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					Friday, December 30, 2011 – 1 pm EST
  At Green Oak Farms near New Paris, Ohio
       Located along I-70 just east of the Indiana line

                                      Selling 86 Cattle Built for
                                         The Winners’ Circle!
                                         Featuring the Dispersal of the
                                          Hagans Show Calves Herd!
It’s like having
        a partner in the field.

 Farming today is a year-round job that requires precision, good judgment and the latest
 technology. We know how hard you work to ensure healthy and abundant crops come harvest. That’s
 why Trupointe works hard to make a wide range of quality agronomy solutions available to you.
 Trupointe is there with trusted products, service and advice – like having a partner in the eld.

 Trupointe Agronomy | Osgood, OH | 419.582.3502 | 866.528.2667 tf |
           E    WINNERS’CIRCLE
                                   Friday, December 30 – 1 pm EST
                              At Green Oak Farms near New Paris, Ohio
                                                     Located along I-70 just east of the Indiana line

      D riv i n g D i re cti o n s:                                                     Join Us for a Great BBQ Lunch
      From Dayton, OH take I-70 West to Exit 10 (the last exit in Ohio).
      Take 127 North to US 40 West. Follow 40 West to Orangeburg Road.               from Baumbach’s of New Paris, Ohio
      Watch for signs along US 40 and I-70!
      From Richmond, IN take the US 40 Exit (the last exit in Indiana). Follow
                                                                                              before the auction!
      40 East to Orangeburg Road and watch for signs along US 40 & I-70!                                               Lunch sponsored by
      Physical Address: 5495 Orangeburg Road – New Paris, Ohio 45347                                              Pioneer Hybrids International

                                                                                     Sa le H ea d qu a rt e rs & A re a L od g i n g:
                                         HALDERMAN                                   Quality, Richmond, Indiana ......................................765/966-7511
                                                                                     Hampton Inn, Richmond, Indiana ............................765/939-9500
                                         SHOW CATTLE                                 Richmond, Indiana is 15 minutes west of Green Oak Farms.
                                             Alan & Thelma Halderman
                                                  New Paris, Ohio
            Gale Long, Owner
                                                                                     Pre-Sa le I n s pe ct i on o f t h e Offe ri n g:
                                          937/533-0489 or 937/437-0564
          5945 Orangeburg Rd.
                                           Andy Armstrong, 937/533-0771

          New Paris, OH 45347
                                                The sale cattle are available anytime at their respective farms – all
 Dillon Durham, Herdsman: 765/546-0395
                                                                                     close to New Paris, Ohio – and will be in place at the sale site after

                                           HUNT FARMS
                                                                                     Wednesday, December 28. Stop by anytime!
          SHOW CATTLE
Brian, Dru, & Spencer Goettemoeller             New Madison, Ohio

                                                                                           We L oo k Fo rwa rd t o Ho sti n g
        Winchester, Indiana                 Tom, Deanna, & Megan Hunt
          937/459-0209                    937/459-3050 or 937/533-0155

       HAGANS                                                                                   Y ou i n ou r H eat ed,
                                              Show Cattle                                    All-Weat h e r Sa le Fa cilit y!
                                                                                           C o m e Ea rly a n d St a y L at e!
          Linda Hagans
          Warsaw, Ohio                         Tim & Emily Schaeffer
      740/824-4156 (home)                       Hagerstown, Indiana
      740/610-7947 (mobile)                       765/541-0738

          E      WINNERS’CIRCLE
                                               at Green Oak Farms
                                           Friday, December 30 – 1 pm EST
                                      At Green Oak Farms near New Paris, Ohio
                                                                        Located along I-70 just east of the Indiana line

     73 Bred Cows and Heifers, 9 Open Heifers, 4 Bulls, and Unique Genetic Specials

   A u ct i o n St af f:
                                                                                                                                                       Sale Office Phone:
Sale Manager
Craig M. Reiter & Associates                                                                                                                            419.350.9159
                                                                                                                               Abs e nt e e Bi ddi n g:
P.O. Box 85
Elmore, Ohio 43416                                                                                                                                                   For interested buyers unable to attend we
419/862-0117 — office phone                                                                                                   invite you to inspect the offering prior to the auction and then use our free
419/350-9159 — sale days                                                                                                      buying service. Please contact any of the owners or auction staff as far ahead                                                                                                of the auction as possible to learn more about the offering and to arrange for
                                                                                                                              this service. We will bid in your absence and arrange to have your purchases                                                                                          delivered to you. Live phone bidding is available but not guaranteed.
Auctioneer…                  Ron Kreis, 740/683-3235                                                                           I nt e rn et Biddi n g Proced u re s:             Live internet bidding is
Marketing Agent...................................................Jered Shipman, 806/983-7226                                 available at You may watch the auction and bid on
Marketing Agent ..................................................Jason Reynolds, 513/260-7155                                your favorite items in real-time. Bidders must register prior to the sale.
Ringman.....................................................................................Dale Vonderhaar
PrimeTIME, Inc. .........................................................Greg Meyer, 513/256-8575
PrimeTIME, Inc.........................................................John Meents, 419/306-7480
                                                                                                                                 Internet Bidding Questions May Be Directed to 937/515-1194
PrimeTIME, Inc........................................................Mark Murphy, 937/459-2530
                                                                                                                              Internet bidders are responsible for all published updates/corrections and/or announcements made from the
PrimeTIME, Inc..............................................................Chad Day, 260/388-2876                            auction stand prior to and during the auction. It is highly recommended that all bidders consult the sale up-
American Chi. Assoc., Stan Comer, Tyler Humphrey.........................816/431-2808                                         date sheet and sale order and/or contact the owner(s) or sale manager prior to bidding. The sale manage-
                                                                                                                              ment and auction staff bear no responsibility for the function of the internet broadcast. The sale
Sale Site Coordinator .....................................................................Jason Manning                      management reserves the right to refuse bidding privileges at anytime.

I m po rt a nt Sa le I nfo r m atio n:
Terms: Terms of sale are cash or good check made payable immediately after the sale and before any cattle are loaded. Invoiced (absentee) accounts are payable in full within 10 days of the sale or are subject to a 2%
finance charge on the tenth day. A fee of $50 will be assessed to all returned checks. Liability: All animals and merchandise will be at the buyer’s risk as soon as bid off but will be cared for by the seller(s) for a reasonable
amount of time during and immediately following the sale. Neither the owners, auctioneers, sale manager or other affiliated personnel may be held responsible for any accidents that may occur. PrimeTIME AgriMarketing
NETWORK, Inc. acts only as an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock or merchandise. It is to be clearly understood that PrimeTIME AgriMarketing NETWORK, Inc. and its representa-
tives act only as a medium between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure on the part of the same to fulfill any obligations set forth in this sale or for the truth of any warranties
expressed or implied. Neither does PrimeTIME AgriMarketing NETWORK, Inc. assume any financial obligations to collect or enforce the collection of monies between buyer and seller. This catalog has been prepared by the sale
manager from information provided by the seller(s) and is assumed accurate as presented to us. However, PrimeTIME AgriMarketing NETWORK, Inc. will in no way guarantee age, pedigree, or reproductive status of the
animals selling. All exceptions taken and adjustments made are between buyer and seller. Breeding Information: Please see the footnotes regarding breeding information for each lot. All bred females will be examined for
pregnancy by a qualified DVM prior to the sale and any changes to their breeding status will be made available sale day. Conception dates listed in this booklet are based on the results of said pregnancy examination and/or
known breeding dates, and are intended as estimates of calving date only. Health: All animals will be accompanied by a health paper valid for interstate shipment. Buyers should make themselves aware of their respective
state’s health requirements prior to the sale. Insurance: Livestock insurance will be available at the clerk’s desk through Great American Insurance. Announcements: Any announcements made from the sale block by the
owners, auctioneer, or sale manager take precedence over any printed materials. Sale Booklet Prepared by: Craig M. Reiter, Sale Manager.

                         Vita Ferm                ®

                         More than just a mineral.


           Birth to market. Find out how.
    Contact Don Cooper: 317-431-8741,

                                                                                                                  GOET Donor 431 – Lot 1

    1            GOET Donor 431
Female             Calved: 2004
Selling one-half interest with the option to double hammer price to acquire full interest
Sells open with 4 embryos by Monopoly and 10 embryos by Smilin’ Bob
A real Holiday treat from the best of the Goettemoeller donor battery! Donor 431 is a customer favorite and a
well-proven source of winning show cattle that have been among the top sellers of recent Goettemoeller calf
crops. This gorgeous, incredibly-productive cow makes eggs, profit, and winners by the bunches. She is the
dam of a number of favorites like her 2011 daughters by Monopoly that included a $15,500 selection by Bushy
Park Farm, SD, that has already been a winner this season, and her full sister that sold for $7,500 while Jason             Heat Wave x Lot 1
Reynolds, OH, raised two Heat Wave sons from an embryo purchase that recently sold for a $5,000 average. A
year ago she had another winning daughter in the form of the $10,000 Heat Wave heifer that was selected as
the Third Overall Female of the 2010 Ohio AGR Preview for the Poole family, and her 2008 natural daughter
by Home Brew sold for $8,000 to Patrick Schuter, IN, and won at least her class in every time shown. Donor
431 had a bumper crop in 2009 when five calves by Heat Wave sold for a $6,000 average and, to date, she
has not produced a calf that has sold for less than $3,500 including the DCC Hard Drive daughter that sold in
our 2010 Winners’ Circle for $4,250 to Ryan Dotson, OH. This is quite a cow and she can gather it up quickly
with her huge embryo production that stands at a 22.5 embryo average over four lifetime attempts. She will
be flushed again before the auction and a large portion of her inventory sells along with this cow in order to
give you a giant jumpstart toward The Winners’ Circle. This is a push-button opportunity that no breeder in
search of premium quality can ignore. Happy Holidays from Goettemoeller Show Cattle!

Lot 1A – Embryos of Donor 431
Three embryos by Smilin’ Bob

Lot 1B – Embryos of Donor 431                                                                                                Monopoly x Lot 1
Three embryos by Smilin’ Bob

        Herd Sire Opportu nitie s fro m T h e Wi n n ers’ Circle!

               2            GOFG Double Doctor 751Y
           MaineTainer Bull         Calved: April 16, 2010
           TH/PHA pending – BW: 90 - POLLED
           A leader from the first crop by I-80, the $53,000 top seller of our first Winners Circle Sale! This young bull is pure club calf appeal with a great, chubby body blended with a
           sleek front end and incredible hair. He is clean and correct with a big, square top and plenty of substance plus a great pedigree with two shots of Dr Who from an impressive
           first-calf dam that is a top daughter of a maternal sister to Hunt Farms’ great Hot Sauce donor. The Double Doctor has the blood and the look you need!

   C h o i c e o f B u l l Ca lve s f ro m H a l d e r m a n Fa r m s
           GREEN OAK FARMS

                             Select your favorite from this lineup of I-80 sons from top-producing daughters of
                                       Miss Foxy Lady and Barbie 84KGL, the Halderman foundation!

                                                                      3A             HF Highway Man 87                                                  3B              HF Yosemite 75
                                                                    Maine-Anjou Bull          Calved: January 20, 2011                                Maine-Anjou Bull          Calved: January 8, 2011
                                                                    SIRE: GOET I-80 (ALI X HARD DRIVE X DR. WHO)                                      SIRE: GOET I-80 (ALI X HARD DRIVE X DR. WHO)
                                                                    DAM: HF NALIE (CALBERTA BLACK IMPACT X MISS FOXY LADY)                            DAM: HF HAITE (PAYDIRT X MISS FOXY LADY)
                                                                    A maternal brother to Lot 21 and a favorite since he hit the ground. This         Tremendous body mass and substance on a more efficient
                                                                    bull is sound, muscular and awesome haired plus he passed his BSE at 10           frame score! His maternal sister sells as Lot 28 and a
                                                                    months of age!                                                                    brother is the impressive herd sire, HF Universe, the sire
                                                                    HALDERMAN FARMS
                                                                                                                                                      of Lots 22 & 27. This calf passed his BSE at 10 months
                                                                                                                                                      of age.

                                                                                                                                                      HALDERMAN FARMS
 I-80 – Purebred Maine-Anjou by Cowan’s Ali –                                       HF Done Deal 19
The $53,000 top seller of our 2009 Winners’
Circle Sale
                                                                                                                                                     Look for pictures to come at
                                                                   Maine-Anjou Bull     Calved: January 12, 2011
                                                                   SIRE: HF GET IT DONE
                                                                   DAM: ROWE MS BARBIE 84KGL (KGST FEAR THIS X ROWE MS BARBIE 84KG)
                                                                   The Barbie calves are standing the test of time, and this is a strong one! This calf is extra hairy, big topped, and sound with a long list
                                                                   of siblings with track records that make this investment a sure thing. A maternal brother was Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Bull at
                                                                   the North American International!
                                                                   HALDERMAN FARMS
G re a t F l u s h Op t i o n s
f ro m Pro ve n W i n n e rs!
     4             The Right to Flush Roller Girl 9M                                                                                                Roller Girl 9M
Shorthorn Female *xAR35731
          AHL DOUBLE STUFF 306
          CF CHERRY TP 612 X


Terms of the Flush: The buyer will pay 50% of hammer price sale day, is responsible for all flush expenses, and is guaranteed not
less than eight (8) transferable embryos with no cap. Roller Girl averages 8 embryos per attempt and is open and ready to work.
This flush option from the deep donor battery at Hunt Farms is one that will create some excitement for the lucky
buyer! Roller Girl is one of the winning females in the Hunt lineup and definitely one of their most valuable cows.
She was a great show heifer for Megan and her calves have been top-selling favorites since she entered production.
She is the dam of MRH Paige, Megan Hunt’s multiple-winning show heifer from 2009 whose young daughter sells                                                     MRH Paige
here as Lot 34, and MRH Scarlet, the $14,000 top-selling heifer calf of our 2009 Winners’ Circle to Sullivan Farms,
IA. In addition, Roller Girl produced another fancy prospect this year, MRH Gucci by GOET I-80, that was a class
winner both days at the 2011 North American International. This impressive cow flushes well and has a unique
pedigree that you’ll enjoy blending with your favorite bull. She’ll deliver the goods!

                                                                                                                                                               MRH Scarlet

     5             The Right to Flush S&S Pennies From Heaven P29
Purebred American Simmental Cow 2,238,834
                                                                                   2009 Hoosier Beef Congress
             G&L BLACKFOOT 716D
G&L AVALANCHE 149F                                                                   Supreme Champion Female
          G&L MISS 600U 709D
          HART BLACK OASIS F301
             WAR PRINCESS A58

Terms of the Flush: The buyer will pay 50% of hammer price sale day, is responsible for all flush expenses, and is guar-
anteed not less than eight (8) transferable embryos with no cap. P29 averages 13 embryos per attempt and is open
and ready to work.
A great opportunity from one of the hottest cows in the Simmental/SimAngus business! Pennies From Heaven
P29 has been a major player at Schaeffer Show Cattle producing top-selling winners in her last three crops and
so far averaging over $15,000 on each calf. Her 2011 crop included a $15,000 heifer that will be shown by
Megan Schroeder, IN, this season as well as a daughter by Gamble’s Hot Rod that was raised by Shatto, OH, &
Poole, MD, from a Frozen Gold embryo purchase that has been a multiple winner already including a recent
selection as the Junior Calf Champion Female of the 2011 North American International Junior
SimSolution Show. Her 2009 calf crop showcased her versatility with three daughters by three different
bulls that sold for $24,000, $15,000, and $7,500; plus an exciting son, S&S Hot Commodity, topped the
2010 Ohio Simmental Sale at $14,000. One of these daughters, S&S Beyonce by Hot Rod, shown by
Kylie Blanding, IN, gathered tough titles like Supreme Champion Female of the 2009 Hoosier Beef
Congress and Reserve Grand Champion Sim-Influence Female of the 2009 North American International
Simmental Show where her maternal sister by Doctor Who was selected as the Junior Calf Champion
Female. This is a gorgeous Avalanche daughter that has worked with everything. Once
you see her, you’ll understand. Own this flush!
SCHAEFFER SHOW CATTLE                                                                                                               Hot Rod x P29            Hot Rod x P29
G re e n Oa k D o n o rs…U n i q u e a n d Po w e rf u l!
                                                6            Embryos of Sandeen’s Lady 03
                                            50% Simmental Female
                                            SIRE: DJ SALUTE
                                            DAM: THARPE ANGUS K022
                                            Precious embryos from Green Oak’s full sister to S.O.S.! Her brother is gone but he left his mark
                                            with great females known from coast to coast. 03 is a very impressive female that is just getting
                                            started on a great career and these embryos by Optimus Prime, Steel Force’s best son, will create
                                            Lot 6 – Four embryos by JSC Optimus Prime
                                            GREEN OAK FARMS

                  Sandeen’s Lady 22U

                                                7            Embryos of Green Oak Peaches
                                            Chi Female
                                            SIRE: HEAT WAVE
                                            DAM: CHAROLAIS
                                            The first embryo offering from the Heart of It All and OCA B.E.S.T. winning showpiece, Peaches!
                                            This cow is one extreme piece of machinery and these first embryos should be just right. Expect
                                            big hair, big style, and great color!
                                            Lot 7A – Three embryos by GOET I-80
                                            Lot 7B – Three embryos by Hard Drive
                                            Lot 7C – Three embryos by Mercedes Benz
                                            GREEN OAK FARMS
                   Green Oak Peaches

                                                8            Embryos of Raven’s Rebel 311W
                                            ChiAngus Female
                                            SIRE: BC RAVEN
                                            DAM: HXC ARISTOCRAT 313J BY EAGLE SCOUT
                                            Another first from the deep and young selection of donors at Green Oak Farm, these embryos are
                                            from Raven’s Rebel 311W, the winning daughter of the famed Aristocrat line. She was a popular
                                            Louisville champion a year ago and she has matured into a high-production donor that will make
                                            her mark. We’re giving you plenty of flexible options in these first packages because that’s what
                                            this cow was built for!
                                            Lot 8A – Three embryos by GOET I-80
                                            Lot 8B – Three embryos by FBF Turning Point
                                            Lot 8C – Three embryos by Monopoly
                  Raven’s Rebel 311W        GREEN OAK FARMS

T h e Fu ll Si st e r t o T h e M a i n e M a n…

                                                                                                                                                                  Lot 9

    9            GOET Miss Hottie 1

Maine Anjou Female 409101             Calved: March 20, 2010  Tag: 02                                                                                The Maine Man
             BPJV HOTLINE
             DCC HARD DRIVE
             DCC MERCEDES 701P
Bred to calve 1/26 to Ali
Retaining the right to one embryo flush at the buyer’s convenience
The full sister to the $80,500 Frozen Gold record setter, GOET The Maine Man, and the 2011 Indiana State Fair Supreme Champion
Junior Female, here is a great daughter of BPF Miley 80T and a maternal sister to the red-hot sire, GOET I-80. One of the few
females from Miley 80T that you’ll find for sale, this one is certain genetic gold with incredible style. Her sister was a dominant and
popular champion for the Chamberlain family with several big wins other than her Supreme Championship in Indianapolis including a
selection as the Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female of the 2011 North American International among others. Her maternal
brother, GOET I-80, was the $53,000 top seller of our first Winners’ Circle to Lautner Farms and Top Sires, and he has quickly become
one of the most popular and proven sires in the industry with numerous high sellers from his first crop and several early champions.
Here is an opportunity that you will not find anywhere else and one that will push any program higher!                                    2011 Indiana State Junior Fair
                                                                                                                                             Supreme Champion Female

        M i l e y St ri k e s Ag a i n!
                                                                                                                                                           GOET I-80
       D e a n n a 382…A Fro z e n Go l d D o n o r!

                                                                                             Lot 10

                                        10             AA Deanna 382
                                      Hereford Female P42421917             Calved: March 3, 2003     Tag: 382
                                                   JSF 37 271 DEVO 23C
                                      AA DEANO 134
                                                   AA MS KEYNOTE 716
                                                   AA AIRWAVE 8180
                                      AA MS AIRWAVE 9184
                                                   AA DELORES 8148
                                      Bred to calve 2/10 to Grand Slam
                                      A Frozen Gold favorite donor and the dam of the great Grand Slam daughter that Becca Chamberlain
                                      showed to so many championships in 2007, here is a unique and valuable feature from the best of
                                      the winning Goettemoeller program. This proven cow has been one of the best investments Brian
                                      and Dru have made over the years with a strong return on several calves and tremendous embryo
                                      sales. Deanna 382 is a massive, well-constructed cow that performs exceptionally in transplant with
                                      an average of nearly 20 good embryos on three lifetime flushes. Her best daughter is now deceased
                                      and Deanna 382 is mated for a full sibling that should yield profit quickly as both the bulls and
                                      heifers have been excellent from this combination. The world needs more good Herefords – as
                                      evidenced by the tremendous demand at recent sales – and this one can surely help!

Y o u r Tri p t o T h e W i n n e rs' C i rc l e B e g i n s H e re !
                                      GOETTEMOELLER SHOW CATTLE

Fa n cy, Y o u n g
C o w s f ro m
T h e W i n n e rs ’ C i rc l e !
  11             MRH Jay Cee 535S
Chimaine Female 326860               Calved: April 5, 2006
            NBH POLLED ENERGIZER 688
            FJH COUNTESS 115H
            X RAY VISION
            HXC COUNTRY GIRL 799H
Bred to calve 2/16 to Grizzly
A smaller, cooler, thicker Ali daughter from a fancy cow that stems from the lasting quality of the
Horsley Brothers Country Girl family. This registered cow is extremely big backed and soft mid-
dled with great hair and a sweet front end. She is young with much to give and we’ll bet on a
chunky, hairy one by Grizzly this spring!
GREEN OAK FARMS                                                                                                  Lot 11

  12             GOET 86
Female                   Calved: 2008
Tested THF - Bred to calve 1/23 to Monopoly
Another excellent female from the “GG” donor at Goettemoeller Show Cattle – just like the pair that
highlighted our 2010 offering – here is a young cow due for something special right away after the
sale. You won’t believe her THF status when you see the hair coat on this super-sound female. She’s
got a sweet front end that completes her feminine, problem-free design.

                                                                                                                 Lot 12

           S h o w S u p p ly & Ca t t l e Eq u i p m e nt A u ct i o n
                Stick around after the cattle auction for our annual Show Supply and Cattle Equipment Auction.
            Selling single and double blow dryers, chutes (incl an 8 ft aluminum
                  grooming chute), fans and fan carts, gates, feed pans in
                               multiple colors, other supplies!

       Also selling Halderman Farms’ entire Heat Watch system incl. repeater!

Ou r B e st B re d H e if e rs…B re d t o W i n!
                                    14             GOFG Jade 68
                                  Female                 Calved: March 11, 2010
                                  SIRE: CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT
                                  DAM: PARTY BOY (MEYER 734) X ANGUS
                                  Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
                                  Carnac the Magnificent sired both the Grand Champion Steer and the Grand Champion Chianina
                                  Heifer of both the junior and open shows at the 2011 North American International, and we’ve
                                  got a great selection of daughters to offer this year. This one has the look of a leader with
                                  tremendous shag and great hip and bone. She cuts a fancy profile; and she’ll back it up with her
                                  first one by the top seller of our first sale, I-80!
                                  GREEN OAK FARMS
                    Lot 14

                                    15             GOFG Jasmine 28
                                  Female                 Calved: March 3, 2010
                                  SIRE: HANNIBAL
                                  MGS: FRICTION
                                  Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
                                  Killer good looks with extra power! Here is a high-potential Hannibal daughter that will create
                                  some extreme success! She is as cool and hairy as they come with tremendous bone and a snake
                                  neck. Expect something fancy with this first I-80 and from everything thereafter. She’s got the
                                  GREEN OAK FARMS

                    Lot 15

                                    16             GOFG Diamond 180
                                  Female                 Calved: March 3, 2010
                                  SIRE: CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT
                                  DAM: OCC LEGEND X OCC JET STREAM
                                  Bred to calve 2/05 to DCC First Look
                                  A big, stout, impressive baldy that offers a great blend of new and time-tested genetics, this
                                  heifer should have been shown with her great balance and superb structure. She has a fancy
                                  blend of style and power with a stout hip, great hair and plenty of dimension with free move-
                                  ment. She’ll make a great choice from this deep offering of bred replacements!
                                  GREEN OAK FARMS

                    Lot 16

  17             MRH Wilma 647
Female                 Calved: March 27, 2010
Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
One you need to see and add to your program, here is a rare and valuable full sister to a number
of leaders like GK Donor P89, the famous donor owned by Kroupa Genetics, SD, and Boysel
Genetics, OH; the AI sire,Simple Math; and GK Who’s The One, Megan Hunt’s Reserve Supreme
Champion Heifer of the 2010 Kentucky Beef Expo. Her dam was one of the most valuable cows
in the Kroupa Genetics program and her genetics are very limited. This heifer has impeccable
style and gorgeous depth with first-class hair and balance. Sorry we missed her at photo time,
but she is well worth the trip!
HUNT FARMS                                                                                                Kroupa P89

  18             JCCF Hallie 510
Chimaine Female 348229                  Calved: March 25, 2010
            OUR TURN
            OHL HOLLYWOOD 425P

Bred to calve 3/03 to I-80
A head-turner by My Turn! You’ll love the look and potential of this young one that is bred for
a rapid return with the $53,000 top seller of our first sale. This heifer is super square and very
muscular with tremendous hair and style!
                                                                                                              Lot 18

  19             MRH Star 320
Female                 Calved: January 3, 2010
Bred to calve 2/05 to DCC First Look
We’ve loaded the bred heifer offering to bring you back for more next year, and this baldy beauty
is a favorite in the set! She is the first calf from BPF Sheba, a fancy daughter of Hard Core, and she
has the look and then some. This one is just right in terms of feminine muscle and clean shape with
added bone, belly, and muscle. Over the years, the Hunt Farms cows have produced exceptionally
well for our customers and this one will surely continue the trend!

                                                                                                              Lot 19

                20             HF Lady Magic 2X
              Female                  Calved: April 1, 2010
              Sire: HF MAGIC (FGJ HABANERO x HF FOXY LADY)
              Dam: MAINE-ANJOU
              AI 5/08 to GOET I-80 – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 2/16
              A square, hairy, stout one from the top of the Halderman replacements! HF Magic daughters rise
              to the top every year and this girl is no exception. You can count on this pedigree to deliver show
              ring style every time, and this heifer has a flexible, outcross pedigree to many of the bulls you
              want to use. HF Magic is a full brother to HF Hot Diva, the winning and top-producing donor at
              Halderman Farms. Ask us about discounted semen sales from HF Magic on sale day!
              HALDERMAN FARMS
Lot 20

                21             HF Nalie 87X
              Female                    Calved: January 1, 2010
              SIRE: ICE CHEST (BY ICE PICK)
              AI 4/09 to Total Solution – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 1/16
              Out of one of Halderman Farms’ consistent, top-producing cows that is a daughter of the deceased
              Miss Foxy Lady, this bred heifer has plenty of muscle and substance; and she is super fronted and
              sound. She is bred to the deceased sire of quality, Total Solution, whose semen is getting harder
              to find.
              HALDERMAN FARMS

Lot 21

                22             HF Sweety Pie 80X
              Female                  Calved: May 4, 2010
              SIRE: HF UNIVERSE (BY ALI)
              DAM: HF SWEETY PIE 65R
              AI 5/20 to Grizzly – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 2/27
              Here is a fancy, well-balanced heifer with great lines, a big foot, and plenty of three-dimensional
              quality. A February Grizzly calf will be sure to give you a quick return on your investment.
              HALDERMAN FARMS

Lot 22

23A              GOET 027
Female                  Calved: 2010
Bred to calve 1/24 to I-80
A valuable daughter of Goettemoeller’s “Sassy” donor that was selected as the Grand Champion
MaineTainer Female of the 2005 North American International and has produced favorites like the
$9,800 top seller of the 2007 Tennessee Agribition Sale and the top-producing cow we sold in our
2009 sale to Tooms Show Cattle, OH. Like her sisters, this heifer is sharp and classy with great hair
and lots of it. Trust the pedigree here!

                                                                                                                                         Lot 23A

                                                                                                             Sassy – The dam of Lot 23

23B              GOET 67
Female                  Calved: 2010
Bred to calve 2/24 to I-80
Extra fancy! Here is another outstanding daughter of Goettemoeller’s “Sassy” donor, and this
impressive Who Made Who daughter has no choice but to make a top-producing donor. She offers a
solid-gold pedigree from a well-proven dam blended with a look that we know will work. She’s got
the sweetest front end you can imagine and she combines it with ideal depth of rib, fantastic hair,
and upgraded stoutness. This is another winner from a winning line!

                                                                                                                                         Lot 23B

  24             GOET 05
Female                  Calved: 2010
AI 5/08 to I-80 – PE to Shaggy (Dirty Hairy x Mandy) 5/15-8/01 – Safe-in-calf
From the Goettemoeller embryo program and the Frozen Gold featured donor, “Corey”, this young
Heat Wave cow has a winning pedigree and a sweet look. Her dam was a dominant player for
Becca Chamberlain when she won titles like the Scarlet & Gray Midwest Showdown, the Kentucky
Beef Expo, the Purdue AGR Preview, and many more of our toughest outings. This daughter is wide
based and square-made with excellent hair.

                                                                                                                                          Lot 24

                     25              HF Mary Lou 853X
                   Female                  Calved: May 1, 2010
                   AI 5/26 to GOET I-80 – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 3/05
                   The work’s done with this bred heifer. She combines some of the best cow families that Halderman
                   Farms has to offer including the winning donors HF Hot Diva and Foxy Lady, on the top, and
                   Halderman’s best steer donor HF Mary Lou on the bottom. Bred to the super-hot I-80, be sure to
                   bring this one home!
                   HALDERMAN FARMS

     Lot 25

                     26              HF Sweety Pie 85X
                   PB Shorthorn Female                 Calved: January 1, 2010
                   SIRE: ESKIMO JOE
                   DAM: HF MONEY 85 (OPTIMIZER X HF FIDGET)
                   AI 4/28 to I-80 – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 2/05
                   Extremely deep and extra soggy best describe this Shorthorn heifer. Her dam is one of the top
                   performers at Halderman Farms having produced high-selling Shorthorns in past sales and a son
                   that was Third Overall at the Preble County (OH) Fair.
                   HALDERMAN FARMS

     Lot 26

                     27               HF Diva 654X
                   Maine-Anjou Female                   Calved: May 17, 2010
                   SIRE: HF UNIVERSE (BY ALI)
                   DAM: HF HOT DIVA (HABANERO X FOXY LADY)
                   AI 5/20 to Grizzly – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 2/27
                   The biggest-boned heifer in the Halderman crop! Here is a direct daughter of HF Hot Diva and a
                   maternal sister to the popular sire, HF Get It Done. This heifer has the right look with her big legs
                   and extreme front end, and her dam always delivers quality. Her pedigree blends Ali, Habanero,
                   and Reflector. A big-bellied Grizzly calf will be just the ticket here!

                     28              HF Haite 75X
                   Female                   Calved: January 1, 2010
                   SIRE: PADDY O’MALLEY
                   DAM: HF HAITE (PAYDIRT X FOXY LADY)
                   AI 4/16 to GOET I-80 – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 1/24
                   Another bred heifer from the Halderman foundation, the dam of this heifer is another top daugh-
                   ter of Miss Foxy Lady. This one has been a favorite since birth and her siblings have been excel-
                   lent. She is big topped and smooth with strong performance. Hurry home with this one that will
                   deliver a strong I-80 baby shortly after the sale!
     Lot 28        HALDERMAN FARMS

29A              GOFG Star 624
Female                 Calved: March 2, 2010
Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
Extra power from the Green Oak embryo program, this Carnac daugh-
ter has the look of a show heifer and all of the power you’ll need! Her
dam is a very strong donor that also produced Lot 29B; and she blessed
her daughters with serious bone, great hair and valuable style!

29B                GOFG Trinity 620
Female                 Calved: February 18, 2010
Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
The very stout full sister to Lot 29A, this blaze-faced daughter of Carnac
is another impressive beast with a club calf future. She is bred for a hot
                                                                                             Lot 29A
start and she brings plenty of bone, muscle, and great hair to the party!

  30             GOFG Diamond 382
Shorthorn+ Female                   Calved: February 29, 2010
Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
A beautiful blue from one of the best females in the Green Oak lineup, this im-
pressive Shorthorn+ heifer is very pretty and complete with great potential. Her
dam was an OCA BEST Champion, and she is the natural daughter of an impres-
sive female that stems from the same Shorthorn family that produced the
trend-setting sire, DF Vegas. She is big boned and square hipped with great
eye appeal. She’ll be easy to spot and easy to love!
                                                                                               Lot 30

       Ask us about discounted semen sales from                                         FAW Davinci
         HF Magic and HF Nixon on sale day!

                                                                                                            31              BAJJ Cherry J0X
                                                                                                          Chi Female 351177                       Calved: April 10, 2010
                                                                                                                       HEAT WAVE
                                                                                                                       WTF RUTH MEDINA

                                                                                                          AMBUSH ANGUS COW

                                                                                                          Bred to calve 2/08 to Tycoon
                                                                                                          An exciting redhead from the Team Schaeffer show string! This winning Monopoly daughter is
                                                                                                          smooth and powerful with valuable color on the way. These young Monopoly daughters look like
                                                                                                          real cows, especially when they are this big bellied, clean jointed, and feminine!
                                                                                                          SCHAEFFER SHOW CATTLE
                                                                                           Lot 31

  32             GOFG Lady 4X                                                                               33              HF 4
Female                    Calved: February 16, 2010                                                       Angus Female            Calved: February 8, 2010
         MEYER 734                                                                                                   SVF GDAR 216 LTD
GF MAXIMUS                                                                                                SAF CONNECTION
         HABANERO                                                                                                    SAF ROYAL QUEEN 5084
                                                                                                                     SAV 8180 TRAVELER 004
ANGUS                                                                                                     WESTWARD SKY 308 804
                                                                                                                     WESTWARD SKY 801
Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80                                                                           AI 5/13 to DJ Salution – PE to HF Solution 5/27-7/08 – Due 2/20
Valuable property by the great GF Maximus! This one is bred to make a lasting source of profit,           A maternal sister to Halderman’s top-selling bred heifer from our 2010 offering, this is a special
and she looks the part with her smooth, wide design that will work with a variety of sires. She is        purebred Angus heifer from the Westward Sky donor by 004. This Connection daughter has plenty
very pretty and complete with a great disposition and a valuable first calf on the way!                   of cow power with her fancy profile and design. The DJ Salution calves come small with lots of vigor
GREEN OAK FARMS                                                                                           and have recorded the highest pounds/day over the last few calf crops at Halderman Farms.
                                                                                                          HALDERMAN FARMS & WESTWARD ANGUS

                                                                                                            34              MRH Paris 9X
                                                                                                          Chianina Female 347630               Calved: March 10, 2010
                                                                                                                       COWANS ALI 4M
                                                                                                          GEF DIRTY HARRY
                                                                                                                       GEF NAUGHTY BUSINESS
                                                                                                                       WHO MADE WHO 411F 1CM
                                                                                                          MRH PAIGE
                                                                                                                       ROLLER GIRL 9M
                                                                                                          Bred to calve 2/05 to DCC First Look
                                                                                                          From a winning line at Hunt Farms that is anchored by Roller Girl 9M, the featured Lot 4 donor in
                                                                                                          this sale, here is a fancy blue-roan heifer that will be a go-to cow for quality and profit as she ma-
                                                                                                          tures. Her dam won often for Megan Hunt and this heifer has her same, classy style with a sharp
                                                                                                          front end and a smaller, more massive design.
                                                                                    MRH Paige             HUNT FARMS

                                            S e m e n f ro m G F M a x i m u s
                                            GF Maximus = Meyer 734 x FGJ Habanero
                                            Lot 100A - 5 straws x $_______                                 Lot 100B - 5 straws x $_______
                                            Lot 100C - 5 straws x $_______                                 Lot 100D - 5 straws x $_______
                                            Lot 100E - 5 straws x $_______                                 Lot 100F - 5 straws x $_______

  35             GOFG Alexis 806
Angus Female           Calved: February 2, 2010
AI 4/28 to GOET I-80 – PE to Sandman 6/01-7/20 – Safe-in-calf
A smooth beauty that will accomplish plenty, here is a great find by The Answer! This is a rare
Angus female with tremendous style, depth, and great hair. She has plenty of shape and she is
great at the ground. Bred to make them good looking and easy to sell, this is another to mark with
a star!

                                                                                                                                                                                             Lot 35

  36             GOFG Gypsy 144                                                                             37             GOFG Candi 803
Female               Calved: February 26, 2010                                                            Shorthorn Female                      Calved: April 2, 2010
SIRE: THE ANSWER                                                                                          SIRE: CF TONIC
DAM: HB SOMETHING DIFFERENT (CHIANGUS)                                                                    DAM: CF EQUITY
PE to Sandman 6/01-7/15 – Safe-in-calf                                                                    Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
Another fancy daughter of The Answer! This big-boned heifer is great haired with leading                  A purebred Shorthorn heifer with extra length and style. She has great hair and
length and style!                                                                                         color with a very flexible calf on the way!
GREEN OAK FARMS                                                                                           GREEN OAK FARMS

  38             GOFG Pilly 1825X                                                                           39             GOFG Deb 825
50% Simmental Female              Calved: January 28, 2010                                                75% Simmental Female             Calved: February 2, 2010
SIRE: GF MAXIMUS (MEYER 734 X HABANERO)                                                                   SIRE: IN DEW TIME
DAM: DJ SALUTE X ANGUS                                                                                    DAM: DJ SALUTE G509 X ANGUS
Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80                                                                           PE to Sandman 6/01-7/15 – Safe-in-calf
This Maximus daughter is going to make an awesome cow! She is already a real leader in                    Check the giant body and guts on this three-quarter Simmental daughter of In
terms of serious muscle and rugged mass. With her shot of extra chrome and an I-80 on the                 Dew Time! She is another sound, easy-fleshing female that will make a great cow!
way, this should work!                                                                                    GREEN OAK FARMS

                   W e lc o m e t o T h e W i n n e rs ’ C i rc l e a t G re e n Oa k Fa r m s!
                   Get ready because we’ve got a Holiday treat in store for you this year! Our 2011 offering is absolutely loaded with quality from start to finish.
                   The Winners’ Circle team has dug deep into their herds to present their best and up the ante for this annual event that has been the source of
                   some great investments in its short history. Whether it’s club calf, percentage Simmental, Maine-Anjou, Chiangus or more, I know you’ll find sev-
                   eral in this offering that you can really use.
                   The breeders that comprise The Winners’ Circle are some of the most decorated in our region and their success is growing rapidly because they
                   focus on the best cattle and build around them. This offering is a just a glimpse of the quality and opportunity you can expect from future sales
                   as we continue to strive to be your go-to source for herd and show string improvement. A special but unfortunate highlight of our 2011 offering
                   is the dispersal of the long-lasting and successful herd built by Roger and Linda Hagans of Warsaw, Ohio. You can select your
                   favorites from the entire Hagans herd on Dec. 30 along with a much-upgraded offering from our normal team.
                   Happy Holidays to you and yours,
                   Craig Reiter
                   Winners’ Circle Auction Manager

                40             GOFG Nikki 819
              50% Simmental Female              Calved: February 23, 2010
              SIRE: MO MAJIC
              DAM: DJ SALUTE 6509 X ANGUS
              AI 5/17 to GOET I-80 – PE to Sandman 6/01-7/15 – Safe-in-calf
              A fancy leader in this very deep group of bred replacements, this heifer by the Triple Crown win-
              ning Mo Majic is super complete. She’ll make a front-running cow with her balanced good looks,
              flexible pedigree, and problem-free design. What a female she’ll be!
              GREEN OAK FARMS

Lot 40

                41             Crystal Creek Carrie 396X
              50% Simmental Female 2602704                        Calved: April 22, 2010
                          WLE POWER STROKE
                          NJC EBONY ANTOINETTE


              Bred to calve 3/13 to GF Maximus sexed heifer semen
              A gorgeous half-blood Simmental by the winning sire Trademark, this one is just right from so
              many perspectives! She is smooth and easy-doing with tremendous depth, balance, and a
              surprising front end and hair coat. She’ll grow into a cow to brag about, and she is bred for
              an interesting double-bred half-blood this first time around. A sweet one!
              CRYSTAL CREEK FARM
Lot 41

                42             PJAJ Miss Twistar 4X
              75% Simmental Female 2582447                   Calved: February 12, 2010 Tag: 03
                          CNS DREAM ON L186
              SVF STAR POWER S802
                          SVF SHEZA STAR N902
                          KLS MR TWISTER
              KLS LIL MS TWIST
                          SPOONER 925
              AI 5/08 to Mercedes Benz – PE to Shaggy (Dirty Hairy x Mandy) 5/15-8/01 – Safe-in-calf
              Here is a unique three-quarter Simmental female by Star Power. This blaze-face is the perfect
              size with impressive hip and top shape, excellent hair and more bone than you’ll find on most.
              She has a show heifer look and she’ll make a flexible cow to mate several directions for success.
Lot 42

  43             GOFG Daisy 03
75% Simmental Female                   Calved: February 14, 2010
Bred to calve 2/05 to GOET I-80
This is an impressive and well-bred set of females and this one leads the way in terms of proven
blood, great looks, and potential! This three-quarter Simmental by Dream Catcher is backed by a
favorite, foundation daughter of DJ Salute and she offers easier-fleshing style with tremendous
body mass and proper movement. Her first calf may be registered as both a MaineTainer or a low
percentage Simmental.

                                                                                                                                                                           Lot 43

  44             GOFG Molly 815
75% Simmental Female              Calved: February 17, 2010
AI 4/28 to GOET I-80 – PE to Sandman 6/01-7/15 – Safe-in-calf
Here is a very different sort of In Dew Time daughter! She offers a rare combination of a sweet,
clean front end and outstanding hair blended with the sound, massive design you’d expect from her
sire. She looks a lot like her premium dam and there is little doubt that she’ll be a premium pro-
ducer very soon. These things are good and they’ll work!

                                                                                                                                                                           Lot 44

  45             GOFG Monica 477X
50% Simmental Female                 Calved: February 17, 2010
                                                                                                             I nt e rn et Biddi n g Proced u re s:
                                                                                                             Live internet bidding is available at
DAM: MEYER 734 X ANGUS                                                                                       You may watch the auction and bid on your favorite items in
AI 4/28 to GOET I-80 – PE to Sandman 6/01-7/15 – Safe-in-calf                                                real-time. Bidders must register prior to the sale.
A strong daughter of the deceased sire of proven quality, Sandeen’s S.O.S., this brockle-faced heifer
is going to make a fancy and productive cow. She is just the right size with excellent width and
body mass.

                                                                                                                       Internet Bidding Questions
                                                                                                                    May Be Directed to 937/515-1194

        G re a t C h i a n g u s B l o od…
St ra ig ht f ro m T h e W i n n e rs ’ C i rc l e !

                                                                                                                   Lot 46

                                            46             GOFG Miss Monica 31X
                                          Chiangus Female 354759             Calved: November 15, 2010
                                                       RDD ACES HIGH 6N
                                          BMS SPOCK
                                                       RDCA HOPE 210L
                                                       SAV 5175 BANDO 1024
                                          HXC ARISTOCRAT 931P
                                                       HXC ARISTOCRAT 313J
                                          Bred to calve 7/29 to CARD The Situation
                                          The next big thing from the Aristocrat line, here is the super-fancy, younger sister to LSB Raven’s
                                          Rebel 311W, the 2010 NAILE Grand Champion Junior Chiangus Female. Her donor dam is a mater-
                                          nal sister to the famous HXC Aristocrat 313J that has been a Frozen Gold favorite and is now a foun-
                                          dation donor for Wolf Show Cattle, MI, and her second dam produced the 2010 ACA National
                                          Champion Chiangus Female for Cardinal Cattle, IL. Dave Schneider and Family, IN, selected one-half
                                          interest in our dam in our 2010 Winners’ Circle Sale when she had this heifer at-side. That invest-
                                          ment will look even wiser when you study this heifer’s combination of good looks and maternal
                                          quality. She is bred to calve well before her second birthday to the intriguing, young Chiangus sire at
            LSB Raven’s Rebel 311W        Cardinal Cattle, CARD The Situation.
                                          GREEN OAK FARMS and SCHNEIDER FARMS

S h o w H e if e rs f o r
T h e W i n n e rs ’ C i rc l e !
                                                                                                                                   Lot 47
  47             JSUL Jaylyn 344
Elig Chi Female                      Calved: February 12, 2011
Sells open
A very exciting maternal sister to the 2011 North American International Supreme Champion Junior
Heifer! This big, stout heifer is a real treat and she’ll be great property for this season and beyond. She
moves great on sweet feet and large bone plus she has the great hair and body shape you would expect                 2011 NAILE
from the cow that produced the dominant show heifer that won so often for Nick Sullivan, IA, last year.       Supreme Champion
These are our best heifer calves yet!                                                                              Junior Female

  48             SULL Hot Tamale 607
Elig. Shorthorn + Female               Calved: March 3, 2011                                                                       Lot 48
Sells open
Genetic gold from the great 588 donor at Sullivan Farms, IA! This striking show prospect
presents quite a package of improvement possibilities. She stands on her own when it
comes to quality with her tremendous depth, balance, fantastic front end, and great color. Then, consider
that a sister was the $120,000 top-selling appendix heifer of the 2011 Sullivan Farms Maternal Legends
Sale, another – SULL Tamale – was selected as the Supreme Champion Junior Heifer of the 2010 North
American International, and yet another was recently selected as the Reserve Supreme Champion                        2010 NAILE
Prospect Heifer of the 2011 Heart of It All Preview for the Udell family, IA. You need this one!              Supreme Champion
SCHAEFFER SHOW CATTLE                                                                                              Junior Female

  49             JSUL Alright Already 50
Elig. Chi Female                 Calved: April 21, 2011                                                                            Lot 49
Sells open
A very stout daughter of another North American International Supreme Champion Junior
Female! This wide and rugged heifer is backed by the impressive strength and value of
GCC Alright Already, the Supreme Female of both the 2008 American Royal and North American Interna-
tional Junior Shows. Like her Frozen Gold dam, this one has got the power!
                                                                                                                     2008 NAILE
                                                                                                              Supreme Champion
                                                                                                                   Junior Female

                  50             MRH Trixy 551
                Elig Chi/MaineTainer Female            Calved: April 1, 2011
                              COWAN’S ALI
                GOET I-80
                              BPF MILEY 80T
                THMT SHEQUEILA
                              CAMPBELLCO GOOSE 51D
                Sells open
                A very classy and high-potential daughter of I-80 and a very impressive maternal sister to Hunt
                Farms most successful donor, Hot Sauce! This heifer is sound and gorgeous with considerable per-
                formance and incredible hair.
                HUNT FARMS
  Lot 50

                  51             BPF 364
                Elig. Chi/MaineTainer Female           Calved: April 10, 2011
                SIRE: SMILIN’ BOB
                DAM: SLOW BURN X ANGUS
                Sells open
                A special treat that is headed for The Winners’ Circle, here is a favorite from the first crop by
                Smilin’ Bob! See for yourself on sale day but this one offers exceptional belly and a very power-
                ful hip and top shape. She is covered in great hair and has a sweet personality to match.

  Lot 51

                  52             MRH Rihanna 01Y
                Chianina Female 355909             Calved: April 25, 2011
                             COWANS ALI 4M
                GOET I-80
                             BPF MILE 80T
                             WHO MADE WHO 411F 1CM
                GOET JO JO
                             GOET CA X MA 01
Lot 52          Tested THF - Sells open
                Here is another extra-fancy prospect and the first daughter to sell from the 2007 Ohio Expo
                Supreme Champion Junior Female, Jo Jo. This MaineTainer or Chi heifer has the extra depth,
                sweet front, and great hair of her mother plus extra shape from I-80.
                HUNT FARMS


  53              S&S Oh Caroline Y141 ET
Shorthorn Female *x4180261                           Calved: April 4, 2011      Tag 44
             CF TRUMP X
             NPS DESERT ROSE 004
             HD BLOODSTONE 603 ET
             CF HOMECOMING QUEEN GP036
Sells open
A real sweetheart from the Schaeffer and Cates Farms embryo program and the mega-producing
donor, Sweet Caroline 070X, that is now owned by Keith Lambright, IN! This young heifer is a full sister
to the featured Lot 3 females of the 2011 Cates Farms Sale that included heifer calves at $48,000.
$24,000, $16,000, and $15,000. This is a genetic treasure; and she looks the part of a future winner                                                                                                Lot 53
with her great style, impressive depth of rib, and straight-ahead structure and movement.

  54              SULL Red Riding Hood A524                                                                     55             SULL Mona Lisa 4559
Elig. Chi or Shorthorn + Female                      Calved: May 2, 2011                                      Shorthorn Female                  Calved: March 2, 2011
SIRE: MONOPOLY                                                                                                SIRE: SULL PRIMO
DAM: RED RIDERS DRIVE X AF MIRAGE                                                                             DAM: K-KIM MONA LISA 10T (SULL SALUTE)
Sells open                                                                                                    Sells open
A very young Chi or Shorthorn+ prospect from the well-respected DFS Red Rider donor lineup at                 From the embryo program and the winning Mona Lisa line that always creates success,
Sullivan Farms, IA! This big-boned, sweet-necked heifer has the great top and hip shape you                   here is another Shorthorn show stopper that is genetically and physically loaded! This is a
need in a winning show and donor female. These young females are loaded with quality and                      high-performance, high-style heifer that cuts a gorgeous profile. Be sure to study her on
this future winner stems from the same family that produced DF Vegas!                                         sale day!
SCHAEFFER SHOW CATTLE                                                                                         SCHAEFFER SHOW CATTLE

St e e r Ca lve s f o r T h e W i n n e rs ’ C i rc l e
  56              HUNT Steer                                                                                    57             GOFG Steer calf 168X
Calved: February 28, 2011                                                                                     STEER      Calved: February 13, 2011
SIRE: MONOPOLY                                                                                                SIRE: WHO MADE WHO
MGS: LIFELINE                                                                                                 MGS: DJ SALUTE
HUNT FARMS                                                                                                    GREEN OAK FARMS

  58              GOFG Steer calf 56X                                                                       St e e l Fo rc e S e m e n
                                                                                                            A li S e m e n
                                                                                                            Lot 101A - 5 straws x $_______                     Lot 101B - 5 straws x $_______
STEER       Calved: February 28, 2011
GREEN OAK FARMS                                                                                             Lot 102 - 5 straws x $_______

T h e H a g a n s S h o w Ca lve s D i s p e rs a l
Roger and Linda Hagans have been breeding on this herd of cows for more than 30 years. They have been a mainstay on the Ohio club calf and Maine-Anjou scene for
many of those years producing a long list of championship cattle and sale toppers. Roger worked these cows every day until he lost a tough battle with cancer late last
summer. It is with a heavy heart that we will disperse their beloved herd as a special feature of our 2011 Winners’ Circle Sale.
These cows are proven show cattle producers and they have been bred and prepared just as if they were staying at home. Each year their calves sell out in the early fall
except for the few that are retained for the OMAA Sale each spring at the Ohio Beef Expo where the Hagans cattle have been among the top sellers on several occasions.
Linda still has a few older and/or open cows at home to keep her company but rest assured that all of the best Hagans females will sell here. She knows these cows in-
side and out and, while she hates to see them go, Linda will be happy to answer any questions you may have about them.
None have been retained, sold before, or held back. So much of the hard work has been done for you here. Enjoy the best of the Hagans herd. Take them home and
make them better, just like Roger would want you to do.

                                                                                                               59             HAG 72N
                                                                                                             Maine Anjou Female 335570                    Calved: May 27, 2003
                                                                                                                          FJH BLACK ICE 100D
                                                                                                             KGST FEAR THIS
                                                                                                                          HALL’S MISS 420D
                                                                                                                          DAINES HAIRY CRUMB 92H
                                                                                                             HAG 07L
                                                                                                                          CA X AN X MA 43B
                                                                                                             Bred to calve 2/08 to GVC Maverick – No Exposure
                                                                                                             The dam of three county champion steers, this Fear This cow always delivers! She might be the
                                                                                                             most massive female in the entire herd and she has long been a favorite for many reasons. This
                                                                                                             is a whole lotta cow from her massive bone, huge rib, and extra wide back. You will see why her
                                                                                             Lot 59          calves have been winners and you can bet on this next one as well. A top daughter sells!
                                                                                                             HAGANS SHOW CALVES

 59A              HAG 09X
 Maine Anjou Female 408486                     Calved: February 28, 2010
              FGJ HABANERO
              MISS PURSUIT DETT 95F
              KGST FEAR THIS
 HAG 72N
              HAG 07L
 Bred to calve 5/06 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure
 A registered Maine bred heifer from the massive, top-producing cow that has produced three
 county fair winning steers. This one is fancy and extra-thick and just the right size to work with a
 variety of combinations.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lot 59A

  60             HAG 50P
Female                 Calved: April 15, 2004
Bred to calve 4/21 to GVC Maverick – No Exposure
This cow has been a great steer producer! Her sons have been among our best with more than one
winner. She has more body and mass than most Heat Seeker daughters and she is just right in
terms of frame with serious bone and hip. Her disposition is A+ and she keeps easily. All the best
sell here!

                                                                                                            Lot 60

  61             HAG 03R
Maine Anjou Female 352452                    Calved: March 2, 2005
             HALL’S LEGACY PLUS 738G
             PANNELL MISS 4072
             DJ CAESAR C328
             CA X AN X MA 31D
Bred to calve 4/10 to GVC Maverick – No Exposure
This is another huge boned, very docile, high-production cow that makes calves with extra stoutness
and hair. She’ll deliver a high Maine calf this spring that will make you a believer. She is halter-
broke and very gentle.

                                                                                                             Lot 61

  62               HAG 46U
Female                 Calved: April 28, 2008
Sells open
A favorite young cow with great potential! This classy Who Made Who is very fancy and well built.
Her first daughter sells as well and they make a hairy, stylish pair!

62A              HAG 10X
Maine Anjou Female 408490                           Calved: March 1, 2010
             COWAN’S ALI 4M


Tested THF/PHAF - Bred to calve 4/05 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure
The Hagans cattle have always been known for their leading bone and muscle, and that is surely the
case here with this impressive bred heifer! They don’t come much wider, hairier or stouter than this
Rocky Balboa heifer. She is halter broke, THF/PHAF, and backed by a top cow!
HAGANS SHOW CALVES                                                                                          Lot 62A

                        T h e H a g a n s S h o w Ca lve s D i s p e rs a l
                                                                                                           63             HAG 24P
                                                                                                         Female                  Calved: March 14, 2004
                                                                                                         SIRE: ALL ABOUT YOU
                                                                                                         DAM: HAG 9P (CHI X MA X AN)
                                                                                                         Bred to calve 2/16 to Dirty Harry – No Exposure
                                                                                                         A daughter of a former top-producer in the Hagans outfit, this proven cow is extra wide and
                                                                                                         rugged. She has produced top calves over several years with more than one selling with the top
                                                                                                         of the group.
                                                                                                         HAGANS SHOW CALVES

                                                                                         Lot 63

  64             Miss Candy 10U                                                                            65             Miss Cotton 18U
Shorthorn Female *xAR46684                         Calved: March 3, 2008                                 Shorthorn Female *xAR46683                          Calved: March 9, 2008
             X RAY VISION 15/16                                                                                       X RAY VISION 15/16
MM RADIO ACTIVE                                                                                          MM RADIO ACTIVE
             MM MARY KAYE BXR97                                                                                       MM MARY KAYE BXR97

HAG 10K                                                                                                  HAG 05K

Tested THF/PHAF - Bred to calve 2/01 to Ace of Diamonds – No Exposure                                    Tested THF/PHAF - Bred to calve 2/17 to Ace of Diamonds – No Exposure
The first of two excellent white cows, this appendix Shorthorn cow has exceptional bone and              Another THF/PHAF Appendix Shorthorn that will be a favorite sale day! This cow calves very eas-
body shape and she makes her babies very stout! She is THF/PHAF and she works hard. She’ll               ily and she delivers style and great hair. She too is halter-broke and very attractive.
deliver a colorful one this spring by Ace of Diamonds and you’ll be glad you loaded her sale day!        HAGANS SHOW CALVES

                                                                                                           66             HAG 55M
                                                                                                         Maine Anjou Female 309129                           Calved: April 27, 2002
                                                                                                                      MEDICINE MAN
                                                                                                         BAD MEDICINE TER 2Y
                                                                                                                      TER MISS BRIGETTE 28V

                                                                                                         AN X MA X CA 11D

                                                                                                         Bred to calve 3/02 to Eye Candy – No Exposure
                                                                                                         This proven Bad Medicine daughter has been excellent. She is huge boned and very attractive
                                                                                                         with her extended front and great hair coat. She has stood the test of time and she’ll pay for her-
                                                                                                         self this spring when her Eye Candy arrives.
                                                                                                         HAGANS SHOW CALVES
                                                                                         Lot 66

  67             HAG 19R
Maine Anjou Female 363862                           Calved: March 21, 2005
             BK ICE PICK 472J
             MISS CHILL 6560


Bred to calve 2/24 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure
You’ll find plenty of ways to make this huge bodied, clean fronted cow work! She is the right size
and the right kind with serious bone and the soft, chunky look you need. Try this one with the Heat
Wave team after you cash in her I-80. A real brute with class!
HAGANS SHOW CALVES                                                                                                                                                                                 Lot 67

  68             HAG 21R                                                                                      69             HAG 10R
Female                  Calved: March 22, 2005                                                              Female                  Calved: March 10, 2005
SIRE: HEAT WAVE                                                                                             SIRE: HEAT WAVE
DAM: HAG 23F (DJ REFLECTOR)                                                                                 DAM: HAG 71J (WONDER)
Bred to calve 3/11 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure                                                               Bred to calve 2/24 to Dirty Harry – No Exposure
Here is a loud-colored Heat Wave daughter than can really raise a calf! She is long fronted and             This cow raised a Grand Champion Steer at an Ohio county fair and two other sons have
very thick and she is bred exactly right this time!                                                         been class winners. She is a hard-working, easy-handling Heat Wave daughter whose dam
HAGANS SHOW CALVES                                                                                          was a favorite as well. She is bred for a full sibling to one of her best calves! Extra milk!
                                                                                                            HAGANS SHOW CALVES

  70             HAG 40M
Maine Anjou Female 319721                           Calved: April 5, 2002
             POWER PLANT
             DE A48
             DJ REFLECTOR

Bred to calve 5/10 to GVC Maverick – No Exposure
Another extra-stout, extra-wide Maine-Anjou cow that works! This cow has been easy to work and
she milks very well. Her calves have been stylish favorites and she is due this spring to GVC Maver-
ick, the $32,000 SLC Sooner son whose calves have been selling very well.
HAGANS SHOW CALVES                                                                                                                                                                                 Lot 70

A l l T h e B e st H a g a n s Fe m a l e s
 S e l l H e re ! N o n e H e l d Ba c k
           o r S o l d B e f o re !

                        T h e H a g a n s S h o w Ca lve s D i s p e rs a l
                                                                                                           71             HAG 18M
                                                                                                         Maine Anjou Female 319720                            Calved: March 11, 2002
                                                                                                                      PISTOL PETE
                                                                                                         FGJ HABANERO
                                                                                                                      JDA MISS POWER PLANT 19A

                                                                                                         CA X AN X MA 10D

                                                                                                         Bred to calve 2/25 to Paddy O’Malley – No Exposure
                                                                                                         A leader in the Hagans herd! This Habanero cow has been a great performer and she looks the
                                                                                                         part with huge bone, a sweet neck, and tremendous muscle. She was bred to Paddy O’Malley to
                                                                                                         make another OMAA Sale top seller, and we wouldn’t bet against it!
                                                                                                         HAGANS SHOW CALVES
                                                                                         Lot 71

  72             HAG 43R                                                                                   73             HAG 40R
Maine Anjou Female 351314                       Calved: April 17, 2005                                   Maine Anjou Female 363863                     Calved: April 12, 2005
             BHCS HEAT SEEKER 23                                                                                      BHCS HEAT SEEKER 23
DIRECT HIT 54J                                                                                           DIRECT HIT 54J
             CINDY MISS DX                                                                                            CINDY MISS DX
             KGST FEAR THIS                                                                                           BAD MEDICINE TER 2Y
HAG 07M                                                                                                  HAG 55M
             HAG 12F                                                                                                  AN X MA X CA 11D
Bred to calve 3/09 to Dirty Harry – No Exposure                                                          Bred to calve 2/27 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure
This red Direct Hit daughter is very feminine and fancy. Her calves have been stylish and easy to        A gorgeous, mature cow with plenty of muscle and substance. She has been doing great and she
sell.                                                                                                    is really just getting started. Her high Maine calf will make her look like a smart investment this
HAGANS SHOW CALVES                                                                                       spring!
                                                                                                         HAGANS SHOW CALVES

  74             HAG 47M                                                                                   75             HAG 07M
Maine Anjou Female 309128                          Calved: April 12, 2002                                Maine Anjou Female 309125                            Calved: February 24, 2002
             DJ REFLECTOR                                                                                             FJH BLACK ICE 100D
REFLECTOR 373D WONDER                                                                                    KGST FEAR THIS
             MAX 373B                                                                                                 HALL’S MISS 420D
                                                                                                                      CALBERTA PAYDIRT 169C
AN X MA X CA 28A                                                                                         HAG 12F

Bred to calve 3/29 to Carnac the Magnificent – No Exposure                                               Bred to calve 3/27 to Eye Candy – No Exposure
Here is the dam of a number of better calves and she is bred right for a quick payoff with the           Another fancy and extra-thick cow that raises them right! This registered Fear This cow has pro-
sire of the 2011 North American International Grand Champion Steer. She is halter-broke and              duced a county champion steer plus three class winners. She is very stout and long necked. You’ll
very pretty with plenty of muscle.                                                                       do well with this one!
HAGANS SHOW CALVES                                                                                       HAGANS SHOW CALVES

  76             HAG 41M
Female                  Calved: April 6, 2002
Bred to calve 2/16 to Tyson – No Exposure
One of the prettiest and best cows in the Hagans herd, this Who Made Who daughter has always
been a favorite. She had another good one this year that sold early and she’ll do it again with
Tyson. She too is halter-broke with a sweet disposition plus one of the best hair coats and overall
designs of any of the Hagans herd.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Lot 76

  77             HAG 34M                                                                                     78             HAG 54N
Maine Anjou Female 309126                            Calved: March 29, 2002                                Maine Anjou Female 335569                           Calved: April 15, 2003
             PISTOL PETE                                                                                                FJH BLACK ICE 100D
FGJ HABANERO                                                                                               KGST FEAR THIS
             JDA MISS POWER PLANT 19A                                                                                   HALL’S MISS 420D
             REFLECTOR 373D WONDER                                                                                      REFLECTOR 373D WONDER
HAG 24K                                                                                                    HAG 71J

Bred to calve 3/08 to GVC Maverick – No Exposure                                                           Bred to calve 3/09 to Lifeline – No Exposure
These Hagans cows are really stout! This is a giant-legged Habanero daughter from the 24K                  This top-producing female has placed three calves in recent OMAA Sales with strong results.
that placed a number of strong calves in past OMAA Sales. You’ll love her great hair and total             Each year her calves are among the strongest and fastest growing. She is one of the most
soundness. She works hard and she’ll raise something fancy with Maverick!                                  profitable females on the place as her calves have her same attractive, very thick, clean
HAGANS SHOW CALVES                                                                                         pattern. She is bred for a full sibling to her bull that brought $2,500 last spring.
                                                                                                           HAGANS SHOW CALVES

  79             HAG 21X
Female                Calved: March 12, 2010
Tested THC/PHAF - Bred to calve 3/10 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure
A full sister to the $6,600 heifer that topped the 2008 Cowtown Revue, this is the third excellent
heifer in a row from the 49H cow that worked until 12 years of age. If you need more bone, more
hair, and more muscle, then this is the heifer for you. She is all red and all powerful!

        T h e Ha g a n s Sh ow

         Ca lve s D i s p e rs a l
                                              80               HAG 24X
                                            Female                 Calved: March 16, 2010
                                            SIRE: ALL ABOARD (HEAT WAVE)
                                            DAM: HAG 20K (REFLECTOR 373D WONDER X MAX 373B)
                                            Bred to calve 2/09 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure
                                            This big barreled blue-roan heifer is as massive as they come! She is THF by pedigree but
                                            still super hairy and very good on her feet.
                                            HAGANS SHOW CALVES

                                   Lot 80

Join Us for a Great BBQ Lunch from
                                               81             HAG 20X
  Baumbach’s of New Paris, Ohio             Maine Anjou Female 408488
                                                         COWAN’S ALI 4M
                                                                                                  Calved: March 10, 2010

                                            ROCKY BALBOA
        before the auction!
                                            HEAT SEEKER 50P

              Lunch sponsored by            Bred to calve 3/04 to GOET I-80 – No Exposure
                Pioneer Hybrids             Just like her mates, here is another extra-wide and thick heifer that is built for top club calf pro-
                 International              duction. Nearly all of the Hagans cows were halter-broke, so disposition is not a problem.
                                            HAGANS SHOW CALVES

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