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Doi
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Beim
                       Yemenidjian, LLP                    Ms. Christina Zimmer                                                        Ms. Genevieve W. Chesebro             Mr. and Mrs. Jason Mark Donahue
                                                                                                  Mrs. Frank R. Belben
                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Adam Chesnoff            Dr. and Mrs. George N. Donnell
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Burton E. Belzer
                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Chester          Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Dottlinger
                                                                                                  Bergen Foundation
                                                                                                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Rennie Cheung

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The Douglas Michael Fuller          Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Glazer            Mr. and Mrs. William T. Huston         Liberty Hill Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Mike Medavoy
Mr. and Mrs. William Douglass
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Glazer
                                    Glen Wok Corporation
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mi H. Hwang
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Hwang
                                                                                                                  Mr. John M. Liebes
                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lieskovsky
                                                                                                                                                        Medimmune, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Irving Avard Meeker, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth W. Doyle                Glendale Pediatrics                    Ms. Autum M. Hyde                      I-I Lin, PhD and Kin Chong, PhD       Merck Partnership for Giving
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Inc.      Mrs. Charmaine L. Glennon              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Inches             Mr. Shin-I Lin                        Merrill Lynch & Company
Ms. Ellen F. Driscoll               Mr. Martin D. Godel                    Clark B. Inderlied, PhD                Linde INO Therapeutics                   Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Frances F. Driscoll            Mr. Randy S. Goens                     Industrial Service Oil Company, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lindee              Mr. Bert Mersola
                                                                                                                                                                                                   for the time
Mr. and Mrs. John Driscoll          Ms. Evelyn Goldberg                    Integrated Decision Systems, Inc.      Ms. Ellyn M. Lindsay                  Mesa Distributing Company, Inc.
Mrs. Forest Drummond                Dr. and Mrs. Marshall G. Goldberg      Integrated Health Services             Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Litt         Mr. Charles D. Meyer                         period of
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dryden             The Goldenson-Arbus Foundation         International Special Events Society   Mr. Jen Liu                           Ms. Lura Meyer                           January 1, 2004
Mr. Gerald Du Manoir                Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Goldman            Mr. Leo S. Ishibashi                   Mr. Charles R. Livingstone            Miles Lane - Miles To Go Foundation          through
Mr. Michael J. Dubelko              Ms. Lydia T. Goodell                   Jack H. Arnold Investments             Mr. and Mrs. Paul Logan               David A. Miller, MD                     December 31, 2004
The Duhl Foundation, Inc.           Mr. Mark Gordon                        Mr. James Jacks                        Mr. Erik Lomis                        Ms. Eileen Susan Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Roger N. Duhl          Mr. Michael Gorfaine                   Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Jacobson         Los Angeles Police Relief             Mr. and Mrs. Skip Miller
Susan and Robert Dulin              Mr. Jack L. Gray, Jr.                  Jad Insurance Brokers, Inc.               Association, Inc.                  The Milstein Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dumm             Mr. Edward F. Greenberg                Ms. Katherine James                    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Loughnane            Mr. and Mrs. Adam Milstein
Patrick and Theresa Dunaway         Mr. Alexander M. Greene                Ms. Janet Janjigian                    Mr. Peter Lubin                       Ms. Annamarie V. Mitchell
Mrs. Gabriel C. Duque, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Greenhut       Jaquish & Kenninger Foundation         Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lui              Ms. Leslie Momoda and
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dutton           Mrs. Marilyn Steward Grier             Ms. Nicky Javidnia                     Ms. Michele Lynch                        Dr. James D. Barrie
E. & J. Gallo Winery                Ms. Barbara P. Gross                   J.D.C. Security Sales, Inc.            M. W. Rose Company, Inc.              Mr. Raymond Moore
Mr. Eubert Edgar                    Grossman Family                        Ms. Nancy Garrett Jenkins              Richard G. MacKenzie, MD              The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Eight Man Football Coaches          Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. Grushkin          Jerome Foundation                      Eithne F. MacLaughlin, MD             Ms. Ruth Haddock Morrison
   Association                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Gutenberg      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Jiuliano        Macy’s West, Inc.                     Mr. Rob Morrow and Debbon Ayre
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd P. Eisiminger    H to O, LLC                            Ms. Phyllis Johnson                    Macy’s West United Way Campaign       Claire and Theodore Morse
El Segundo Rotary Club              Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Haaga, Jr.        Mr. Michael D. Joseph                  Ms. Benita Magit and Mr. Roy Ulrich      Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed El-Erian       Mary Dee Hacker, RN and                Mr. John Jul                           Marcio H. Malogolowkin, MD            Mr. and Mrs. Hadi Morshed
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Ellis           Steven Nishibayashi, MD             JustGive                               Mr. Paul Manriquez                    Motion Picture Association of
Employees Charity Organization      Mr. and Mrs. Rod Hagenbuch             Ms. Jane Kaczmarek                     Managed Resources, Inc.                  America, Inc.
   (ECHO)                           Ms. Michele Hahn                       Ms. Rebecca Kadin                      Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP        Mr. and Mrs. Angelo R. Mozilo
Ms. Vicki Engard                    Mrs. Howard Hakes                      Mr. Akira Kageyama                     Manheim Dallas Auto Auction           Mt. Baldy United Way of
Enterprise Rent-A-Car               Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Hallem          Kaiserman Family Charitable Trust      The Maurice Marciano Family              Southern California
Ernst & Young Foundation            Ms. Mary J. Halvorson and              Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kaiserman                Foundation                         Mr. Steve S. Mullen
Mr. Mario E. Ernst                     Mr. Jan W. Prazak                   Drs. Kevin and Linda Kaiserman         Ms. Theresa Marcus                    Dorothy Trask Clune Murray
Mr. Joshua Escandon                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hamilton       The Kama Sutra Company                 Mrs. Geraldine Collins Mark              Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. George Evans           Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hamilton       Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Kamrath          Mr. and Mrs. Marshall R. Martinez     Fe A. Murray
Mrs. Marylynn Gregg Evans           Hamrick & Evans, LLP                   Ms. Pamela Kantor                      Vicki Martinez                        Mr. Michael E. Mushinskie
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Factor          A. Raymond Hamrick III                 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Karp               Leo Mascarenhas, MD                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nafie
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Farris       Mr. Phillip Han                        Mr. and Mrs. Brett Kaufman             Mr. Joe J. Mason                      The Nagy Group, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Feder        The Handtmann Family Foundation        Mr. Fred Kayne                         Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert H. Mason         Craig Nakamura, MD
Mr. Robert Feldman                  Mr. and Mrs. George Handtmann          Mr. Michael J. Kazanjian               Ms. Joy L. Matsumoto and              Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Napoles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Feldman      Mr. Denis Hann                         Matthew S. Keefer, MD                     Mr. Scott Andrew Bell              Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Q. Narag
Dr. and Mrs. Dominic Femino         Steven Hanson                          Mr. Ryan R. Keefer                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Matzkin          Jane and Marc Nathanson Family
Ronald M. Ferdman, MD               Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Hanson           Mrs. Carrie Kelley                     Mayfield Junior School of the             Foundation
Ms. Charlotte M. Ferris             Mr. Michael Harahan                    Robert Kelly and Linda Blumenthal         Holy Child Jesus                   National Academy of Recording
Mr. and Mrs. David Richard Fett     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Harley          Mr. John H. Kendall                    McAdams Foundation                       Arts & Sciences, Inc.
Dr. Richard H. Feuille              Mr. Frank E. Hart                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kenny           Mr. Lloyd McAdams                     National Charity League Coronets
Mr. Ralph Fiennes                   The Haskell Family                     Ms. Punita Khanna                      The McClellan Family                  National Hockey League
Mr. Brad Finefrock                  Ruth Hauser                            Mrs. Elizabeth M. Kirby                Mrs. Arthur M. McClure                National Medical Review Office, Inc.
Mr. Randall Carlyle Fink            Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hausner           Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Kish           Mr. Michael R. McCormick              National Philanthropic Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fischer            Mr. Russell Hayman                     Mrs. Catherine D. Kissinger and        Mrs. Audyne McDaniel                  Naturalla Beauty Center
Dr. Garth Fisher                    Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Hazarabedian            Mr. John W. Yard                    McDonald Insurance                    Nature’s Produce
Mr. Mark S. Fisher                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Heaney            Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Klabin             Mr. and Mrs. James McFarlane          NBC Entertainment
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Fleisher     Mr. Mike Heflin                         Mr. Edward Knight, Jr.                 McGrew-Philipp Family Foundation      Mr. and Mrs. Julio S. Negrete
Mr. Eric Fleiss                     Mr. Donald J. Heintzelman              The Knights of Columbus                Mr. Robert D. Mchenry                 Mr. David M. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Fleming        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Helfant           Erich and Della Koenig Foundation      Mr. John P. McKay                     Nestlé
Dr. and Mrs. Burton L. Fletcher     Edward and Lisa Henning                Mrs. Della Koenig                      Mrs. Edward H. McLaughlin             Mr. and Mrs. Drew Arthur Neumann
Ms. Carol Flint and                 Ms. Suzanne Heri                       Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Kolbrenner       Mr. Lewis K. McLean                   Mr. Edward S. Neumann
   Mr. Stephen E. Jones             Mr. Paul W. Herklotz                   Mr. Richard L. Kornblith               Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. McMahon        New York Life Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Foos           Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Herriott         Barbara M. Korsch, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Mark O. Foss           Ms. Virginia M. Hill                   Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre S.
Mr. Gregory A. Foster               Mr. Damian Hillseth                       Kouyoumdjian
Mr. Bobby E. Francis                Mr. Brian G. Hirrel                    Mr. Michael K. Kramer
Adriana F. Franco                   Bob and Nita Hirsch Family             Kulik, Gottesman & Mounton, LLP
Lily L. Franco                         Foundation                          Dr. Nancy and Mr. Peter Kuo
Mr. Kenneth Frankel                 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hirsch             Dr. Aura and Mr. Fredrick Kuperberg
Mr. Phillip Frascinella             Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Hobbs            Mrs. Lucy Kurtin
Fredmar, Inc.                       Mr. Manuel Hoffman                     Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kwong
Robert and Sheril Freedman Family   Ms. Marie Hoffman                      L.A. Dancemagic
   Foundation                       Mr. John W. Hoffmann                   Mr. Michael La Savio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freedman        William and Amrita Holden              Mr. and Mrs. John A. Laco
Frito-Lay, Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scott Hollander   Dr. and Mrs. Ding S. Lam
Mr. and Mrs. Hiroki Fukuyama        Mr. William A. Hood                    Mr. and Mrs. John Kinchan Lam
Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP           Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gregory                Landry Design Group, Inc.
Ms. Raquel Fuller-Green                Hookstratten                        Dr. and Mrs. Murray Lappe
Georges and Germaine Fusenot        Horizon Direct, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Larrabee
   Charity Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Horne             Latham & Watkins
G Studios, LLC                      Mr. and Mrs. John D. Horner            Ms. Sandi Lathim
Mr. and Mrs. James Gable            Mr. James Houston                      Ms. Eleanor Laughery
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation      Mr. and Mrs. Jim Houston               The Laverty Foundation
Gallo Sales Company                 Mr. and Mrs. James Newton Howard       Law Office of Ellen F. Driscoll
Mr. Benjamin Fabie Garcia, Jr.      Ms. Maura Howe and                     Law Offices of Larry K. Jacobson
Mr. Robert F. Garcia, Jr.              Mr. Rodd D. Perry                   Mr. Robert M. Lea
Gary Dahl Creative Services         Howe-Allen-Theis Trust                 Mr. Ronald LeBlanc
Ms. Linda Gase                      Mr. Jeff Hoyt                          Legal Option Group, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gates            Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hsu                 The Leisure Family Foundation
Genentech, Inc.                     Mr. Chi-Shih Huang                     Eytan Levin
Mr. Craig Gering                    Mrs. Margaret Ann Hubbard              Ms. Janna Levinstein
Mr. Guty Ghadimi                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hull           Mr. Shaoul J. Levy and
Mr. Paul Anthony Gibbs              Ms. Lyn Humphreys                         Ms. Elizabeth D. Comley
Gary P. Glackin                     Mr. Gerald Hungerford                  Mrs. Sheryl Lewin
Mrs. Katharine H. Coates Glass      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hurwich         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Liautaud        Timmy Anderson, age 16

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                   Mr. and Mrs. J. Edd New                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Robin         South Gate Motel Corporation          Verizon Foundation                       ACI Int’l
   i               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Galloway
                     Newman, Jr.
                                                           Roche Laboratories, Inc.
                                                           Ronald A. Pitts, MD, Inc.
                                                                                                 Southern Auto Sales, Inc.
                                                                                                 Southern California Edison
                                                                                                                                       Ivan Vesely, PhD
                                                                                                                                       Mr. Donald R. Veto
                                                                                                                                                                                Ms. Deborah Ackrich
                                                                                                                                                                                Ms. Belen V. Acosta
                   Nexus Promotions                        Mrs. Jenifer Rosales                  Grace Helen Spearman Charitable       Ms. Kathy Villa                          Ms. Christina R. Acosta
                   Ms. Bonnie Nichols                      Rose City Pictures, Inc.                 Foundation                         Mr. Frank P. Visconti                    Miss Susana Acosta
                   Nissan Southwest Region                 Mr. Marshall Rose                     Sportskids Foundation                 The Von der Ahe Foundation               Action Sport Tours, Inc.
                   Mr. Thomas M. Noonan                    Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Rosenberg          Ms. Martha A. St. Romain              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Von der Ahe       Active Window Products
annual report

                   Ms. Maryann Norbom                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenberg        Mr. Mike Stabile                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Wade              Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Adair
                   Northern Trust Company                  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rosenthal         Stacy Chern Insurance Agency          Mr. Jamie Wagenbach                      Ms. Sandra E. Adair
                     Charitable Trust                      Mr. and Mrs. Bertram S. Ross          Dr. Philip and Penny Stanley          Mr. Bruce Waldman                        Mr. and Mrs. John Adams
                   Northrop Grumman Corporation            Mr. Harry Rotenberg                   Sima and Robert Stanley               Ms. Gail A. Walenga and                  Lucy & Isadore B. Adelman
                   Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.      Roundy Apparel                        Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stanton           Mr. Steven K. Schuhle                    Foundation
                   Nuveen Investments, Inc.                Mr. Roger Roundy                      Star Industries                       Mrs. Christy Walters                     Ms. Susan Adelmar and
                   Ms. Elizabeth O’Connell                 Ms. Stacy P. Rubin                    State Street Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Russ Walters                   Mr. Claudio Llanos
                   Barbara and Patrick O’Flynn             Rudy Carrillo Drywall, Inc.           Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Stearns            Mr. David M. Wang                        Ms. Ann B. Adler
                   Mr. Eugene M. Ohr                       Anthony and Pamela Russo              Ms. Jackie Stein                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Wapnick             Ms. Barbara Pariser Adler
                   Mr. Dennis Eric O’Meara                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Rutherford      James E. Stein, MD                    Sally and Matthew Ward                   Mr. and Mrs. James N. Adler
                   Online Management Systems, LLC          Mr. Daniel J. Ryan                    Ms. Mary L. Steinmetz                 Warner Music                             Advance Building Maintenance, Inc.
                   The On-Line Traffic School               Dr. Frank Ryan                        Mr. Lars Stensland, Jr.               Ms. Carole Warren                        Mr. Mascod Afkhami
                   Orange County’s United Way              Ryland Mortgage Company               Ms. Lucille M. Stewart                Mr. and Mrs. Hardy I. Warren             Behrouz Aframian
                   Ruth E. Oren, MD and                    Ms. Rosie Salgado                     Stiller & Meara Enterprises, Inc.     Washington Mutual Foundation             F. Afsari-Managani
                     Mr. Assaf Pocker                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Samuels          Mr. Gerald M. Stiver                  Washington Mutual, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. Roman Agiert
                   Mr. Nick Orfanopoulos                   Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Sanborn            Ms. Carol A. Stogsdill and            Mr. and Mrs. Denzel Washington           Agilent Technologies Employee Giving
                   Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Orndorff       Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sandel                  Mr. Steven R. Stroud               Wasserman Foundation                        Campaign
                   Dr. Dean Ornish                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Sandler       Ms. Patricia Stohler                  Mrs. Fujiko Watanabe                     Agoura-West Valley Pediatrics
                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Osborn              Mr. and Mrs. Etelvina Sandoval        Stone, Meyer & Genow, LLP             Judith C. Watson, MD                     Ms. Jehan F. Agrama and
                   Mr. Richard A. Ottaviano                Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sandrich             Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Strauss         Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Webb                   Ms. Dwora Fried
                   Mr. and Mrs. Dan S. Palmer              Ms. Irma O. Sands                     Barbra Streisand Foundation, Inc.     Mr. and Mrs. Eric Weider                 Ms. Jocelyn D. Agtarap
                   Mr. and Mrs. Marc Palotay               Santa Anita Park                      Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Strick            Mr. Michael B. Weimer                    Ms. Julie Aguero
                   Mrs. Doris H. Pankow                    Santa Barbara Foundation              Mrs. Beatrice H. Stuart               Mr. and Mrs. Rick Weir                   Ms. Rebeca Aguilar and
                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Papazian            Mr. Lewis M. Savage                   Ms. Ariandini P. Subowo and           Mr. and Mrs. Danton Owen Weiss              Mr. Jose De Jesus Gonzalez
                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Parker           Ms. Linda Miller Savitt                  Mr. Patrick S. Cole                Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Weiss              Ms. Silvia Aguilar
                   Mr. James R. Parks                      SBC Telecommunications, Inc.          Dr. Joseph Sugarman                   David and Sylvia Weisz Family            Ms. Aurea Ahmad
                   Mr. Richard Shawn Parks                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Scarborough   Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sussman                Foundation                            Bobby J. Ahn, DDS
                   Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Parzick            Mr. Rainer K. Schaaf                  Mr. and Mrs. Kiefer Sutherland        Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Welch             Aisin World Corporation of America
                   Ms. Barbara K. Patton                   Mr. Jonathan Schaeffer                Mr. and Mrs. Makoto Suzuki            The Wellness Community-National          A.J. Boyajian, DMD, Inc.
                   Paul’s TV - The King of Big Screen      Schaffer Electric, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Swanson         Wells Fargo Foundation                   Ms. Shizuko Akasaki
                   Mr. William R. Payden                   Mrs. George T. Scharffenberger        Swimmer Family Foundation             Western Union Financial Services, Inc.   Ms. Joan M. Akers and
                   Ms. Carey Pearlman                      The Frances Schermer                  Ms. Sally Swimmer                     Mr. and Mrs. James Weston                   Mr. Robert L. Scott
                   Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pelton                   Charitable Trust                   Mr. and Mrs. Kim K. Szalay            Mr. and Mrs. S. Dwight Wheeler           Alan Miles & Associates, Inc.
                   Mr. and Mrs. J. Blair Pence II          Mr. Michael Schoenfeld                Mr. John R. Tanaka                    Ms. Barbara D. White                     Mrs. Jeanie Alban
                   People 4 Children, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Schoneman          Mr. Michael Tannourji                 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Wieck              Mr. and Mrs. James A. Albanese
                   Mr. José Pérez                          Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Schow          Ms. Nancy Tapia                       Mr. Kenneth J. Wildes, Jr.               Mrs. Nellie Albers
                   The Pergo Foundation                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schow          Mr. Ardie Tavangarian                 Mr. Neal Dexter Williams, Jr.            Mr. M. Mark Albert
                   Mr. John S. Perry                       Ms. Heidi Schulman and                Ms. Sade Tavangarian                  Ms. Kathleen M. Wiltsey and              Ms. Marilyn M. Aldana
                   Carlton J. Petersen                        Mr. Michael Kantor                 Ms. Bethany C. Taylor                    Mr. John Wiltsey                      The Alderson Family Foundation
                   Mr. Gunnar Peterson                     Mr. and Mrs. William D. Schulte       Ms. Denise Taylor                     A. M. Winkler                            Mr. Carl R. Alderson
                   Ms. Janet Crown Peterson                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schupp         Team Kids, Inc.                       Mr. Evan Winkler                         Alex A. Farnoosh, DMD, Inc.
                   Mr. and Mrs. John S. Peterson           Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Scotti            Teitelbaum Artists Group              Mr. and Mrs. David Wohlberg              Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander
                   Mr. and Mrs. David Pettker              Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Scully        Terry Sahagen Sales                   Mr. Chic Wolk                            Mr. Michael Alexander
                   Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Phelan          Mr. Robert J. Searles                 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Thibiant         Mr. and Mrs. David Wong                  Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Alexander
                   Caroll Phillips                         Ms. Yvonne De C. Segerstrom           Dr. and Mrs. Dan W. Thomas            Mr. and Mrs. Yun Shia Wong               Ms. Dominique Alexandre
                   William and Valerie Pinero              Seidman Family Foundation             Ms. Phyllis G. Thomas                 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Wu                Dr. and Mrs. Omar S. Alfi
                   Ms. Mary G. Pinola and                  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Seidman              Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Thomas           Xerox Corporation USA                    Ms. Kristian J. Alfonso
                     Mr. Charles D. Kenny                  Seismic Productions, LLC              Mr. and Mrs. Lynn D. Thompson         Patrice M. Yasuda, PhD                   Alfred B. Noble Middle School
                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plocky              Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Seretan       The James E. Thomson Foundation       Ms. Lucy Yee                             Mr. Ibrahim A. Alhusseini
                   Dean Edward and Jeri Ruth Plum          Set Go, Inc.                          Mrs. James E. Thomson                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ying                Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Alker
                   Dr. and Mrs. David A. Pommerenck        SG Americas Securities, LLC           Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Thomson        Ms. Helen Yniguez                        All Printing Services, Inc.
                   Pontrelli & Laricchia, Ltd.             Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Shadrow            Mr. Billy Bob Thornton                Mr. and Mrs. Bud Yorkin                  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Allcroft
                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley Poulson     Shamrod                               THQ                                   Mr. James R. Young                       Allen Avenue Student Council
                   Amy and Derek Povah                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Shapiro        Timely                                Mr. Robert M. Young                      Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Jon Allen
                   Ms. Patricia H. Prendeville             The Shaul Family                      The Jamie and Steve Tisch             Mr. and Mrs. William L. Young            Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Allen
                   Sondra Press Charitable Foundation      Mr. Lawrence J. Sheehan                  Foundation, Inc.                   Youngerman & McNutt                      Ms. Elizabeth A. Allen
                   Morris and Mary Press Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Sheldon           David M. Tishler, MD                  Mr. Mark Yumkas                          Mr. and Mrs. John Bewley Allen
                   Mr. Steven F. Pressman                  Muriel and Neil Sherman               The Tollin Family                     Ellen and Simon Zaman                    Ms. Michele Allen
                   Prudential Lending, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shipton             Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Totter         Drs. Candido and Teresita Zareno         Mr. and Mrs. W. Reid Allen
                   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Puchlik             Mr. Michael J. Shockro                Mr. W. Lee Towns                      Ms. Tiffany Zavala                       Ms. Stephanie Allen-Herms
                   Puig Fragrances & Personal Care, Inc.   Mr. David Short                       The TR Family Trust                   Steven Zax, MD                           Allstate Giving Campaign
                   Mr. Ron Purisima                        Mr. John Shuba                        Trail Runners Club                    Richard and Judy Zeigler                 Ms. Pauline Almeida
                   Pzena Investment Management, LLC        Mr. John Shubin                       The Treister Family                                                            Mrs. Barbara C. Almy
                   Mr. and Mrs. Bret David Quinlan         Mr. Bill Sibert                       Mr. Thomas Triolo                     $130 – $999                              Alna Envelope Company, Inc.
                   John J. Quinn, MD                       Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Sigal              Mr. and Mrs. Re Troop                 Red Wagon Society                        Mr. Eric Alon
                   Raad, Inc.                              Sigma Phi Epsilon House, Inc.         Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Turner          #2 Central Avenue Partners, Ltd.         Mr. David S. Alonzo
                   Mr. and Mrs. Dallas D. Raines           Mr. Bernard Silver                    Ms. Sherri L. Tuso                    4 East Nurses Childrens Hospital         Mr. and Mrs. David Alper
                   Dr. Mandy and Mr. Sunder Ramani         Mr. Ben Silverman                     UBS Matching Gift Program                Los Angeles                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alperson
                   Mr. Neil Rasmussen, Jr.                 The Simon Family Trust                Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Ulene             6 North Nurses Childrens Hospital        Alpha Phi Beta Pi Chapter
                   Raul Walters Properties                 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Simon         Drs. Valerie Ulene and                   Los Angeles                           Mr. Chase Alt
                   Ray’s Place                             Singler Valuation Consulting             David Lee Skaggs                   A Best Mechanical Company                Mr. James Altschuler
                   Miss Alessandra Re                      William and Phyllis Skalak            Umeya Rice Cake Company               Tamiko Aaron                             Ms. Maria C. Alvarez-Minervini
                   Mrs. Joy Rea                            Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth Skinner       Unico National, Los Angeles Chapter   Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Abascal           Mr. Kumar A. Alwar
                   Rennie Cheung, MD, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Sloan         United Way Silicon Valley             ABC Builder                              Mr. and Mrs. James Amato
                   Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Resnick         Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Slotnick           Urban Projects, Inc.                  Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Abel             Ms. Pamela S. Amato
                   Reverly, Inc.                           Mrs. Suzan K. Smigel                  USC Obstetricians and                 Mr. Henri Abergel                        Mr. Lee Ambers
                   Revolution Studios Holding Company      Mr. Charles T. Smith                     Gynecologists, Inc.                Mrs. Lilian Ablir                        Mr. and Mrs. Clemente Ambrosano
                   Mr. Robert Richey                       Mr. Danny Smith                       Mr. Jack Valenti                      Ms. Pamela Abner and                     American Legion Auxiliary #277
                   Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rickman                Ms. Dee Dee Smith                     Valpel Enterprises, Inc.                 Mr. Geert Dhont                       American Legion Auxiliary,
                   Mr. Michael Riedel                      Mr. Gerrie Smith and Dr. Neal Baer    Mr. and Mrs. Wilton E. Vannier        Mr. Ziad Aboulhosn                          Chino #229
                   Ms. Lori Riedman                        Ms. Maxine M. Smith                   Mr. Brad Vassar                       Abra Management, Inc.                    American Whole Foods, Inc.
                   Ms. Linda Lee Riley                     Solvay Pharmaceuticals                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veloz            Ms. Julieann Abraham                     Ms. April L. Ammeter
                   Mr. Robert Rivera                       Mr. and Mrs. Murray Sommer            Ventura County Community College      Mrs. Rosa M. Accordino                   Mr. and Mrs. William J. Amon
                   Suzanne L. Roberts, MD                  Ms. Bernadine Sorgenfrey                 District                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford N. Amsden

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Ms. Abby An                            Ms. Marissa Ayon                  Mr. Thomas Bastardi                   Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bernards           Ms. Susan A. Bowan
Mr. and Mrs. Artin Ananighian
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Francisco Anaya
                                       AYSO Region 14 Soccer Team
                                       Ms. Shahrzad Azadeh and
                                                                         Ms. Linda Bastedo and
                                                                           Mr. Ronald A. Halverson
                                                                                                               Ms. Kim Berney
                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bernstein
                                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowden
                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Simon Bowek
Ms. Claribel Anderson                     Mr. Behnam Parsa               Mr. and Mrs. John A. Batchelor, Jr.   D.D. Berry                           Ms. Betty J. Bowen
Mr. Danny L. Anderson                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Azar      Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bates         Ms. Eileen M. Berry                  Ms. Lynn M. Bowker
Mr. Dennis Anderson                    Jamshid Azari, MD                 Mr. Robert E. Bates                   Mr. and Mrs. Chris Besvold           Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Boyd, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Anderson, Jr.    The Azus Foundation               Ms. Marina Batliwalla                 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bevis          Mrs. Miriam Boynton
                                                                                                                                                                                                for the time
Mr. Edward J. Anderson, Jr.            B & K Refrigeration               Ms. Paula H. Batson                   Ms. Leonia Bexiga                    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Boys
Mr. Frederick D. Anderson              Mr. and Mrs. Kambiz Babaoff       Ms. Kristin Battersby                 Dr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Bezdek       BP Foundation, Inc.                           period of
Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Anderson             Ms. Florence E. Babin             Ms. Laura Batti                       Mr. Trevor Z. Bezdek                 BP Pensioners Retirees Matching Gifts     January 1, 2004
Ms. June Veronica Anderson             Toni Baca                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Battle        BFS Retail & Commercial              Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bradley                      through
Kathy Guerin Anderson                  Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Bachofner    Mr. Thomas Bauer                         Operations, LLC                   Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bradley                December 31, 2004
Mr. Paul Errol Anderson                Ms. Elise E. Backus               Miss Corinne Bauman                   Mrs. Louise Bhang                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradshaw
Mr. Thomas G. Andonian                 Ms. Marlene Bacon                 Dr. and Mrs. Louis Bauman             Mr. and Mrs. Vichai Bhoopat          Ms. Theresa Brady
Ms. Guadalupe Andrade                  Mr. and Mrs. Dale Baer            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eric              Mr. Casimer Bialas                   Mr. and Mrs. Todd Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Andrade        Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Baez         Baumgarten, Jr.                     Mr. and Mrs. Ari Bialo               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brahan
Dr. and Mrs. Leopold J. Andreoli       Ms. Terri Baeza and               Mr. J. Peter Baumgartner              Rabbi Johnathan Biatch               Mr. Richard E. Brandes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Andrews            Richard A.K. Reynolds, MD      Mr. Jeffrey Bautista                  Mr. Joshua Bienenfeld                Mrs. Barbara T.H. Brandon
Angel Intimates, Inc.                  Baggarte                          Ms. Patricia Beauvais                 Big De Farms                         Mrs. Fred W. Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Anich                Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bagnard   Mr. and Mrs. D’Artagnan G. Bebel      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Bilecki       Mr. and Mrs. Gertrude M. Brandt
Animas Corporation                     Ms. Samila Bahsoon                Mr. Juan Becerra                      Mr. Albert A. Binney                 Mrs. Sonya M. Brannan
Anonymous (55)                         Ms. Dee Bailey                    Ms. Naomi Beck                        Izetta E. Birch                      Ms. Mary Braswell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Anthony        Mr. Samuel Bailey, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Barry Becker             Birds Rotisserie Chicken Cafe        Mrs. Jeanette Brauner
Miss Marion Antoku                     Mr. Robert Bailie                 Ms. Betty W. Becker                   Ms. Pat A. Birdsong                  Ms. Alma Bravo
Ms. Sharon E. Aoki and                 Ms. Deanne Bain                   Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Becker           Jeffrey W. Birns, MD                 Ms. Leigh Brecheen and
  Ms. Stephanie Kiyomi Aoki            Mr. Steven Baird                  Mr. Brad Beckerman                    Mr. and Mrs. Darrin K. Bishop          Mr. John James Dellaverson
Apex International Development         Mr. Aaron S. Baker                Ms. Jody Beckham                      Ms. Susan Bishop                     Mr. Kenny R. Breding
  Corporation                          Mrs. Dorene M. Baker              Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Beckman       Mr. and Mrs. David Bisno             Mr. Robert Bregman, Jr.
Mr. Kent Appel                         Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Baker        Becton Dickinson and Company          Bissell Construction Company, Inc.   Ms. Sharon Bregman
Mrs. Ethel H. Appenzellar              Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Baker     Mr. Gregory Bedrossian and            Mr. Joseph W. Bissell                Ms. Kathleen M. Brehme
Mr. Thomas R. Appleby                  Ms. Rita Segree Baker               Mr. Dativik Bedrossian              Anna Bitting                         Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey M. Bremer
Dr. and Mrs. Paul S. Applefield         Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Baker      Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Jon Beeder         Black & Decker Corporation           Mrs. Bernard Brender
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Applewhite          Mrs. Marie Bakhtiara              Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beer          Mrs. Debra L. Black                  Mr. Thomas Brennan
Mr. Michael Apted                      Mr. Ara H. Balayan                Beer-Dietz Family Foundation          Mr. John G. Black                    Mr. Ronald Brenner
Ms. Deborah Aquila                     Baldi Specialties, Inc.           Mr. Vahik Beglarian                   Dr. and Mrs. Maurice W. Black        Mr. Colton Brewer
Mr. Hector N. Aragon                   Mr. and Mrs. Giorgio Baldi        Dr. and Mrs. Barry B. Behrstock       Ms. Judy Blackburn                   Brian Boru Council No. 38
Mr. Edward M. Arand, Jr.               Mr. David Baldridge               Ms. Carol Belcher                     Mr. Donald A. Blake                  Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Bridgewater
Miss Roxanna Arechiga                  Baldwin Auto Craft, Inc.          Mr. Lawrence F. Belden and            Ms. Elizabeth M. Blanchard           Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bridleman
Mr. and Mrs. Abolhassan Arefi           Mrs. Lee Baldwin-Stefanki and       Mr. William Lawrence Belden         Ms. Esther E. Blanco                 Mr. Jeb Brien
Mrs. Luz Arevaio                          Mr. Maurice L. Baldwin         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Belfiore            Mr. and Mrs. Levy Blandon            Mr. and Mrs. David Briesewitz
Maria Arias                            Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ballance     Mr. Alan L. Belinkoff                 Mr. and Mrs. Neal Blaney, Jr.        Mr. John P. Brincko
Ms. Patricia Binney Arias              Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ballard         Ms. Andrea Bell                       Mr. B. Daniel Blatt                  Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brinsley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Arias           Ms. Lydia Ballesteros             Ms. Audrey C. Bell                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles X. Block        Ms. Beverly Brisacher
Mr. Thomas Armentrout                  Mr. Barry E. Balonick             Mr. and Mrs. Doug A. Bell             Mr. Gerald S. Block                  Mr. Art Brisbane
Mr. Timothy D. Armour                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Bangs     Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bell           Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Block        Mr. Paul R. Briscoe
Ms. Eli Arnaldes                       Ms. Lynn Banks                    Mr. Norman H. Bell                    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Bloom          Mr. Thomas Bristow
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Arndt          Bantek West, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKim Bell        Dr. and Mrs. J. Alan Bloore          Barbara Britt
Mrs. Lori Arple-Pereslete              Mr. Joe Barajas                   Ms. Noreen Beloud                     Ms. Karen Bloore                     Mr. Morgan Brittany
Arrowhead United Way                   Mr. Jose A. Barajas               Mr. Gregorio A. Beltran               Blueberry Hill Restaurants, Inc.     Mr. and Mrs. John M. Britton
Ms. Augine Artinian                    Barakat Enterprises               Mr. Paul Beltz                        Ms. Jennifer L. Blum and             Broadcast Music, Inc.
Mr. Manuel E. Arujo                    Mr. Steve R. Barba                Mr. Paul R. Beltz                        Mr. Thomas A. Cotson              Mr. Bernard Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Asgar              Barbanel & Treuer                 Marvin E. Belzer, MD                  Mr. Leslie H. Blum                   Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Brock, Jr.
Mr. Mohsen Asgari                      Mr. and Mrs. Alan Barbanel        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benchek           Mr. Robert Blumstein                 Mr. Peter C. Brockett
Ms. Ambreen Asghar                     Ms. Adrienne Barbeau and          Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Bender           Ms. Xochi Blymyer                    Kelly Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil W. Ashford             Mr. Billy Van Zandt            Ms. Joyce Bender                      Bob Smith Toyota                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bronson
Ms. Susan J. Ashford                   Mr. and Mrs. Henry A Barber III   Bendetti Mobile, Inc.                 Mr. Merrick J. Bobb                  Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm S. Brook
Ms. Janice K. Ashland                  Ms. Leslie A. Barbi               Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Benditson      Ms. Linda D. Boca                    Mr. Daniel P. Brooks
Mr. Areg Ashoghian                     Ms. Anna Lissa Arabe Barcinas     Mr. Patrick Joseph Bengford           Ms. Rosemary Bockmiller and          Ms. Mary Jane Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Asimow            Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Barcus       Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft M. Benner          Ms. Lyn G. Bockmiller             Ms. Nancy A. Brooks
Mr. Michael Aspeitia                   Ms. Mina F. Barin and             Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Bennett         Mr. Ross H. Boesch                   Ms. Janice M. Brosnihan
Ms. Sonia Assad                           Mr. Hassan Nassirzadeh         Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bennett       Ms. Debbie Boese                     Susan and Jeff Brown Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Assaf                Mr. Carl D. Barish                Ms. Bonnie Bennetts                   Mr. and Mrs. John E. Boething        Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Brown
Ms. Marisa Assaf and                   Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Barkat         Benning Management Group              Mr. Marc Bohbot                      Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Brown
  Mr. Jeffery Ramsey                   Barnes & Noble                    Ms. Judy Bennis                       Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bohnen       Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Brown
Assistance & Guidance International    Mrs. Barbara C. Barnes            Ms. Nancy Benson                      Ms. Debbie Bohnett                   Ms. Elizabeth M. Brown
  Services                             Ms. Martha O. Barnes              Ms. Rosemary Benson                   Boise Office Solutions                Mr. Frisbie V. Brown
Mr. Z. Harry Astor                     Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Barnes      Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Bentz            Ms. Zoya Bokhoor                     Mr. Gary D. Brown
AT&T                                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Barnett     Mr. and Mrs. David W. Bentz           Ms. Delores Bolle                    Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Atamian         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Barnikel   Ms. Joan Benz                         Ms. Linda Sue Bolt                   Ms. Ilana S. Brown
Athletes’ Careers Enhanced &           Mr. Pedro Benjamin Barquero       Dr. and Mrs. Alan Berg                Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Bolton       Mr. James R. Brown
  Secured, Inc.                        Mrs. Maria Barragan-Franco        Ms. Karen Berg                        Mr. Timothy Bomberger                Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown
Ms. Lois R. Atkin                      Miss Carolina Barrera             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berg             Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bonesteel    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Brown
Mr. Alan H. Auerbach                   Mr. John Barresi                  Mrs. Shirley B. Berg                  Ms. Jasmen Boniatians                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown
Mr. Irving V. Augur                    Ms. Lorena Bermudez Barrett       Ms. Sophieann Berg                    Ms. Jacqueline Bonilla               Mr. and Mrs. Morton Brown
Mr. Robert E. Aull                     Mr. Richard C. Barrett            Mr. Joe M. Bergen and                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boothby          Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Brown
Ms. Ayres Aurora                       Ms. Lorena Barriere                 Mr. A.K. Penners                    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Boreham        Ms. Patricia A. Brown
Mr. Rick Austin                        Mr. Orosman Barriga               Mr. and Mrs. Albert Berger            Mr. Lawrence Manuel Borello          Mr. Randall E. Brown
Autoland                               Jennifer L. Barringer             Mrs. Ann Berger                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Borgese       Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brown
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.        Barrister Executive Suites        Mr. Jay V. Berger                     Mr. and Mrs. Ned J. Borlaug          Brown’s Cleaners
Mr. James A. Avedikian                 Dr. Sheila Barron-Jacobs and      Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bergman       Mr. and Mrs. Nels Borlaug            Ms. Grace M. Brubaker
Ms. Maryellen Aviano-Roberts              Mr. Steven M. Jacobs           Mr. David Bergstein                   Mr. Mark Borovitz                    Bruce Stevens Associates
Avila & Shaddow                        Ms. Anne Barry                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Bergstrom      Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Borow             Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brueggemann
Mr. Mark Avila                         Ms. Laura B. Bartak               Ms. Elaine Berke                      Ms. Monika Bosnyak and               Ms. Murchelle I. Brumfield and
Mr. Salomon Avila                      Ms. Rhonda Bartelt                Mr. Terry Berland                        Mr. David Alan Crook                Mr. John Okoro
Ms. Virginia Avila                     Mr. Andrew F. Barth               Dr. Ruzena Berler                     Mr. and Mrs. Peter Luc Bossaerts     Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brumm
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Aviles          Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bartman      Mr. Alex Berliner                     Mr. Benjamin Boston                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brunie
Mr. Jose Francisco Aviles              Ms. Isabelle M. Barton            Ms. Jane H. Berliner                  Ms. Nancy Boulanger and              Mr. Glenn Brunman and
Ms. Nida Awadallah                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Barton    Mr. Raymond Berna                        Mr. Michael H. Mulroy               Mr. Jamie Young
Ms. Kate Axelrod                       Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed A. Barye    The Honorable Ernani Bernardi         Boulder Investments &                Mr. and Mrs. J. Jon Bruno
Mr. Ronald Ayala                       Mr. Colon E. Bass                 Mr. Ramon D. Bernardino                  Management, LLC                   Mr. William Brusslan
Ms. Kelly Ayers                        Mr. Randall C. Bassett            Bernards Brothers Construction        Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bouman           Mr. David J. Bruzzone

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                    Mr. Barton Louis Buchalter           Ms. Michelle Cardenas                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chen              Mr. Sean Patrick Cocchia             Mr. and Mrs. Carl William Cooper
   i                Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Buchanan
                    Ms. Jennifer Buck
                                                         Mrs. Darlynn Carey
                                                         Ms. Zetoun Carey
                                                                                                Ms. Jane Chen
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Joel Chen
                                                                                                                                      Mr. Raymond A. Cochrane
                                                                                                                                      Mr. Gary Cockrum
                                                                                                                                                                           Ms. Ellyce R. Cooper
                                                                                                                                                                           Ms. Jordana A. Cooper
                    Ms. Ethel Buckhalter                 Mr. Stuart J. Carlisle                 Ming Lin Chen                         Ms. Clare Codero                     Ms. Linda Cooper
                    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Buckley       Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Carlson              Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Chen          Ms. Adrienne M. Coffin                Ms. Victoria J. Cooper
                    Ms. Patricia Buehler                 Ms. Nancy P. Carlson                   Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Chen           Ms. Pam Coghill                      Ms. Georgina Coorbain
                    Mrs. Anja Buetergerds                Mr. Scott E. Carlson and               Mr. Ya Bin Chen                       Ms. Josiane Cohanim                  Mr. Anthony Copeland
annual report

                    Angela N. Buffenn, MD                  Mr. Eric R. Carlson                  Ms. Ying Chen                         Mr. and Mrs. Nasser Cohanim          Mr. Jim C. Copeland
                    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Buffington          Mr. and Mrs. Rodney S. Carlstedt       Yufang Chen                           Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Cohen         Mrs. Laura P. Copeland
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Buffington          Ms. Judy Carmel                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Cheng         Mr. and Mrs. David Cohen             Mr. and Mrs. Ivor M. Copsey
                    Bug Music                            Mr. Drew Carolan                       Ms. Rosana Chermisqui                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Cohen         Mr. Frank J. Cordero, Jr.
                    Mr. Tom Bugenhagen                   Mr. J. David Carpenter                 Dr. and Mrs. Yury Chernega            Ms. Judith L. Cohen                  Cordish Media, Inc.
                    Ms. Anh Lan Bui and                  Sarah E. Carpenter, MD, and            Ms. Marcella Chernoff                 Ms. Leslie M. Cohen                  Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Corey
                      Mr. Paul Truong Nguyen               Mr. Robert D. Newman                 Cherry Hills Employee Fund            Mrs. Mary Duque Cohen                Mr. Laurentino Coria
                    Mr. Jim Bui                          Sue Carpenter                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cherry           Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Cohen         Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Corman
                    Mrs. Julia Bulasky                   Mr. Timothy Carpenter                  Mr. Bonny C. Chiang                   Mr. Peter Cohen                      Mr. Bob Cormier
                    Ms. Linda Bulbulian and              Mr. and Mrs. James Carper              Mr. Chiyuan Chiang                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen            Mr. Edwin E. Cornell
                      Mr. James B. Baxter                Mr. Anthony R. Carr                    Mr. Ju-Hua Chiang                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Cohen         Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Corona
                    Ms. Catherine Bull                   Mrs. Betty J. Carr                     Ms. Su Chiang                         Mr. Sheldon Cohen                    Ms. Kathy Corona
                    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bullock        Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Carr, Jr.       Ta Chiang                             Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Cohen         Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Coronado
                    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Bunce    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Carreon            Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Chiate           Mr. Richard A. Cohn                  Mr. and Mrs. Jim D. Cortens
                    Mrs. Sander Bunker                   Mr. Jimmie A. Carrillo                 Mr. Shih-Chung Chien and              Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Colburn            Ms. Candelaria Cortez
                    Ms. Jennifer Burbick                 Ms. Judy Carroll                         Shu Jung Chen                       Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt M. Cole            Ms. Pilarita T. Cortez
                    Bur-Cal Management                   Mr. and Mrs. Vance Carruth             Children’s Book World, Inc.           Ms. Janet Cole                       Ms. Carmela Corti
                    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Burge          Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carson             Children’s Health Environment         Mr. Joseph F. Coleman                Corus Pharma, Inc.
                    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Burgee   Ms. Kathleen S. Carson                   Coalition                           Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Colen           Corwin Associates
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Burgess      Ms. Mary Louise Carson                 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Childress         Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Colen          Mrs. Muriel B. Corwin
                    Mr. Albert Burgher                   Susan M. Carson                        Mrs. JoAnn Navarro Chiles             Antonio B. Collado, Jr. and Family   Ms. Claudia A. Coryell
                    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Burke          Ms. Jeanne T. Pritt Carter             Mr. and Mrs. Warren Chin              Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Dal Colletto     Ms. Kathleen T. Corzine
                    Mrs. Pauline H. Burke                Ms. Jill Warburg Carter                Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Cho           Ms. Jeanette M. Collins and          Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Coss
                    Mr. Peter Burke                      Mr. Thomas Carter                      Ms. Keri Choi                           Mr. Peter Onorati                  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Cossa
                    Mr. Stephen J. Burrill               Mrs. Marguerite S. Carty               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cholakian        Ms. Jenny Collins                    Dr. and Mrs. Pat A. Costantini
                    Ms. Denise M. Burrows                Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Carver            Mr. John Tae Sik Chong                Mr. John R. Collins                  Ms. Carolyn Costin and
                    Ms. Diana Bush                       Miss Lois G. Carwile                   Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Chong              Ms. Shann Collitzi                     Mr. Bruce Martin
                    Mr. Bobby Butler                     Dr. Deborah S. Case                    Ms. Emily H. Chou                     Mr. and Mrs. Earle S. Colman         Ms. Corinna Cotsen and
                    Mr. John Butrovich                   Casey & Richards                       Ms. Esther Yung Kai Chou              Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Colombo        Mr. Lee N. Rosenbaum
                    Ms. Leslie Buttigieg                 Mr. Stanley H. Casey, Jr.              Ms. Gina Chovan                       Ms. Sandra Lee Conforti              Ms. Jacqueline Coulette
                    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Butts              Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Casey          Mr. and Mrs. Stefan G. Chrissanthos   Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Congdon     Mr. and Mrs. George S. Coumantaros
                    Mr. Troy M. Byone                    Mr. and Mrs. Russ A. Cashdan           Candice Christiansen                  Mrs. Yolanda Conklin                 Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
                    Mr. Patrick S. Byrne                 Mrs. Barbara M. Casias                 Mrs. Charles Christiansen             Connecticut Children’s               County of Los Angeles, Office of AIDS
                    Ms. Michelle Caamano                 Ms. Eva Mae Casner                     Christopher Street West                 Medical Center                     Mr. Jason Courtis
                    Ms. Maria Bella Cabanilla            Mr. and Mrs. David S. Cass               Associates, Inc.                    Ms. Cathy Connolly                   Mr. Thierry J. Couturier
                    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Caddeo      Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Cassin     Dr. and Mrs. Carey Chronis            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Conrow, Jr.   Ms. Barbara A. Covarrubias
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Cassin           Mr. Thomas Chu                        Barbara and Tim Conroy               Ms. Diana D. Cove
                    Mr. Bernard J. Cagan                 Mr. Tony Castellano                    Ms. Wei-Kang Chu and                  Mr. and Mrs. William Considine       Mr. Carl Covitz
                    Mr. Steven M. Cain                   Mr. Ed Castner                           Mr. Li-Ping Lin                     Mr. and Mrs. John Conte              Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Cowan
                    Cal West Tariff Bureau, Inc.         Mr. A. Kenneth Castonguay              Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Chudley         Continental Business Credit, Inc.    Ms. Leah M. Cox
                    Ms. Brenda M. Caldera                Ms. Julieann Castro                    Mr. Earl K. Chumley                   Continental Development              Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Craig
                    Ms. Sara Rodriguez Calderon          Ms. Patricia Castro                    Ms. Blanche L. Cicourel and             Corporation                        Mrs. Katharine L. Craig
                    Zan and Linda Calhoun                Mr. Warren Catchpole                     Ms. Carol L. Southard               Mr. Jesus Contreras                  Mr. Robert P. Craig
                    Califco, LLC                         Catering by Herach & ARA               Mr. Nathan Cieszynski                 Ms. Rosa Contreras                   Crail-Johnson Foundation
                    California Exotic Novelties, LLC     Catholic Healthcare West               Mr. Paul Cisneros                     Ms. Eileen M. Conwell                Ms. Julia Grandes Crane
                    Jun jun Caliva                       Mr. and Mrs. George C. Caulfield        Citigroup Foundation                  Mr. Henry Cook                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Crane
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Calkins      Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Cawley             Ms. Evgenia Citkowitz-Sands           Mr. Joseph F. Cook                   Ms. Monette Crank
                    Ms. Joan C. Callahan                 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Cawoski               Ci-vil Enterprises, Inc.              Mr. Jeffrey L. Cooke                 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Crater
                    Ms. Jonlyn Callahan                  Ms. Cindy Cazares                      Mr. Bill Civitella                    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cooke           Mr. and Mrs. Brent E. Crawford
                    Mr. Charles F. Callanan              C.B. Printing & Graphics Corporation   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clack              Ms. Ethelmae Suni Cookson            Ms. Kari Crawford
                    Ms. Lupe G. Callero and              Cee Bee Happee                         Mr. and Mrs. Kurt J. Clandening       Ms. Nancy J. Coon                    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Crawley
                      Ms. Lucille L. Callero             Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Celaya          Ms. Anne H. Clark
                    Caltech Employees Federal            Central School Faculty Club            Ms. Carnzu A. Clark
                      Credit Union                       Ms. Joann Cerezo                       Mr. Charles C. Clark
                    Ms. Jackie Camacho                   Certified Inspection Associates, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Freeman G. Clark
                    Camlex Construction, Inc.            C’est Tout Corporation                 Mr. Goeffrey Clark
                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Campanale       Ms. Reita Chaddha                      Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. Clark
                    Mr. and Mrs. Alex N. Campbell, Sr.   Mr. Sal Chala                          Ms. Jo Ann Clark
                    Mr. Craig Ross Campbell              Mr. Benjamin E. Chalen                 Ms. Sherry Clark
                    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Campbell        Mr. and Mrs. George E. Chamaa          Ms. Tonia Clark
                    Mr. Jonathan M. Campbell             Mr. and Mrs. James A. Chambers         Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Clausen
                    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lee Campbell      Ms. Marta Chambers                     Clay Lacy Aviation
                    Mr. Mark Campbell                    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Chambers       Mr. Kenneth I. Clayman
                    Mr. Robert J. Campbell               Mr. Dino Champagne                     Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Clayton
                    Mr. and Mrs. Tod Campbell            Mr. and Mrs. Deepanjali Chand          Mr. Carl Cleavenger
                    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Campbell       Mr. Greg Chandler                      Ms. Nancy H. Clemens-Porteous
                    Mr. Frank Campo                      Mrs. Thomas A. Chandler                Norman P. Clement, Jr.
                    Ms. Juana Campo                      Mr. and Mrs. Darryl J. Chang           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clements
                    Leticia C. Campos                    Ms. Fandra F. S. Chang                 Mr. and Mrs. William John Pace
                    Ms. Mary Campos                      Mr. Ted Chanock                          Clements
                    Victor Romero Campos                 Mr. James G. Chaparas                  Mrs. Catherine Clendenen
                    Cancervive                           Mrs. Eva Chaparro                      The Client 4483
                    Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Canfield         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Chapnick           Mr. Richard R. Clifford
                    Ms. Christina A. Cannaella           The Charles E. Hill Agency             Ms. Wendy Clisham
                    Mr. and Mrs. David Canter            Charlotte-James Facial Care Clinic     Mr. Matthew W. Close
                    Marie N. Cantor                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chartoff           Mr. Kevin Closson
                    Mr. James E. Caouette, Sr.           Mr. and Mrs. Seth W. Chase             Ms. Tiffany G. Clowdus
                    Mr. Rodrigo Caparoso                 Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Chatel          Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Clucas
                    Ms. Eileen S. Capetillo              Mrs. Sharon Chatten                    Thomas D. Coates, MD
                    Capital Foresight, LP                Dolores Chavez                         Mrs. Camilla Johnson Cobb
                    Mr. and Mrs. David Caplan            Ms. Maria Chavez                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cobb
                    Ms. Lisa L. Caplan                   Mr. Michael Chavez                     Mr. and Mrs. Phil J. Cobert
                    Ms. Susan E. Carazo                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Chavez         Ms. Maria Cobian
                    Card Management Corporation          Mr. Saul Chavez                        Mr. and Mrs. William S. Coburn        Kristen Mascarenhas, age 5

      32 | imagine spring 05
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Crean             Mr. Anthony De La Vara               Mr. and Mrs. William D. Dodson     Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Eisendrath   Mr. Leland J. Felsenthal
Crescenta Valley Insurance, Inc.
Mr. Philip A. Cressor
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. De Leo
                                       Mrs. Sam J. De Luca
                                                                            Mr. John E. Doggett
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Doheny
                                                                                                               El Adobe Corporation
                                                                                                               Mrs. Susan Elam
                                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. George Feneht
                                                                                                                                                    Feng Shui Paradigms
Ms. Sharon M. Crigler                  Ms. Cathy De Roy                     Mr. Patrick A. Doheny              Elkins & Elkins                      Dr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Fennell
Ms. Irma Crigostomo                    Amy De Simone                        Mr. and Mrs. James H. Doherty      Mr. Gerry Elkins                     Mr. Ronald Fenster
Mr. Lorelle E. Crippen                 Mr. and Mrs. Dorn K. Dean            Mr. Brent H. Doi                   Ms. Julie A. Elkinton                Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Feo
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Crisell            Mrs. Yvette DeArmond                 Mr. Robert P. D’Olivo              Ms. Eda M. Ellena                    The Ferdman Family
                                                                                                                                                                                                for the time
Julie Croner                           Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Deatherage    Mr. Greg Dollarhyde                Mr. Harrison Ellenshaw               Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Harriman Lee Cronk        Mr. and Mrs. David L. Deck           Mr. Gilbert Dominguez              Ms. Connie Elliano                   Ms. Kathryn Weaver Ferguson                   period of
Ms. Wanda R. Crooms                    Mrs. Jessica C. Deeble               Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Donato       Mr. Robert Ellington                 Ms. Margaret A. Ferguson                  January 1, 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Cross           Mr. and Mrs. Chris R. Deetz          Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Donfeld          Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Ellis        Ms. Margaret L. Ferguson                      through
Ms. Cecil A. Crowe                     Mr. Dale K. Defouri                  Mrs. Jana E. Donnell-Spiegel       Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Ellman        Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ferling             December 31, 2004
Ms. Tina R. Crowe and                  The Degan Family                     Mr. Michael Donner                 Ms. Susan Lisa Elmore                Mr. Andre Fernand
   Martin E. Mueller, MD               Ms. Nina Dehirchian                  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dooley           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Elowitt             Mrs. Betti Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Crowell          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dekarlo          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dooling       Ms. MaryAnn Elrod                    Ms. Evelyn Fernandez
Mr. Isaac Cruz, Jr.                    Mr. and Mrs. Cornelis A. Dekluyver   Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Doran        Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Elton        Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.
Ms. Rosanna Cruz                       Ms. Silvia E. Del Carril             Dr. Frederick J. Dorey             Dr. and Mrs. Payman Richard             Fernandez-Travieso
Ms. Claire Yu Cui and                  Ms. Maria Dela Fuente and            Ms. Denise Dorgan and                 Emmanuel                          Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Ferrante
   Mr. Jihshen J. Peng                   Mr. Benedict H. Carver               Mr. Richard Diphius              Mr. Gerald Endler                    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Ferrante, Jr.
Ms. Martha A. Cuilty and               Ms. Marie Delagarza                  Mr. and Mrs. David Dorin           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eng             Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Ferrante
   Mr. Jose C. Aguirre                 Miss Lorraine Delao                  Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Dorman       Mr. John Engemann                    Ms. Cristina Ferrari
Mr. Gene D. Culhane                    Ms. Patricia Delapena                Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Douek         Mr. and Mrs. James E. English        Mrs. Robyn L. Ferreira and
Ms. Ruth A. Cumming and                Ms. Diana Delgado                    Ms. Camilla Doughty                Mrs. Marissa Enriquez                   Narcie J. Ferreira
   Ms. Victoria A. Buell               Ms. Maria G. Delgado                 Mr. Paul A. Dow                    Entek Entertainment Technologies     The Fes Limited Partnership
Ms. Connie M. Cummins                  Damien A. Delio, DDS                 Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Dow           Mr. Daniel Enzler                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Fetherolf
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Cummins        Mr. Jeffrey Dellinger                Mr. Matthew A. Dowd                Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Merle Epstein     Mr. and Mrs. Eduard Feuer
Mr. Mario Cesar Cunha                  Ms. Sandra Deloya                    Mr. Brad R. Downs                  Beth Eras                            Mr. Howard B. Feuerstein
Mr. and Mrs. David Cunningham, Jr.     Mrs. Steven Demeter                  Mr. Michael E. Downs               Ms. Susan Ericson                    Mrs. Julie Fick
Ms. JoAnn Cunningham                   Mr. Andrew Demetriou and             Mrs. Dorothy H. Doyle              Erlich Foods International           The Fieberg Family Fund
Ms. Joyce C. Cunningham                  Evelyn Quinn                       Mr. Richard S. Drake               Mr. T.J. Escott                      Mrs. Gingerlee C. Field
Mr. and Mrs. John Currie               Mrs. Helen Dempsey                   Ms. Rosanne C. Dresher and         Mr. Rob Eshman and Naomi Levy        Ms. Coreen J. Fields
Mr. Jefferson D. Currier               Mr. Robert Denarola                    Abra Dresher                     Mr. Alfredo Esparza                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fillmore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P.N. Currier       Mrs. Ginny Dennis                    Drew Pinsky, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Esparza           Film Musicians Secondary
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Curry           Ms. Bobbi-Jo Katherine Denofa        Kelley Driscoll                    Mr. Ralph C. Esparza, Jr.               Markets Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cyffka              Mr. and Mrs. John F. Denove          The Dritley Family Fund            Frank (Florencio) Espinoza, Jr.      Finch Tree Surgery, Inc.
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation             Department of Social Services,       Mr. and Mrs. Brad Drummond         Mr. Juan C. Cano Espinoza            Mr. Leonard J. Finch
D & G Financial                          Legal Division                     Nelle B. Drummond                  Ms. Eileen Espiritu                  Mrs. Lorraine H. Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Daehnke             Mr. Al Deraco                        Mr. Daniel Dubon                   Ms. Adriana Estrada                  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fink
Ms. Flordeliza L. Daguplo and          Ms. Erika Deraf                      Ducommun, Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Efren Estrada           Ms. Barbara Palmer Fink
   Mr. Chuan Thong Lee                 Mr. and Mrs. Angelo C. D’Eramo       Employees of Ducommun, Inc.        ETR Associates                       W. and M. Finks
Mr. Jerome S. Dahan                    Miss Jeanne Deranja                  Ms. Rhonda Ducote                  Ms. Annabel Bourque Eustaquio        Mr. Edward R. Finley
Ms. Lisa M. Dahl                       Mr. Allen Thomas Derevjanik          Ms. Sylvia Duenas                  Ms. Fredda Kay Evans                 Mr. Michael J. Finnell
Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Dahl                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Derian          Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Duffield     Ms. Helen L. Evans                   Mr. Daniel Finnerty
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lance Dahlgren    Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Derian        Mr. Dick G. Dulgarian              Mr. Kirk Evans                       Ms. Donna Peppers Finney
Mr. Limor Dakik                        Ms. Mary Sue Derickson               Ms. Davida H. Dulin                Mr. Richard Evans                    Ms. R. Nancy Firestein
Mr. James O. Dale                      Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Dernham     Mr. and Mrs. Harvey S. Dulin       Daniel A. Eventov, MD                Firestone
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Daly             Mr. John A. DeRosa                   Mr. Joseph D. Dumas                Mr. Malcolm Mac Ewen                 First Mortage Company, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Dalzell            Mr. and Mrs. Saro Dersaroian         Mr. Dave Dumler                    Ms. Melissa Converse Ewing           Firstrust Bank
Ms. Phyllis D’Ambra                    Desert Communities United Way        Ms. Tracey Duncan                  Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Ewing         Mr. Joseph R. Fisechitti
Mr. Greg Danenhauer                    Desert Regional Medical Center       Mr. Gregory W. Dunn                Mr. and Mrs. Kweku Ewusi-Mensah      Tim Fish
Ms. Soheila Daneshgar                  Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Desilets     Ms. Lucile M. Dunn                 Exclusive Equity Management          Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Fisher
Ms. Kim Anh Dang and                   Ms. Nadine J. Destouet               Duocraft Cabinets & Distribution   F.K. Nursery, Inc.                   James S. Fishkin, MD
   Mr. Nghiep Trung Dieu               Mr. James Determan                     Company                          Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fabanish        Mr. and Mrs. James Stuart Fishler, Jr.
Daniel A. Eventov, MD, Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Dettman      Mr. Michael D. Dupont              Mr. and Mrs. Max Factor III          Ms. Olga Fitch-Mazariegos
Ms. Marcia B. Daniel                   Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Dettmann           Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Dupont       Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Factor           Ms. Mercy Fitelson
Ms. Shelby Daniel                      Mr. Howard Deutch                    Mr. Roland A. Duquette             Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Fadduol          Mr. Edward W. Fitz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Danner         Ms. Alexis Deutsch                   Mr. George P. Duran                Mr. and Ms. Alfred Fadel             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Fitzgerald
Stephanie Dansker and Family           Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Duran       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Faeth             Ms. Evelyn Fitzgibbon
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Danton              Mr. J. Peter Devereaux               Ms. Kathleen Duran                 Mr. and Mrs. Nicolaos Fafoutis       Mr. Edward A. Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Danza                Mr. Michael P. Devlin                Mrs. James Durante                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fair             F.J. Martin Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Chandru Dargani           Mr. Donald A. DeVore                 Ms. Tess Durfee                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fair            Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Flagel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Daubenberger   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Dews          Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Durham      Ms. Kathryn Louise Fairbrother       Flame Enterprises, Inc.
Ms. Julie H. Davenport                 Mr. and Mrs. Mike K. Dexter          Ms. Nina Dveirin                   Fairway Financial, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Flamminio
Mr. Robert A. Davidow                  Mrs. John V. DeYoung                 Mr. Edwin C. Dyer                  Ms. Susan C. Falkenhagen             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Davidson           DGM & Associates                     Mr. Robert W. Dyess, Jr.           Family Defebse Systems, Inc.         Dr. Dorothy Fleisher
Mr. Tom Davidson                       Ms. Chaveewana Dhiensuwan            Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Dykstra         Family Dentistry                     Ms. Ellen Suh and Mr. Robert Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davies              DHS, CBP, AIP                        Mr. Frank Dyrkov                   Fannie Mae Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Flewelling
Ms. Juana Davila and                   Mr. and Mrs. Ciro Di Scala           E.H.H. Landscaping                 Mr. and Mrs. Giancarlo Fantappie     Mr. Steven J. Fligg
    Mr. Mario Hernandez                Ms. Fabiola V. Diaz                  Ms. Kathleen C. Eailey             Mr. Mansour G. Farahani              Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
Ms. Cynthia Callahan Davis             Mr. Leonardo F. Diaz                 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Eales       Mr. and Mrs. Keyomars Fard           Ms. Aurora Flores
Mrs. Isabel Davis                      Ms. Nancy S. Dick                    Sandi Lynn Earhart                 Mr. Mario Fard                       Ms. Cynthia Flores
Mr. Kerry Davis                        Mr. Timothy Dick                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Benjamin Earl      Mr. and Mrs. Sasan Farida            Mrs. Helene Flores
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Davis          Ms. Kim Dickens                      Mr. Carl Earn                      G. Farinella                         Ms. Maria de la Cruz Flores and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davis           Mr. and Mrs. William Dickson         Michelle Easterday                 Mrs. Elsie A. Fariss                    Mr. Lauro Ocampo
Mr. Sterling D. Davis and              Ms. Margaret E. Dieges               Ms. Michele Eaton                  Mr. and Mrs. Finesse E. Farley       Mr. and Mrs. Mario Garcia Flores
   Mrs. Vivan G. Lattier               Mr. Joseph H. Diener and             Ms. Karin Eberhard                 Mrs. Alice C. Farney                 Ms. Miriam L. Flores
Mr. William Davis                        Mr. Donald Edward Diener           Mr. and Mrs. Neil Eberhard         Ms. Shelley A. Farnham               Ms. Regina P. Flores
Ms. Helen Dawes                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Dietz        Eddie Rodriguez Company, Inc.      Mrs. Diane Farrand                   Ms. Ursula Flores
Ms. Teresa M. Dawson                   Ms. Susan H. Dietz and               Ms. Joanne Z. Edgerton             Ms. Glenda Farrell                   Ms. Wendy Flores
The Willametta K. Day Foundation         Mr. Leonard J. Beer                Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Edmond        The Farrer Family Foundation         Mrs. Rose E. Flores-Roth
Ms. Kathy Lee Day                      Mrs. Lisa Dilsizyan                  Education, Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Farwell       Anne Marie Dazé Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Daniel De Castro     Mr. Vincent DiMaggio                 Mrs. Gloria M. Edwards             Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fasano             Ms. Anne E. Fogarty
Mr. and Mrs. Benedetto De Filippo      Mr. Maurice Dimino                   Mr. James T. Edwards               Mr. Milton J. Fatt                   Mr. and Mrs. Neal Fohrman
Ms. Gina L. De Gies                    Mr. David A. Dimond                  Mr. Jeffrey L. Edwards             Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Feder           Ms. Mary Leah Foland and
Ms. Martha De La Mora                  Mr. Ali Din                          Ms. Linda Edwards                  Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Feit                 Mr. Creighton Tevlin
Mr. Castulo De La Rocha                Mr. Virgil Dinger                    Ms. Gail N. Egan                   Mr. and Mrs. Will J. Felando         Ms. Vicki Folden
Mr. David De La Rocha                  Dr. and Mrs. Raffi Dishakjian         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Egan        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Feldman       Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Foley
Ms. Raquelle De La Rocha and           Distar, Inc.                         Mr. Gordon E. Eggett               Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Feldman         Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Fonarow
   Mr. Daniel J. Bussel                Mrs. Maggie Dixon                    Egosaurus Productions, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. William Feldman         Ms. Shirlee A. Fonda
Mr. Ralph G. De La Torre and Mr.       Mr. Manuel Dizon                     Robert Egrini                      Ms. Andrea Feldstein                 Ms. Libby Fonseca
   Ralph M. De La Torre                Ms. Amy Dodds                        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Eisenberg      Ms. Maria Felix                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Fontaine

                                                                                                                                                                               imagine spring 05 | 33
                    Ms. Sandi Foote                    Ms. Felicitas Garcia                  Golden State Health Centers, Inc.     Greater Lafayette Health Services, Inc.   Julie and Al Hale
   i                Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ford
                    Mr. and Mrs. Burton N. Forester
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. George E. Garcia
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo F. Garcia
                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Golden
                                                                                             Ms. Sara Golden
                                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Irwin S. Green
                                                                                                                                   Ms. Joy Green
                                                                                                                                                                             Mrs. Naomi G. Hale
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Vicken M. Haleblian
                    Chaka Forman                       Mr. Jimmy Garcia                      Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Goldenson         Mr. Louis E. Green                        Mr. and Mrs. William H. Haley
                    Miss Jozette M. Fortier            Ms. Julia Garcia                      Mrs. Mary Ann Goldenson               Ms. Margaret W. Green                     Mr. Roger Halfhide
                    Mr. Chet Fortney                   Ms. Marie F. Garcia                   Mr. and Mrs. A. Eddy Goldfarb         Ms. Vernice Green                         Andrew G. Hall
                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Foshay     Ms. Silvana Garcia                    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Goldman         Mr. and Mrs. Steve Greenbaum              Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Hall
annual report

                    Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Dean Foster     Ms. Elaine Gardner                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Goldman       Ms. Faye Greenberg and                    Ms. M. Maurine Hall
                    Mr. Reginald K. Foster             Nita Galloway                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldman             Mr. David N. Lawrence                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hall
                    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Fowler       The Garnet Room                       Goldring, Hertz & Lichtenstein, LLP   Mr. Gerald Greenberg                      Mr. Doug Halley
                    Mrs. Phillip Fowler                Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas             Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Goldshine     Mr. Sid Greenberg and                     Mr. Beatriz Haloutsos
                    Mr. William Fowler                   Gartland III                        Ms. Barbara Goldspein                   Mr. Don S. Greenberg                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Halpern
                    Mr. Jorga Fox                      Ms. Toni Y. Gartner                   Mr. Frederick Goldstein               Ms. Feris M. Greenberger and              Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hamburger
                    Ms. Marjorie B. Fox                Ms. Rozana R. Garza                   Mr. Leonard P. Goldstein                Mr. David Howard Dolinko                Lee Hamer Memorial Charities
                    Mr. and Mrs. Martin Joseph Fox     Ms. Sylvia D. Garza                   Mr. and Mrs. Abner D. Goldstine       Gwen Green-Brown                          Holly E. Hamlett
                    Mr. Rick Fox                       Ms. Stephanie Gasca                   Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gollaz          Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Greene               Mr. Nat Hamlin
                    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Frakes       Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gaskin            Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Golub           Ms. Suzanne B. Greene                     Mrs. Joan Houston Hamm
                    Ms. Rochelle Francisco             Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Gaston        Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Gomez             Ms. Lauren Greenfield                      Shirley Hammers, RN
                    Gabriella Franco                   Mr. Jonathan Gat                      Ms. Alma Gomez                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Greenfield          Ms. Eleanor M. Hammond
                    Ms. Marilyn Frandsen               Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Gatewood        Mr. and Mrs. Francisco J. Gomez       Mr. and Mrs. Eric Greenspan               Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hammond, Jr.
                    Lawrence L. Frank Foundation       Mr. Joseph A. Gatto                   Ms. Martha Gomez                      Melvin A. Greenspan, DDS                  Ms. Terry S. Hanauer and
                    Mrs. Elizabeth Frankel             Ms. Kelli J. Gautsche                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Gomez         Dr. Melvin Greenstadt                        Mr. Peter Lefcourt
                    Ms. Cathleen G. Frazier            Ms. Sharon E. Gavin                   Ms. Velia Gomez                       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Greenwood           Mr. Henry Hancock
                    Ms. Teresa Freeborn                Mr. David A. Gavira                   Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Gomperts       Mr. and Mrs. Ulf O. Grefelt               Mr. Larry Hancock
                    Mr. Greg Freeman                   Ms. Jill Gayner                       Mr. and Mrs. Eitan Gonen              Mr. and Mrs. Allen Greif                  Ms. Margaret R. Hand
                    Ms. Hillary Freeman                Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gayton            Ms. Connie Gonzales                   Mr. Edmund Grendzinski                    Mr. and Mrs. Max Handelman
                    Mr. Izzy Freeman                   Mr. Merlin L. Geddes                  Mr. Ernest Gonzales                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grenier              Mr. Mark Handler
                    Roger P. Freeman, DDS              Mr. Roger A. Gedney                   Ms. Kristi D. Gonzales and            Greystone Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Handman
                    Ms. Brenda Freiberg                Mrs. Clarice K. Gehan and               Ms. Savella Brandford               Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Griefer              J. Marc Haney, DDS
                    Dr. and Mrs. Morris Freidin          Mr. Anthony Schmoll                 Mr. and Mrs. Armando Gonzalez         Ms. Linda Griego and                      Ms. Diana Hankins
                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Freinberg   Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Gehringer        Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Gonzalez            Mr. Ronald C. Peterson                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hanley
                    French Valley Construction         Mrs. Robbi M. Gelb                    Mr. Carlos G. Gonzalez                Ms. Sheila Griffin-Goran                   The Hanna Foundation
                    Ms. Monique R. Frese               Mr. and Mrs. Jeff S. Gelberg          Ms. Christina Gonzalez                Ms. Maggie Grillon                        Mrs. Violet Hanna
                    Mr. and Mrs. John Freudenberg      Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Geller         Dr. Danny Gonzalez                    Mrs. Tim Grimmond                         Ms. Joan Hansen and
                    Mr. Donald H. Frey                 Mr. James Genel                       Mr. Henry E. Gonzalez                 Mr. A. M. Lowery Grohmann                    Mr. Alan W. Wilken
                    Fricke Packaging & Assembly        Mr. John M. Genovese                  Mr. Horacio Gonzalez                  Mr. and Mrs. Calvin B. Gross              Mr. Harry R. Hanson
                    Ms. Tatiana Friderici              Genoveva, Inc.                        Ms. Marjorie M. Gonzalez              Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Gross            Happy 5th Grader, Inc.
                    Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver &    Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Gentile         Ms. Yvonne Gonzalez and               Ms. Lori E. Gross                         Mr. and Mrs. George Haramoto
                       Jacobson                        George Linder & Associates              Mr. Goodwin Gaw                     Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Grossbard            Mr. and Mrs. Al Harder
                    Ms. Mary K. Friedel                Mr. Arthur C. George                  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gooch              Mr. Jack Grossbart and                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hards
                    Ms. Christina Julia Friedgen       Ms. Betty M. Georgino                 Mr. and Mrs. John Herrick Gooch         Mr. Marc Schwartz                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hardy
                    Ms. Libbie Friedkin                Ms. Wendy M. Gerdau                   Mrs. Ned Good                         Mr. and Mrs. Allen I. Grossman            Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hardy
                    Ms. Eleanor Friedland              Ms. Laura Gerdes                      Mr. and Mrs. Parvin Goodarzi          Mr. Irwin Grossman                        Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hardy
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Friedland     Mrs. Elbiss Gerigourian               Mr. and Mrs. Shahriar Goodarzy        Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grossman           Gilli Harel
                    Philippe and Lilly Friedlich       Mrs. Jeanne K. Gerson                 Mr. and Mrs. William D. Goodban       Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gruskin                 Mr. Jole L. Harker
                    Mr. and Mrs. Alan V. Friedman      The J. Paul Getty Trust               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goodman          Mrs. Susan Guarnera                       Mr. and Mrs. James C. Harkins
                    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Friedman        Ms. Hali Gewelber                     Ms. Laurie Rae Goodman and            Mr. and Mrs. Darius A. Guernsey           Harland
                    Mr. Budd Friedman                  Mr. Salvi Gharapetian                   Mr. Donald E. Spetner               Ronnie Guerrero                           Ms. Sharon L. Harlin and
                    Ms. Elizabeth Loeb Friedman        Mr. Douglas B. Gibson, Jr.            Ms. Marilyn C. Goodman                Ms. Sarah Guerrero                           Mrs. Maxine J. Harlin
                    Mr. Shol Friedman                  Mr. James Gibson                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goodrich         Ms. Sandra Guetzoian                      Mr. Laurence E. Harma
                    Mr. Michael Froehle                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gies           Ms. Nancy B. Goodson                  Ms. Sofia Betty Guevara                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harman
                    Mr. Micheal Raymond Frosch         Mr. and Mrs. Agop R. Gilabouchian     Ms. Laura D. Goodwin                  Mr. Zac Guevara                           Ms. Lois Harmon and
                    Mr. Fred Fryrear                   Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Gilbert         Ms. Madeline R. Goodwin               Mr. Ladislao Guevarra                        Mr. Tom Bergeron
                    Shahnoosh Ftalishahriari           Ms. Dafna Gilboa                      Ms. Priscilla Goodyear                Ms. Barbara Guido                         Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Harmon
                    Ms. Angela Fu                      Mr. S. Gilbreath                      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Gorchester      Miss Brigette Guillen                     Ms. Stella Tarbinian Harpoothian and
                    Mr. David R. Fuerte                Mr. and Mrs. John T.R. Gillespie      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gordon           Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gunther                   Mr. Sean E. Harper
                    Ms. Elaine E. Fugedy               Kim Gillespie                         Mr. Jeffrey Gordon                    Mrs. Madeline Joy Gussman                 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Harriman
                    Mr. Bradley Fujikuni               Mr. Gerry Gillespuie                  Ms. Mandy Gordon                      Mr. A. Fernando Gutierrez                 Mr. Alan Harris
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jay Fukuto            Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Gilligan      Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gordon         Mr. Eulogio Gutierrez                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Harris
                    The Fuller Foundation              Ms. Denice Gilling                    Goren, Marcus, Masino & Jacobs        Mr. Jose Luis Gutierrez                   Ms. Nancy M. Harris
                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fults       Mr. and Mrs. Bud F. Gilson            Mr. Kevin M. Gorgen                   Mr. Jose T. Gutierrez                     Ms. Tammy Harris
                    Mrs. Patricia Funk                 Ms. Joan M. Gilson                    Mr. Raymond J. Gorham                 Ms. Pauline Gutierrez                     Ms. Fiona Harrison and
                    Mrs. Georgia Lee Funsten           Ms. Marcia Gimbrone and               Mrs. Eleanor Gorman                   Ms. Virginia Gutierrez                       Mr. Richard H. Sander
                    Mr. Aaron Furey                      Mr. David Boule                     Ms. Ruth K. Gormly                    Mrs. Yvette Gutierrez                     Ms. Leslie A. Harrison and
                    Mr. Craig L. Furst                 Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Gindi            Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jay Gosch         Yvonne R. Gutierrez, MD and                  Mr. Steven W. Barclay
                    Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Furst       Mrs. Jeannie Ginther                  Mr. and Mrs. Vern Gossen                Steven E. Lerman, MD                    Mrs. Ora F. Harrison
                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Fusco      Giorgio Baldi, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Gotcher         Ms. Jean D. Guyot                         Mr. Peter A. Harrison
                    G & G Farms                        Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Gipple         Mr. and Mrs. Yutaka Goto              Fran Guzek                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrison
                    Ms. Sharron Gabel                  Ms. Lisa Giramenti                    Mr. Ira L. Gottlieb                   Mrs. Elva Guzman                          Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Hart, Jr.
                    Mr. Basil Gabriel                  Mr. Terry Girch                       Mr. Mark Hays Gottwald                Mr. Roman Gwin                            Mrs. George Hart
                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Gabriel     Mr and Mrs. William F. Girouard       Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gould             Mr. and Mrs. Accila Gyuris                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hartigan
                    Ms. Linda Gage                     Ms. Julia Sconyers Gissel             Mr. and Mrs. Hitesh Govind            H. Grace Yeh DDS, Inc.                    Ms. Anne Winsor Hartley
                    Ms. Belinda Gajda-Lawrence         Mr. Harry Gittelson                   Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Gowin         Ms. Stephanie Ha                          Ms. Nedenia H. Hartley
                    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Galasso         Dr. and Mrs. John W. Given            Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Goyenetche     Mr. Richard W. Haalboom                   Mrs. Frances A. Hartman
                    Ms. Gini Galeano                   Mr. Harold Glasbrenner                GP Rah Enterprises, LLC               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Haas                   Mr. Jeffrey A. Hartman
                    Ms. Ruby Galeano                   Ms. Enoch Glascock                    Mrs. Diane M. Grade                   Mr. Bert Habou                            Ms. Carol Chris Hartzler
                    Mr. Raphael Galindo                Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Glaser           Mr. John Gradillas                    Ms. Faye Hackman                          Mr. Shan Harvey
                    Connie Gallardo                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Gleason       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Graham         Ms. Jacqueline H. Hacsi                   Dr. and Mrs. Newlin Hastings
                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Galleher   Mrs. Katie Glenn                      Grand View PTA                        The Haddad Family Trust                   Mr. Steve Hatanaka
                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Gallo       Mr. and Mrs. Leon Conrad Glover III   Ms. Rosemarie Q. Grande               Mr. and Mrs. David Haddad                 Ms. Olive G. Hathaway
                    Mr. Robert Galvan                  Mr. Howard Gluck                      Grant Associates                      Mr. and Mrs. William W. Haefliger          Lisa Hatter
                    Mr. Joe Gamas                      GME Solutions, LLC                    Mr. Donald W. Grant                   Mr. and Mrs. David Hagan                  Mr. and Mrs. George E. Hauptman
                    Ms. Christine Gamboa               Ms. Marjorie E. Goddard               Ms. Monica G. Grant                   Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Hage                Mr. and Mrs. Alvin R. Haveson
                    Ms. Nicola Gamboa                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goen              Mr. Peter Grant                       Ms. Emmie L. Hagenback                    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hawk
                    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Games         Ms. Lori Golay                        Mr. William F. Gravelin               Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Hagood            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hawkins
                    Mr. William L. Gammon              Ms. Karen Maley Gold                  Ms. Joan Graves                       Haight, Brown & Bonesteel                 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hawley
                    Ms. Elisa M. Gan                   Mr. Michael Gold                      Ms. R. Pierce Graves                  Ms. Margaret E. Hair                      Hawthorne V. F. Post #2075
                    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Ganz       Mr. Adam F. Goldberg                  Ms. Marianne E. Gray                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hairell           Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hawtof
                    Ms. Ana Garcia                     Ms. Mary Goldberg                     Ms. Regina Y. Gray                    Thadgis D. Haitsuka                       Ms. Abbie L. Hawvermale
                    Ms. Christian L. Garcia            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goldberg         Ms. Robin Gray                        Ms. Juliet Hakim                          Ms. Tami Hay
                    Ms. Elizabeth Garcia               Golden Hammer, Inc.                   Graycon, Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Halbert               Ms. Alicia Diane Hayden

      34 | imagine spring 05
Mr. James S. Hayes                        Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hogan              I.V. League, Inc.                    Mr. Douglas K. Johnson                  Mr. Kamran Kazemi
Ms. Mary Hayley
Ms. Mary Mae Hazen
                                          Mr. James Hohman
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hoier
                                                                                Ms. Sandra Ibarra
                                                                                Mr. Harumi Ida
                                                                                                                     Ms. Frances C. Johnson
                                                                                                                     Glenda Johnson
                                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. John Kealoha III
                                                                                                                                                             Mr. Joseph A. Kean
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Headley           Mr. and Mrs. James M. Holdeman        Mr. and Mrs. Eric Idelson            Mr. and Mrs. Guy Johnson                Keana Investment Holdings, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Hearn                  Mr. William Holden                    Mr. Remo A. Iezza                    Mr. and Mrs. Herman F. Johnson          Mr. Richard Mark Keane
Mr. Wayne Heffley                          Mr. Rene Holguin                      Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ihlenfeldt      Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson               Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Kearns
Ms. Victoria Marlene Heggem               Mr. Vincent Hollands                  Mr. Brian Ike                        Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johnson              Ms. Angela B. Kedzior and
                                                                                                                                                                                                       for the time
Mr. Robert H.T. Heil                      Ms. Ann B. Holler and                 Mr. George T. Ikeda                  Ms. Lisa Johnson                           Mr. Gary L. Gelb
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Heilig                     Mr. Lawrence Kenswil              Ms. Dee Imai                         Mr. Randy Mark Johnson                  Mrs. Jeanne F. Keegan                       period of
Ms. Lieselotte Heilman                    Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Hollett         Mr. Kevin M. Imoto                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibson Johnson      Mrs. Jean K. Keely                      January 1, 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Heimark            Ms. Verna Lisa Hollis                 Mr. Anthony Infante                  Mr. Ronald L. Johnson                   Mr. Matthew W. Keene                        through
Mr. and Mrs. Les J. Heins                 Ms. Georgia Hollison                  Infectious Awareables, Inc.          Mr. Stan Johnson                        Ms. Nancy S. Keese                     December 31, 2004
Ms. Marg Helgenberger and                 Mr. Robert Hollman                    ING Foundation                       Ms. Wendy Johnson                       Herbert Livingston Kehr, MD
  Mr. Alan Rosenberg                      Mr. and Mrs. Graham Holloway          Mr. Joseph C. Ingle                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Johnston        Mrs. Beverly J. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. D. John Hendrickson          Ms. Karen L. Holm                     Mr. Douglas D. Inglish               Ms. Gail Johnston                       Mr. John B. Keith
Mr. Mike Hennes                           Ms. Ann E. Holman-Terrill             Mr. Robert T. Ingram                 Mrs. Alice M. Johnstone                 Jirair Kelekian
Ms. Jean Pierre Henraux                   Mr. Charles S. Holmberg               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ingrum           Mr. Eric Jones                          Mr. and Mrs. Jesse O. Kellerman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Henriksen          Mrs. Carmella S. Holmes               Insulet Corporation                  Ms. Geri Jones                          Mr. F. Timothy Kelley, Jr.
Mr. Dannie M. Hensley                     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Holmes        International Microcell              Mr. and Mrs. James G. Jones             Mrs. Bruce Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Herbst             Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Holthouse         Communications, Inc.              Ms. Kathleen L. Jones                   Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius B. Kelly
Ms. Doreen Hermelin                       Ms. Mary Holzer                       International Quantitative           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Jones           Ken Lindner & Associates, Inc.
Ms. Gail Hermreck                         Ms. Irene Y. Hong                        Consultants, Inc.                 Mr. Kevin B. Jones                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kennebeck
Ms. Adrianna M. Hernandez                 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hoogesteger      Ms. Karen Introcuso                  Mr. Kirby Jones                         Ms. Barbara L. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Amado Hernandez              Mr. Mark R. Hoover                    Ms. Fitra Iriani                     Lori Ann Jones                          Ms. Judy Kennedy
Ms. Ana McClure Hernandez                 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Hopkins        Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Iriart       Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Jones               Kenney Is Consulting, Inc.
Ms. Cathy Hernandez                       Ms. Marjory June Hopper               Iridian Asset Management, LLC        Mr. Robert Jones                        Mr. Richard Kenney
Ms. Cynthia Hernandez                     Ms. Pauline Hopper                    Mr. Gregory W. Irvin and             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Jones            Ms. Shannon Kenney
Mr. Danny R. Hernandez                    Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Horvath            Mr. Callan Morgan Irvin           Ambrose Jong, PhD                       Mr. Timothy A. Kenney
Mrs. Desiree Hernandez                    Ms. Diane E. Hosie and                Mr. and Mrs. David Isa               Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jonsson               Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kenyon
Mr. Ernest A. Hernandez                       Ms. Carolan Sharlene Sato         Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Isaacson        Mr. Alfredo S. Jose                     Mr. Albert C. Kepler
Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Hernandez            Mr. Farideh Hosseiny                  Leonard A. Isaacson                  Joseph Laurd Insurance                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kepler
Ms. Leslie Hernandez                      Hot Properties Merchandising, Inc.    Isculptors, Inc.                     Mrs. Gloria Joseph                      Mr. Clifford Kerlegon
Miss Maria Hernandez                      Mr. Chris Hotchkiss                   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Y. Ishii           Mr. John A. Joslyn                      Kern & Gonzalez
Rosemary Hernandez                        Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Hotta        Ms. Kimberly D. Israelson            Mr. Richard Jove and Mr. Hua Yu         Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kertis
Ms. Stella Hernandez                      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Houchin       Italian Catholic Federation          Mr. and Mrs. Marco A. Jover             Mr. and Mrs. Tony I. Kerum
Ms. Melanie Herrera                       Mr. Man-Fung Agnes Houng              Judge Lance A. Ito and               Ms. Dawna M. Joyner                     Mr. and Mrs. Cameron R. Kessinger
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Herrera            Mr. Michael House                        Ms. Margaret A. York              Ms. Sylvia Juarez and Ms. Mary Juarez   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Kessler
Ms. Silvia Herrera                        Ms. Lucille E. Householder and        Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ito                 Mr. Frederick L. Judge                  Ms. Dana Keyes
Mrs. Philip Hersh                             Ms. Irene T. Montague             Mr. Wayne A. Ito                     Mr. and Mrs. Desmond A. Julien          Mr. Reginald Keyes
Mr. and Mrs. Perry L. Herwood             The Householter Family                Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Itomitsu       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Junge           Mr. and Mrs. Allen Scott Keys
Mr. David Heskiaoff                           Charitable Fund                   Mr. David Ivias                      Rina C. Jurado                          Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Keys
Mr. Charles H. Hess                       Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Householter      Ms. Maria Louisa Iya                 Mr. Russell Justman                     KH Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Hessinger         Mr. Glenn Houser and                  Mr. and Mrs. Kishiko Sammy Izumida   K D X Imaging Center                    Mr. Karim D. Khalaj
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Heumann               Ms. Leslie A. Miller              Janet G. Jack                        Mr. Richard M. Kagan                    Karapet Khatchmanian and
Hexam Health and Life                     Mr. and Mrs. John F. Houston          Mr. Michael S. Jackel                Mr. and Mrs. Hiroshi Kageyama              Armine Keshishian
Ms. Magda L. Heying                       Howard C. Fletcher Company            Ms. Beverly Jackson                  Ms. Tal Kahana                          Dr. and Mrs. Shamsuddin Khwaja
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Heyman                Ms. Mary Howard                       Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Jackson         Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Kahl             Mr. and Mrs. Sheraly Khwaja
Ms. Florine I. Hicks and                  Mr. William E. Howard                 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Jackson        Ms. Cyndee K. Kahn                      Mr. and Mrs. Derek L. Kiang
  Ms. Ronine Riggins                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G.F. Howe        Ms. Karyn Jackson                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jay Kahn           Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kidushim
Mr. and Mrs. Lewellyn W. Hicks            Mr. Kenneth W. Howell                 Mr. and Mrs. Luke R. Jacobellis      Ms. Betty R. Kaiser                     Ms. N. Isabel Kiefer
High Notes & Heatbeats                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Howland       Ms. Lisa Jacobson                    Ms. Tammy Kaitz and                     Mr. Charles E. Kientzel, Jr.
Mrs. Patricia A. Hightower                Gregory Howorth                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacobson           Mr. Steven M. Crane                  Mr. Gerard H. Kievit
Mr. Scott S. Hiji                         Ms. Charlotte A. Hoyt                 Mr. and Mrs. Marc Jacoby             Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kalmick           Ms. Debbie Killebrew
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hill              Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Hribal             Mr. Neil H. Jacoby, Jr.              Ms. Clare M. Kalthoff                   Ms. Susan M. Killingsworth
Mr. Derrick D. Hill                       Mrs. Ting T. Hsiao                    Mr. Jonathan Jaffrey                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kamenir             Miss Carol Kim
Ms. Diana J. Hill and                     Mr. and Mrs. Cheng-Hsien Hsieh        Mrs. Clarisa Jaime                   Ms. Kristine Knudsen Kamenstein         Mr. Jin W. Kim and
  Mr. Steve R. Chalfin                     Mr. Tah Chong Hsin                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jakway          Mr. Robert Kanaat                          Mrs. Chiori Kaneko
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hill                  Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hsu             Janoian Family Limited Partnership   Mr. and Mrs. Tyren Y. Kang              Mrs. Susan Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Hill              Ms. Penny Hsu                         Jan and Zina Janoian                 Ms. Dana Ann N. Kankolenski             Ms. H. Faye Kimball
Mr. Maurice J. Hill and                   Mr. and Mrs. Rueling S. Hu            Ms. Irene Jaramillo                  Mr. Jay I. Kanter                       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Y. Kimura
  Mr. James M. Burnson                    Ms. Nadine N. Hua and                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Jaramillo    Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kaplan              Mr. and Mrs. W. Craig Kinard
Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Hilton              Mr. Kevin Chinh Ninh              Mr. Estuardo Jauregui                Mr. and Mrs. Mannon Kaplan              Mr. Paul Kincaid
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Hinchliffe, Jr.   Alice S. Huang, MD and                Ms. Rosy Jauregui                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Kaplan          Mr. James J. Kindrich
Mr. and Mrs. Rajan Hingorani                  David Baltimore, MD               Azar Javid                           Kappa Alpha Theta                       Ms. Lydia A. Kiner
Kathy Hinoki                              Shen Huang                            Mr. Dulshanthie N. Jayamaha          Mr. and Mrs. Jose M. Karell             D.S. King
Mr. and Mrs. Erick M. Hirata              Mr. Dennis R. Huber, Sr.              Ms. Mohamad Jazaxri                  Ms. Lori Karin                          Mrs. Melissa E. King
Mr. Joel Hirsch                           Mr. Gary Huber                        Debra Devoe Jeandron, MD             Ms. Svea O. Karlsson                    Mr. Michael King
Mr. Arthur H. Hirshberg                   Ms. Cindy Hudson                      Ms. Gloria Jebbia                    Mr. and Mrs. David V. Karney            Ms. Susan J. King
Hirst Family                              Mr. and Mrs. George Huefner           Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Jebo           Shari L. Karney                         Mr. and Mrs. Sid S. Kinsbursky
William P. Hitchcock, MD                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Huffman          Jefferson Social Committee           Mr. William J. Karp                     Ms. Marjorie N. Kinsler
Mr. H.R. Hitt                             Ms. Tina Hughes                       Mr. Christopher J. Jefferson         Mr. Gary Karrass                        Mr. Mark Kintis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Hitt              Ms. Monica Hughs                      Mr. and Mrs. David L. Jefferson      Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus S. Kasra             Ms. Christine Kiriakos
Ms. Marsha Hively                         Ms. Christina Hull-Aboukinane         Mr. Paul H. Jenkel                   Shaya Kass and                          Ms. Elena C. Kirios
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hjelmstrom           Mr. and Mrs. James M. Humber, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Jenkins          Ms. Tova Baichman Kass               B.R. Kirk
Mr. Jan J. Hlinka                         Mr. Gordon Hunt                       Ms. B. Aileen Jenkins                Dr. and Mrs. Peter Katona               Mr. and Mrs. Keith V. Kish
Ms. Hsiao Hsia Ho and                     Mr. Kevin Va Hunt and                 Mr. Robert W. Jennings               Dr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Katz             Ms. Elayne Kishner
  Mr. William Y. Han                          Ms. Lisa A. Scoville              Mr. and Mrs. Virgil R. Jensen        Mr. Marvin S. Katz                      Mr. Andrew Kissil
Mr. Cuong Hoang                           Mrs. Kim Elaine Hurlbert-Sarosi and   Mr. Steve Jeon                       Mr. Sidney Katz                         Ms. Mary Lau Kitajima
Mr. William L. Hoback, Sr.                    Mr. Andrew Sarosi                 Mr. David R. Jessick                 Ms. Marta Kauffman                      KKE Architects Charitable Foundation
Ms. Bette J. Hobbs                        Ms. Sue Hurst                         Mr. and Mrs. Ken Jewell              Mr. and Mrs. Bart D. Kaufman            Ms. Arlene Klasky
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoberman               Ms. Pamela Hurt                       Jewish Communal Fund                 Mrs. Catherine F. Kaufman               Laura Klee
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hocking                 Ms. Mary Jo Hurwitz                   Jimenez Custom Painting, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Kaufman             Mr. and Mrs. James R. Klein
Dr. Joan E. Hodgman                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Huson              Ms. Dendra Jimenez                   Ms. Mona Kaufman                        Mr. Mark Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hoese                    Ms. Robin Huston                      Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Jimenez           Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kaufmann         Mr. Mark L. Klein
Ms. Christine Hoffman                     Drs. Andrew and Margaret Hwang        Jimma                                Mr. and Mrs. Conor W. Kavanagh          Ms. Sandra J. Klein
Ms. Dorothy C. Hoffman                    Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hwang          Ms. Yasmina Joelson                  Ms. Nancy Kavin                         Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kleinert
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Hoffman                Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Hwang              Mr. and Mrs. John W. Johns           Ms. Lydia Kay                           Mr. Arthur E. Kleinman
Ms. Kaaren Ingebretsen Hoffman            Ms. Marina Hwee                       Ms. June M. Richardson Johns and     Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Kay               Ms. Holly Kline
Ms. Liz Hoffman                           Mr. Thaddeus L. Hyland                   Mr. Mike Johns                    Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kay                 Ms. Dorothy Klock
Mrs. Sylvia J. Hoffman                    Dr. Carrie A. Hyman                   Mrs. Alison M. Johnson               Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment       Michael and Patricia Klowden
Ms. Stacey L. Hogan                       J.J. Hyman                            Mr. Arion B. Johnson                    Management, LLC                      KMM Trading, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                                      imagine spring 05 | 35
                    Mr. and Mrs. James Knight            Ms. Lois Lambert and                     Mr. Lewis R. Leis                      Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Logan III            Mr. and Mrs. David M. Maclay
   i                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Knight
                    Mr. and Mrs. Thell Roy Knight
                                                            Mr. Richard Cobert
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Lambert
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. David Leisen
                                                                                                  Ms. Agneze Leland
                                                                                                                                         Ms. Angie Lohman
                                                                                                                                         Linda S. Loiselle
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Macleod
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Hal E. MacLeod
                    Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Knispel       Mr. and Mrs. Brett D. Lamberty           Mr. Jessie Lemos                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lomax           Mrs. Ian Mac Leod
                    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Knizek            Mr. Bud Lambeth                          Ms. Linda Lenck and Mr. Robert Orell   Ms. Rochelle London                      Mrs. Marilyn MacLeod
                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Koebel        Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Lamoureux           Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lendino, Jr.     Ms. Ernestine Long                       Ms. Megan Macleod
                    Sandy S. Koh, MD                     Mr. Edward Lanchantin                    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lenz                Ms. Martha C. Long                       Madame Pompador
annual report

                    Dr. and Mrs. Bertram L. Kohn         Ms. Linda Landau                         Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Leon              Mr. Pat Long                             Ms. Hajra Madda
                    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kohn                Ms. Cynthia Payne Landis                 Javier León                            Ms. Jeannie Longacre                     Mrs. Grace F. Madison
                    Mr. and Mrs. Kumar Koneru            Mr. Richard Landry                       Mr. Juan A. Leon                       Ms. Alice Loo                            Mr. and Mrs. Dale Madler
                    Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kong             Bill and Jackie Landy                    Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leral              Ms. Diana C. Loop                        Ms. Angela Madrid
                    Phil Kong                            Mrs. Monica L. Lang                      L’Ermitage Foundation                  Mr. Gabriel M. Lopez                     Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Maeda
                    Susan Konzal                         Mr. Rocky Lang                           Ms. Rita C. Leslie and                 Ms. Glena Lopez                          Mr. Hector L. Magallanes
                    Ms. Carol Koopman                    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Lang                 Ms. Madison Leslie Holmes           Ms. Glenda L. Lopez                      Mr. and Mrs. Juan Magallanes
                    Mr. John Kopchok                     Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Lange           Ms. Joan L. Lesser and                 Mr. and Mrs. John O. Lopez               Ms. Evelien Magana
                    Mr. Paul Kopekin                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Langfeldt           Mr. Ronald L. Johnston              Ms. Kathy Lopez and                      Ms. Lina D. Magana
                    Marthi Koplin                        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Lanigan          Mrs. Patricia J. Lestz                   Isaias Paja, Jr., MD                   Maria Magolske
                    Ms. Debrah Kopp                      Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Lantz               Mr. and Mrs. Hok Y. Leung              Ms. Laura G. Lopez                       Ruby Magorien
                    Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Korengold     Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Lanzafame         Mr. and Mrs. Gary Levenstein           Mrs. Leticia I. Lopez and Betuel Rosas   Mr. Mark V. Maher
                    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Koress           Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lapa              Mr. and Mrs. David Leventhal           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lopez               Ms. Esmat G. H. Mahmoori
                    Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Korman           Mrs. Suzanne Lapis                       Ms. Michelle Levers                    Mr. Robert Lopez                         Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Main
                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Korman          Larchmont Optometrics, Inc.              Ms. Marilyn Levine                     Mr. Robert J. Lopez                      Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Maize
                    Mr. Alan J. Kornfeld                 Mr. Farhad Larian                        Ms. Leona Levison and                  Mrs. Susana Lopez                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Makris
                    Mr. Alan J. Kosh                     Ms. Susan Larison                           Mr. Richard Patman                  Mrs. Christina Lopez-Figueroa            Ms. Mildred F. Malatesta
                    Ms. Linda Koss                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Larkin       Mr. and Mrs. Avi Levy                  Mr. and Mrs. Olin S. Lord                Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Malchicoff
                    Ms. Carol Kotrozo                    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Larsen                 Ms. Carol A. Levy                      Mr. Steven A. Lord                       Ms. Angelica Maldonado
                    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Kotzin      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Larsen              Ms. Diane E. Levy                      Ms. Carmen Lorenz                        Beth Maldonado
                    Mr. David A. Kour                    Ms. Viola Larsen                         Dr. and Mrs. Allan Lew                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lorenz            Ms. Naomi R. Maldonado
                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koury            Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Larson            Cheryl Dawn Lew, MD                    Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Loring                Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv Malik
                    Ms. Selene Flores Kownatzki          Las Primeras Guild                       Katherine Lewandowski                  Los Angeles County Salon #32             Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Maliniak
                    Mr. Takahiro Koyama                  Ms. Maria M. Lascaibar-Porter            Lewis Hyman, Inc.                      Los Angeles Family AIDS Network          Ms. Elaine Malit
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Koyanagi       Ms. Fran Lasker                          Dr. Alan B. and Mrs. Shirley Lewis     Los Angeles Police Command Officers       Ms. Mary Mallen
                    Mrs. Fay D. Kozberg                  Mr. and Mrs. John Lasker                 Mr. Timothy Lewis Lewitzke               Association                            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mallut
                    Ms. Zola M. Kraakman                 Martin S. Lasky, DDS                     Mr. and Mrs. Lance Lewman              Mr. and Mrs. James R. Loska              Ms. Cynthia K. Malone
                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Krai         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lassally              Ms. Gloria M. Lewyn                    Ms. Bela Losmandy and                    Mr. Robert M. Malone III
                    Ms. Margaret Krakoff                 Last Exit Productions, Inc.              Ms. Teresita Ley                         Mrs. Irene Losmandy                    Mamanne Gas & Mart, Inc.
                    Mr. Mark A. Kramer                   Ms. Mary Charlene Lau                    L.G. Electrical, Inc.                  Franklin R. Lota                         Mr. Joseph Mamanne
                    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kranzer           Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Lau              Ms. I. Ling Li                         Lotus, Textile Design                    Mr. Mark Manchester
                    Mr. and Mrs. Stan Krasnoff           Laurence A. Speiser, Ltd.                Ms. Teresa Libertino and               Mr. Lambert Loucks                       Ms. Patricia Mancilla
                    Ms. Jan S. Krauss                    Jean C. Lauricella, MD                      Mr. Gerald B. Malanga               Mr. Tom M. Louie                         Virginia Mancini
                    Ms. Anita S. Kraut                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Lauter           Ms. Leslie A. Licata                   Judith Lowe, DDS                         Mr. Denis Mandel
                    Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. Kreag, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laverty              Dr. and Mrs. Emil M. Lichina           Mr. and Mrs. David B. Lowry              Mr. Jeffrey Mandel and
                    Mr. and Mrs. Chad Kreuter            Mr. Massoud Lavi                         Mr. Gary Liddiard                      Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Loza                   Mrs. Abigail Jones
                    Cary Bujold Kreutzer                 Ms. Dana Lavian                          Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lieberman           Mr. Paul Lozano                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manisco
                    Mark D. Krieger, MD                  Mr. Robert H. Lavietes                   The Ernest Lieblich Foudation          Ms. Minnie M. Lu                         Mr. Donald A. Mann
                    Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Krischer        Law Offices of David J. Weiss             Mr. Ernest Lieblich                    Ms. Deborah Luafalemana                  Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mann
                    Ms. Elizabeth Kristensen             Law Offices of Spile & Siegal, LLP        Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Liebovich        Ms. Frances G. Lubin                     Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mann
                    Mrs. Joan Krolak                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lawler           Miss Kathryn Liedahl                   Ms. Pat A. Lucas                         Mrs. Vaughnita Marie Mann
                    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kropf           Elizabeth R. Lawlor, MD                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Light          Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ludwick           Mr. Wesley C. Mann
                    Mr. Luis F. Krueger                  Mrs. Barbara A. Lawson                   Mr. and Mrs. Dale B. Lillywhite        Mr. Andrew J. Lueders                    Mr. Warren Manser
                    Mr. Daniel L. Kruse                  Mr. Omid Layassani                       Maryln Slawson Lilyeblade              Ms. Christina Lugani                     Mr. and Mrs. John Mantley
                    Mr. Ronald C. Kubeck                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Lazar             Mr. Richard Lim                        Mr. and Mrs. Murray Lugash               Ms. Diane Mapes
                    Mr. and Mrs. James Richard Kubik     Ms. Delia Lazo                           Ms. Rachel Limon                       Lugo & Associates Insurance              Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Maples
                    Yumi Kubodera and                    Ms. Elaine M. Lazzeroni                  Ms. Betty J. Limpus                      Services, Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Maranian
                      Mr. Stephen A. Yamaguchi           Ms. Taylor Le                            Annica Y. Lin, MD and                  Mr. Kenneth S. Luker                     Marano Entertainment
                    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Kubota       Ms. Andrea Le Neve                          Mr. Juan E. Alva                    Mr. and Mrs. James Lumsden               Mr. John Marascalco
                    Mr. John H. Kuhl III                 Ms. Helene Leang and                     Ms. Edith R. Lin                       Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo G. Luna             Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Marchesi
                    Ms. Angela Kuisch                       Mr. Eric Y. Wang                      Mr. Kelly Lincoln                      Mr. James H. Luna                        Marcum Entertainment Corporation
                    Mr. and Mrs. Kok Hong Kun            Ms. Virgie Lee Leanor                    Mr. Robert Lind                        Ms. Rebecca Luna                         Ms. Ann Marcus
                    Mr. Sam Kunianski                    Learning Tree International              Mr. Robert G. Linde                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lund                Ms. Mary Marcus
                    Ms. Milena Kunis                     Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Leatherman         Ms. Fay Lindenberg                     Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Lund               Ms. Melissa Marcus
                    Ms. Genevieve A. Kurdi               Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Leavitt          Mrs. Cheri Lewinson Linder             Mr. and Mrs. Luppe R. Luppen             Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Marer
                    Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Kuritz        Ms. Guadulupe Lecheminant                Deidre Marias Lindheim Trust           Paul R. Lurie, MD                        Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Margolies
                    Mr. and Mrs. Todd H. Kurtin          Mr. and Mrs. James Ledesma               Ms. Deidre Marias Lindheim             Ms. Jude Luttrell                        Mr. and Mrs. Lousin Margossian
                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stuart Kutnick     Brendan W. Lee                           Mr. Gifford Lindheim                   Ms. Carolyn M. Lutzko                    Ms. Gloria G. Margulies
                    Ms. Helen E. Kutuzosoff              Echo Huichen Lee                         Mr. James F. Lindvall                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Luu                    Mr. and Mrs. Nick J. Maricic
                    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kwong           Ms. Elaine Lee                           Ms. Tanya Lineberger                   Mr. Michael Leon Ly                      Ms. Edith J. Marin
                    L & N Apartments                     Mr. and Mrs. George G. Lee               Ms. Lynda Kae Linforth                 Ms. Connie Lymch                         Mr. Phillipe Marine
                    L & R Donner Foundation              Mr. Herbert Lee                          Ms. June Linkon                        Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lynch            Mr. Raul Marino
                    Mr. and Mrs. William L. La Bar       Mr. Hui-Yun Lee                          Christine D. Lins                      Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lynn                  Ms. Ada Maris and Mr. Tony Plana
                    La Barca Restaurant                  Ms. Janie Lee and Mr. Donald Hensley     Miss Nicole Linskey                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lyons             Mark IV Capital, Inc.
                    Mr. and Mrs. Francis La Maina        Ms. Julia Tan Lee                        Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lipman               Dr. and Mrs. John J. Lytle               The Mark Tower Residence
                    Mrs. Francie V. La Rue               Mr. Kwon Byung Lee                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lippman            Ms. Julie Ma                             Marketing Plus, Inc.
                    Mr. Nick J. Labedz                   Mrs. Marilyn Lee                         Ms. Charlotte La Bonte Lipson          Mr. Kevin Ma                             Ms. Claire Praderie Markham
                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. LaBonge       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee                 Ms. Jei Li-Shapiro                     Mr. and Mrs. William J. Maarschalk       Mr. and Mrs. David Markowicz
                    Mrs. Elizabeth A. LaBorde            Ms. Mildred C. Lee and                   John W. Litsinger, DDS                 Mr. and Mrs. William J. MacCabe          Mr. and Mrs. Norman Marks
                    Mr. Ralph Lacher                        Ms. Lafae L. Mullen                   Mr. Kevin A. Litt                      Mr. Alan G. MacDonald                    Mr. and Mrs. Brett D. Marley
                    Lee Lacy                             Ms. Oi Man Iwen Lee                      Mr. Bruce E. Little                    Mr. Neil H. MacDonald                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maroldi
                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Laderer       Ms. Seon Mo Lee and                      Mr. and Mrs. William H. Little         Ms. Virginia M. MacDonald                Mr. John A. Marquez
                    Mr. Jeffrey T. Lager                    Mr. Seoung Seok Baik                  Mr. Chia Liu                           Mr. and Mrs. John R. MacFarland          Miss Verena Marquez
                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lagergren     Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Leeds               Mr. and Mrs. Alan V. Livingston        Mr. and Mrs. James A. MacGilvray         Ms. Sue Ellen Marquisee
                    Mr. Chau Lai                         Ms. Anne F. Leeper                       Ms. Karen Livingston                   Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Machemer               Ms. Elsa Marroquin
                    Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Laidig         Mr. Michael R. Leffew                    Mr. Richard Livingston                 William R. Machgan                       Mr. George Marroquin
                    Mr. Jeffrey Lainer                   Judge Linda and Mr. Frank J. Lefkowitz   Ms. Lydia Lizarraras                   Ms. Helen Machowicz                      Ms. Cynthia Marroquin-Henley
                    Ms. Erlinda T. Laking                Mr. and Mrs. George D. Legg              Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lizotte             Ms. Lana G. Machrone                     Ms. Helen M. Marsh
                    Mr. Armen Lalaian                    Ms. Jennifer Anne Legg                   LKD Trust                              Ms. Enid Macias                          Mr. and Mrs. Alan Marshall
                    Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Laliberte       Ms. June R. Lehrman                      Raymond and Jane Llanio                Mr. Samuel Macias                        Mr. Gary Marshall
                    Ms. Esther Lam and                   Leib & Katt S.C.                         Mr. Thomas J. Lobenberg                Ms. Marilyn S. Mack                      Mr. and Mrs. Phillips H. Marshall
                      Mr. Yuito Danny Ho                 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Leib              Ms. Pamela G. Lockhart-Austin          Mr. and Mrs. Bret A. Mackay              Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Marsico
                    Mr. Stephen J. Lam                   Mr. Mitchell J. Leiber                   Ms. Shirley Loeb                       Mr. and Mrs. Will Mackenzie              Ms. Michelle M. Marsico
                    Ms. Ariana Alexis Lambert            Mr. and Mrs. Paul Henry Leiber, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Loewen        Mr. Kevin Mackie                         Mr. Donna Thomas Martin

      36 | imagine spring 05
Ms. Gabrielle Martin                  Mrs. Gloria E. McCardle               Ms. Adrienne Meadow                  Mrs. Suzee Miller                    Ms. Kathleen Callihan Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Martin
Ms. Toni Martin
                                      Ms. Joyce McCarter
                                      Mr. Jack R. McCarthy
                                                                            Mr. William Meagher
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Meares, Jr.
                                                                                                                 Mrs. Terry L. Miller
                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Miller
                                                                                                                                                      Mrs. Lisbeth C. Morris
                                                                                                                                                      Mr. Robin Morris
Mrs. Traci Martin                     Mr. and Mrs. James M. McCarthy        Mrs. Isabel M. Mecum                 Mr. and Mrs. Don Harper Mills        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Martin        Ms. Jeannette H. McCarthy             Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Meddings        Ms. Candi Milo                       Ms. Adrianne Morrison
Martinez Unified School District       Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick McCarthy    Mr. Fernando Medina                  Mrs. and Mr. Melanie A. Milosevich   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Morrow
Mr. Alex Martinez                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McCarthy III   Mr. Hector Medina                    Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Mimms            Mr. and Mrs. Darrell P. Morse
                                                                                                                                                                                               for the time
Ms. Alma Delia Martinez               Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McCarthy       Ms. Marcy Medina                     Mini Pharmacy Enterprise, Inc.       Richard Morse
Mrs. Elise Martinez                   Mr. Charles McCaul                    Miss Sonia Medina                    Ms. Tally Mintie                     Mr. Gary Morton                            period of
Mr. Eric E. Martinez                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. McCombs       MedQuist, Inc.                       Mr. Brent Spiner Mintz               Inge Morton                            January 1, 2004
Mr. and Mrs. John Martinez            Colonel and Mrs. Glenn A. McConnell   Ms. Sue Meeks                        Mr. Gary Mintz                       Mr. Rod J. Moser                           through
Mr. Jose Martinez, Jr.                Ms. Shirley McCort                    Mr. and Mrs. Pairoaj Meesri          Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Miranda          Mr. Hengameh Moshar                   December 31, 2004
Mr. Manuel Martinez                   Ms. Betty D. McCown                   Mega Western                         Josephine Miranda                    Mr. Kenneth E. Mosier
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Martinez       Ms. Doretha McCoy                     Mr. Richard N. Meginnity             Mr. Manzar Mirsaidi                  Ms. Linda M. Mosley
Mr. Richard Martinez                  Mr. and Mrs. John J. McCrone          Ms. Karen R. Mehlan                  Ms. Tillie Misetich                  Motown
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Manuel Martinez   Mr. and Mrs. Lester McCullough        Ms. Kim M. Mehr                      Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mishkin           Mr. and Mrs. Dan Moulthrop
Mr. George Martinovich                Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. McCurdy       Mr. Ramin Mehrara                    Ms. Kimberly A. Mislick              Ms. Deanna Moulton
Evelyn E. Martir                      Mr. Volney Earle McCutchan            Mr. Michael E. Meisel                Beverly A. Mitchell, PhD             S. Moultrie
Mary Goldberg Management              Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Allen McDaniel     Miss Olivia Mejares                  Ms. Nancy Mitchell                   Mount Sinai Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Masnec, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. McDermott       Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Mejia             Mitra Elisha Simanian, DDS, Inc.     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Moyer
Mrs. Minnie J. Massey                 Mr. and Mrs. Greg McDonald            Mr. and Mrs. George Mekjian          Kenneth T. Miyasaki, DDS             Mr. and Mrs. Safi Mroue
Ms. Cynthia M. Masson                 Marlies McDonald                      Wayne C. Melanson                    Mo Industries                        MRP System Services, LLC
Ms. Giti Massoudian                   Ms. Nancy McDonald                    Ms. Margie J. Melby                  Mr. and Mrs. Ali Mobasheri           MSK Investment Group, LLC
Ms. Zeronique Mastey                  Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. McDonald      Ms. Ruby Melendez                    Mr. and Mrs. David T. Mochizuki      Mr. and Mrs. John Mucci
Mr. Michael Mastrogiuseppe            Mr. Tim P. McDonald                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Melia         Ms. Angela Mock                      Ms. Ann Mugglebee
Ms. Veronica Mata                     Mr. and Mrs. George T. McDonnell      Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Melideo        Ms. Bonnie Y. Modungo                Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Muhl
Ms. Marla Matar                       Craig A. McElderry, MD                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Melon           The Moe-Life Foundation              Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Muhlestein
Mrs. Margaret R. Matheis              Ms. Jane R. McElrath                  Melrose Place, Laguna                Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Moellendorf   Mr. Phil Mulacek
Mr. Mark Mathias                      Mr. Brooks McEwen and                 Memorial Sloan-Kettering             Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Moffett       Ms. Elaine V. Multhauf
Ms. Knarik Matosian and                 Mr. Joshua Brand                      Cancer Center                      Mr. Farshad Moftakhar                Mundo Management Group, LLC
  Mr. Albert Nazarian                 Mr. Michael P. McGee                  Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Wayne            Mr. Marco Mogrovejo                  Ms. Margaret A. Mundy
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Matsubara       Mr. Warren D. McGee                     Mendenhall                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Moir          Ms. Brenda L. Mungia
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Matsubara           Mr. Howard McGillin                   Ms. Carola Mendez                    Mike Molin                           Mr. and Mrs. James Murdock
Mr. Melvin Matsumoto                  Mr. and Mrs. Brian McGilvray          Mr. Fausto Mendoza                   Ms. Ruth M. Moll                     Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Murdock
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Matthews        Ms. Lauren McGirt                     Mr. Jose E. Mendoza                  Mr. George Molsbarger                Miss Lea Murga
Mr. Lee Matthews                      Ms. Kathryn W. McGrath                Ms. Carmina Mendoza-Aranda           Moms Club of La Verne/San Dimas      A. Linn Murphree, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Matthiesen          Mr. Peter J. McGrath                  Mr. Steven A. Mengel                 Ms. Angelita Moncada                 Mr. Brian Murphy
Ms. Laurence J. Mattice               Mr. and Mrs. John H. McGuire          Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Mense           Ricardo and Daisy Mondaca            Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murphy
Mr. Aloys B. Mauch                    Mr. Michael J. McGuire                Mr. and Mrs. Ernie S. Mercado        Mr. and Mrs. Levy G. Mones           Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Murphy
Ms. Loretta Maurice                   Mr. and Mrs. John McIlwraith          Mr. Enrique Meritano, Jr.            Ms. Cindy Monfort                    Ms. Susan J. Murphy
Mauricio’s Grill & Cantina            Mr. and Mrs. Nigel McKeand            Mr. and Mrs. Silvano Merlo           Mr. Tommy C. Monje                   Mr. and Mrs. William A. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Maus, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKenna          Mrs. Robert T. Merrick               Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Montag      Ms. Glendora M. Murray
Ms. Pearly Kit-Man Mautner            Mr. Kiran McKiernan                   Mr. and Mrs. Brent H. Merritt        Ms. Gloria Montebruno                Ms. Marianne L. Murray and
Mr. Jesse Mavarez                     Ms. Pat McKiernan                     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Merritt        Mr. and Mrs. Arnel B. Montefalcon       Mr. Richard B. Rowley
Maximum Security Systems              Mr. and Mrs. James G. McLaughlin      Mr. Armond Mesropian and             Miss Irene Montelongo                Ms. Marilyn Kettering Murray
Mr. Charles May                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McLaughlin       Ms. Karolin Savarani               Mr. Javier Montes                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Musch
Mr. and Mrs. James W. May             Mr. Craig B. McLaurin                 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Metzler       Mr. Luis E. Montes de Oca            Music & Media International, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mayber            Ms. Gina McLeod and                   Messrs. Zack and Vincent Mexia       Mrs. Donald Montgomery               Mr. and Mrs. Musa Mustafa
Mr. Edward H. Mayer                     Mr. Jeffrey Lewis                   Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meyer              Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Montgomery    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Muzik
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Maynard, Sr.    Ms. Janice H. McLurg                  Dane Meyer                           Mr. Vero F. Monti                    Mr. Donald Ray Muzquiz
Ms. Frances Louise Mayo               Mrs. Diane L. McMaster                Mrs. Doris B. Meyer                  Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo L. Montoya      Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Myers
Mr. Max Mazariegos                    Ms. Patricia M. McNamara              Drs. Eleanore and James Meyer        Mr. Joseph Montoya                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Myers
Ms. Dorothy A. McAllister             Ms. Eileen Danelian McNatt            Makana Meyer                         Ms. Judith R. Montoya                Ms. Martha P. Myers and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McAlpine           Mr. Michael J. McNerney               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott Meyers     Ms. Hye Ja Moon and                     Mr. C.A. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McAnally          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McNiff           Mr. and Mrs. David Meyerson             Ms. Linda Moon                    Myman Abell Fineman Greenspan &
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. McAndrews       Mr. and Mrs. Paul McNitt              Michael Huffman & Associates, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mooney             Light, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. John McBride             Mr. Ken McNulty                       Mr. Alvin S. Michaelson              Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Moore         Mrs. Estella K. Mysels
Mr. Michael McBride                   Mr. and Mrs. Tim L. McPerson          Ms. Debra Michel                     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Moore         Mr. and Mrs. Masanori Nagami
                                                                            Ms. Teresa Michel                    Mr. Dallas N. Moore                  Ms. Pamela C. Najar
                                                                            Dr. and Mrs. Erik W. Michelsen       Mr. Maurice R. Moore                 Ms. Jan Nakagawa
                                                                            Microsoft Giving Campaign            Robin Moore                          Mr. David T. Nakashima
                                                                            Middle Ranch Operating Company       Sheila G. Moore, MD                  Jee Sun Nam
                                                                            Ms. Carol E. Midford                 Ms. Shirley Moore                    Elbiss Gerigourian Namagerdi and
                                                                            Midgley Gardenside Mortuary          Mr. William Moore                       Garnik Yarijanian
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Miehl        Mr. Vahan Moosekian                  Mr. Michael Nankin
                                                                            Mr. Lieve Miessen                    Mr. and Mrs. William Moothart        Ms. Idelisa Napoles
                                                                            Mr. Gary Migdal                      Ms. Adela Morad                      Ms. Samantha Narcomey
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. George J. Mihlsten      Mr. and Mrs. Shahab Moradzadeh       Mr. Daniel H. Narikawa
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Arutiun Mikaelian       Ms. Kathryn Morales                  Mrs. Ana Narvaez
                                                                            Mikailian Meat Products, Inc.        Ms. Lizza M. Morales                 Ms. Ana Mercedes Narvarez and
                                                                            Mr. Gabriel Mikailian                Mr. Pedro G. Morales                    Mr. Carlos Mauricio Flores
                                                                            Ms. Biljana Mikijelj and             Rene Morales                         Mr. Fred Nason, Jr.
                                                                              Mr. Brian Mayer                    Savina Morales                       Rahmat Nassi, DDS
                                                                            Milbank Real Estate Services         Ms. Veronica Morales                 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Nathan
                                                                            Milestone Real Estate Services/      Ms. Sue Moravec                      Nations Holding Group
                                                                              Milestone Financing                Mr. and Mrs. Makram Moros            Ms. Maria Navarrete
                                                                            Darrow and Laurie Milgrim            Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Mordecai      Mr. Ermin Navarro
                                                                            Ms. Mary Stuart Milhaupt             Moreno Engineering                   Ms. Norma L. Navarro
                                                                            Kathryn E. Millan Memorial           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moretti         Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Navarro
                                                                              Foundation                         Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal         Mr. and Mrs. Azar Navidbakhsh
                                                                            Ms. Laura K. Milleman                   Campaign                          Dr. and Mrs. Reza Nazemi
                                                                            Ms. Celeste J. Miller                Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morgan            Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Nedwick
                                                                            Ms. Cheryl Miller                    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Morgan          Miss Jami Neely
                                                                            Mr. John M. Miller                   Mr. Willard Morgan                   Mr. Sam Neftin
                                                                            Ms. June P. Miller and               Mr. Lowell M. Morgen                 Martin Anthony Negrete
                                                                              Ms. Debbra J. Miller               Mr. and Mrs. Allen Morimoto          Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Neiner
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Miller       Mr. Thomas Moritz                    Mrs. Janice Nelsen
                                                                            Mr. Randall B. Miller                Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mork           Nelson J. Thurn Investigations
                                                                            Ms. Ruth Adams Miller                Ms. Joy Hsiung Morrice               Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Nelson
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Saul D. Miller          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Morris           Mr. Lee Nelson
Vikram Rajan, age 5                                                         Ms. Shirley Penn Miller              Mr. and Mrs. Edmund V. Morris        Mrs. Marjorie M. Nelson

                                                                                                                                                                              imagine spring 05 | 37
                    Ms. Pamela Jean Nelson and          Mr. Warren H. Oda                   Mr. Frank Papotto                     Ms. Paula Petrecca                     Providence Memorial Hosiptal
   i                  Ms. Erica Yohn
                    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nelson
                                                        Mr. Robert J. Odenkirk
                                                        The Offices of Alan David Taksar
                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. David Paramo
                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Paris
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Petrelli
                                                                                                                                  Ms. Queenette M. Pettiford
                                                                                                                                                                         Mr. Michael L. Prudhomme
                    Mrs. Yvonne Nelson                  Mr. and Mrs. Armen Ohanian          Mr. and Mrs. C. Whan Park             Mr. Robert G. Pettigrew                D.P. Pruett
                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nemeth         Mr. Daniel O’Hara                   Mr. David Park                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Petty                PSB
                    Ms. Bettie I. Nerger                Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Okazaki       Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Park           Mr. and Mrs. Tony Peyrot               The Public Health Foundation
                    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Nese          Ms. Patricia A. Okiishi             Ms. Miae Park and Mr. Young J. Chon   Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts        Karen and Norman Pugh
annual report

                    Ms. Vera Lukic Nestoras             Mrs. Misaki Miki Okimoto            Ms. Rose Park                            Program                             Pulmonetic Systems, Inc.
                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Neumeyer    Ms. Ruth K. Okimoto                 Mr. Tae Sang Park                     Ms. Angela Pham                        Mr. Terry Puls
                    Dr. Joseph Neustein                 Mr. Mark Okinaka                    Parke, Guptill & Company, LLP         Mr. Tan Thi Pham                       Mr. Jeff Purdy
                    Ms. Irene Nevil                     Mr. and Mrs. Dean H. Okland         Ms. Carmela Parker                    Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Phan                Ms. Jennifer C. Purisima
                    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny A. Neville      Ms. Olga W. Oknell                  Mr. and Mrs. E. Theodore Parker       Ms. Tina Minh Phan                     Ms. Kathryn T.C. Purwin
                    New Look Dentistry                  Mr. Ronald F. Oku                   Mr. Gerald Jerome Parker              Phantom Limbs Plays & Pictures         Mr. Marvin Putnam
                    New York Institute of Technology    Mr. and Mrs. George A. Olah         Ms. Leigh Parker                      Mr. John Phillips                      Ms. Charlotte Jean Putty
                    New York Life Insurance             Old Blue, Inc.                      Miss Wendy Parker                     Mr. John C. Phillips                   P.V. Trucking
                    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Newberry        Ms. Gretchen A. Oldberg             Mr. William F. Parker                 Ms. Michelle Phillips                  Mr. Jonathan H. Quaranta
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Newby           Ms. Denise O’Leary                  Mr. and Mrs. William O. Parker        Ms. Pamela Phillips                    Queen for a Day Club
                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melvin Newell   Mr. Gilbert Olguin                  Mr. Jack F. Parmeter                  Mr. Ronald F. Phillips                 Mr. Bob Quick
                    Mr. and Mrs. George R. Newhart      Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Olifson         Mr. Victor Parra                      Ms. Kay L. Phillipson                  Ms. Kay L. Quick
                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Newirth     Mr. and Mrs. John A. Oliphant       Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Parry            PHS, CBP, AIP                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Quick
                    Mr. John Newman                     Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Oliva           Mr. Arman Parsighian                  Ms. Alice Phung                        Mr. and Mrs. Larry Quilling
                    Mr. and Mrs. Won K. Ng              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Oliva        Ms. Deborah J. Parsons                Mr. Oscar B. Pichardo                  Ms. Suzann Marie Quinlan and
                    Thien Tai Ngo                       Ms. Orly Olivier                    Mr. and Mrs. Parviz Parvizyar         Ms. Julie Piepenkotter                    Ms. Virginia Quinlan
                    Ms. Katrina Nguyen                  Ms. Adriana Olmos                   Pasadena Foundation                   Mr. and Mrs. John Pierce               Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Quinones
                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Nguyen      Mrs. Beverly C. Olmos               Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pastron          Ms. Katherine M. Pierce                Ms. Virginia Quintero
                    Mrs. Phoung Nguyen                  W.L. Olsen and H.B. Olsen           Ms. Allisen Patel                     Ms. Shirley E. Pierce                  Mr. Richard A. Quirk
                    Mr. and Mrs. Thuan H. Nguyen        Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Olson       Mr. and Mrs. Jagdish M. Patel         Mr. Thomas Pierce                      Ms. Kathy Quock
                    Ms. Tuyet-Tam Nguyen                Mr. Brendan J. Omahoney             Nilima M. Patel, DDS                  Ms. Julie Ann Pierini                  Mr. Steven Ling Hon Quon
                    Xuandao T. Nguyen                   Mr. and Mrs. Hal O’Mara             Mr. Gil Patlan                        Michelle M. Pietzak, MD                Linda S. Quzts
                    Mr. Yen N. Nguyen                   One-O-One Properties                Ms. Melanie J. Patterson              Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pigott            Ms. Marcy B. Rabhan
                    Ms. Ellen E. Nichols                Ms. Aileen Ong                      W.B. Patton                           Ms. Beatrice Pilaria                   Ms. Susan J. Rabinovitz and
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Nichols        Mrs. Deanna Onisko                  Roman Pattugalan                      Mr. David Piller                          Curren W. Warf, MD
                    Miss Gena Nicholson                 Ms. Shirley D. Onodera              Paul C. Davis, DDS, Inc.              Mr. Brian Pinkett                      Masoud Rad
                    Ms. Susan E. Nicol                  Ms. Estelle Oppenheimer             Ms. Mary Anne Paul                    Ms. Susan Pinsky                       Radden Construction
                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff W. Niedenthal     Mr. Andre Opteyndt                  Ruth Paul                             Mr. Jim Pippert                        Mr. Volker Radden
                    Toni Ann Nield                      Mr. and Mrs. John E. Orcutt         Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paulos              Mr. William James Pippert              Mr. F. Ronald Rader
                    Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Nielsen       Dr. and Mrs. Walter A. Orenstein    Ms. Karen Paver                       Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Pisano          Ms. Cassandra Radigan
                    Nike Employee Matching Gift         Ms. Patricia M. O’Rielly            Mary R. & Joseph R. Payden            Mr. and Mrs. Rick Pittenger            Mrs. Debra Rados
                      Program                           Gabriela Ornelas                       Foundation                         Mr. Kelly A. Pittman                   Mr. Timothy S. Radu
                    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Nikolai    Mr. Jose Ornellas                   Payman R. Emmanuel, MD, Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pittroff              Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Raffel
                    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Nimoy          Mr. Stanley A. Oropesa              Mr. Douglas R. Payne                  Mr. Robert Pizano                      Mr. and Mrs. Brian Raffish
                    Ms. Frances T. Nishibayashi         Ms. Yolanda Orozco                  Mr. Raymond Geoffrey Payne            Ms. Faviola Pizarro                    Ms. Gina Rains
                    Ms. Judy Nishiimoto                 Ortega Trucking                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Payne          Planet Sports Group, Inc.              Ms. Joan E. Rakley
                    Mr. and Mrs. Alon Nisimov           Mr. Peter Ortega                    Mr. and Mrs. Tom N. Paziouros         Mr. Roger A. Plank                     Ms. Gail Ramage
                    Ms. Beverly A. Nix and              Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ortega       PC Enterprises, Inc.                  Jean Plant Charitable Fund             Mrs. Hollie B. Ramage
                      Mr. Thomas W. Meier               Mrs. Veronica Ortega                Mr. and Mrs. William A. Peacher       Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Plastino       Mr. and Mrs. David Ramirez
                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Noah            Mrs. Anna Ortiz                     Peagasus Eyewear, Inc.                Ms. Lisa Platt                         Ms. Nancy L. Soriano Ramirez
                    Mr. Gordon T. Nobunaga              Mrs. Brooke A. Ortiz                Mr. Wayne Pearl                       Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plessner             Ms. Rechele Ramirez
                    Ms. Karen F. Nobunaga               Ms. Gail Ortiz                      Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pecora           Mr. Gilbert A. Polaco                  Mr. and Mrs. Romeo R. Ramirez
                    Ms. Louise J. Noce                  Mr. Jesus Ortiz                     Mrs. Anne W. Pederzani                Ms. Margrite Polak                     Mr. Arthur Ramos
                    Mr. Thomas Nolan                    Orwick Fresh Foods, Inc.            Mr. Rahim Pedooem                     Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Polin           Ms. Beatriz Ramos
                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nolan        Mr. and Mrs. Rick Orwick            Mr. Mark A. Pedowitz                  Rick and Debi Polisky                  Mrs. Grace Ramos
                    Mr. Jacobus Nooren                  Ms. Catherine H. Ostrom             Ms. Esperanza M. Peguero              Mr. and Mrs. Sam Polisky               Ms. Stephanie C. Ramos
                    Mr. David G. Noorigian              Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Ostrow         Ms. Carla P. Pemberton                Ms. Andrea Politoske                   Ms. Marianne Ramsey
                    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nordeng          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. O’Toole      Mr. Alfred Penaskashi                 Ms. Fradene G. Pollack                 Randlyn Manor
                    Ms. Deidra Norman-Schumann          Mr. and Mrs. Vince Otte             Ms. Anna Penenberg                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pollard        Mr. Harry K. Ransler
                    Mr. Michael Norris                  Ms. Yositoc Oved                    Penfield & Smith                       Mr. and Mrs. Glen Polson               Mr. Harry Raphaelian
                    Mr. Ralph G. Northart               Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Overstreet   Mr. Raymond M. Pennell                Polytechnic School                     Dr. and Mrs. David Rappoport
                    Northridge Guild                    Ms. Ana Oviedo                      Ms. Mary A. Penner                    Ms. Yolanda Pompey                     Ms. Lilia Rascon
                    C.G. Nortman                        Mr. Andre A. Oviedo                 Ms. Tara Penner                       Mr. Gilbert J. Pon                     Mr. and Mrs. Saeed Rashedi
                    Ms. Cynthia E. Norton               Mrs. Bernice M. Owen                Penniman Foundation, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Pontell          Ms. Annie A. Ray
                    Ms. Lillian M. Norton               Mr. and Mrs. John A. Owen           Mr. Matthew Peppler                   The Pontrelli Family Trust             Rayco II World of Spoilers, Inc.
                    Notre Dame Academy                  Mr. and Mrs. William J. Owen        The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. Brigida Pontrelli         Ms. Ena M. Read
                    Nour Foundation                     Mr. John Phillip Owens              Ms. Georgina Perales                  Mr. Dean M. Ponzi                      Reairco Air Conditioning Service
                    Mr. James Novak                     Ms. Laura Owens                     Mr. and Mrs. Ian C. Pereira           Mr. George J. Popovich                 Reaney Design, Inc.
                    Mr. Patrick J. Novak                Twyman R. Owens, MD and             Ms. Gayani Perera                     Mr. John B. Porteous                   Mr. John Reaves
                    Mr. Philip A. Nowlin                  Renee Bryant, MD                  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Pereslete     Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Porter         Mr. and Mrs. Adrian R. Rebollo
                    NRG                                 Mr. Richard Oxford                  Ms. Amelia Perez                      Mr. Ralph W. Porter                    Mr. Adrian Rebollu
                    Mr. and Mrs. Randall Nulman         Mr. Chris Oxley                     Ms. Dyan Perez                        Mr. and Mrs. Steve Porter              Ms. Mary Recendez
                    Number 7, Inc.                      Ms. Ma Victoria D. Pabon            Ms. Guadalupe Perez                   Mr. and Mrs. I. Irving Porush          Neale W. Redington
                    Mr. Santos Nunez                    Mr. Felix M. Pacheco                Ms. Imelda Perez                      Mr. Habiba Possani                     Mr. Charles Reed
                    Ms. Monica Nuno                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Pacini       Jesse M. Perez                        Ms. Annie Potts and                    Ms. Kelly Reed
                    Linda R. Nussbaum, MD               Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Packard         Mr. and Mrs. Rick Perez                  Mr. James Hayman                    Margaret Reed
                    NYA Investments                     Paddy Construction, Inc.            Ms. Susana Perez                      Ms. Mina Pourang                       Mr. David C. Reep
                    Mrs. Susan Nykoluk                  Ms. Lisa Padilla                    Tete and Maribel Limus Perez          Mr. and Mrs. John Pourmoradi           Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reestman
                    Ms. Miyeko Obata                    Mr. and Mrs. George A. Padua        Ms. Fayne C. Peron and                Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Prado           Mr. Robert J. Reh
                    OBC Publishing Company, Inc.        Ms. Sharon Padua                       Ms. Patricia Haack                 Preferred Plush                        Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reichwald
                    Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Oberlander    Mr. Richard Paegelow and            Ms. Catherine M. Perow                Premier Tile and Marble                Debbie Reid
                    Ob-jects                              Mr. Chris Tang                    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brian Perr       Ms. Mary Preston and Mr. Henry Olek    Andreas O. Reiff, MD
                    O’Brien & Martinetto                The Page Family Foundation          Mrs. Karen Perrault                   Mr. James P. Pretlow                   Mr. and Mrs. Irving Reifman
                    Mr. Daniel O’Brien                  Mr. Chris Pahl                      David Perrin                          Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Price             Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Reinis
                    Mr. Harry P. O’Brien                Mr. and Mrs. David Pahoa            Dr. and Mrs. Barry Perrou             Prime Home Loans, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reisman
                    Mrs. Pat O’Brien                    Michelle Paige-Hilley               Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Perry            Ms. Lynn Prince and Mr. Randy Senter   Mr. and Mrs. Ellis D. Reiter, Jr.
                    Mrs. Donald O’Bryan                 Ms. Ellen Jane Paik                 Ms. Jennifer L. Perry                 Princeton Produce                      Mr. Justin Remeny
                    Mr. George Ocegueda                 Mr. Thomas R. Painter               Mr. Matthew R. Perry                  Mr. and Mrs. Gene Prindle              Remon Enterprises, Inc.
                    Mr. Edy Ochoa                       Ms. Diana M. Palmer                 Ms. Barbara E. Persten                Ms. Cheryle A. Pritchard               Repete Productions, Inc.
                    Mr. and Mrs. Heriberto Ochoa, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Hans C. Palmer         Mr. and Mrs. James L. Perzik          Mr. Richard A. Proeschel               Yvette Resendiz
                    Mr. Joseph E. O’Connell             Mr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Palmer       Ms. Barbara B. Peters                 Professional Putting Greens &          Ms. Denise Resetar
                    Mrs. Patricia H. O’Connell          Mr. Rooben Panosian                 Mr. Jack H. Peterson                     Turf Systems                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Resnick
                    Mr. James J. O’Connor               Mr. Robert Paolilli                 Ms. Laura Peterson                    Ms. Beverley Proudman and              Ms. Shelley P. Resnik
                    Mary S. Oda, MD                     Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Papazian      Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Peterson           Ms. Stephanie Proudman              Mr. and Mrs. John S. Reuter

      38 | imagine spring 05
Ms. Kimberly Revilla                     Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rose                  Saints Felicitas and Perpetua         Mr. Donald E. Schlaich              Ms. Karen Sharp
Mr. Catalino A. Reyes
Ms. Deann Reyes
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Rose
                                         Ms. Loris Rose
                                                                               Ms. Martha Saiz
                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Schlatter
                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schlesinger
                                                                                                                                                         The Shaw Family Trust
                                                                                                                                                         Ms. Angela Lansbury Shaw
Mr. Fabio Reyes                          Mr. David Roseius                     Ms. Ursala Asma Sajjad                Mr. Kenneth C. Schmader             Ms. Hoda Shawky
Mr. and Mrs. Geronimo G. Reyes           Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Rosen         Ms. Martha E. Sakamoto and            Mr. and Mrs. David R. Schmidt       Ms. Mary Wright Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Reyes                Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. Rosen             Mr. Joseph D. Sullivan, Sr.        Mr. J. Lawrence Schnadig            Ms. Teresa M. Shea
Ms. Jessica E. Reynolds                  Ms. Lois Rosen                        Mrs. Karen Chasalow Saken             Mr. and Mrs. William Schnee         Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sheck
                                                                                                                                                                                                    for the time
RGI Financial                            Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rosen              Mr. Al Salahi                         Ms. Cathey Schneider                Ms. Terrie Sheehan
Mrs. Katherine Rianda                    Dr. and Mrs. Brett Rosenberg          Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad Salari          Ms. Debbie L. Schneider and         Ms. Linda N. Sheffield                        period of
Mr. and Mrs. Steven John Riboli          Ms. Judy Flesh Rosenberg              Mr. Steve Salas                         Mr. Michael Friedman              Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sheldon                 January 1, 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Rice               Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rosenberg            Christine Salazar                     Ms. Arlene Schneir and              Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Sheldon              through
Mr. Anthony Rich                         Ms. Ande Rosenblum                    Mr. John G. Salazar                     Mr. Steven M. Barlam              Ms. Jacque L. Shell and                 December 31, 2004
Richard E. Bates & Associates            Ms. Linda Rosenson                    Mr. Robert C. Salazar                 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Schnieders     Ms. Nina L. Shell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Richardson        Mr. and Mrs. Dennis I. Rosenstock     Mr. and Mrs. Derek Salcido            Ms. Patricia Schonviesner           Mr. Walter J. Sheltz
Mr. and Mrs. Don Rickles                 Mr. Mark A. Rosenthal                 Ms. Laura Saldivar                    Mr. Stuart M. Schoolnik             Ms. Mary Ann Shemdin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Ridder            Mr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Rosenthal      Ms. Elizabeth C. Salevik              Mr. Walter R. Schramm               Mr. Shekhar Shende
Mr. Larry E. Ridenour                    Mr. and Mrs. Lance E. Rosenzweig      Mrs. Sylvia Salias-Jacuqes            Miss Roslyn Schrank                 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Rife             Mr. and Mrs. Mansoor Roshan           Mr. Naseeb M. Saliba                  Mr. and Mrs. William Schreiber      Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Brent D. Rigby              Beverly and Irwin Rosoff              Ms. Rhea Salinas                      Ms. Cheri Schroeder                 Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Riggio             Mr. and Mrs. Cary B. Rosoff           Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. Salit           Ms. Kelly Schroeder                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sherak
Mr. R. Neil Rimington                    Ms. June Rosoff                       Mr. Avram Salkin                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schroeder    Mr. Gregory B. Sheran
Ms. Nina Jeaneth Rincon                  Mr. and Mrs. Deane E. Ross            Ms. April Sall                        Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Schroeder   Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Shere
Ms. Norma Ring                           Mr. and Mrs. Dickenson C. Ross        Ms. Stan Salomons                     Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Schueller         Ms. Kathleen Anne Sherlock
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ringelberg             Mr. Marvin F. Ross                    Mr. Roni Abs Salon                    Mr. and Mrs. George L. Schuler      Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Sherman
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Ringer             Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Ross          Mrs. Kathy Salsgiver                  Mr. Robert L. Schultz               Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Sherman
James Ripka                              Mr. Craig Rossi                       Mr. and Mrs. David Salzman            Mr. Robert H. Schumann              Mr. Lloyd Sherr
Ms. Nina M. Ristani                      Ms. Debra J. Roth                     Mr. and Mrs. David B. Salzman         Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Schuur      Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sherrill
Mr. Neil Ritchey                         Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roth                Mr. and Mrs. Jose J. Samaniego        Ms. Cecile J. Schwartz              Ms. Norma K. Sherry
Dr. and Mrs. James Ritter                Ms. Pamela J. Roth                    Mr. and Mrs. Costantino Sambuy        Schwarzbach Family Foundation       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Sherwin
Ms. Julia J. Riva                        Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Roth            Samson Products, Inc.                 Ms. Diane Schwarzbach               Shiau
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro A. Rivas              Mr. Wallace J. Rothbart               Mr. Sherwin L. Samuels                Mr. and Mrs. Hebert D. Schweiger    Ms. Jeanette Shih
R.L. Bunch Company                       Ms. Nadine F. Rothermel               Mr. Daniel Sanchez                    Mr. Scott E. Schwimer and           Ms. Bertha Y. Shimazu
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Roa               Mr. Russell K. Rothner                Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert V. Sanchez         Mr. Michael H. Epstein            Ms. Juila Shin
Ms. Connie J. Roach                      Mr. Erin L. Rottman and               Ms. Mary Sanchez                      Ms. Brenda Scialdone                Mr. Rob Shipp
Roam “N” Relics, Inc.                       Mr. Steven J. Rottman              Mr. Paul L. Sanchez                   Mr. Vito Scmanda                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Robbins            Ms. Alison Rou                        Mr. and Mrs. Ramon C. Sanchez         Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Scott         Mr. Ofer Shitrit
Mr. David Roberts                        Mr. and Mrs. John Roubian             Ms. Bernice Sanders                   Ms. Cindy Scott and                 Mr. and Mrs. Naftaly Shmargal
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Roberts                Mr. Roger Roudy                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sanders             Mr. John A. French                Mr. Kayoshi Shoda
Ms. Joan Lee Robey                       Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Roum         Mr. George W. Sanders                 Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Scott        Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Shoemaker
Mary Louise Robichaud                    Round the Clock Pest Control          Mr. Perry C. Sanders                  Mr. and Mrs. James J. Scott         Mr. Elias Shokrian
Robin Hood Music Company                 Mr. Albert Rousak                     Mr. David Sandoval                    Mrs. Jennie Scott                   Mr. and Mrs. Nassir Shokrian
Robinson Elementary School PTSA          Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rouzie            Mr. Phillip J. Sandoval, Sr.          Ms. Joy Scott                       Mr. Eric M. Shore
Bonnie Robinson                          Rowe Development Company              Sandy S. Koh, MD, Inc.                Mrs. Rae Scott                      Mrs. Michelle Shrikian
Mr. and Mrs. David Kirk Robinson         R&R Financial                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Sanford          Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Scott         Mr. Thomas S. Shubert
Ryan G. Robinson                         Miss Susie Rubalcava                  Irene N. Sang, OD                     Mr. and Mrs. William H. Scott       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shue
Ms. Stephanie Robinson and               Ms. Melinda Rubin                     Justin Sangani                        Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Scriba        Ms. Corrine Shukartsi
  Mr. Joshua Goldstine                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Rubin         Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Sanger, Jr.     Mr. Louis A. Scroggin               Mr. and Mrs. Irving Shuman
Mr. Terry Z. Robinson                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rubin            Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sanger              Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Scroggins      Ms. Diana P. Sia
Mr. Tony Robinson                        Mr. Stephen J. Ruda and               Ms. Valeria J. Sanna                  Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scullin            Mr. and Mrs. Philbert A. Siacunco
Ms. Kathleen Sala Robishaw                  Mrs. Susan Zambetti-Ruda           Sanrio Surprises                      Ms. Linda Scurria                   Mr. James J. Sie and
Mr. Edward M. Robles                     Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Rudnick         Santa Barbara County’s United Way     Sears                                 Mr. Douglas W. Wood
Mr. Genaro T. Robles                     Ms. Kathy Rugh                        Miss Sonia Santacruz                  Mr. and Mrs. Martin Seaton          Ms. Krystyna Siedlecki
Ms. Joanne L. Robles                     Ms. Dorothy Ruhl                      Mr. Roberto Santiago                  Mrs. Samantha Sedaka                Ms. Blossom Siegel
Mrs. Barbara Robson                      Mrs. Antonia Ruiz                     Miss Connie Sarabia                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Seeger       Ms. Phyllis Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rocco                Mr. Carlos Ruiz                       Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sarafa            Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Seewack    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Siegel
Ms. Janett L. Rockwell                   Mr. Henry Ruiz                        Mr. Sean A. Sardari                   Mr. Albert Segal                    Michael M. Siegel, MD
Mrs. Kristine M. Rodas                   Ms. Zujei Ruiz                        Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Sargent          Mr. and Mrs. Jay Segal              Ms. Carrie Sield
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Roden                Mr. Matthew R. Rungaitis              Ms. Karen Linda Sasaki                Ms. Ruth Segal                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert Sievers
Mrs. Maria A. Roder and                  Mrs. Janice O. Rusack                 Sasu Apparel, Inc.                    Mr. Josue Segoria                   Mr. Juan Sifuentes
  Mr. Gordon Roder                       Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. Rush          Ms. Dorothy A. Sather                 Mr. Murat Z. Sehidoglu              Ms. Sheila Silber
Ms. Dorcas Wells Rodi                    Mr. Allen M. Russak                   Mr. and Mrs. Takeo C. Sato            Mr. Richard F. Seiden               Ms. Tara Silva and Mr. Gregg Mettler
Mr. Archie R. Rodia                      Mr. John C. Russell                   Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Satterfield      Ms. Catherine Seitz                 Hector and Jennie Silva
Ms. Angelica Rodriguez                   Mr. Milas Russell, Jr.                Mr. Mike Sauceto                      Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Sellers      Miriam Silva
Ms. Cynthia D. Rodriguez                 Mr. Sam L. Russell                    Mr. and Mrs. Naftali Sauerbrun        Ms. Bernadette Senn                 Mr. Ricardo Silva
Mr. Daniel N. Rodriguez, Sr.             Ms. Vielka Russell                    Ms. Carla Saunders                    Mr. Mehrnaz Sepehripour             Mr. and Mrs. Troy Silva
Mr. Earl Rodriguez                       Mrs. Amelia F. Rutherford             Ms. Faith A. Saunders                 Sepracor, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Willie Silva
Mr. Gilbert Rodriguez                    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rutherford      Mr. George Savitsky                   Diana Z. Sepulveda                  Mr. and Mrs. Shel Silver
Ms. Irene Rodriguez                      Mrs. Linda M. Rutkowski               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sawyer            Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Serna        Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Silver
Mr. Jesus Rodriguez                      Steve Rutledge                        Mr. Eugene J. Sayler                  Mr. Froilan Serrano                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Silverman
Mrs. Leticia Rodriguez                   Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rutledge      Ms. Maryanne Louise Saylor and        Seventh Art Releasing               Mr. and Mrs. David Silverman
Ms. Lina Rodriguez                       R.W. Zant Company                        Mr. Laurence Small                 Mr. and Mrs. Moussa Shaaya          Mr. Martin Silverman
Ms. Mary T. Rodriguez                    Mr. Nicholas T. Ryan                  SBC Employee Giving United Way        Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shaevel         Dr. Mitra Simanian
Mrs. Monica Rodriguez                    Ms. Patricia Ryan                        Campaign                           Ms. Marie D. Shafer                 Ms. Bernice W. Simmel
Mr. Randy Rodriguez                      Mr. Richard Rynveld                   Mrs. Marjorie J. Bennett Sbicca       Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Shaffran    Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Roe             S.L. & C.D. Klatzker                  Mr. Peter Sbicca                      Mr. Kunal Shah                        Simmons
Ms. Lisa C. Rogell                       Ms. Helen Saavedra                    Mr. Salvatore A. Scaffide              Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shaller           Ms. Elizabeth B. Simon
Ms. Courtney A. Rogers                   Ms. Patricia Sabados                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Anthony Scamardo   Ava T. Shamban, MD                  Ms. Tamme Simon-McCauley
Ms. Jessica Rogers                       Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Sabatasso        Ms. Shelley Scanlan                   Mr. and Mrs. Sarmad Shammas         Mrs. Barbara L. Simpson
Ms. Nancy Rogers                         Ms. Maria A. Sacchetto                Ms. Beatrice B. Scarborough           Ms. Sunisa Shamoon and              Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Simpson
Michele M. Roland, MD                    Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Alberto Saccone   Mr. John Scardino                       Mr. Y. Peeyachaiprapa             Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sinani
Ms. Robin Rolfes                         Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Sachs          Mr. Stanley Scepanik                  Ms. Mary Shanahan and               Mrs. Esther J. Sinclaire
Rollalong Sams of Burbank                Mr. Bruce Sacks                       Mr. and Mrs. James C. Schad             Mr. Michael M. Heizer             Mr. Morgan Sinclaire
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Rolt                   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sadamitsu           Mrs. Theresa Schaefer                 Mr. Tim Shaner                      Mr. Bryan Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick P. Romagnano, Jr.   Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Saeger        Ms. Linda Rae Scharlin and            Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Shanfeld     Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rombach            Mr. Frank Saenz                          Mr. Barry L. Pinsky                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Shanks      Mark and Amber Sinkinson
Ms. Aidan Romick                         Mr. David S. Safai                    Adele Scheele, PhD                    Dr. Joan R. Shapiro and             Ms. Judy S. Sitzer
Mr. Steven Romick                        M. Steven Sager, MD                   Ms. Krista Scheer                       Mr. Edward Gartenberg             Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Siu
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rood, Jr.              Ms. Sukhwinder Sagoo                  Lillian Schermer Charitable Trust     Ms. Lynne Shapiro                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sjoberg
Rosa Mae, Inc.                           Ms. Rita Sahai                        Mr. Robert P. Schifferman             Ms. Risa Shapiro                    Ms. Mary Skaar
Ms. Ana Maria Rosal                      Mr. Maziar Saidi                      Ms. Ann Schilo                        Ms. Phoebe Sharaf                   Mr. Jeff Skelton
Ms. Martha Rosas                         Mr. and Mrs. Natty Saidoff            Mr. and Mrs. Willard Schireson        Ms. Jonie Sharp                     Mr. Dennis Skiles

                                                                                                                                                                                   imagine spring 05 | 39
                   Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Sklar          The Honorable S. Patricia Spear and    Mr. and Mrs. John G. Stephens        Ms. Eileen Tan                       Ms. Christine Tiu
   i               Mrs. Ann Slavik
                   Ms. Tracy Slavinsky and
                                                            Mr. Martin J. Spear
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Spears
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Sterling
                                                                                                Ms. Judy Sterling
                                                                                                                                     Ms. Gwendalyn S. Tan and
                                                                                                                                       Mr. Andrew L. Say
                                                                                                                                                                          Ms. Joyce Poho Tiu
                                                                                                                                                                          Linda Tobey
                      Mr. Peter Carpenter                Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Speciale          Mr. Gary Stern                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Tanabe       Mr. and Mrs. Keith Tobias
                   Mr. Robert B. Slight                  Specialty Valve & Fitting Company      Mr. Stephen J. Stern                 Ms. Sandy T. Tanaka                  Ms. Shari Q. Tochihara
                   Mr. Brad G. Slocum                    Ms. Naomi R. Spector                   Mr. and Mrs. David L. Sternberg      Mr. Dan C. Tang                      Mr. George Todt
                   Mr. Russell M. Slocum                 Spectrum Land Planning, Inc.           Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sternberg        Sui Jen Dai Tang                     Ms. Dorothy Toeppen
annual report

                   Norman Slomann and Gail Webster       Nancy M. Speed, MD and                 Mr. Sebastiano Sterpa                Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Tang             Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tolan
                   Smart Sonic Corporation                  Joseph A. Schwartz, MD              Ms. Spooky Stevens                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tani          Tom’s Burger
                   Ms. Jeanie M. Smart                   Mr. Laurence A. Speiser                Mrs. Martha Lenore Stevenson         Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Tanita            Mr. Ellis H. Tomsky
                   Mrs. J. Roy Smetz                     Ms. Kimberly Spencer                   Ms. Kathy Stever                     Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tanner              Mr. Scott Tong and
                   The Smidt Family Foundation           Spencer-Taylor Corporation             Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. Stewart         Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Tanner        Mr. Yuen San Wang
                   Mr. and Mrs. Allan Smidt              Ms. Maribeth Spensiero                 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stillman        Mr. Christopher Tanquary             Ms. Tracy B. Tong
                   Mr. and Mrs. John Smisko              Mr. and Mrs. Burton S. Sperber         Ms. Sandra Stillwater                Mrs. Maria Tanquary                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Toombs
                   Ms. Bernadine M. Smith                Mr. Steven Sperber                     Ms. Jean F. Stimolo                  Mr. Patrick Tantribeau               Dr. Suzanne L. Topalian and
                   Cecil B. Smith and Pamela J. Flores   Mr. Steven D. Spile                    Ms. Sandra Stirts                    Ms. Kathleen M. Tapia                  Dr. Drew M. Pardoll
                   Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Smith           Mrs. Valerie Spingola                  Mr. Erwin Stoff                      Ms. Jane E. Tardiff                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Topolsky
                   Mr. Earl Smith                        Mr. and Mrs. John Squires              Mr. George Stolt                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Tardiff       S.M. Torabian
                   Esmond S. Smith, MD                   Ms. Gina St. Denise                    Mr. and Mrs. Lyle J. Stoltenberg     Mr. and Mrs. Todd Taricco            Mrs. Ornit Toren
                   Mr. Gilbert D. Smith                  Ms. Janet R. St. Dennis                Mr. Daniel Stone                     Ms. Helen Tartavull                  Mr. Marcelo Torre
                   Mr. and Mrs. James G. Smith           Ms. Maryann St. Jude                   Mr. Merle Vincent Stone              Mr. Daniel G. Tartt                  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Torres
                   Mr. and Mrs. John J. Smith            St. Louis Strutters                    Mr. Stephen Stone                    Tarzana Capital Financial , Inc.     Ms. Beatriz Torres
                   Mr. Kurtwood Smith                    St. Peter by the Sea Presbyterian      Ms. Nancy C. Storrs                  Mr. Lim Tashman                      Mr. Gabriel Torres
                   Mrs. Mary Margaret Smith                 Church                              Miss Irma Story                      Mr. and Mrs. Damien L. Tate          Mr. Gonzalo R. Torres
                   Mr. Michael J. Smith                  Mrs. Michelle Stall                    Kathy Strafford                      Mr. and Ms. Alex Taub                Mr. Jose Torres
                   Mrs. Patricia H. Smith                Ms. Lea Stalmaster and                 Mr. Mike Strasser                    Khaled A. Tawansy, MD                Ms. Lorena Torres-Gonzalez
                   Mrs. Penny L. Russell Smith              Mr. Terry Clark Morse               Mrs. Noelene Streets                 Mr. and Mrs. Masaya Taya             Ms. Carmen Torres-Smith
                   Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Smith             Standard Bias Binding Company          Mrs. Charlotte R. Strobl             Mr. Brian Taylor                     Torrey Family
                   Mr. Steve Smith                       Stanford Street Investments            Mr. Robert J. Strock                 Mr. John C. Taylor                   Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Torsney
                   Mr. Steven P. Smith                   Bobby S. Stankov, DDS                  Ms. Eileen Goodis Strom              Mr. and Mrs. John F. Taylor          Ms. Loretta Torti
                   Miss Violet Smith                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Stanley          Mr. and Mrs. George G. Strong, Jr.   Miss Lisa Marie Taylor               Mr. James S. Tosh
                   Gary M. Smithson, MD                  Mrs. Lisa Stanley                      Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Strout        Mr. Mark Taylor                      Ms. Linda D. Tosti
                   Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Smitley          Ms. Jessie M. Stanton                  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Struthers         Suzanne Taylor                       TPG, Inc.
                   Mr. David Snell                       Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stanton           Mr. Edward J. Stryker                Mr. and Mrs. Larkin Teasley          Mr. David C. Trainer
                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Snelson       Mr. Don Stark                          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stuart           Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Teasley       Ms. Chi Kim Tran and
                   Ashley L. Snider                      Ms. Dorothy N. Stark                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Stuart        Mr. and Mrs. William N. Tebbe          Mr. Steve Zukotynski
                   Mr. Henry D. Sobel                    Mr. Philip B. Stark                    Mr. and Mrs. Pat Studstill           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tebo            Mr. Matthew Tran
                   Irvin Q. Sobel, MD                    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stark              Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Stuver        Mr. Ali R. Tehranian and             Ms. Lisa Traves
                   Mr. Philip H. Sobel                   Starlight Starbright Children’s        Style Effects II Beauty Salon          Shekofe H. Farsany                 Ms. Melinda Travis
                   Social Club of Chino High School         Foundation                          Michael Suarez and Family            Mr. Antonio Tejeda                   Mr. and Mrs. Alex Trebek
                   Ms. Suzanne Soko                      Mr. Charles H. Starr, Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Sudikoff     Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Joseph Telese     Mrs. Grace Trejo
                   Mr. and Mrs. Erwin H. Sokol           Mrs. Josephine C. Starr and            Mr. and Mr. Curtis W. Sugars, Jr.    Mr. Jorge Aleman Tellez              Mr. Robert P. Tressler
                   Mr. Jose R. Solano                       Mr. James M. Williams               Mr. John I. Sugiyama                 Mr. Ralph L. Templar                 Mr. John Trevennen
                   Ms. Jennie F. Soler                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stassi             Mr. and Mrs. Young D. Suhr           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Templar      Mr. Oscar Trevino
                   Ms. Yvonne Solis                      State Street Corporation               Ms. Liesl B. Sullivan                Temple Sinai of Glendale             Ms. Lavra Trieto
                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Solomon          Mr. Thaddeus J. Stauber                Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sulzinger     Tenet                                Trojan Battery Company
                   Soltaris, Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Stavert         Ms. Judy A. Summers                  Tenet Healthcare Foundation          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trombley
                   Jonathan C. Song, MD                  Ms. Diane Stearns                      Mr. Raymond H. Summers                 Matching Gift Program              Mr. Michael Tronick
                   Sony Pictures Entertainment           Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Steele             Mrs. Doris K. Sumner and             Ms. Lorena B. Tengonciang            Mrs. Lia Trovati
                   Ms. Joi Sorensen                      Ms. Toni S. Steele                        Mr. J. Michael Malloy             Mr. Eldon J. Teper                   Mr. John Peter Trueblood
                   Mr. Sergio Soria                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Steenken       Mrs. Robert Sumpf                    Mr. Jose Antonio Terrazas            Ms. Jennifer A. Trujillo
                   Ms. Lola D. Sorrells                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Stein          Ms. Ashley Sun                       Mrs. Barbara M. Terry and            Mr. Ralph A. Trujillo
                   Mr. Jose Oscar Sosa                   Mrs. Barbara Steinberg                 Ms. Linda Sun and Ms. Emmy Chen        Ms. Debbie Irene Cross             Ms. Donna Trunnell and
                   SourceCF                              Mr. and Mrs. George L. Stelmach        Mrs. Shirley Sun                     Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Terusa           Mr. Hubert T. Blow
                   Mr. David A. Southwick                Mr. Adam David Stelzer                 Ms. Ann Sunde                        Mrs. Valerie L. Tesauro and          Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Truskett
                   Mr. Daniel Souza                      Mrs. Jackie Stephen                    Ms. Jane Sunderland                    Mr. Jeffrey D. Moscaret            Trust Bank
                   Mr. Martin Spagters                   Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Stephens, Jr.   Sun-Kissed                           Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Tesoro       Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Trustman
                   Ms. Patricia M. Sparks                Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Stephens, Jr.     Sunshine Club                        Mr. Ross Tesser                      Tryarc, LLC
                                                                                                Ms. Monique Suraci                   Mr. Chuong K. Thai                   Mr. Juan Tsao
                                                                                                Mrs. Marion Surichaqui               Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Tharnstrom   Ms. Priscilla Tsao
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Ronald John Surina      Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Thedinga       Choi Y. Tse
                                                                                                Dr. John D. O. Sutorius              Ms. Anne Thibeaux                    Mr. Harry M. Tsuneta
                                                                                                Sutton, Barth and Vennari, Inc.      Mr. Kent J. Thiry                    Mr. and Mrs. John I. Tucker
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. John T. Sutton, Jr.     Thomas Backhoe & Grading, Inc.       Ms. Elaine Tudela
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Sean Sutton             Ms. Laura S. Thomas                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jenkin Tudor
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. David Suzukawa          Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Thomas          Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Tuler
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Suzumoto        Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Thomas         Miss Vanessa Tunks
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Sven B. Svendsen        Mr. R. R. Thomas                     Turbine Engine Components
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Swanson      Mr. Robert Thomas, Jr.               Mr. Jeff Turley
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Swanson         Mr. Wayne Thomas                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Turnage
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Swanson         Ms. Evelyn A. Thomason               Ms. Denise Turner
                                                                                                Mr. Richard F. Swanson, Jr.          The Thomopoulos Family Foundation    Ms. Kathleen Mary Turner
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Howard Swart            Mr. and Mrs. David K. Thompson       Ms. Kathy Turner
                                                                                                Mr. Henry H. Swartz                  Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Thompson         Mr. and Mrs. Patric J. Turner
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Swartz       Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Thompson         Ms. Shirley Turner
                                                                                                Miss Carolynn Sweat                  Ms. Joy A. Thompson                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tuttle
                                                                                                Mr. Peter D. Sykes                   Mr. and Mrs. Mendell Thompson        Mr. and Mrs. Jan M. Twardowski
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Hamid F. Tabatabai      Mr. Roy Thompson                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Twiford
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin V. Tadelis     Mr. Steve Thompsonn                  Mr. Robert Tyler
                                                                                                Ms. Glenda J. Tafoya and             Ms. Dana Thorp                       Mrs. Patricia Tyler-Budovec
                                                                                                   Mr. Robert Swerdling              Mr. James E. Thorp                   Mr. and Mrs. Jay Tyrrell
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Joji Tagawa             Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Thurston        UBOC Employee Workplace
                                                                                                Ms. Jacqueline D. Tagliere           Ticino Music, Inc.                     Campaign
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taira              Mr. Andrew Tien                      UBS
                                                                                                Ms. Pauline C. Takahashi             Judith A. Tighe                      Uglymc, Inc.
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Alan David Taksar       Mr. Ronald D. Tillery                Mr. and Mrs. John Ulmer
                                                                                                Tala Associates, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. John An Ting            Mr. and Mrs. Henry Unger
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Neil W. Talbot          Ms. Decie M. Tinkham and             United Catholics Federal Credit Union
                                                                                                Tamkin Foundation, Inc.                Ms. Deborah Knoblock               United Way of Bergen County
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Tamkin        Mr. and Mrs. John Tishbi             United Way of Central Maryland
                   Caitlyn Bove, age 4                                                          Dr. and Mrs. S. Jerome Tamkin        Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Tistaert    United Way of Delaware

      40 | imagine spring 05
United Way of Greater Battle Creek    Mr. David B. Voss                       Mr. Craig Weintraub                     Mrs. Margaret Wipfli                  Ms. Yevgenia Yeghiazarians and
United Way of King County
United Way of the Inland Valleys
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Abbas Vossoughi
                                      Ms. Jill D. Vukich
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Lou Weisbach
                                                                              Dr. Manuel Weiskopf
                                                                                                                      Mr. Don Raymond Wisco
                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Wishengrad
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. Joseph Nazari
                                                                                                                                                           Ms. Huey-Ju Grace Yeh
United West Properties, Inc.          Ms. Rena Wachtel                        Dr. and Mrs. Allen H. Weiss             Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Wisner         Ms. Rose P. Yeh
Universal Studios Matching            Ms. Carolyn S. Waddell and              Mr. David Weiss and Mr. Martin Weiss    Wendy and Dan Withers                Mr. and Mrs. Nick Yekani
   Contributions Program                Ms. Marolyn L. Waddell                Mr. and Mrs. David N. Weiss             Mr. and Mrs. Barry N. Witt, Sr.      Mrs. Adele Yellin
The University of Iowa                Mrs. Ernestine B. Wade                  Mr. Tobias Weiss                        Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Witten       Sam Ynzunza
                                                                                                                                                                                                     for the time
UPS Foundation, Inc.                  Ms. Cecelia D. Wagers                   Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Weissman       WM Holdings, Inc.                    Mr. William Raymond Yoos
US Auto                               Ms. Barbara E. Wagner                   Mr. Mark Welches                        Ms. Linda S. Wohl                    Ms. Deborah M. York                         period of
Mr. Nusa Vaifale                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Wagner             The John and Marilyn Wells Family       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Wolf         Mrs. Joan E. York                       January 1, 2004
Mr. and Mrs. William Vail             Ms. Paula Wagner and Mr. Rick Nicita      Foundation                            Robert A. Wolf, MD                   Ms. Kristi A. Yoshikawa                     through
Mr. Gilbert Valderama                 Mr. Robert Wagner                       Mr. and Mrs. Kirk L. Wentzell           Helen B. Wolff, MD                   Mr. and Mrs. Amre Youness              December 31, 2004
Ms. Kamoran Valdez                    Ms. Stella Lucile Wagner                Mr. and Mrs. William L. Werlinger       Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wolff          Young Presidents’ Organization
Dr. Patricia Ann Valdez               Mr. Thomas Wagner                       Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Werner           Ms. Marcelene D. Wolford                Los Angeles Chapter
Mr. Carlos Valenzuela                 Ms. Margaret M. Wahlrab                 Wescorp                                 Ms. Nora Wolin                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Young
Ms. Diana Valenzuela                  Ms. Bonnie Wai                          West Coast Glass & Mirror Company       Mr. and Mrs. George D. Wolodkin      Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Young
Mr. and Mrs. Milton G. Valera         Mr. Rupert Wainwright                   West Covina Emblem Club No. 299         Ms. Mindy Wolpa                      Mr. Leland J. Young
Mr. Ryan N. Valley                    Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Waite            West End Partners                       Ms. Jean B. Wolstein and             Mrs. Lorraine Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vallier           Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wakisaka             Western States Chapter-ACPA, Inc.         Ms. Mary L. Walter                 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Young
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Vallone        Mr. Chris Walden                        Western-Allied Corporation              Amy W. Wong                          Mr. and Mrs. Wade S. Young
Ms. Dorothy G. Van Bortel             Mr. Ira J. Waldman                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Westlake         Ms. Christina Wong and               Mr. Sassan Youssefizad
Mr. Laurence M. Van Dercreek          Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Walker             Ms. Fiona Westover and                    Mr. David Poon                     Mr. J.C. Yriarte
Laurel Van Dromme                     Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Walker              Ms. Nualan M. Shaw                    Irwin and Judith Wong                Mr. and Mrs. Eugene T. Yu
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Van Fossan     Mr. James Walker                        Ms. Joanne Westrup                      Mr. Jack Wong                        Ms. Yih-Ching Yu and Mr. Chun Li Pu
Melanie Van Heusen                    Mrs. Mae Helen Walker                   Ms. Helen K. Wetzel                     Mr. Ralph L. Wong                    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yue
Mr. Henri J. Van Hirtum               Mattie M. Walker, EdD                   Ms. Patricia Whalen and                 Mr. and Mrs. Brain C. Woo            Ms. Cherri Yuen
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Van Horn           Mrs. Robert S. Walker                     Ms. Mazel Thomas                      Mr. Daniel S. Wood                   Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Yuhas
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Van Huisen          Mr. Ronald K. Walker                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Wheeler          Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wood              Ms. Margaret Y. Yuki
Dr. Pieter J. Van Niel                Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Walker           Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Whelan, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wood, Jr.    Mr. Eric S. Zaas
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Van Patten     Mr. and Mrs. Woody Walker               Whirl-Jet Systems                       Mr. Earl C. Wooden                   Ms. Constance G. Zahorik
Mr. Eric Van Scekelenborg             Mrs. Dorothy Sanborn Walkup             White Oak Alpacas                       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N. Woodruff     Nan Turner Zaitlen, MD
Van Vliet Dairy                       Ms. Elena Walkup                        Mrs. Elizabeth W. White                 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Woods         Mr. Charalampos Zalavras
Mr. Nick Klaas Van Vliet              Ms. Susan B. Wall                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. White           Miss Julia C. Woolf                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Zamboni
Ms. Patricia J. Van Vliet             Mr. and Mrs. George J. Wallace          Ms. Monique P. White                    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Worchell          Ms. Elaine Zameck and
Ms. Karen Lee Van Winkle              Mr. James Wallace                       Ms. Christine Norene S. Whitelock       Mr. and Mrs. Sid Workman                Mr. David Hoppenheim
Mr. William B. Van Wyck               Ms. Michelle Wallace                    Ms. Sharon Whitesell                    Tishya Wren, PhD                     Ms. Juana Zamora
Mr. Anahi Van Zandweghe               Mr. and Mrs. Ron L. Wallace             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whiting            Ms. Alice Wright                     Ms. Maureen E. Zane
Ms. Liza Schaefer Vance               Mr. and Mrs. W. John Wallace III        Mrs. Nancy Whitney                      Mr. Frank F. Wright, Jr.             Mr. Terry Zapapata
Ms. Cindy M. Vandenberg               Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Wallraff           Mr. and Mrs. Preston K. Whitney         Mr. and Mrs. George Wright           Ms. Ediccia Zapata
Ms. Kristin Vanderhoff                Ms. Mary L. Walsh                       Mr. Brent Wiblin                        Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Wright        Rosa Zapata
Ms. Allison Vanwig                    Walter Lorenz Surgical, Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Wick                Mrs. Leslie A. Wright and            Elizabeth Zaragoza
Mr. Armen A. Vartanian                Ms. Charlotte C. Wang                   Dr. Robin and Mr. Lawrence Wicker         Mr. Jeffrey D. Frost               Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Zehm
Ms. Aida Vasquez                      Edrick Wang                             Wide Corporation                        Miss Marie Wright                    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Zeidler
Ms. Catherine M. Vasquez              Mr. Patrick Wang                        Mr. Phyllis Lake Wieser                 Mr. Robert Wright                    Mr. and Mrs. Nader Zeighami
Ms. Christine E. Vasquez              Ms. Peggy Wang                          Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Wilcox                Mr. Robert K. Wright                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Todd Zeile
Mr. David Vasquez                     Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wang                 Mrs. Lori Wilds                         Ms. Sandra R. Wright                 Mr. Garrett Zeile
Mr. Gil R. Vasquez and                Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wanken               Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Wiles         Ms. Wendy Wright                     Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zeile
   Ms. Deanna M. Vasquez              Mr. Chris Warner                        Ms. Rose M. Wilhoite                    Ms. Sharon Wrightman                 Mr. Philip S. Zeitler
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Vasquez             Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Warsaw           Mr. Ronald R. Wilkniss                  Ms. Christina J. Wu                  Ms. Lucy Zeng
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vasquez        Mr. Benjamin Washington                 Williams, Jilek, Lafferty & Gallagher   Ms. Crystal Ai-Lan Wu                Zenith National Insurance
Ms. Rosalina Vazquez                  Mr. and Mrs. Casey Wasserman            Mr. Frank Williams                      Ms. Heidi Wu                            Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Vecchio        Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus G. Wasung         Mr. Frank J. Williams                   Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wu                  Ms. Terry R. Zeoli
Ms. Julie G. Vega                     Ms. Cathy Waterman                      Mr. Gerard A. Williams                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wuertz       Ms. Arlene Zepeda
Ms. Maribel Velasquez                 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Waterman              Ms. Helen N. Williams                   Mr. and Mrs. David Wyatt             Tracy Zicklin and Steve Zicklin
Ms. Olga Velasquez                    Watkins, Deal & Associates              Mr. and Mrs. James G. Williams          Mr. David E. Wyatt                   Mr. Daniel T. Ziegier
Ms. Victoria Velasquez                Ms. Rosalind Watkins                    Dr. and Mrs. Jason D. Williams          Wyeth Pharmaceuticals                Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Ziegler
Ms. Anna Velickovic                   Mr. Chad M. Watson                      Mr. John Hardin Williams                Mr. Dan M. Wynands                   Mr. and Mrs. Selim K. Zilkha
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Velte                Mr. David P. Watson                     Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Williams        Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Wyner           Mr. Dennis Zine
Venice Farmers’ Market                Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Watson            Ms. Lynn A. Williams                    Mrs. Estelle Judith Wythe            Ms. Bertha P. Zink
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ventimiglia, PhD    Ms. Nancy A. Watson                     Ms. Michele Williams                    Mr. Douglas Wyzorowski               Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zipperman
Ventura Youth Correctional Facility   Mr. James A. Watt                       Mrs. Natalee Cook Williams              Ms. Vivian Xie                       Ms. Laney Kay Ziv
Ms. Arlene Ventura                    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan V. Watts          Mr. Robert T. Williams                  Dr. Fanny Yacaman and                Ms. Jean E. Zoeller and
Ms. Debra L. Verdaasdonk              Mr. Robert Watzke                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Willyerd           Dr. Frank Vidjak                      Mr. Gregory P. Goeckner
Elaine Verdugo                        Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Waugh              Mrs. Annabelle A. Wilson and            Sajjad A. Yacoob, MD                 Zoic Studios
Versafab Corporation                  Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Wax                   Ms. Lorin H. Wilson                   Mr. and Mrs. Abdol Hussain Yaghtin   Mr. and Mrs. Milford Zornes
Vertical Aeronautics International    Mrs. Julie Waxman and                   Ms. Carolyn E. Wilson and               Ms. Corazon I. Yagyagan              Col. and Mrs. Jirayr H. Zorthian
Ms. Danna Vest                          Mr. Seth Freeman                        Mr. Paul T. Ryan                      Ms. Alireza S. Yahaghi               Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Zuber
Ms. Brandy Viera                      Weaver Bacon Real Estate Investments    Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Wilson           Yahoo!                               Zuniga Group
Mr. Giacomo Vieste and                Mr. and Mrs. Lorence F. Weaver          Ms. Helen Wilson                        Mr. and Mrs. Donn Yamada             Mr. and Mrs. Eric Zuniga
   Mr. Ron Auerbach                   Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Webb           Mr. Howard D. Wilson                    Dr. and Mrs. Joe Yamamoto            Mr. Barry Zwahlen
Ms. Kelli Vieweg                      Mrs. Daryl Ann Weber                    Mr. Jason Wilson                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Yamamoto        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Zwemer
Viewpoint Educational Foundation      Ms. Tamara Weber                        Mrs. John C. Wilson, Jr.                Dr. and Mrs. James N. Yamazaki
Ms. Diana Vilicich                    Mr. and Mrs. Dante P. Webster           Mr. John R. Wilson                      Mr. Henry A. Yanez
Mrs. Toni Villalobos                  Mr. George C. Webster II                Ms. Kathleen D. Wilson                  Ms. Sandra Yanez
Ms. Gloria Villanueva                 Ms. Winifred B. Wechsler and            Ms. Kathryn J. Wilson                   Ms. Becky Yang
Mr. Roberto Villar                      Mr. Jeffrey Wasserman                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Wilson          Ms. Jennifer Yang
Ms. Pilar Villasana                   Mr. Lance Wedegaertner                  Mr. Richard L. Wilson                   Ms. Nancy Yap
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Villasenor          Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Weeden, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wilson           Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yaplee
Mr. Maggit Villatoro                  Mr. and Mrs. John F. Weil               Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wilson           Mr. Michael Yassini
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Villegas         Mrs. Ruth Weil                          Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Wilson           Mr. and Mrs. James D. Yates
Mr. Patrick Vincent                   Ms. Esther Weinberger                   Ms. Marcia A. Wilson-Word               Kenneth M. Yates, DDS
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Vine          Ms. Harriet M. Weiner                   Mr. Andy Winderbaum                     Ms. Bettine Yawitz
Ms. Rhonda D. Vining                  Dr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Weiner           Miss Hilcia Winember                    Arthur Ybarra
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Visconti          Robert E. Weiner                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Winfield III         Wolf B. Yeager
Vista Family Health Center            Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weiner           Miss Alice N. Wing                      Ms. Eva A. Yee
Mrs. Nghi Vo                          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Weiner          Ms. Susan Wingard                       Miss Lucy Yee
Ms. Michele L. Vojtech                Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Weiner           Mr. and Mrs. Neill Winner               Ms. Melodee Yee
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Volz           Dr. and Mrs. Zelman Weingarten          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilbert Winslow    Mr. Parkson Yee
Mrs. Elizabeth Vom Dorp               Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Weinstein           Mr. Alonzo Winston                      Mr. Paul W. Yee, Jr.
Ms. Edwina Von Bjorn                  Ms. Paula Weinstein                     Mr. and Mrs. David L. Winter            Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yeghiazarian
Ms. Lois Von Morganroth               Ms. Patricia A. Weinstock               Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Winters

                                                                                                                                                                                    imagine spring 05 | 41
                    Endowment Funds                                                         Hugh and Audy Lou Colvin Chair in Cancer Research                        Las Madrinas Research Endowment Fund
   i                The following list acknowledges donors who established perma-
                                                                                               Established by the Colvin Foundation
                                                                                            Comprehensive Cystic Fibrosis Center Endowment
                                                                                                                                                                     Betty Learned Memorial Fund
                                                                                                                                                                        Established by friends and family of Betty Learned
                    nent endowment funds which help ensure a guaranteed, stable
                                                                                               Established by Chun-I Wang, MD and Frances L. Chiang                  Kent Lee Memorial Fund for Leukemia Research
                    stream of income to support exceptional patient care, scientific
                                                                                            Shannon Crandall, Jr. Memorial Fund                                         Established by Dortha S. Lee
                    research and medical education.
                                                                                               Established by Helen Fullerton Crandall                               Lisa Rowe Legg Endowment
                    Advanced Research Chair Endowment                                       Carson Russell Crouch Endowment                                             Established in honor of John and Onoria A. Rocca and
annual report

                       Established by Margaret Fleming Call                                    Established by family and friends of Carson Russell Crouch               Christina Rocca Rowe
                    Allmand Endowment for Research                                          Kate Crutcher Endowment Fund                                             Leire Family Endowment Fund
                    Anna Bing Arnold Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant                      Mary and Gary Damsker Special Needs Fund                                    Established by Tom and Merydith Leire
                       Endowment                                                            George N. Donnell Endowment in the Pediatric Educational                 Colleen Lenihan and John Dylan Lenihan “Care to Cure” Juvenile
                       Established by Peter Bing and the Bing Fund Corporation                 Institute                                                                Diabetes Fund
                    Anna Bing Arnold Endowment for Nursing Research                            Established by Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Dauer and associates of              Established by Variety – The Children’s Charity of Southern
                       Established by Henry C. Kent                                            George Donnell, MD                                                       California, Tent 25
                    Anna Bing Arnold Endowment Fund                                         Palmer Gross Ducommun Endowment Fund                                     Octavia W. and Winifred O. Little Memorial Orthopaedic
                       In honor of Mrs. Mary Duque                                             Established by Charles E. Ducommun and the Ducommun and                  Endowment Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Adolescent Medicine                               Gross Foundation                                                         Established by Dora Conkling and Winifred Little
                    Associates Endowment for Allergy                                        Gabriel C. Duque, Jr. Memorial Endowment                                 Lexie Looker Educational Endowment
                    Associates Endowment for Cancer Biology Research                           Established by friends and family of Gabriel C. Duque, Jr.               Established by The Looker Foundation
                    Associates Endowment for Cardiac Surgery                                Mary Duque Emeritus Endowment                                            Los Angeles Clippers Foundation Endowment
                    Associates Endowment for Cardiology at The Heart Institute                 Established by friends and family of Mary Duque                       Alfred and Maybell Machris Research Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Gastroenterology                               Mary Duque Endowment Fund                                                J.W. Marriott Otolaryngology Communicative Disorders Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Gene Therapy Research                          Frances Dyke Endowment for Plastic Surgery                               Harold and Fern McAlister Endowment
                    Associates Endowment for General Pediatrics                             Joan Elko Fund for Cancer and Blood Disease Research                     Harold and Fern McAlister Research Endowment
                    Associates Endowment for Genetics                                          Established by Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Elko                            L.M. McOmie Endowment Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Hematology/Oncology                            Ellison Family Research Career Development Fellowship                    Medical Library Endowment Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Infectious Disease Research                       Endowment                                                                Established with gifts in memory of staff physicians, Dr. Dietrich,
                    Associates Endowment for Molecular Biology Research                        Established by Carol and Leon Ellison                                    Dr. Berkley, Dr. Lyttle and Dr. Clement
                    Associates Endowment for Molecular Genetics                             Emergency Services Nursing Education Endowment                           Fannie B. Miller Memorial Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Neurology                                         Established by Deborah P. Henderson, RN                                  Established by William M. Zang
                    Associates Endowment for Neuroscience and Imaging Research              Endowment for the Developmental Biology Program                          Irene C. and M. Kinzie Miller Surgical Equipment Endowment
                    Associates Endowment for Neurosurgery                                      Established by the Santa Anita Foundation                             Nick and Lillian Moss Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Ophthalmology                                  Jack Epstein Endowment for Cancer Research, Education and                Della M. Mudd Resident Endowment Fund
                    Associates Endowment for Otolaryngology                                    Patient Care                                                          Musculoskeletal Oncology Endowment
                    Associates Endowment for Pediatric Cardiology                           Marjorie Cranfield Evans Endowment                                           Established with gifts from RE/MAX Beach Cities Realty and
                    Associates Endowment for Pediatric Surgery                              Sophia Fitzmaurice Endowment for Thalasemia Research                        grateful families
                    Associates Endowment for Plastic Surgery                                Mildred Vivian Foutz Endowment Fund                                      Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Endowment for Kidney Dialysis and
                    Associates Endowment for Radiology                                         Established by Dr. Reynold L. Foutz                                      Transplant
                    Associates Endowment for Research Immunology and                        Mary Frann Endowment Fund for Adolescent Medicine                        Neonatology Endowment Fund
                       Bone Marrow Transplant                                                  Established by John E. Cookman, Jr. and friends                          Established by Violette E. Lipshin
                    Associates Endowment for Residents’ Education Fund                      Rosalie Friedman Children’s Book Endowment Fund for                      Harry B. Neustein Memorial Endowment
                    Associates Endowment for Rheumatology                                      Cystic Fibrosis                                                          Established by Dr. Joseph Neustein
                    Associates Endowment for Urology                                           Established by Shol Friedman                                          The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Endowment for
                    Associates Fellowship in Respiratory Disorders                          General Research Endowment Fund                                             Otolaryngology Research
                    Associates Respiratory Disorders Program Fund                              Established by Nancy O’Fallon in memory of Harris T. O’Fallon         Ophthalmology Endowment Fund
                    Avery Memorial Fund                                                     Burton E. Green Endowment for Pediatric Neuropathology                      Established by Sherwood and Mildred Schwartz
                       In memory of Sarah Gorton Avery, Moses N. Avery and                     Established by his children, Dorothy Green, Liliore Green Rains and   George and Juliette Page Endowment for Gene Therapy Program
                       L. Gordon Avery                                                         Burton Green Bettingen                                                Jane Vruwink Palmer Cancer Research Endowment
                    Pauline de Coppet Bara Memorial Fund                                    George and Jessie Green Cancer Research Endowment in honor of            Ernest H. and Dora H. Parker Endowment Fund
                       Established by Lori de Coppet Bara                                      Stephanie Knox Ross                                                   Pasadena Guild Endowment for Adolescent Medicine
                    Belokamen Family Chair in Developmental Therapeutics                    The Green House Endowment for Surgical Research                          Pasadena Guild Endowment for Bone and Soft Tissue
                       Established in honor of Lillian and David Belokamen                  The Green House Research Endowment Fund                                     Tumor Research
                    Bing Endowment in Adolescent Medicine                                   William Randolph Hearst Endowment Fund for the RN Residency              Pasadena Guild Endowment for Pediatric Eye Cancer Research
                       Established by Anna Bing Arnold                                         in Pediatrics                                                         Pasadena Guild Endowment for Pediatric Surgery
                    Bing Endowment in Child Psychiatry                                         Established by The William Randolph Hearst Foundation                 Pediatric Spine Disorders Endowment
                       Established by Anna Bing Arnold                                      Jack C. and Doris C. Helms Chair in Neural Tumors                           Established by Dorothy Rosen and friends of Childrens Hospital
                    Neil Bogart Chair in Leukemia Research                                  Audrey Hepburn CARES Team Endowment                                         Los Angeles
                       Established by the Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program of          Established by the Audrey Hepburn Childrens Fund                      Sidney and Nancy Petersen Fund
                       the T. J. Martell Foundation                                         Hernandez Family Endowment for the Childrens                             Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Endowment
                    Brain Tumor Immunology Endowment                                           Orthopaedic Center                                                       Established by Mary Joan Palevsky
                       Established by Concern II                                               Established by the Hernandez Family                                   Arnold C.G. Platzker Fellows’ Research and Education Endowment
                    Carol Young Brooke Foundation Endowment Fund for                        Edwin W. Hively Memorial Fund                                               for the Division of Pulmonology
                       Children’s Needs                                                     Marian O. Hooker Endowment                                                  Established by former graduates who trained under Dr. Platzker
                       Established by the Carol Young Brooke Foundation                     Donald and Marjorie Howley Cancer Center Endowment Fund                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Powell Endowment in the Childrens
                    Brophy-Wilson Surgical Follow-up Clinic Endowment Fund                  The Jonnie Fund for Leukemia Research                                       Orthopaedic Center
                       Established by Hazel E. Wilson                                          Established in honor of Jonnie Lanners by his family and friends      Stanley and Jessica Prescott Visiting Professorship in Pediatric
                    Ida V. Buxton Memorial Endowment Fund                                   Mark R. Jouett Fund                                                         Pulmonology Endowment
                    Dr. Richard Call Chair in Research Administration                          Established by Gladys K. Jouette                                      Morris and Mary Press “Humanism” Award Fund
                       Established by Kathryn C. Thompkins                                  Jack and Gioia Kalvin Patient Care Endowment                                Established by the Press Foundation
                    The Richard Call Endowment for Research Administration                  Myron Karon Fellowship Endowment Fund                                    Jerry Price Seizure Clinic Endowment Fund
                       Established by Dr. Richard Call and H. Russell Smith                    Established by Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Salter                               Established by F.S. Markham
                    Christopher Leonard Campbell Endowment Fund for                         Myron Karon Memorial Lectureship in Pediatric Hematology                 Radiology Endowment Fund
                       AIDS Research                                                           Endowment Fund                                                           Established by Anna M. Sanborn in memory of the Sanborn family
                       Established by Mr. and Mrs. William F. Campbell                      Francine R. Kaufman Endocrinology Endowment                              Bennie C. Reagan Endowment in the Childrens Center for Cancer
                    Martha and Larry Campos Endowment Fund                                     Established by friends of the Center for Endocrinology,                  and Blood Diseases
                    Capital Maintenance Endowment Fund                                         Diabetes and Metabolism                                               Rehabilitation Center Endowment Fund
                       Established by Dolly Green and Peggy Slater                          W. M. Keck Foundation Dental Division Endowment                             Contributions by the Associate and Affiliate Groups
                    Christopher Carrey Cancer Research Endowment                            W. M. Keck Foundation Pediatric Surgery Endowment Fund                   Warren and Carolyn Richards Allergy Grand Rounds Endowment
                       Established by Mr. and Mrs. Neil Carrey                              Kellerman Health Promotion and Outcomes Program in the                   Beatrice Richardson Endowment for Patient Beds
                    Childrens Endowment Fund                                                   Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases Endowment              Lewis and Gladys Roberts Endowment Fund
                       Established by an anonymous donor                                       Established by Drs. Faye and Jonathan Kellerman                          Established by Shirlee A. Roberts
                    Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Comfort and Pain Management              Las Madrinas Endowment for Experimental Therapeutics for                 Kelli Kason Rooney Endowment for the Childrens Center for
                       Service Endowment                                                       Ophthalmology                                                            Cancer and Blood Diseases
                       Established by the physicians of the Childrens Hospital Department   Las Madrinas Endowment for Gene, Immune and Stem Cell                       Established by Jennifer Cue
                       of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine                            Therapy Research                                                      Linda Rosen Pediatric Pulmonary Research Fund
                    Minnie S. Claffey Memorial Endowment Fund                               Las Madrinas Endowment for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Research                 Established by Mrs. Dorothy Rosen
                       Established by Henry Amos Claffey                                    Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Genetics                            Philip Rothman Chair in Medical Teaching
                    Jewell Budd Cohan Endowment Fund                                        Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Oncology                               Established by an anonymous donor
                                                                                            Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Pathology

      42 | imagine spring 05
The Saban Research Institute of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles         Emma Phillips Society                   Mr. John C. Herklotz in honor of      Ms. Charlotte Jean Putty
   Endowment Fund
   Established by a gift from Cheryl and Haim Saban and the
                                                                       Named after the woman who left a
                                                                                                                  Dale Melbourne Herklotz
                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Higgins
                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Violet I. Putty
                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Lucille Raskoff
                                                                       remarkable legacy through her
   Saban Family Foundation                                                                                     Mrs. David B. Hill in honor of        Mr. Bennie C. Reagan
                                                                       bequest of property on the corner of
The Saban Research Institute of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles                                                    Rosemary Rae Hill Hansen           Ms. Shirlee A. Roberts in honor of
                                                                       Sunset Boulevard and Vermont
   Program Endowed Chair in Neuroscience                                                                       Mrs. Annabelle B. Hively                Lewis and Gladys Roberts
                                                                       Avenue where Childrens Hospital Los
   Established by a gift from Cheryl and Haim Saban and the                                                    Mrs. Rose Ho                          Mr. and Mrs. Marino P. Romano                 for the time
                                                                       Angeles is located, the Emma Phillips
   Saban Family Foundation                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Holden             Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Rooney
                                                                       Society salutes those contributors                                                                                            period of
Santa Anita Research Endowment                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Sung J. Hong             Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Rose
                                                                       who name Childrens Hospital Los                                                                                           January 1, 2004
Larry Schmolle Memorial Endowment                                                                              Ms. Fatemeh Hosseini                  Major and Mrs. Craig A. Ross
                                                                       Angeles in their estate plans or make                                                                                         through
   Established by Mr. and Mrs. John B. Schmolle                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Howley         Ms. Edie Rubin
                                                                       other planned gifts to the hospital.
Stuart E. Siegel Chair in Pediatric Oncology Endowment                                                         Sally and Bill Hurt                   Ms. Irma Louise Rudd                       December 31, 2004
   Established by an anonymous donor                                   Mr. Chris Albrecht                      Mr. Alan Hymowitz                     Ms. Ruth Saint
Melanie Silverman Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Endowment                 Ms. Brooke Anderson                     Dr. Hilda M. Hyort                    Ms. Etelvina Sandoval
   Established by friends and family of Melanie Silverman              Mrs. Roy A. Anderson                    Ms. Elizabeth Ince                    Mrs. June Sapiro
Herbert Simon Cancer Research Endowment                                Mrs. Beth Aranda                        Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jacobs            Miss Elvira Sasselli
Ruth and Jerome Simon Memorial Fund                                    Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jefferson Arnett    Mrs. George Daniel Jagels             Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Sawa
Cameron Stewart Smith Chair in Brain Tumor Biology Endowment           Ms. Mildred N. Ashley                   Mr. Raymond E. Johnson                Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schaeffer
   Established by the H. Russell Smith Foundation                      Mrs. Genevieve Atol                     Mrs. Beatrice Kahn-Boykoff            Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Seeger
Cameron Stewart Smith Chair in Radiation-Oncology Research             Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Baise             Jack and Gioia Kalvin                 Stuart E. Siegel, MD
   Established by Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell Smith                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Bakaly, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. George Kaufman           Miss June M. Silen
The H. Russell Smith Foundation Endowed Chair in                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrat              Ms. Minna Kaye                        Mr. Herbert S. Simon
   Cardiothoracic Research                                             Mrs. Ellsworth Becker                   Mrs. Homer Keeler                     Mrs. Suzan Smigel
   Established by the H. Russell Smith Foundation                      Mrs. Frank R. Belben                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kellogg       Ms. Cristina Smith
H. Russell Smith Research Award Endowment                              Mr. Aaron Belokamen in honor of         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kelly              Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell Smith
   Established by the H. Russell Smith Foundation                         Lilian and David Belokamen           Mrs. Mary B. Keyser                   Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Snow, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William Snyder, Jr. and Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chaffin      Ms. Judy Bennis                         Ms. Elizabeth Whiting King            Ms. Bernadine Sorgenfrey
   Endowed Visiting Professorship for the Division of                  Mr. Harold Berger                       Paul and Daphne King                  Dr. Philip and Penny Stanley
   Pediatric Surgery                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bieler               Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Klein          Mr. and Mrs. William M. Stewart
   Established by Dr. Morton Woolley and Dr. Lawrence Chaffin in        Mr. William B. Billingsley              Mrs. Howard M. Klein                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone
   memory of Dr. William Snyder                                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bolster         Ms. Aleta L. Knight                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Strauss
Harry Tipton Steck and Florence Bartlett Steck Memorial Fund           Mrs. Susan Bourne Brinkama              Mr. Douglas W. Knight                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Strouse II
Julie Elizabeth Steffey Memorial Fund                                  Mrs. Anna Mae Brown                     Mr. Edward Knight, Jr.                Mr. Robert M. Sudds, Sr.
   Established by Dr. J.M. Steffey                                     Virdette L. Brumm                       Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Lake           Mrs. Catharine Sumner
Stone Family Endowment                                                 Mrs. Dolores Brussin                    Ms. Tuyetnga Lam                      Mr. Steven P. Switzer
   Established by Robert and Nancy Stone                               Mrs. Margaret Burk                      Ms. Jane Langley                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Titus
Dr. Victor E. Stork Awards Fund                                        Mrs. Alphonse A. Burnand III            Mr. John Laoo                         Mrs. Anita C. Torimaru
   Established by Mr. and Mrs. Frazer                                  Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Call            Mrs. Frederick G. Larkin              Mrs. Harvey Towner
Peter and Susan Strauss Cancer Research Endowment Fund                 Mary Campbell in honor of               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Larkin, Jr.    Miss Lenore Treister
Nancy and Mark Strouse Fund for Cancer and                                Christopher Leonard Campbell         Ms. Lisa Rowe Legg                    Mr. A. Ray Van Horn
   Blood Diseases Research                                             Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan             Nancy and Ken Lewis                   Mrs. John C. Vinson
Evelyn Clark and Elbridge Hadley Stuart Plastic and Reconstructive        Carpenter                            Mr. Thomas C. Lindholm                Ms. Evalyn B. Wais
   Surgery Endowment Fund                                              Neil and Karen Carrey in honor of       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linn             Mrs. Letitia R. Wallace
Survivors Day Endowment                                                   Christopher Carrey                   Mr. Michael D. Lockwood               Mr. William C. Wallace
   Established by Strategic Financial Group and Northwestern Mutual    Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cattani            Mr. and Mrs. James K. Looney          Mr. and Mrs. David D. Watts
   Foundation                                                          Mr. and Mrs. William M. Close           Mr. Ernest A. Lopez                   Mrs. Dorothy Currie Waugh
Wanda and Charles Swett Research Endowment                             Ms. Rose Cohen                          Mr. José I. Lozano                    Ms. Karen Maile Webster
Tianna Teegarden Memorial Endowment                                    Sam and Cynthia Coleman                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Luciano       Mrs. Hildegard A. Weck
   Established by friends and family of Tianna Teegarden               Shelley L. Conger                       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Ludwig          Mr. Henry Weissman
Takeji and Anita Torimaru Cancer Center Endowment Fund                 Robert M. Content, PhD                  Mrs. Louise B. Lyon                   Ms. Irene M. Wertz
Mark Towner Orthopaedic Endowment Fund                                 Mr. John E. Cookman, Jr.                Mrs. Melba Macneil                    Ms. Helen K. Wetzel
   Established by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Towner                           Mr. Verne M. Cottom                     Ms. Ortense Madrid                    Mr. Jack Douglas D. Whitehead
James F. Ward and Agnes N. Ward Memorial Fund                          Mr. Paul J. Culbert                     Ms. Margaret Marble                   Mrs. Ray Whitmore
   Established by Marion Merrill Bateman                               Mr. Charles Cummings                    Mrs. Lillian Marks                    Ms. Esther Wilkes
Robert Ward Memorial Endowment Fund                                    Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis                    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Marshall           Ms. Edith P. Williamson
Ruth Evans Watkins Memorial Endowment for Cancer Research              Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Dalany          Mr. and Mrs. Marshall R. Martinez     Ms. Janet G. Williamson
Ariel Kaare Rosholt Weathers-Lowin Endowment Fund                      Mary and Gary Damsker                   Mr. Robert D. Martone                 Mrs. John C. Wilson, Jr.
   Established by Leeam Weathers-Lowin                                 Dr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Dauer           Mrs. Pearl Mason                      William A. Wilson
Karen Maile Webster Cancer Research Endowment                          Mr. Hubert Davis                        Mrs. Arthur M. McClure                Mrs. Mignon W. Winans
Roger E. Wheeler Endowment                                             Mrs. Peter Davis                        Dr. and Mrs. J. Gordon McComb         Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wirtz
   Established by Janet G. Williamson                                  Mrs. Elise De Peahvl                    Colonel and Mrs. Glenn A. McConnell   Ms. Suzanne Wiskerson
The Laura P. and Leland K. Whittier Virtual Pediatric Intensive Care   Ms. Irene M. Dehnel                     Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McDuffie          Drs. Jane and Morton M. Woolley
   Unit Endowment Fund                                                 Mrs. Forest Drummond                    Mr. and Mrs. Philip McMahon           Richard and Judy Zeigler
   Established by the L. K. Whittier Foundation                        Mr. Ernest O. Ellison                   Mr. and Mrs. John Merrell             Ms. Diane V. Zeoli
Anne O’Melveny Wilson Chair in Pediatric Intensive Care                Mr. Jack Epstein                        Mrs. Dorothy D. Michaud               Mr. Ronald Zoriki
Anne Wilson Endowment for Nursing Excellence                           Mr. Louis Federici                      Ms. Patricia Mossler
   Established by the Associate Groups                                 Ms. June Ferguson                       Mr. and Mrs. Philip Myles             If you would like to include Childrens
John C. Wilson, Jr. Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery                       Mr. Francis D. Fetty                    Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nafie           Hospital Los Angeles in your estate
   Established by an anonymous donor                                   Ms. Sophia Scano Fitzmaurice            Mrs. Jean Kaplan Nathan               plan or wish to discuss other planned
John C. Wilson, Sr. Visiting Professor Endowment                       Dr. and Mrs. Burton L. Fletcher         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melvin Newell     gift possibilities, please contact David
   Established by Dr. John C. Wilson, Jr.                              Mr. Jerry Flinchum                      Mr. Walter W. Noce, Jr.               D. Watts, assistant vice president of
Mignon W. Winans Chair in Neuroblastoma                                Mrs. Dorothy F. Fredericks              Ms. Lynn B. Oberman                   gift planning, at 323-671-1752
Frances Nunnally Winzer Residency Fund                                 Mrs. Loretta Frye                       Ms. Mary Adams O’Connell              or
Mrs. George A. Winzer Fund                                             Mrs. David Gackenbach                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. O’Gar
Brooke Young Chaplaincy Chair                                          Mr. and Mrs. James M. Galbraith         Mr. and Mrs. Orval B. Olive
                                                                       Mr. James E. Garrison                   Mrs. Eloise H. Olson
If you have any questions about setting up an endowment fund           Herbert M. and Beverly J. Gelfand       Mrs. Blanche Osburn
with a gift of $25,000 or more, please contact David D. Watts,         Mrs. Debbie G. Gilberg-Moskowitz        Ms. Mary Joan Palevsky
assistant vice president of gift planning, at 323-671-1752 or          Mrs. Jerry Gitell                       Ms. Jane Vruwink Palmer                                                    Jane and Ron Gother                     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Palmer
                                                                       Mrs. Shirlea E. Grahame                 Robertson Parkman, MD
                                                                       Mrs. Helen Rae Grau                     Ms. Dorothy Perez
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Terence M. Green           Nancy and Sidney Petersen
                                                                       Mrs. Clotil Greene                      Mr. and Mrs. John D. Pettker
                                                                       Mr. Shelly Greenhut                     Ms. Lila Phillips
                                                                       Mary Dee Hacker, RN and                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Powell
                                                                          Steven W. Nishibayashi, MD           Mrs. Ruth M. Powers
                                                                       Ms. Ruth Harris
Funds established in calendar year 2004 are listed in bold.            Mrs. Marion Hart

                                                                                                                                                                                 imagine spring 05 | 43
annual report

                    fiscal year 2004


                   In Fiscal Year 2004 (July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004),            • Ivan Vesely, PhD, an expert in tissue engineering, joined
                   Childrens Hospital Los Angeles continued to advance its          the hospital as the H. Russell Smith Foundation
                   mission each day, making unparalleled investments in             Endowed Chair in Cardiothoracic Research, director of
                   world-class people, programs, research, technology and           the Cardiovascular Research Program at The Saban
                   facilities. Here are just a few of the year’s highlights:        Research Institute and professor of cardiothoracic sur-
                                                                                    gery at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of
                   Historic surgery                                                 Southern California (USC). His laboratory has suc-
                   On September 10, 2003, a team of more than 60 surgeons,          ceeded in growing collagen tendons that one day may
                   anesthesiologists, physicians, nurses and other caregivers       replace diseased heart valves.
                   separated nine-month-old identical conjoined twin girls in
                   a landmark, 24-hour surgery. Today, the children continue
                   to thrive under the hospital’s care.                           • For the fifth consecutive year, 100 percent of pediatric
                                                                                    residents who trained at Childrens Hospital passed the
                   New campus                                                       American Board of Pediatrics certification examination
                   The hospital opened the new Joyce and Stanley Black and          — compared to an average national pass rate of 80 percent.
                   Family Healing and Meditation Garden and a five-story           • The RN Residency Program — a national model devel-
                   underground parking structure. These set the stage for the       oped by Childrens Hospital — received a $619,473 grant
                   460,000-square foot acute care New Hospital Building,            from the U.S. Department of Health and Human
                   scheduled to open in 2008, for which the hospital seeks to       Services to help expand the nation’s supply of nurses.
                   raise $200 million in philanthropic funding.                   • Childrens Hospital established Versant Advantage, Inc.,
                                                                                    a not-for-profit, public benefit company to provide hos-
                   Research                                                         pitals and health-care organizations with comprehensive
                   • The Saban Research Institute of Childrens Hospital Los         RN Residency programs.
                     Angeles attracted $33.5 million in external funding, a
                     17 percent increase over the previous year. With $27.8
                     million coming from federal sources, the hospital ranks      • The TODAY Diabetes Study, a five-year, nationwide
                     fifth in the nation in National Institutes of Health (NIH)      clinical trial, began. Childrens Hospital is leading the
                     funding for research at stand-alone pediatric facilities.      13-center, NIH-funded study to compare different
                   • Imaging researchers helped develop a magnetic                  treatments for type 2 diabetes in children and teens.
                     resonance-compatible incubator. With this advance,           • The Institute for Pediatric Clinical Research, a partner-
                     Childrens Hospital became the first to achieve func-            ship between Childrens Hospital and USC, was estab-
                     tional imaging in babies, mapping areas of the brain           lished with an anonymous gift of $15 million. Its goal: to
                     while an infant is passively stimulated.                       establish and conduct the most active and productive
                   • Scientists re-formulated fenretinide — a chemotherapy          pediatric clinical trials program in the country.
                     drug that appears to be selectively toxic for cancer cells   • The Keck Diabetes Prevention Initiative, another
                     — in a powdered form that tastes like cookie dough and         Childrens Hospital/USC collaboration, focuses on
                     can be mixed with food or drink. This is easier for chil-      factors that lead to obesity and diabetes in East and South
                     dren to ingest and absorb.                                     Los Angeles. A $2 million grant from the W. M. Keck
                                                                                    Foundation is funding a two-year planning period. •

      44 | imagine spring 05

Balance Sheets
For the years ended June 30, 2004 and June 30, 2003

(in thousands of dollars)                                      2004          2003


Current Assets
    Cash and cash equivalents                           $    27,010   $    18,624
    Accounts receivable, net                                 74,797        67,123
    Other current assets                                     57,209        36,783
Total Current Assets                                        159,016       122,530

     Assets limited as to use, net of current portion       508,158       538,134
     Pledges receivable, net of current portion              54,366        56,936
     Other assets                                            15,229        15,852
     Plant, property and equipment, net                     387,902       342,144

Total Assets                                            $ 1,124,671   $ 1,075,596


Current Liabilities
    Accounts payable and accrued expenses               $    29,706   $    33,546
    Other current liabilities                                34,251        27,566
Total Current Liabilities                                    63,957        61,112

     Long-term debt, net of current portion                 285,755       288,641
     Other liabilities                                        3,544         3,218

Total Liabilities                                       $   353,256   $   352,971


     Unrestricted net assets                            $   498,043   $   477,533
     Restricted net assets                                  273,372       245,092

Total Net Assets                                            771,415       722,625

Total Liabilities and Net Assets                        $ 1,124,671   $ 1,075,596

                                                                          imagine spring 05 | 45
annual report                  FINANCIAL SUMMARY

                               Statements of Activities
                               For the years ended June 30, 2004 and June 30, 2003

                               (in thousands of dollars)                                    2004           2003


                                    Net patient service revenue                      $ 291,629      $ 269,690
                                    Other revenue                                      124,394        119,681
                               Total Revenues                                            416,023        389,371

                               OPERATING EXPENSES

                                    Salaries, wages and employee benefits                 213,702        200,508
                                    Professional fees and purchased services              85,842         77,457
                                    Supplies                                              45,377         46,027
                                    Utilities                                              6,392          6,151
                                    Other expenses                                        38,445         33,416
                               Operating Expenses                                        389,758        363,559
                               Earnings before Interest, Depreciation
                                   and Amortization                                       26,265         25,812

                                    Depreciation and amortization                         24,959         20,837
                                    Interest                                              10,215         10,321
                               Total Capital Costs                                        35,174         31,158
                               Losses from Operations                                     (8,909)        (5,346)

                               OTHER GAINS (LOSSES)

                                    Loss from termination of defined benefit
                                        pension plan                                          —          (6,229)
                                    Other Gains (Losses), net                             19,719         (4,043)
                               Total Other Gains (Losses), net                            19,719        (10,272)
                               Excess (Deficiency) of Revenues over Expenses
                                   and Other Gains (Losses)                               10,810        (15,618)

                                    FEMA grant revenue                                     2,997          6,112
                                    Net unrealized gain on investments                     6,536         17,412
                                    Net assets released from restrictions used for
                                        purchase of property and equipment                 1,360          2,893
                                    Transfers and other                                   (1,193)          (722)
                               Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets                   $    20,510    $    10,077

      46 | imagine spring 05

    Statistical Report
    For the years ended June 30, 2004 and June 30, 2003

                                                                                     2004                         2003


         Number of licensed beds                                                     286                          286
         Discharges                                                               10,833                       11,440
         Patient days                                                             84,154                       84,654
                                                                                          †                            †
         Average length of stay (days)                                                7.8                          7.4
         Clinic visits                                                           303,853                      301,472
         Emergency Services visits                                                58,953                       55,958


         Medical/Surgical                                                         60,722                       60,192
         Intensive care                                                           23,432                       24,462


         Inpatient                                                                  6,463                       6,466
         Outpatient                                                                 6,640                       6,470
    Total                                                                         13,103                       12,936

                    payor mix                                                           payor mix
                   (fiscal year 2004)                                                  (fiscal year 2003)

                   Medi-Cal – 72%                                                     Medi-Cal – 70%
                   Managed Care – 25%                                                 Managed Care – 28%
                   Insurance/Other – 3%                                               Insurance/Other – 2%

    Includes visits to outpatient clinics, ambulatory surgery clinics, school-based clinics and lab visits.

                                                                                                               imagine spring 05 | 47

                               Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
annual report

                               HOSPITAL LEADERSHIP                      DEPARTMENT HEADS                         Linda Tobey
                               Walter W. Noce, Jr.                      Henri R. Ford, MD                           Assistant Vice President,
                                  President and                           Vice President and Head,                  Donor Information Services
                                  Chief Executive Officer                  Department of Surgery (CHLA);          David D. Watts
                               Thomas C. Armitage, Esq.                   Vice Chair, Department of                 Assistant Vice President,
                                  Senior Vice President and               Surgery (USC)                             Gift Planning
                                  General Counsel                       Marvin D. Nelson, Jr., MD, FACR          Robert E. Weiner, MPA, CFRE
                               Claudia A. Looney, FAHP, CFRE              Head, Department of Radiology             Assistant Vice President,
                                  Senior Vice President,                  (CHLA); Professor of Radiology            Major and Planned Gifts
                                  Development                              (USC)                                 ASSOCIATE GROUPS
                               Diemlan “Lannie” Tonnu, MBA, CPA         Timothy J. Triche, MD, PhD
                                  Senior Vice President, Finance, and                                            Anchors Guild
                                                                           Head, Department of Pathology/
                                  Chief Financial Officer                                                         Antelope Valley Guild
                                                                           Laboratory Medicine (CHLA);
                               Henri R. Ford, MD                                                                 Bel Air Guild
                                                                           Vice Chair, Department of
                                  Vice President and Head,                                                       Centennial Guild
                                                                           Pathology (USC)
                                  Department of Surgery                                                          Childrens Chain
                                                                        Randall C. Wetzel, MB, BS, MSB,
                               Yves DeClerck, MD                                                                 Della Robbia Guild
                                                                           FAAP, FCCM Head, Department
                                  Vice President, Research                                                       El Segundo Auxiliary
                                                                           of Anesthesiology Critical Care
                               Mary Dee Hacker, RN, MBA                                                          Flintridge Guild
                                                                           Medicine (CHLA); Professor of
                                  Vice President,                                                                Glendale Auxiliary
                                                                           Pediatrics and Anesthesiology (USC)
                                  Patient Care Services                                                          La Providencia Guild
                                                                        Roberta G. Williams, MD
                               Paul A. King, MHA, CMPE                                                           Las Hermanas Guild
                                                                           Vice President, Pediatrics and
                                  Vice President, Clinical Programs                                              Las Primeras Guild
                                                                           Academic Affairs (CHLA); Chair,
                                  and Professional Services                                                      Mary Duque Guild
                                                                           Department of Pediatrics (USC)
                               Gail L. Margolis, Esq.                                                            Mary Duque Juniors
                                  Vice President,                       FOUNDATION LEADERSHIP                    Monrovia Guild
                                  Government and Public Policy          Claudia A. Looney, FAHP, CFRE            Northridge Guild
                               John K. Patterson                           Senior Vice President,                Peninsula Committee
                                  Vice President and Chief                 Development                           San Antonio Guild
                                  Technology Officer                     Shelley L. Conger, MBA                   Santa Monica Bay Auxiliary
                               Charles B. Rooney                           Associate Vice President, Donor       Sierra Guild
                                  Vice President and                       Relations, Communications,            South Bay Auxiliary
                                  Chief Human Resources Officer             Foundation Giving                     Toluca Guild
                               Barclay E. Smith                         Melissa DoVale                           Westside Guild
                                  Vice President, Business                 Associate Vice President,             Whittier Guild
                                  Development and Managed Care             Major and Planned Gifts               Childrens Hospital Card and
                               Kenneth J. Wildes, Jr.                   Terence M. Green                             Stationery Office
                                  Vice President, Communications           Associate Vice President,             Childrens Hospital Thrift Shop
                               Roberta G. Williams, MD                     Special Gifts                         Gabriel C. and Mary Duque
                                  Vice President, Pediatrics and        Susan A. Harlow                              Gift Shop
                                  Academic Affairs and Head,               Associate Vice President,             AFFILIATE GROUPS
                                  Department of Pediatrics                 Corporate and Annual Gifts
                                                                                                                 Delta Delta Delta Sleighbell
                                                                        Grace Trejo
                               MEDICAL LEADERSHIP                                                                   Committee
                                                                           Associate Vice President and
                               Philip Stanley, MB, BS                                                            Friends of Childrens Hospital
                                                                           Controller, Foundation Finances
                                  Chairman of the Medical Staff                                                  The Green House
                                                                           and Operations
                                                                                                                 Las Madrinas
                                                                        Melany N. Duval
                                                                                                                 Pasadena Guild
                                                                           Assistant Vice President,
                                                                                                                 Project CHLA
                                                                           Major and Planned Gifts
                                                                                                                 Spiritual Care Guild
                                                                        Suzanne S. Szalay
                                                                                                                 This Little Light
                                                                           Assistant Vice President,
                                                                           Development Research
      48 | imagine spring 05
Officers and Board of Trustees                                                               PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
                                                                                             CHILDRENS HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES
                                                                                             Walter W. Noce, Jr.
OFFICERS                           BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                                             SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT,
Marion Anderson                    Brooke Anderson               J. Kristoffer Popovich      DEVELOPMENT
   Co-Chair                        Marion Anderson               Dayle Roath                 Claudia A. Looney, FAHP, CFRE
Walter B. Rose                     CeCe Baise                    Walter B. Rose              VICE PRESIDENT, COMMUNICATIONS
   Co-Chair                        June Banta                    Cheryl Saban                Kenneth J. Wildes, Jr.
Walter W. Noce, Jr.                Sherry S. Barrat              Theodore R. Samuels         CREATIVE SERVICES MANAGER
   President and                   Otis Booth, III               Scott Sanford               Robin Moore
   Chief Executive Officer          Kathleen Brown                Paul Schaeffer
                                                                                             DIRECTOR, FOUNDATION GIVING
Enrique Hernandez, Jr.             Patricia A. Brown             Stuart E. Siegel, MD        AND COMMUNICATIONS

   Vice Chair                      Peggy Tsiang Cherng, PhD      Victoria Simms, PhD         Jackie Landy
Diemlan “Lannie” Tonnu, MBA, CPA   Natalie Naftzger Davis        Suzan Smigel                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR,
                                                                                             FOUNDATION COMMUNICATIONS
   Chief Financial Officer          William H. Doheny, Jr.        Corinna Smith
                                                                                             Sarah T. Brown
Thomas C. Armitage, Esq.           Wally Durham                  Stewart R. Smith
   Corporate Secretary             Margaret D. Eberhardt         Russell K. Snow, Jr.
                                                                                             Warren Group, Los Angeles
Michelle Cronkhite                 Richard Farman                Philip Stanley, MB, BS
   Assistant Secretary             Giselle Fernandez-Farrand     Jean Tang                   EDITOR

                                   Lynda Boone Fetter            Joyce Bogart Trabulus       Candace Pearson
                                   Henri Ford, MD                Joseph Van Der Meulen, MD   WRITERS

                                   William Friedkin              Maria Veloz                 Elena Epstein
                                                                                             Carl Marziali
                                   Peggy Galbraith               Maxine Ransom von Phul
                                                                                             Candace Pearson
                                   Herbert Gelfand               Esther Wachtell             Katie Sweeney
                                   Ronald E. Gother              Cathy Siegel Weiss          Kate Vozoff
                                   Russell Gould                 Michael R. Whalen           PHOTOGRAPHY
                                   Carl Grushkin, MD             Roberta G. Williams, MD     Gail Fisher, LA Times
                                   Mary Hart                     Alyce Williamson            Rick Rickman
                                   Enrique Hernandez, Jr.        Alan J. Wilson              Walter Urie
                                   Marcia Wilson Hobbs                                       EDITORIAL COMMITTEE
                                                                 HONORARY MEMBERS
                                   Linda Hodge                                               Shelley L. Conger, MBA
                                   Gloria Holden                 Richard Call, MD            Mary Dee Hacker, RN, MBA
                                                                 Ernest O. Ellison           Jackie Landy
                                   William H. Hurt
                                                                                             Walter W. Noce, Jr.
                                   Francine Kaufman, MD          James M. Galbraith
                                                                                             Kenneth J. Wildes, Jr.
                                   Arnold J. Kleiner             Marion M. Jorgensen         Roberta G. Williams, MD
                                   Thomas E. Larkin, Jr.         H. Russell Smith
                                   Sandra Lee                    Judge David A. Thomas       Imagine is published by:
                                                                 Anne Wilson                 Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
                                   Alan B. Lewis, MD
                                                                                             4650 Sunset Boulevard,
                                   Elizabeth Lowe                                            Mail Stop #29
                                   José Lozano                                               Los Angeles, California 90027
                                   Carol Mancino                                             323-669-2308
                                   Gregory S. Martin                               
                                   Bonnie McClure
                                   Joseph P. Miletich, MD, PhD
                                   Caryll Sprague Mingst
                                   Claudia Mirkin
                                   Walter W. Noce, Jr.
                                   Mary Adams O’Connell
                                   John D. Pettker
                                                                 Nonprofit Organization
                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                    Los Angeles, CA
                                                                    Permit No. 22460

           Post Office Box 54700
         Los Angeles, CA 90054-0700


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