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					Freedom of Information Request Reference: 167/2010
Date received: 23 March 2010
Date response provided: 14 April 2010

Information requested and answers:

I would like to request the full department structure for Children’s Social Services, including Names / Job Title and where possible E-mail
address and contact number under the freedom of Information Act.

A copy of the Children’s Social Care Directory was supplied as a separate document. To view a copy of the information disclosed, please see
pages 2 – 9 of this document.

The information supplied to you continues to be protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. You are free to use it for your own purposes, including
any non-commercial research you are doing and for the purpose of news reporting. Any other re-use, for example commercial publication, would require the
permission of the copyright holder.

For more information on requesting to re-use information held by Torbay Council under the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations, 2005 please visit

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   The service provides a range of Statutory Services including:

   •   Safeguarding Unit – Child Protection
   •   Children in Need Service – Assessment and provision of, family support, child protection, young carers, family group conferencing.
   •   Permanency and Planning – Assessment, provision and care planning for children looked after and care leavers.
   •   Accommodation Services – Adoption Team, Fostering Team and Broadhaven Residential Unit.
   •   Children with Special Needs and Disabilities – Assessment and Provision of Services for Family support, Respite and Aids and Adaptations.

   Full information on all services provided can be found at

Carol Tozer          People Commissioner and Director of Children’s Services            207991    

Keith Thompson       Executive Head Specialist Services                                 208949    

Safeguarding Unit - 2nd Floor Union House, Torquay, TQ1 3TL

   This section administers and independently chairs Child Protection, Legal Consultation and Secure Order meetings, ensure the
   accurate maintenance of Torbay’s children subject to Child Protection Plans, collate statistics, input Missing Children on to
   PARIS, to respond to the Safeguarding Children Statement within licensing applications.

John Edwards         Safeguarding Manager                                             208411      
Anthony Goble        Safeguarding Officer for Education                               208563      
Rachel Ball          Safeguarding Co-ordinator                                        208564      
Helen Tune           Safeguarding Officer for Child Protection                        208562      
Andrew Martin        Safeguarding Officer for Child Protection                        208562      
Lynsey Furness       Safeguarding Administrator                                       208567      
Victoria Bunyard     Safeguarding Administrator                                       208409      
Julie Riding         Safeguarding Administrator                                       208559      
Catherine O’Brien    Safeguarding Administrator                                       208404      
Clare Davies         Safeguarding Administrator                                       207224      
                                                                              FAX NO. 208565
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Permanency Planning - 1st Floor Union House, Torquay, TQ1 3TL

           This service provides care to Children and young people aged 0-25 who require a permanent plan of care ,
           normally away from their families. It also deals with all legal proceedings where the Local Authority have
           involved the court system culminating with Care to the Community. Looked After Children aged 16+ are
           helped with issues of accommodation and further and higher education.

Claire Hummerstone Acting Operations Manager                                           208472    
Brian Hunt         Service Manager                                                     208360    
Jan Branton        Service Manager                                                     208640    
Kim Merriott       Corporate Parenting Manager                                         208742    
Lyn Hassell        Contracts Officer                                                   208549    
Peter Taylor       Contracts & Development Officer                                     208644    
Lesley Otway       Senior Practitioner                                                 208635    
Ziva Weaver        Primary Mental Health Children’s Worker                             208656/664693
Maggie Flynn       Senior Practitioner                                                 208626    
Debbie Lewis       Senior Practitioner                                                 208545    
Amanda France      Social Worker                                                       208611    
Claire Hewitt      Community Care Worker                                               208677    
Lesley Harris      Designated Nurse for Children in Care                               208683    
Brian Thorpe       Social Worker                                                       208627    
Tanya Wilde        Social Worker                                                       208444    
Debra Riches       Social Worker                                                       208549    
Angela Dawe        Social Worker                                                       208677    
Elisabeth Mellor   Social Worker                                                       208613    
Dave Stubbs        Social Worker                                                       208384    
Claire Davies      Social Worker                                                       208669    
Hayley Mason       Social Worker                                                       208361    
Emil Rowe          Social Worker                                                       208679    
Jacqueline Caughey Social Worker                                                       208380    
Suzanna Kleczkowski Advisory Teacher Children In Care                                  208476   
Vicki Martin       Community Care Worker                                               208352   

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Care to the Community Team - The Old Town Hall, New Street, Paignton, TQ3 3HL

Derek King           Team Manager                                                208330
Steve Bellworthy     Senior Practitioner                                         208351
Lindsay Amiotti      Leaving Care Worker                                         208337
Bob Cavaliere        Leaving Care Worker                                         208336
Tim Maddick          Leaving Care Worker                                         208340
Li’anne Scott        Leaving Care Worker                                         208344
Juliet Wright        Leaving Care Worker                                         208354
Angela Norman        Leaving Care Worker                                         208339
Helen Kenchington    Support Lodgings Co-ordinator                               208334
Alan Ovens           Social Worker                                               208335
Elaine Skittrall     Social Worker                                               208338
Phillipa Pope        Finance Officer                                             208342
Richard Evans        CTC Support Worker                                          208341
Pamela Thompson      Administrator                                               208332
Lindsay Jones        Student Social Worker                                       208621
Donna Fortune        Administrator                                               208331
                                                                           Fax No.520986

Hillside Family Centre – Southparks Road, Barton, Torquay, TQ2 8JE

Carole Griffiths     Service Manager                                             326330
Helen Guppy          Family Assessment Practitioner                              326330
Teresa Phillips      Family Assessment Practitioner                              326330
Natalee Waller       Family Assessment Practitioner                              326330
Rachel Aggett        Family Assessment Practitioner                              326330
Natalie Porteous     Family Assessment Practitioner                              326330
Lisa Cottell         Family Assessment Practitioner                              326330
Paul Hayward         Family Assessment Practitioner                              326330
Gareth Binmore       Assessment Practitioner                                     326330
Wendy Lilly          Family Support Worker                                       326330
Val Beckwith         Administrator                                               326330
Vicky Plant          Administrator                                               326330
Fax Number                                                               Fax No. 322563

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Accommodation Services – 1st Floor, Commerce House, Abbey Road, Torquay, TQ2 5PJ
    Accommodation Services include the fostering support team who are responsible for recruiting, training and supporting Foster
    Carers, the operation of and fostering and adoption services, residential and therapeutic services.

Georgina Dunk        Operations Manager – Accommodation Services                       207874    

Fostering Service – 1st Floor, Commerce House, Abbey Road, Torquay TQ2 5PJ

Scott Wickers      Service Manager                                                    207866     
Sarah King         Service Manager for Specialist Placements                          207830     
Annette Jones      Fostering Social Worker                                            207850     
Helen Lewis        Fostering Social Worker                                            207849     
Matt Millmore      Fostering Social Worker                                            207855     
Simon Blades       Fostering Social Worker                                            207851     
Hannah Charity     Fostering Social Worker                                            207854     
Sonia Grute        Fostering Social Worker                                            207859     
Ulrike Gerhardt    Fostering Social Worker                                            207846     
Rob Scott          Kinship Care Social Worker                                         207824     
Mary Tayler        Private Fostering Development Worker                               207869     
Kerry Vaughan      Adolescent Support Worker                                          207839     
Neil Baker         Adolescent Support Worker                                          207843     
Karen Scott-Whelan Adolescent Support Worker                                          207840     
Kerrie Keates      Adolescent Support Worker                                          207843     
Loveona Smith      Adolescent Support Worker                                          207839     
Shaun Woodward Adolescent Support Worker                                              207841     
Carol Holdrick     Placement Co-ordinator                                             207860     

Admin Fostering – 1st Floor, Commerce House, Abbey Road, Torquay TQ2 5PJ

Lyn Pearson          PA to Operations Manager                                        207872      
Sally Sweet          Finance Officer                                                 207813      
Angela Ward          Finance Officer                                                 207813      
Sue Redgrave         Administrator                                                   207823      
Lin Lockwood         Administrator                                                   207817      
Gemma Carter         Administrator                                                   207941      
Linda Crooks         Administrator                                                   207845      
Fax Number                                                                   Fax No. 207871

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Adoption Services– 1st Floor, Commerce House, Abbey Road, Torquay TQ2 5PJ

Rhona Lewis          Service Manager                                               207863
Jenny Forsyth        Adoption Support Services Manager (P/T)                       207937
Linda Fitzpatrick    Adoption Social Worker                                        207940
Jenny Forsyth        Post-Adoption Social Worker                                   207937
Karen Stevens        Adoption Co-ordinator                                         207862
Amanda Douglas       Adoption Social Worker                                        207195
Isabel King          Adoption Social Worker                                        207881
Marianne Simpson     Adoption Administrator                                        207862
Karen Hampshire      Community Care Worker                                         207880
Tracie Goodlad       Community Care Worker                                         207141
Coleen Winstanley    Community Care Worker                                         207936
Ellie Clark          Adoption Support Worker                                       207936
Lesley Branch        Adoption Administrator                                        207938
Sarah Winfield       Adoption Administrator                                        207870
                                                                 Adoption Fax No. 207871

SATS Team - Parkfield House, 38 Esplanade Road, Paignton TQ3 2NH

Jacqui Flaherty      Therapeutic Social Worker                                     402849
Sally Thomas         Therapeutic Social Worker                                     402836
Ray Wheba            Therapeutic Social Worker                                     402838
Anne Jenkinson       Administrator                                                 402766
                                                                          Fax No. 402760

Children’s Disability Team (Social Care) – Parkfield House, 38 Esplanade Road, Paignton TQ3 2NH

Elizabeth Payne      Operations Manager                                             402765
Claire Harding       Service Manager (Social Work)                                  402777
Louise Smith         Service Manager (Occupational Therapy)                         402788
Sue Thompson         Service Manager (Day Care)                                     402757
Monica Waite         Senior Practitioner (Child Protection)                         402772
Judy Arnold          Social Worker                                                  402775
Rachel Shiels        Social Worker                                                  402767
Ste Hogan            Inclusion Worker                                               402769
Gill Harris          Family Link Social Worker                                      402762
Julie Porteous       Senior Practitioner                                            402770
Sarah David          Community Care Worker                                          402793

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Jan Wickens          Community Care Worker                                              402797     
Rachel Shore         Occupational Therapist                                             402774     
Lucy Smith           Occupational Therapist                                             402774     
Emily White          Occupational Therapist                                             402736     
Su Irmiger           Occupational Therapist                                             402794     
Leah Wutschik        Family Support/Keyworker                                           402768     
Louise Jennings      Physiotherapist                                                    402796     
Tracey Clarke        Learning Disabilities Nurse                                        402763     
Ellie Bidmead        Family Support/Keyworker                                           402764     
Julia Cox            Short Breaks Transformation Officer                                402837     
Mike Larcombe        Child Psychologist                                                 402755     

Admin - Children’s Disability Team (Social Care) – Parkfield House, 38 Esplanade Road, Paignton TQ3 2NH

Pattie Dixon         Administrator (Referral Co-ordinator)                             402779      
Debbie Roache        Administrator                                                     402756      
Emma Parrock         Administrator                                                     402780      
Lorraine Robinson    Administrator                                                     402781      
Deborah Hopkins      Finance Officer                                                   402776      
                                                                                FAX: 402760

Children In Need Service – 2nd Floor Union House, Torquay, TQ1 3YA

       •   Children in Need Service:
       •   Intake – maintains duty service and takes all referrals including child protection assessments and investigations
       •   Family Intervention – Allocation of social workers and deals with the child protection register.
       •   Family Group Conferencing – work with families to come up with their own plans for the care and protection of their
       •   Young Carers – helps young carers to take a break from their demanding caring roles, giving them the opportunity
           to enjoy activities and events throughout the year.

John Woodhouse       Operations Manager                                                 208524     
Annie Gagg           PA Operations Manager                                              208355     
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Intake – 2nd Floor Union House, Torquay, TQ1 3YA

Mark Leicester    Service Manager                          208639
Belinda Appleby   Service Manager                          208663
Belinda Clarke    Service Manager                          208551
Lorraine Hine     Referral Co-ordinator                    208558
Nicki Anderson    Referral Co-ordinator                    208566
Tina Earnshaw     Referral Co-ordinator                    208558
Kiki Skrivanos    Referral Co-ordinator                    208629
Matt Woolley      Senior Practitioner                      208642
Tasha Knights     Social Worker                            208596
Julian Bartlett   Social Worker                            208670
Laura Johnson     Social Worker                            208543
Neil Cotton       Social Worker                            208536
Susan Underhill   Social Worker                            208505
Eileen Shelton    Social Worker                            208482
Steve Bunce       Social Worker                            208662
Becky Clark       Social Worker                            208483
Jackie Passmore   Social Worker                            208358
Tina Finch        Community Care Worker                    208641
Vicky Broom       Student Social Worker                    208503
Sarah Kay         Student Social Worker                    208541
Fax Number                                         Fax No. 208688

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Family Intervention Service – 2nd Floor, Union House, Torquay, TQ1 3YA

Jenni Eyles          Service Manager                                                  208359
Anna Johnson         Senior Practitioner                                              208553
Andrea Vincent       Community Care Worker                                            208537
Alison Myers         Community Care Worker                                            208356

Heather Maddox       Social Worker                                                    208584
Sally Gale           Social Worker                                                    208526
Sarah Forbear        Social Worker                                                    208736
Rowena Cerrino       Social Worker                                                    208490
Jill Brooker         Social Worker                                                    208486
Rebecca Walls        Student Social Worker                                            208553

Family Group Conferences – 2nd Floor, Union House, Torquay TQ1 3YA

Nick Thayre          Project Manager                                               208329
Joanne Skerrit       Family Group Conference Co-ordinator                          208512
Joanna Fawcett       Family Group Conference Co-ordinator                          208512
Nicole Berry         Family Group Conference Co-ordinator                          208344
Katrina Blatchford   Family Group Conference Co-ordinator                          207755
Diane Richards       Family Group Conference Co-ordinator                          207755
Sarah Liversage      Administrative Officer                                        207755
Fax Number                                                                 Fax No. 208688

Young Carers Service – The Attic Suite, Old Town Hall, New Street Paignton, TQ3 3HL

Lesley Williams      Manager                                                        208364     lesley.williams
Emma Wiggins         Project Leader                                                 208363
Teresa Mikalauskas   Senior Project Leader                                          208362
Jeannette Simpson    Project Leader                                                 208363
Cheryl Mackinnon     Project Leader                                                 208365
Vanya Selman         Administrator                                                  208365
Lisa Bishop          Project Leader                                                 208365
                                                                                Fax 520986

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