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									    FOUNDERS                                   Dale and Betty Ann Frey
                                               Grace-New Haven School of Nursing
                                                                                        Dr. Thomas M. and Jane S. Hanson
                                                                                        Ann Hess, MD, PhD
    $100,000 and over                                   Alumnae Association, Inc        Margaret K. Hostetter, MD
    Anonymous (2)                              John Day Jackson Trust                   Mr. and Mrs. Alvin R. Johnson
    Bradlees Stores, Inc                       Frank and Joan Kenna                     Paul L. Jones Fund
    The Community Foundation for Greater       Estate of Gilbert Kenna                  John and Judith Lahey
              New Haven                        Morris and Sigrid Klein                  Dr. Charles and Nancy Lockwood
    Drs. Gail D’Onofrio and Robert S Galvin    Robert J. Massey, Sr. Family             Marcia and Vincent Lynch
    Estate of Victoria V. Friedman                      Foundation Fund, Inc            Blaise and Sharon Masone
    Friends of Yale-New Haven Children’s       Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum, Inc     Mauro Motors
              Hospital                         Daniel and Judith Miglio                 Julia M. McNamara and Richard J.
    Ruth F. Hays Trust                         Obstetrics, Gynecology & Menopause                Lolatte
    Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander            Physicians, PC - Julia Cron,    Christopher and Jeannie Meisenkothen
    IBM Corporation                                     MD, Steven J. Fleischman, MD,   National Endowment for the Arts
    Kohl’s                                              Thomas M. Hanson, MD, and       Dr. Errol Norwitz and Dr. Ann Hess
                                                        Musa L. Speranza, MD            Owens & Minor, Inc
    Mahlon H. Marlin Trust
                                               Panera Bread Company                     Vincent and Karen Petrini
    Oak Point Partners, Inc
                                               Panera Bread Foundation                  Norman and Carolyn Roth
    Omega Engineering, Inc
                                               Spirit Halloween Superstores, LLC        Thomas J. Rutherford, MD, PhD
    River Bend Executive Center, Inc           Starlight Children’s Foundation          Arthur Sekerak Charitable Trust
    The Tommy Fund for Childhood Cancer                 NY*NJ*CT                        Carol Sirot
    Peter Thorner                              Genevieve B. Thalberg                    Carol L. Sirot Foundation
    Philip T. Wright                           Reuben E. Thalberg Foundation            Barbara Stahl, APN
    Alden Wright Foundation, Inc               Turner Construction Company              Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Stahl
    Yale-New Haven Hospital Auxiliary          The Turner Construction Company          James and JoAnne Staten
                                                        Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thomas
                                               The United Illuminating Company          Elizabeth W. Todd Revocable Trust
                                               The United Illuminating Foundation       Alan J. Tuchmann
    BENEFACTORS                                Unitex Textile Rental Services           United Way of New York City
    $50,000 to $99,999                         Wiggin and Dana                          Walter W. Wallace Revocable Trust
    Anonymous (3)                              Yale-New Haven Hospital Auxiliary, Toy   Webster Bank
    Acorn Investors, LLC                                Closets Program                 Yale School of Medicine, Dept. of
    Ruthann and David Beckerman                                                                  Obstetrics, Gynecology &
    Marna and Eric Borgstrom                                                                     Reproductive Sciences
    John Krob Castle
    The Connecticut Affiliate of the Susan     SPONSORS
              G. Komen Breast Cancer           $10,000 to $24,999
              Foundation, Inc                  Anonymous (3)                            DONORS
    Jill Eder                                  Lucille and Arnold J. Alderman Fund      $5,000 to $9,999
    The Yvette & Arthur Eder Foundation,       Bruce and Christine Alexander            Anonymous (2)
              Inc                              Ali’s Angels                             Stephen and Diana Allegretto
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund              Mark and Susie Andersen                  Dr. Michael and Michelle Apkon
    General Electric Foundation                Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Ariyan              William Aseltyne
    Dr. and Mrs. Peter N. Herbert              Maria Benedetto                          Tom Balcezak and Soni Clubb
    Treadwell L. Jude Trust                    Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Blume              The Robert P. and Patricia J. Bauman
    Helaine and Marvin Lender                  Steven M. Bowman Charitable                       Family Foundation
    The Marvin Lender Family Foundation                 Foundation                      The Blattman Family Foundation
    Mary M. Marlin Trust                       Estate of Alice Carashick                Marilyn and Richard Buel
    Diane and Thanasis Molokotos               The Coleman Family Fund                  C. A. White, Inc
    NewAlliance Foundation                     The Color Pink for the CURE              Callum Corp
    The Garrett B. Smith Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Crespo                Richard and Geraldine Capobianco
    The Strike 3 Foundation, Inc               Don’s Hat Rack - Family and Friends of   Gayle Capozzalo and Dr. Jack Heil
    United Way of Greater New Haven                     Don Perrotti                    Michael and Danette Cemeno
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dowling           Erika Cleveland and Peter W. Marks,
                                               Andrew and Eileen Eder                            MD
                                               The Sidney & Arthur Eder Foundation,     Connecticut Association of Theatre
    PATRONS                                             Inc                                      Owners, Inc
    $25,000 to $49,999                         Sue and Ray Fitzsimons                   County Obstetrics & Gynecology Group,
    Anonymous (2)                              Dr. Steven and Andrea Fleischman                  PC - Kristen R. Aversa, MD,
    All American Waste & Recycling             Saul Fox Trust                                    Michael R. Berman, MD, Scott
    Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc              Clayton Friedberg, CPA                            E. Casper, MD, Adina R.
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Chapman              William and Cynthia Gedge                         Chelouche, MD, Ljiljan
    William Curran                             Roberta Grossman                                  Plisic, MD, Norman A. Ravski,
    The Curran Foundation

2   Deceased †
         MD, and Howard Simon, MD        Mami and George Varghese                 Casa Redimix Concrete Corporation
Ward Doonan                              Diane and Tom Vorio                      Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. Cassin
Dr. Jack and Sandra Elias                WKF&C Agency, Inc                        Irma Ceccorulli
Elias Family Charitable Trust            David Wurcel                             The CHE Group, Inc
The Energy East Foundation, Inc          Yale-New Haven Hospital, Community &     The Cichowski Family
F.O.C.U.S.                                       Government Relations             Orazio and Laura Cirelli
Jane Farrington and Michael Schaefer     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Zaccagnino        Professor and Mrs. Sydney P. Clark, Jr.
Mabel B. Fischer Grant Foundation                                                 Mrs. Lawrence P. Coassin
Friends of Yale-New Haven Children’s                                              Ray and Eleanor Colacray
         Hospital, Junior Board
David and Michelle Fusco
                                         MEMBERS                                  Zvi Cole
                                                                                  Philip and Clio Coles
Holly Geffert                            $1,000 to $4,999                         Comey-Fitzgerald Family Foundation
Genentech                                Anonymous (3)                            ConnectiCare, Inc
Greater New Havven OB/GYN Group -        A. Prete Construction Company, Inc       State of Connecticut
         Randall B. Kaump, MD,           Abbott Laboratories                      Connecticut Gastroenterology
         David M. Lima, MD, Vincent A.   Michael and Lisa Alfieri                          Consultants, PC
         Lynch, MD, Richard              John and Dorothy Allen                   Conner Strong Companies, Inc
         D. Moscarelli, MD, and Denise   American Medical Response                Dr. Leo and Kathleen Cooney
         Tonzola, MD                     Linda Anderson                                    Covidien
The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family    Donald and Anne Kao Andrews              Jan and Matt Coyle
         Foundation                      The Charles Andriole Family              Mrs. F.R. Erskine Crossley
The Iberdrola USA Foundation, Inc        The Angeletti Group, LLC                 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Curran, Sr.
Frank Kenna, III                         Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield        Jeptha P. Curtis, MD
H. Robert Kenna                          Ana Maria Apoltan, MD and Ionut B.       Peter Dagostine
Margaret A. Kenna, MD                              Anton, MD                      Dalio Family Foundation, Inc
Matthew G. Kenna                         Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, PC      George Dallas
Christine Kenna-Moore                    Mr. and Mrs. Harris J. Ashton            Richard and Kathleen D’Aquila
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Ketchum           Astellas Pharma Global Development       Luis and Anne de Ocejo
Nancy Kops                               Kyle L. Ballou, Esq and Dr. Keith D.     Edward and Ellen Del Vecchio
Dr. Boonsri Kosarussavadi and Mr.                  Johns                          Dr. and Mrs. Peter Demir
         Chansak Laoteppitaks            Marilyn L. Balogun                       Patricia Dewitt
The Laura Hartenbaum Breast Cancer       Barnum Financial Group                   Michael Dimenstein
         Foundation, Inc                 Beers, Hamerman & Company, PC            Dixtal Medical
Tucker and Catherine Leary               Judith R. Benson                         Marcia Dobrowski
John and Laurie Ann Letizia              Nancy and Richard Bercik                 Donahue, Durham & Noonan, PC
Richard and Ann Lisitano                 Frederick M. Bering                      Douglas and Judith Doyle
Abe and Suzan Lopman                     Christopher and Katherine Berman         Duso Chemical Company, Inc
Pat and Carol Luddy                      C. Bradford Bevers                       E.R.P. Group, Inc
Theodore B. Lynch                        The Bilco Company                        East Shore Courier, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyons, Sr.        Robert B. Blanchard                      EIS Foundation, Inc
Peter McCabe and Hillary Richard         Jeanette and Francis Bogdan              Endocrine Associates of CT
Stephen and Nandini Merz                 Renato, Elaine and Amelia Bonoan         Ana Gaby Esch
James and Jane Mitchell                  Frederick Borrelli                       David Etzel and Jan Walzer-Etzel
Marjorie and Rob Mountain                Kerry Boyle and Nilda Luz Ramos-Boyle    Mr. and Mrs. John Evenwel
Cynthia K. Mullins                       Lynne and Edward Bradstreet              Stephanie Fappiano
Kevin and Gail Myatt                     Branford High School                     Alisa and Peter Fay
New Haven County Medical                 Cynthia and Stephen Brenner, MD          Dr. and Mrs. Alan Feldman
         Association, Inc                Josephine Broude                         Dr. and Mrs. John E. Fenn
Newman’s Own Foundation, Inc             Sara P. and Jeffery R. Buell             Stephen A. Stein, MD and Emily A.
OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc                 Dr. Gerard and Ann Burrow                         Fine, MD
Performing Arts Center of Connecticut    Marilyn Butler, Christy Semmelrock and   Denise Fiore
Quinnipiac University                              Friends                        Paul and Melissa Fiorita
Rockwood Capital, LLC                    Patricia A. Byrne                        Dr. and Mrs. David S. Fischer
The Schaffer Family                      The Honorable Jose A. and Professor      Rosemarie L. Fisher, MD
Sherrerd Charitable Lead Annuity Trust   Kate Stith Cabranes                      Kim C., MD
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Skelly              Calcagni Associates                      Mr. and Mrs. Scott Flora
Elsa L. Stone, MD and Steven Wolfson,    Herbert V. Camp, Jr.                     Michael and Suzanne Flynn
         MD                              Karen Camp                               Colin Foster and Andrea Ryan
Betsy L. Strom                           Edward Cantlon                           FREEPLAY
Jeffrey and Robyn Teplitzky              Cardiology Associates of New Haven       Gordon and Tina Frisbie
Joshua and Linda Teplitzky               Mariane Carna                            Timothy and Deborah Gaffney
Teplitzky & Company, PC                  David and Louise Carter                   F. Nicholas Gahhos, MD, PA
United Way of Tri-State, Inc             Jannie B. Carter                         Theodore and Mary Gawlicki

Deceased †                                                                                                                  3
    Elmer and Sandra Getts                  Barbara J. Masters                      Tahiry S. Sanchez, RN
    Dr. Peter M. Glazer and Dr. Susan J.    Pasquale M. Maturo                      Pamela Scagliarini
              Baserga                       Paul and Barbara McCarthy               Manfred and Patricia Schach Von
    David Greenfield                        Debora McCauley                                  Wittenau
    Griswold Special Care                   Med Apparel Services                    Leslye Schaefer
    Velma and Stuart Grodd                  Medical Center Pharmacy                 David and Tracey Scheer
    Marjorie and Dr. Charles Guglin         Medical Oncology & Hematology, PC       Anne F. Schenck
    Hackers for Hearts Golf Outing          Medtronic USA, Inc                      Schwab Charitable Fund
    The Harty Press, Inc                    Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Mehuren            Peter E. Schwartz, MD
    Fred and Nancy Hassan                   James A. and Joyce Miller               Sedona Day Care & Learning Center,
    Amanda Hayward and Simon J.             David G. Milligan                                LLC
              Gharibian                     Dr. Mark and Stacey Milner              The Seedlings Foundation
    Harris Heyman                           Dr. Richard and Barb Moggio             Leonard and Iris Seiden
    Hill and Valley, Inc                    Jay Morris, PhD                         Sempra Energy Trading, LLC
    Matthew and Cheryl Hoey                 Richard D. Moscarelli, MD               Ronald and Phyllis Shaw
    Attorney and Mrs. John W. Hogan, Jr.    Alan and Jayne Mossberg                 Shaw Family Charitable Foundation
    Jean Swint Holland                      Francis Murdica                         Edward M. Sheldon
    Marie Ellen Hollfelder                  Robert F. Myers, PhD                    Shepley Bulfinch
    Horton Family Foundation Inc            Naugatuck Valley Radiological           Richard and Margot Sherwin
    Kurt and Alice Hummel                   Associates Imaging Network              Gale and Michael Silverberg
    Robert William Hummel                   Network for Good                        Slocum & Sons
    Geraldine and Vincent Hunt              New Haven Terminal                      Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Snyder
    Diana Jackson                           Mary Anne Nieminen                      Dr. and Mrs. Yung H. Son
    Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt, Dow & Katz PC   Nycon Supply Corporation                The Sontheimer Foundation
    Amy and David Jaffe                     Sara Elizabeth O’Connor Fund            Stephen A. Stein, MD and Emily A.
    Dr. and Mrs. Peter Jatlow               Old Republic Risk Management, Inc                Fine, MD
    JLJ IV Enterprises, Inc                 Joseph and Cheryl Onorato               Gay G. Steinbach
    Michael and Ann Johnson                 Christopher Oster                       Shepard and Marlene Stone
    Johnson & Johnson Family of             Panache Hair Salon                      Lisa Stump
              Companies                     Paradigm Healthcare Development,        Stuart Subotnick
    Joel and Inez Karp                               LLC                            Sun Healthcare Group
    Mrs. Adolph Kastelowitz                 Michael and Lisa Parisi                 Susman, Duffy & Segaloff, PC
    Randall B. Kaump, MD                    Diana and Bob Patruzo                   Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Sweeney
    Alexander B. Kenna                      PCI Medical, Inc                        Sylvan R. Shemitz Designs, Inc
    Caleb Kenna                             Marie-Claire Peakman                    Temple Radiology Employees
    Samuel C. Kenna                         H. Pearce Family Fund                   Nancy and Mark Tepping
    Estate of Roger Kenna, III              Patrisha Pellegrino-Triplett            Dave Thomas
    Dana and Maureen Kent                   Petra Construction Corporation          Denise Tonzola, MD
    Kenyon Consulting Company, LLP          Pfizer Foundation                       Patsy and Richard Twohill
    Kids for Kids Dancing for Life, Inc     Physiotherapy Associates, Inc           United Way of Central and Northeastern
    Philip and Charlotte Kinsella           The Piselli Family                               Connecticut
    Mary-Louise Knapp                       George and Deborah Platt                UnitedHealthcare Services
    Donald Kopal                            Power Concrete Co, Inc                  Joyce Van Winkle
    Tunde Kovacs                            Premier Home Health Care Services,      Vanguard Products Corporation
    Kraft Foods, Inc                                 Inc                            Dr. Ronald and Amy Vender
    The L. Suzio York Hill Companies        Sharon and Robert Prince                Drs. Fred Volkmar and Elizabeth A.
    Darryl LaMonico                         James and Jacqueline Quigley                     Wiesner
    Larson Livery Service                   Ronald and Anna Marie Quigley           Donald and Susan Waggaman
    Letizia, Ambrose & Falls, PC            Joseph Rainone and Janay DeCarlo        Kevin F. Walsh
    Barbara and John Lichtman               Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rawlings          William C. and Pamela Welch
    Dr. David M. and Elizabeth Doyle Lima   Dawn and Jay Rayner                     WellPoint Foundation
    James Lindstrom                         Sharon Reed                             Westbrook B.P.O. Elks
    Michael Loftus                          Amy Rich                                Jules White, MD
    Linda Lorimer and Charles Ellis         Ritch, Greenberg & Hassan, PC, CPA      Peter and Tammy Winter
    Stuart and Myra Low                     RJ’s Ride                               William Woodburn
    Murray Luftglass                        David Rogers                            Debbie and Woody Woodworth
    Kenneth and Kathleen Lundgren           Sarah Rogers                            Yale New Haven Health System
    Thomas Lynch, MD and Laura Pappano      Hector Rosario                          Yale-New Haven Heart Center
    William and Jean Mahoney                Lynda E. Rosenfeld, MD and Richard M.   Yale-New Haven Shoreline Medical
    Linda Mann                                       Weiss                                   Center
    Lynn S. Mann                            Anne Rubin, RN                          Drs. Ken Yanagisawa and Julia Shi
    Barbara Manzolillo                      Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry & Design        ZBI Employee Allocated Gift Fund
    Mason, Inc                              Salesone, LLC                           Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Zelson

4   Deceased †
Kent and Deborah Zergiebel              Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fearon          Mercury Mortgage Services
                                        First Church of Christ, Woodbridge      Rose and Sam Merriam
                                        Marilyn H. Forest                       Stephen and Stephanie Miklos
                                        Thomas Frank                            Milford Board of Education East Shore
ASSOCIATES                              Carolyn and Cyrus Friedman
                                        Dianne Gagnon
                                                                                Middle School Fundraiser
                                                                                Milford Pediatric Group, PC
$500 to $999                            Judith Gamble                           Gina and Bret Morrow
Anonymous (2)                           David and Nadine Gannon                 Dr. and Mrs. Larry Moss
180 Varick Street Corporation           Virginia Ganucheau                      Kimberly C. Mule
Reuben† and Linda Abraham               Mr. and Mrs. David E. Gauley            Kathryn Munroe
Shirley and Clark Adams                 GCM Steel Products, Inc                 Katherine Murphy
Jean Ahn and Jonathan Han               Millicent Gershon                       Kelli Naidorf
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Aruny              Kate and Joe Gillis                     National Marrow Donor Program
Lisa Aschenbrenner                      Dorothy and Joseph Gough                Staff of New Bridges/Washington South
The Astmann Family                      Paul Grace                              Harry Nicholls
AT&T United Way Employee Giving         John Grillo and Leah Colihan            Stella Nisson and Gerald Tarulli
         Campaign                       Gyro:HSR                                Fred Oberstein
Robert and Ann Baldini                  Janet Hall and David Schaefer           Nora O’Keefe
Bank of America                         Michael Hallahan                        Ann and Marco Palmieri
Naomi and Willie Barber                 Mary E. Harris                          Nicholas and Judith Papale
Leonard Barraco                         Daniel P. Hays Trust                    Victoria Parker-Orkins
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Bartels           Betsy and Darryl Hine                   Patterson Rotary
M. Beverly and Robert Bartner           Mary Ann and Bernard Holand             Henry and Marion Pennell
The Bartner Family Foundation           Sally Howell                            PepsiCo Foundation
Stephen Bencivengo, Jr.                 Pamela Hunt                             Jorge Pereira
Tom Bender                              James Ian                               Perelson Weiner, LLP
Dr. and Mrs. Eric H. Berger             Michael Imevbore, MD                    Lina and Jim Perrotti
Adam Berluti                            Mrs. Stanley W. Jackson                 Barbara Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Miles G. Blakeslee, Jr.    Stephen Jaser and Sarah Jaser, PhD      Jay Pinchbeck
Dr. and Mrs. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr.   Chris Jurkiewicz                        The Postyn Family
Matthew and Nancy Boyle                 Robert and Caren Kauffman               Michael Potter
Brewster Fire Department                Kauffman Associates                     Harold F. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brown             Meghan Kelly                            Pure Platinum, A Hair Studio, LLC
Brown & Knapp, LLC                      John† and Ruth Kennedy                  R & W Family Foundation, Inc
Burns Construction Company, Inc         Kathy and Pete Kenyon                   Edgar Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Bush           Anita Kohli-Pamnani, MD                 Clyde and Judith Richardson
Edna Camarota                           Kirk and Amy Kolligian                  Tamrah Riley
Sylvia Carter                           Susanne and Thomas Koshis               Dawn Robinson
Mark and Francesca Ceccorulli           Carol and Rick Kowal                    Sonia Rochester
City of Norwich Police Department       Ladies Home Missionary Society of the   Allison Ross
City Transit Mix, Inc                             First Church of Christ        Sarah Roumanis
Judith and H. Chandler Clark            Last Mile Communications, LLC           Lucien Roy
Leah Colihan and John Grillo            Leanne Freas Trout Foundation, Inc      Rita and M. Wallace Rubin
Connecticut Friends of Adopted          Janet and Peter Lebovitz                Saint Augustine Church Confirmation
         Children, Inc                  Arthur and Mary Ellen Lemay                      Class
J. J. Cooley Foundation, Inc            Dr. Arthur L. and Betty Levy            Marissa and Kevin Salsbury
William L. Cushing, II, PA              Live Oaks Elementary School             Marcie Scalia
Linda David, RN                         Thomas LoRicco                          Edwin Schaefer
Lane DeCoster                           LoRicco, Trotta & LoRicco, LLC          Marvin H. Schaefer
Ginny DeFilippo                         John and Pauline Lucibello              Scungilli International
Philip and Lois DeLise                  Madison Art Cinemas                     Catherine Sease and David Reese
Denise DiMauro                          George Manzo                            John H. Seashore, MD and Margretta
John W. Dixon                           James Mapes and Susan Granger                    R. Seashore, MD
Susan Doolittle                         Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Marieb             Janet Serra
Steve E. Downing, MD                    Bill Mascolo                            Seymour and Harriet Shapiro
Kathy Dube                              Robert and Shelley Massey               Robert Simon
Arthur Ebbert, Jr., MD                  Jim Mathewson                           Dr. and Mrs. William H. Sledge
Professor and Mrs. Roberto Gonzalez     Maverick Capital Foundation             Mary and Freeman R. Smith, Sr.
         Echevarria                     Joseph McCullum                         Southern Fairfield County Alumnae Club
Ed-Mor Electric Company, Inc            Mark McGeehan                                    of Pi Beta Phi
Diana Ellison                           Jennifer F. M. McNiff, MD               Stephanie S. Spangler, MD and Robert
Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC          Edward and Jennene McSweegan                     G. Shulman
F & V Services, Inc                     Harriet Meiss                           The Spring Glen Church, Inc

Deceased †                                                                                                               5
    Catherine W. Stevens                      Diana Badamo                          The Credit Bureau of Connecticut, Inc
    Burton Stuttman                           Louise Bahner                         Edward Cronin
    Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Sumner            Bailey, Schaefer & Errato, LLC        Tracy and Gene Crutchfield
    Marina Syrax                              Stacy Bailey-Lombardi                 Nancy Cummins
    Tamposi Foundation, Inc                   Benjamin Baker                        Cynthia Dabbraccio
    Lynn Tanoue, MD                           Aimee Baldassaro                      Michael and Gail D’Addio
    Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Taubin             Vincent Bartoli                       Sarah Delaney
    Tendon Technology, Ltd                    Charles Bassett                       Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and
    Timothy Timley                            Brian and Cindy Batchelder                      Stanley Greenberg
    William Torpey                            Wilfredo Batista                      Joseph Delehant
    Trinity Episcopal Church, Southport       Kraemer Becker                        Carolyn Deleo
    Mrs. Stanley S. Trotman                   Frank S. Beckerer, Jr.                Della Femina, Rothschild, Jeary and
    Leanne Trout                              The Beckerer Foundation                         Partners
    Anthony Tuffy                             Becton Dickinson and Company          Debra Dellamonica
    United Way of Central New Mexico          Max and Sally Belding                 Jan Delnero
    The Urology Center, PC                    Olivia Bell-Brantley                  Neil Deluca
    Frances Vadney, Antoinette Horth, Janet   Rita Berkson                          Louise-Marie Dembry, MD
             Clarke and Suzanne Del Prete     Paul Bernier                          Frank and Cathy DeSocio
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment             Deborah and Charles Bielefield        Roberta Dinicola
             Program                          Employees of The Bilco Company        Dodd Middle School
    Charles Vaughn                            Nancy P. Blagys                       Carla and Jeffrey D’Orio
    Gaetano Villano                           Barbara Blanko                        Aldo M. Dorosh and Gregory M. Dorosh
    Linda and Gaetano Villano                 Philip K. Bondy, MD                   Eleanor and Francis Dougherty
    VIP Spa, Inc                              Claudia Bonilla, RN                   Debbie Dugger
    Barbara Wareck and Charles Perrow         Ann Marie and Robert Bonvini          Henry Dziekan
    Weed’s Cafe                               Arindam Bose                          Eastern Connecticut State University
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wheeler             Phoebe and Jim Boyer                            American Marketing
    Drs. Shirvinda and Namita Wijesekera      Braman Termite and Pest Elimination             Association
    Willets Point Asphalt Corporation         Scarlett Wood Branham                 Lee E. Edstrom, MD
    Ena Williams, RN, BS                      Melisa Brereton-Esposito              Gabrielle Egger
    Karen, Bill and Emma Winget               Jennifer Briggs                       Thomas D. Eisen, MD and Elizabeth A.
    Jim Wright                                Shelley Britt                                   Jonas, MD
    Yale- New Haven Hospital, Ambulatory      Everest A. Brustolon                  Jamie and Thomas Emmanuel
             and Peri-Operative Staff         Mairi Bryan                           John Evans
    Yale-New Haven Hospital, Volunteer        Grace Burrell                         Fairfield County Assessor’s Association
             Services/Patient Relations       Nancy and Jeffrey Busch               Mary Farrington
    Kenneth Yeakel                            Ambioris Caba                         Patti Farrington
    Drs. Lawrence Young and Lynn Tanoue       Eileen Cain                           Peter L. Feldman
    Frances and Nicholas Zaccagnino           Leonard and Lisbeysi Calo             Richard and Marissa Ferguson
    James and Ann Zielinski                   Tracy Carafeno, RN                    Jose and Jean Fernandez
    Darlene and Remy Zimmermann               Cascade Fine Catering                 Mary Finan
                                              Jean Cassels                          Brenda Finoia
                                              Ellen Chapman                         Dr. Gerald and Marilyn Fishbone
    FRIENDS                                   Richard M. Chapman
                                              Elvire Charles
                                                                                    Edwin Fivekiller
                                                                                    The Flatley Family - Jim, Pam, Riley
    $250 to $499                              Ken and Linda Chipkin                           and Robin
    Leon and Mary Ann Abramczyk               Christian Woman’s League              Fleur de Lys Floral & Gifts, LLC
    Yanirabell Acosta, PCA                    Jeffrey and Jacqueline Clark          Jennifer Ford-Chatfield
    Karen Acquarulo                           Susanne Clark                         Carol A. Forest
    Harvey Adelberg and Janet Leslie          Sharon Clemons                        John and Kristin Foster
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ades              Cobb Family Foundation, Inc           Antonia Fourtin
    Richard & Elaine Ades Family              Darcey Cobbs-Lomax                    Kathleen French
              Foundation                      Michael Coe                           Michael Freyre
    Affiliated Foot Surgeons, PC              Brian Cohen                           Louis Friedman
    Sara Alavi, MD                            Diane Collins                         Terese Fritzell
    Richard Alexis                            Barbara Comfort                       General Re Matching Gifts
    Allstate Giving Campaign                  Complete Environmental Testing, Inc   Joseph Gerhard
    Donna Andrews, RN                         Anna Conley                           Bruce Gerstman
    Newell and Ellen Andrews                  Connecticut Financial                 Bessie Giammattei
    Marcelle Applewhaite                      Connecticut Vascular Center, PC       Christina Giannelli
    Susan Arbo-Givens                         Corona Equipment Company, Inc         Ron and Jo Gilley, Chris and Julie
    Marjorie Ardito                           Donald Costa                                    McMahon, Terry and Jan
    Sharon Attin                              David Crandall                                  Mostrom, George and Sarah

6   Deceased †
         Valiath & Brade and Mary Ann   Monica Konstantino                       Frank Moffo
         Whitmore                       Joseph Kosh                              Dr. James P. and Mildred Mooney
Goldman, Sachs & Company                Conrad Kronholm                          Helen Starbuck Moore
Larry Gonzalez                          Dean Krynicki                            Eileen More
Paul Goodwin                            Maribeth Landau                          Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Griffin, III    Bernard W. Lane and Dr. Janice           Augusta Mueller
Sonia Grizzle                                     Owens-Lane                     Evanna Baldwin Murray
Mrs. H.C. Grumpelt                      Viola and Wardwell Leonard               Amber Natusch
Michael Gruner                          Pamela and Nathan Lerner                 Neil G. Ballotte Insurance
Jeffrey and Donna Gruskay               Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lesser               Sujing Nettland
Guida’s Milk and Ice Cream Company      Janet and Robert Lewis                   Jack Novey
Patricia Gustaitis                      Susan and Joel Lichtenstein              Janet O’Connell
Laura Hagfeldt                          Elizabeth Locke                          Mark O’Connell
Gloria and Bryce Hall                   Douglas Lopez                            Dr. Charles and Leslie O’Connor
Eileen and Don Halliday                 Henry and Margo Lopez-Cepero             Manuel Odar
Hamden-Shoreline Oral & Maxillofacial   Oivind Lorentzen                         Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Oneglia
         Surgery Associates             Francine and Bob LoRusso                 Ore Owodunni
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hamilton, Jr.     Laura Lovejoy and Stephen Randazzo       Joyce Pantalone
Lisa Hansen                             Mary Lowery                              Michael Parente
Patricia Harlow                         Maureen Lucas                            Helen Patterson
Ed and Nancy Harold                     Ruth and Leonard Lye                     Paul Patton
Eddie Harris                            Lye & Lye, PC                            Richard Pavano
Melody Harrison and John Esposito       M. Laura Macaluso                        The Pawson Group
Mark Hastings                           Lisa and Joe MacDougald                  Denise Peacock
R. Randolph Hatch                       Peter Mack                               Gerald Pearce
Gloria Hausman                          J. Thomas Macy                           Lance Peatling
Jeffrey and Joyce Hendrickson           Robert and Joyce Mailhouse               People’s United Bank
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Heninger         Miriam Maldonado                         Davida and Steven Pepe
Eleanor Herpich                         Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Malinconico         Takia Perry
Jeannette and Stephen Hodge             William and Linda Manning                Gary and Angela Petitti
Lincoln Hoffa                           Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Marieb            David Petric
William and Mildred Holodak             James Martin                             William Phillips
E. Gregory Hookstratten, Esq            The Marvin H. Schaefer Inspections       Shirley L. Pinette
James Horwitz and Sandra Allison                  Service, Inc                   Joanne Pinto
Howard K. Hill Funeral Services         Ronald Masiero                           Plastic Surgery Chicago, LLC
Joana Huff                              Dr. Kemp Massengill                      Platinum Worldwide Entertainment
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hummel, Jr.     Alan and Hinda Massey, Donny and         Jody Platner
Cheryl Hyder                                      Shirley Halperin, Marvin and   Francine S. Ponchick
I.B.E.W. Local 90                                 Bryna Gutkin, Jerry and Tina   Mary Anne Poppa
IBM Employee Services Center                      Gutkin & Buddy and Helen       Seth M. Powsner, MD
Carlos Iglesias                                   Mellon                         Michelle Poynton
IKON Office Solutions, Inc              Michele Mastropetre                      Alicia Prete
Jeff Indes, MD                          Salvatore Mattei, Jr.                    Joseph and Maureen Prior
Carey Irish                             Kitty Matzkin                            Nicholas Ragovis
Colleen Jannitto                        Michael Mauro                            Maureen Raucci
Jaworska Plastic Surgery Center         Robert Maxon                             William S. Reese
Peter Jenei                             MBI Company Group, LLC                   Louis Reyes
Amy Johnson                             Melissa McArdle, RN                      Joan Rimar
David Johnson                           Kevin McCaffrey                          Estherine Robinson
Derrick Johnson                         Mary Ann Meehan                          Israel Rodriguez
Paula Jurewicz                          Merck Partnership for Giving             Ann Rogers
Karp & Langerman, PC                    Merrill Lynch & Co Foundation, Inc       Alma Roginel
Eric Katz                               Herbert and Margery Meyer                Dr. and Mrs. Peter Rogol
Wayne Keeney                            Roslyn M. Meyer, PhD and Jerome H.       Jonathan Roman
Kristaps J. Keggi, MD                             Meyer, MD                      Lizette Rosenthal
John and Sandy Kennedy                  Cheryl Middagh                           Martin Rosmarin, PhD
Christine M. Kern                       Barbara Mietelski                        RSCC Wire & Cable, LLC
Chang Soo Kim, MD                       Ben Miller                               Kathleen Ruotolo, RN
John B. Kirby, Jr.                      Mary Jane Minkin, MD and Steve M.        William Russell
Timothy and Tricia Kish                           Pincus, PhD                    Victor and Barbara Russo
Sharon Klein                            Elizabeth Mishler                        Ann Ryder, RN
Fred Kleiner                            Joyce Mockalis                           The Norman and Constance Sadek
Dr. Donald and Candice Kohn             Eileen M. Modesta                                 Foundation, Inc

Deceased †                                                                                                          7
    Jeffrey C. Salomon, MD                   David Vinas                             Sheriff Andrian H. Anderson
    Michael and Kara Salvagno                Virgin Atlantic Airways                 Frederic P. Anderson, MPH, MD
    Jose A. Salvana, MD                      Vincent Vollero                         Mary-Anne Anderson
    Sandweiss Tree Service, Inc              Leslie Wallace, RN                      Dana and Annette Andrews
    Elvin Santos                             Lawrence and Sheila Wartel              Margaret Andrews
    Lawton and Audrey Sargent                William Welch                           Chip and Barbara Angle
    Robert Sarnecky                          Norman S. Werdiger, MD                  ANL Sports Center, Inc
    Gordon H. Sasaki, MD                     John Williams                           David V. Annunziata
    Marie Sasso                              Ruby Wilson                             Jo-Ann Ansaldo
    Craig A. Saxton                          Elizabeth Womer                         Lori Antezzo
    Joe Saydlowski                           Dani and Bill Woods                     Sherly Antony
    Larry Schaefer and Lina Lawall           Jacqueline Wrinn                        Apex Pharmacy & Home Care Center,
    Marvin Schaefer                          Yale-New Haven Hospital, Information              LLC
    Dr. Jeffrey and Molly Schpero                     Systems & Technology           Apicella Adjusters, Inc
    Mark J. Schpero, DDS                              Department                     Edward and Susan Apuzzo
    Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Schwartz         John Yarcusko                           Apuzzo Electric
    Kathleen Scott                           Jeannette and Thomas Young              Barbara Arnold
    Lynn Sellers                             John A. Young                           Dr. Philip and Alison Arnold
    Carol Sewell                             Robin Zenobi                            Paul and Rochelle Asaro
    Susan Sheehan, RN                        Zimmer & Zimmer, PC                     Reverend Susan L. Asher
    Nellie Shepard                                                                   Celeste Asis
    Philip Sherringham                                                               Jason and Maren Askins
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Siegmund
    Sills Cummis & Gross, PC
                                             ADVOCATES                               Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Inc
                                                                                     Martha L. Atkinson
    Simsbury Fighting Cows                   $100 to $249                            Nadeen Atkinson
    Pamela Simione                           Anonymous (6)                           Michael and Robin Atwater
    Claire and John Simon                    3M Health Information Systems           Nancy Atwood
    Peggy Simonette                                   Employees                      Azaleah Austin, RN
    Sheila Smith                             Abbey National Employment Services,     Paul and Violet Austin
    Charles Sorensen                                  Inc                            Tammy Austin
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Soufer               Glorivee Acosta, PCA                    Juan Avila
    Susan Sousa                              Theodore and Audree Adams               Irene Ayres
    Janine Spafford                          Christopher Adante                      Rosanne Badowski
    Cynthia Spector                          Sandi and Robert Adler                  Honorine Bagwell
    Joseph F. Sproviero, MD and Cynthia      After Market Specialty Company          Joan and Alan Bailey
              Sproviero                      Mr. and Mrs. William Holler             Allison M. Bailey
    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Spyrou               Joe and Moira Aitro                     Walter Bailey
    Reva St. Hilaire                         Claudia Albert                          Christopher Baillargeon
    Lisa Strada                              Louise Albis                            Robert and Lorraine Baird
    Chih Wu Su                               Caron and Norman Alderman               Janice Baker
    Edmund Sullivan                          Gloria Alfieri                          Blanche B. Baldwin†
    Mary Sullivan                            Bernard “Barney” Allen                  Doug Baldwin and Betsy Gribble
    Donna Summers                            Karin Allen                             Dolores and Surinder Banta
    Dr. Bauer and Catherine Sumpio           Rose M. Allen                           Cynthia Banuelos-Blessing
    Catherine Sumpio                         Margaret Allison                        Bruna Banyas
    John Sward                               Jorge and Filipina Almeida              Jeff Baran, RN
    T.M. Byxbee Company, PC                  Ann Alpert                              Frank Barbiero and the Help a Friend
    Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS and Sunanda      Robyn and Dan Alsop                               Foundation
              Muralee, MD                    Alstom Power, Inc - Jeff Rode, Walter   Paul and Sandi Barbiero
    Ernest Tate                                       Gill, Richard Ward,George      Tonya Barham
    Tauck World of Giving                             Pyzocha, Michael Dull, Sam     George and Kimberley Barmashi
    Tek Systems                                       Mikus, Frank Macri,            Elizabeth Barnes
    Anita and Astrit Tena                             Todd Kratzer and Stephen       Mary Barnes
    Geraldine L. Terrill                              Thresher                       Danette Barnett
    Andrew and Doreen Testa                  Alstom Power Quality Department         Sherri Barnhill
    Qaya Thompson                            John Altieri                            Thomas Barrett
    Dong Denise Tien                         Paul Altieri                            Bart LoRusso & Sons, Inc
    Town Fair Tire Centers, Inc              Joan Amatruda                           Bill Bartholomay Foundation
    Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, Inc          May Ameen                               Teren D. Basel
    Martha Turner                            Patricia Amendola                       Jennifer Bates
    Kathleen Tynan-McKiernan                 Janet Ames                              Roberta Baum, Jean Burr, Betty
    United Way of Western Connecticut, Inc   Amgen Med Comm                                    Russello, Peter Banca,
    Helen and Spiro Vardakas                 Sandra Amodio                                     Christine Gromala, Cortnei

8   Deceased †
          Dolan, Steve Moalli, Gia      Edward and Karin Brodbeck                 Dr. and Mrs. G. Clifford Carter
          Paturzo, and Paul Vitale      Susan Neitlich and Matthew Broder         Michael Carucci
Seymour and Gloria Baum                 Amy Brodeur                               Elizabeth and Patrick Caruso
Ed Beam and Meg Goodrich                The Brooks Group and Associates, Inc      Nancy Carvalho-Considine
Brenda and Geoffrey Beard               Dink, Mary, Teri and Julie Brown &        Donna Caseria
Diana, Michael, Linda, Dana and Aunt             John, Martha, Jack and Jess      Rosemary Cassidy and Vince
          Betty Bechard                          Bilski                                    Frankovich
Carol Becker                            Tamara Brown                              Nancy Cavallaro
Karen and Michael Beebe                 Bill and Billie Brown                     Patricia Cavanagh
Carl, Audrey and Paul Behuniak          Rhoda W. Brownstein                       Lynn Cermola
Suzanne Beitel                          Paul R. Bruch, Jr.                        Carol Cestaro
Belardinelli Tire Company               Shelby Brundage                           Daniel and Lois Chabris
Ellen Weber Bell                        Patrick and Tamara Buchanan               Lisa Champagne
Janine and Robert Bell                  The Buckingham Routh Company              Melanie Champion
Dr. Morton and Linda Bender             Christopher and Anna Buckley              William Chapin
Michelle Benish                         Stacia and Edward Bucnis                  Debnam Chappell
Benjamin Jepson School                  Leslie Bulion                             Joyell Chavez
Amy Bennett, RN                         Pamela and Christopher Buonocore          Cheshire High School
Michael C. Bennick, MD                  Patricia Burke                            Child and Adult Orthodontics
N. B. and Francine Berg                 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bush                  Children’s Dental Associates of
Geoff and Dana Beringer                 Jeanie and Gregory Cacopardo                       Hamden, PC
Arlene Berkowitz                        Phil and Kerri Cagnassola                 Gregg Chiota
James Berman                            Guido and Anne Calabresi                  Kathleen Chmura
Nelson and Louise Bernabucci            Diane and Thomas Calello                  David and Catherine Christensen
Joan Beutler                            Mary-Jane Callahan                        Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Dr. Harvey and Deborah Bezahler         Shirley and Steven Calvo                  Dr. and Mrs. James H. Chung
Scott A. Bialik, DDS                    Angeline Cama                             Jack and Bertie Chuong
Dr. Kenneth I. Bird, Jr.                Claire and Andrew Camelio                 Bertie Chuong, RN, MSN
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bishop          John and Karen Cammarota                  Camille Chwalek
The Bissell Family                      William Campbell                          Marc and Vivian Ciampi
Helen and Siobhan Blank                 Debbie Camputaro                          The Ciampi Family
Josh and Jackie Blau                    Gerald Canadeo                            Anthony and Elaine Ciminera
Rob and Juliana Bloom, Ronnie and       Harold and Shirley Candee                 Peter and Jacqueline Cimini
          Jake Fisher, Sean and Julie   Christopher M. Cannon                     Roseann Ciochetto
          MacEvoy, & Melisa Moore and   Christopher R. Canny, MD and Priscilla    Dr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Cipriano
          Charlie Helfinstine                    F. Canny, PhD                    Joel D. Cirkot
Joyce Blue                              Yves Cantin and Regina Olshan             Michael and Lisa Civitillo
Blumenthal Squire & Blanck              Milton and Patti Caplan                   Mr. and Mrs. Elias A. Clark
Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable     William and Teresa Cappiello              Gerald Clark
          Foundation, Inc               Pierre Capretz                            Clark Funeral Home, Inc
Helen Boggs                             Michelle Caputo                           David Clarke
Joseph and Sandra Bonatti               Tony and Roberta Caraluzzi                Donna Clayton
Kelly Bonito                            Maria M. Cardona                          Adrienne and Mark Cohen
Henry and Susan Bonner                  Carl Spadola, DMD, LLC                    Julie Cohen and Larry Visochek
Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Borellini        Mr. Richard Carlo                         Lawrence and Barbara Cohen
Kenneth and Jane Borst                  Mr. Ramona Carlow                         Morris and Gloria Cohen
Jean G. Bortner                         The Carlucci Family - Marion, Donna,      Lara Colabelli
William K. Boss, Jr., MDPA                       Denise, Gary, Cam, Clare,        Marjory Cole
Lt. Col. Vincent Botarelli                       Laura, Jake and Rachel           Elaine Collake
Cheryl Bournique                        Bruce F. Carmichael, ScD†                 Susan and David Colon
Anonymous                               Adela de Loizaga Carney                   Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Colondona
June Brackett                           Carolinas Plastic Surgery Center          Norma Comins
James P. Bradley                        Denise Carr                               Joseph Commendatore
Jeannine Bradley                        Molly Carr                                Component Engineers, Inc
Allan Braman                            Susan H. Carroll and F. W. Carroll, Jr.   John Cone
Leo and Lucy Brancato                   William and Christine Carroll             Congregation of Shalom
Florence Brandow                        Duane Carrubba                            Kenneth Conlon
Irwin M. Braverman, MD                  Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Carrubba           Connecticut Resource Group, LLC
Staci Brenner                           Carrubba, Inc                             Harold R. Connelly, Jr., DDS
Richard and Barbara Brewer              Jim and Marcia Carruthers, Jess           Kathleen Connelly
Robert and Joyce Briggs                          Monson, Jerri and Walter         Connex Credit Union
James and Holly Brink                            Dittmann & Susan and Dove        Susan Connors
David and Mavis Brittelli                        Slojkowski                       Scott and Nancy Conover

Deceased †                                                                                                             9
     Frances Consiglio                   Chris Delmar                            Marie Eles
     Sal and Agnes Consiglio†            Donna and Robert DeMarinis              Gennis Elks
     Gail Conti                          Michele Dempsey                         Grace Ellefsen
     William and Sheryl Conticello       Susan Denmark                           Elliott Merrill Community Management
     Hillary Converse                    David and Gina Depukat                  Lloyd W. Elston
     Timothy Cooney                      Timothy Derby                           Energy Wise Insulation Co, Inc
     Alan H. Cooper, DDS                 Laura Devaux, RN                        Engineered Production Components,
     Jody Cooper                         Alice Devine                                      LLC
     Joseph and Erin Cooper              Peggy DeZinno                           Sven and Alice Englund
     Dr. and Mrs. Milton Cooper          Peter and Anne Diamantini               Carol Engstrom
     Stuart Cooper                       Vincent C. DiCola, MD                   Carleton and Georgia Erickson
     Barry and Sherry Cosloy             Marie DiGhello                          Mary and Norman Esborn
     Dr. Pasquale J. Costa               Katherine and Joseph DiMarco            Jesus Escalante
     Gloria Cothran                      Carlo and Maria DiMeo                   Essex Financial Services, Inc
     Karen Coulter                       Margaret and Gary Dimmick               Edward L. Etkind, MD
     Courage is Contagious               Catherine Anne Dinauer, MD and Philip   Evaluation Associates
     Courtney Honda                               A. Dinauer, MD                 Daphne Evans
     Coventry High School, Special       Michael and Kathleen DiRocco            Staff of Eye Physicians and Surgeons,
              Education Department       Louise DiRuccio                                   PC
     Margaret and Elmer Craw             Melinda DiVicino                        Edward Fabian
     Tom and Gerry Creamer               Robert and Laurel Dolyak                Dr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Fabry
     Jacquelyn Crenshaw                  Julie Domonkos and Daniel Leffell       Paul and Stephanie Fappiano
     Terry and Regina Crews              Lawrence Donahue                        Donna Farrington
     James and Elaine Crimmins           Mario Donini                            Nancy Faughnan
     CRN, Inc                            Dr. John J. Donohue                     Frederick and Martha Fawcett
     David and Victoria Crompton         Douglas Dooley                          Feldman Orthodontics
     Joan Cronin                         Mary and James Dooley                   Eric and Anne Ferguson
     Sharon M. Cullen                    Ann and John Doolittle                  Ernest Ferrari, Sr.
     Nancy and Roger Cunningham          Carol Dorfman and William Segraves      Cesaltina Ferreira
     Orlaith Cunningham                  Leonard Dorissaint                      Seth and Alice Fessenden
     Paul and Kathryn Cuozzo             Stephanie Dorn                          Florence Fiedler
     Bianca Curley                       Diane Dowd, Carolyn Behram and          Edwin Figueroa
     Jeffrey Curran                               Dorothy Hirchak                Ramon Figueroa
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Currier      Juliet Drabkin                          Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fineberg
     Kenneth and Linda Curry             Joseph Drago                            Anne Finn
     Charles Curtis                      Claire Driscoll                         First Congregational Church of Branford
     Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel N. Cusanelli   E. Roberta Drobis                       John and Marianne Fisher
     David and Mary Lou Czaplicki        Timothy and Rita Droney                 Margaret Fitcher
     Beverly Dachenhausen                Inge H. Druckrey                        The Fitzgeralds - Bobby and Terry,
     Peter and Joyce D’Addario           Jim and Lisa Drum                                 Colleen and James
     The Dagar Group, Ltd                Beverly DuBour                          The Flaumenhaft Family
     Louis and Jeannette Dagostine       Judi Duffy                              Thomas Fleming, Jr.
     David and Gina D’Agostino           Patrick R. Duffy, Jr., MD               Dr. and Mrs. Martin Floch
     Joseph and Kathleen Daley           Karen S. Dufour, MD                     Richard Ford
     Dick and Mary Dalling               Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dugan, Jr.         Deborah Ford Flanel
     Lisa D’Alton                        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Dunphy           Sally M. Foster
     Daniels Farm School PTA             Mr. and Mrs. Stuart G. Dupee            Alfred and Jill Fox
     Joseph Danko                        Charles Dupre                           Edward and Gale Fracasso
     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. D’Antonio   Veronica and Almanzor Dupuis            Monica Fradkin
     Elizabeth Darst                     Durham Woman’s Club, Inc                David A. Frank, MD, PhD
     Franklin Z. Davidson, MD            The Durol Company                       Bruce and Michelle Fraser
     Mrs. Endicott P. Davison            Patricia Dwy                            David French
     Harold J. Daw                       John and Josephine Early                Maria Frentress
     Anthony Dawson                      East Haven Stoner’s Inc                 Deanna and David Friedman
     Ronald and Christine Dean           Eastside Floor Covering                 Frontage Partners, LLC
     Cindy DeCarlo                       Kenneth and Dorothy Eastwood            Frank and Josie Fulhan
     Beverly and Joseph DeCato           Gayle Eddy                              Dean and Barbara Fuller
     Gerald Defelice                     John W. Edelglass, MD                   Dr. Frank and Yvonne Furth
     Eileen Dehm                         Carol Edwards                           Ralph and Shirley Fusco
     Michael and Susan Delepine          The Eggert Family                       Drs. Helmuth and Evelyne Gahbauer
     Amy Delfini                         Sue Eisaguirre                          Francis and Carolyn Galasso
     Dr. Ronald and Marcia Delfini       Marc and Heidi Eisenberg                Rafael Garcia, Jr.
     Edmund DellaValle                   Dr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Eisenfeld        Sixto Garcia, RN

10   Deceased †
John and Kevyn Gardella                 Sylvia Greene                        Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert F. Hogan
William and Mary Jane Gardella          Hideko and Charles Greenfield        James Hogan, Jr., MD
Bonita Garone                           Mrs. Norman A. Greist                Martha Hogan
Helen Garrity                           Jane Griffin                         Thomas Hoke
Catherine Gautot                        Timothy Griffin, CPA                 Dexter and Maryanne Holaday
William Geel                            Frances Grindell, RN                 Mary Ann Holden
Dr. and Mrs. Barry J. Gelber            Lorna Grohs                          Mandana Hopper
Lonnie Gelber                           Debbie and Robert Gross              Anne Hotchkiss
Marcia and John Gell                    Jordan Gruskay                       Janice Houde†
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Genel                Peter Guarino                        Helen Hovdesven
The Genovese Family                     Guilford Racquet & Swim Club         Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Howard
Kristine George                         Kathryn Guiliano                     Thomas and Joanne Howe
Jose Gerena                             Magnus Gustafsson                    Brenda and James Howlett
Donald German                           Luis Gutierrez                       Emilia Hramov
Patricia and Fred Gettner               Daniel Guzman                        Henry Hsia, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Giannino         Alfred Gwilliam                      Filomena Hudobenko
Kip and Deborah Gienau                  H. D. Segur Insurance                Donald and Adrienne Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Gildersleeve    The H.P. Hallock Company, Inc        Hummel Brothers, Inc
Carla Giles                             Robert and Honore Hager              John and Roseann Hunter
Robert and Dorothy Gill                 Jacqueline Haines                    Ivan and Joanna Husovsky
Joanne and Jack Gill                    Birtus and Nancy Hall                Gordon and Margrit Hutchinson
Terry Gill                              Patricia and Robert Hall             Robert B. Hutchison, III
Francette Gingell                       Halsey Associates, Inc               Dou-Huong and Su-Ying Hwang
Catherine Giordano                      Courtney and Ronald Hansen           Eric A. Hyson, MD
Liliana Giordano                        Jack Hanson                          In Focus Optical
Jeffrey Giovacchino                     William and Carol Harding            Indestructible Paint, Inc
Marsha Lilien Gladstein Foundation      Fannie Hardy                         Carmela and Jerome Infantino
William Tackach and Noreen Glaski       Yoav Haron                           Sarah Ingraham
Albert B. Glassenberg                   Meredith Harper                      Interim HealthCare, Inc
Penelope Glassmeyer                     Paul and Darlene Harper              J.R.M. Construction Corporation
Global Impact                           David and Marianne Harrison          Donald Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Alton H. Gloer             Jim Hart                             Telisha Jackson
Barbara Goffredo                        The Hartford Insurance Group         Robert and Barbara Jacobs
Charles and Maureen Goheen              Bob and Carol Haskell                Drs. Steven S. and Wendy S. Jacoby
Mr. and Mrs. Zelly Goldberg             Lara Hauslaib                        Elizabeth Jacovino
Golden Touch Cleaners                   Holly and Keith Hawkins              Waltraud Jaensch
Jonathan M. Goldstein, MD               Valerian Hazan, MD                   William James
Joann Golebiewski                       Martha B. Healey                     Ahmed C. Jamshidi, MD
Kevin Gonzalez, RN                      Healthcare Technology Group, LLC     Michael and Zife Janiszewski
Dr. David and Sandra Goodkind           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hegel           John and Susan Jankovich
Doug and Katie Goodman                  Heidell Pittoni Murphy & Bach, LLP   Audra Jaques
Mr. and Mrs. Norwick R.G. Goodspeed     Roger and Stephanie Heine            Luis Jaquez
Goodwin Levine Charitable Foundation,   Heitkamp, Inc                        Florence Jasudowicz
         Inc                            Henry and Barbara-Jean Helvie        Robert and Carole Jeffries
Evelyn E. Gordon                        Frank and Susan Hemmock              Benjamin Jepson School
Dr. Martin E. Gordon                    Joseph Henderson                     Mrs. Philip Jermain
Robert and Arden Gordon                 P. Jane Hercz                        H. Phillips Jesup
Noreen Gorero                           Alcibiades G. Heris Trust            Carol and John Jezierny
Anne Gormley                            Heritage Partners International      Bernice Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Gossner          Jennifer Hershey                     Bruce E. Johnson
Robin and Michael Gottliebb             Walter J. Hierholzer, Jr., MD        Joseph Johnson
Virginia Gracy                          Belen Hilario, RN                    Marcia K. Johnson
Edward and Carol Grandjean              Hillcrest Middle School              Stuart Johnson
Garrett and Jacqueline Grant            Hillcrest Middle School - Grade 8    Thomas Johnson, III
Merle and Gloria Grant                            Teachers                   Gabriel and Veronica Johnston
Theresa Grant                           Joram Hirsch, Esq                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones
Cheryl Granucci                         Linda Hirsch                         Lanell and Michael Jones
Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce      Jon and Mary-Michelle Hirschoff      Mrs. Harold M. Jordan
Greco’s Auto Parts                      Charlotte Hix                        Louise Jordan
Robert Green                            Gloria Hoder                         John Joseph
Carole and Harold Greenbaum             Daniel R. Hodges                     Stephen and Geraldine Joyce
Edwin and Eileen Greenberg              Maryrose Hoffman                     Rosa Joyner
Steven and Francesca Greene             Tara Hoffman                         Ann Marie Julian

Deceased †                                                                                                        11
     Raymond Julian                         David and Linda Langley                 Robert Madelmayer
     Richard Kalt                           Peter Lanzer                            Madison Youth Football
     Andrea and Richard Kaman               Richard and Joy Larcom                  Diane Madore
     Kenneth and Janet Kaminsky             Mary Larsen                             Susan Madsen
     Andrew and Jane Kampf                  Barbara and George Larson               John and Cheryl Maher
     Ben and Annie Kaplan                   Heidi Larson                            Timothy and Jennifer Mahr
     David E. Karas, MD                     Harriet Lattanzi                        Barbara Maillard
     Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kashgarian        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Laudano          Ellen Makar
     Cheryl Kaszeta                         C. Mark and Susan Lauer                 Malcolm Pirnie, Inc
     Harry and Carolyn Katzman              Laugeni Family Foundation, Inc          Linny Maldonado
     Kearney Insurance Agency, LLC          Martin J. Lawlor, Jr.                   Herbert and Lillian Malkus
     Patricia Keavney                       Andrew J. Lawson, MD                    Jasmine Manalo-Rooney, RN
     Robert and Christel Kehoe              LCS Management, LLC                     Neal Mandell, MD
     Kevin Kelley                           Frederick Leaf                          Cynthia F. Mann, MD
     Margie Kelley                          Joseph and Theresa Lederer              Dr. Marc E. and Margaret Mann
     Colleen Kelly                          Lorraine A. Lee, RPh                    Eric J. Mannes, MD
     Karen Kelly                            Richard A. Lefkowitz, Esq               Lauren Ann Maradino
     Harold Kennedy                         Phyllis and Gary Lefort                 Boris Maranets
     Kevin and Stacey Kennedy               Beverly and Richard Leighton            Toney S. Marguy, Sr.
     Maureen and Harold Kennedy             Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Lena            John and Tina Marino
     Stephanie and David Kennedy            Gillie and Murray Lender                Clay and Linda Markham
     James and Diane Kent                   Peter and Suzanna Lengyel               David and Lisa Marks
     Louis and Marie Kessler                Stewart Leonard, Sr.                    Lucille and Frank Marottolo
     Ali A. Khodadoust, MD                  Catherine T. Lepper                     Alison and David Marquis
     Elizabeth Kilmer                       David and Jeanne Leslie                 Marsha Lilien Gladstein Foundation
     Kathleen King and Leonard Ceravone     Janet Leslie                            Trevor Marshall
     Phillip King                           Angelo and Sonja Letizia                Jose Marte
     Susan King                             John M. Leventhal, MD and Beverly J.    Sheila Martenson
     William Kingston                                Hodgson, Esq                   Andres S. Martin, MD
     Robert O. Kirk, MD                     Lawrence and Anita Levine               David and Carol Martin
     Donna and Michael Kirwan               Robert and Shelley Levine               Sherri Martnick, RN
     Robert Kitchen, MD                     Janet and Mark Levy                     Mary L. Tracy School Staff
     Myrna Kleeman                          Susan R. Levy, MD                       Maureen and James Mas
     Richard Kleindienst, Sr.               Zhenqiu Lin                             JoAnn Massari
     Hildegard and Burton Kloster           George and Barbara Lind                 Gwendolyn Masselli-Morin
     David and Mary Kmetz                   Stuart and Anne Lindeman                Joel Massey
     Elizabeth and Richard Knapp            Robert Lindquist                        Laura J. Massey
     Knights of Columbus, St. Joan of Arc   Edward Linehan                          Scott Mastrangelo
               10477                        Juan and Rocio Linz                     Susan Mastriano
     Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Koblish           David and Janice Lipka                  Richard Matinale
     Maria Koel                             Liturgical Publications - Friends and   Jamie Matos
     Dottie and Don Kolb                             Colleagues                     Steven and Phyllis Matthew
     Jay and Joyce Kossman                  Cherisa Lloyd                           Michael Matthews
     Grace Kountz                           Gale and Chet Loch & Piper and John     Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Matthies
     James and Sandra Kovach                         Caramanica                     Kathleen Maturo
     Robert Kraft                           Patricia Lombardo                       Gilberta Barroco Mauro
     George and Susan Krall                 Edward Lonergan                         Robert and Connie Mayes
     Patricia and Robert Krass              Claudia Lopez                           Horace Mazzone
     Mark R. Kravitz                        Joan Lopez                              Louis and Katherine Mazzucco
     Shelley and Michael Kreiger            Francesca and Ronald LoRicco            John and Marie McBennett & Family
     Rosanne and Robert Kroepel             Helen Lostys                            Mary Lou and Joseph McCabe
     Lawrence and Nancy Krueger             Kathleen and Harry Lunemann, Bill and   Dr. John and Erin McCallum
     Sylvia Kuritzky                                 Barbara Lezette, Vera and      T. Robert and Phyllis McCarron
     Ann C. LaCamera                                 Jude Gillesque, Mildred and    Dennis McCarthy
     William Lacourciere                             Anthony LaBate & John and      Laura McCarthy
     Joseph Laforgia                                 Rose Jorgenson                 Sharon McCluskey
     Rosemary and Thomas Lague              Anthony and Deidre Luongo               Charles and Sheila McCollam
     Christine Lamb                         Joan Lyke and Al Acampora               Rick and Lorie McCollum
     Leona Lamberson                        Mirella MacAluso                        Miriam and James McCrea
     Kristina Lambros                       Kevin and Kelly MacLaren                The McHoul & Cassidy Families
     Alvan and Carol Lampke                 Eugene MacMullan                        Gloria McHugh
     Cassius and Gretchen Lamprea           Robin and Roderick Macrae               Gay and Francis McNally
     Dr. Craig and Maribeth Landau          Earl and Anne MacSorley                 Dr. and Mrs. Peter McPhedran

12   Deceased †
Tracey Mead                              Bahiyah Muhammad                    Ramon Otero
Ephrem Medina                            Nancy Munson                        Paier College of Art, Inc
Phyllis and Leon Medvedow                Russell Munz                        Joseph Palmer
Hollis and Ronald Medwick                Mary Murphy                         Rae Ann Palmer
George and Suzanne Megrue                Philip Murphy                       Ghislaine Palumbo
Mauricio Mejia                           Mr. and Mrs. John A. Murray         Deborah Pan, MD
Melanoma Foundation of New England       Karen Murray                        Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Panagrossi, Jr.
Aida Melendez                            Edwin and Hilda Mursko              Roger Panaguiton
Dominick Melillo                         Chris Muscarella Cindi Carbino      Lucia Pannella
Robert Mendence                          Brienna Mut and Angelo Durante      Grace and Dick Pantano
Luis Mendez                              Karen Naccarato                     Dora Lee Parham
Stephen and Patricia Menno               Sharon and Frank Nagy               David W. Parke, MD
Merchant’s Association of Florida, Inc   Nail Posh Beauty and Spa            Eric and Marilyn Parnes
Marcia Mersey                            Mr. and Mrs. Jude P. Napierkowski   Ruth and Irving Parnes
Metlife Auto and Home                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Napolitano     Arthur Parris
Drs. Jerome H. and Roslyn Milstein       Letitia (Letty) Nastri              Ralph and Barbara Parson
         Meyer                           Nathan Hale School                  Frederick and Susanne Parsons
Robert Meyer                             Rhonda Naylor                       Steven and Maryann Pascarella
Maria Meyerholz                          NBC Universal                       Judith Pasqualoni
James and Lisa Mezoff                    Ruth Nelkin                         Dr. and Mrs. Pradip M. Pathare
Virginia Michalko                        David Nelson                        George and Elisabeth Patterson
Allan and Mary Michel                    Mark Nelson                         Jean Pawlich
Greg Mikos                               New York Metro Peterbilt, Inc       Donald and Kristin Pawlitz
Milano Development Corporation           NHLC Catering, Inc                  Peter and Ethel Pearce
Milford OB-GYN Physicians, PC            Roxanne Niblack                     Pediatric Dentistry Associates, LLC
Douglas and Eleanor Miller               Nichols United Methodist Church -   Pediatric Healthcare Associates
Arlette and George Miller                          United Methodist Women    Evan and Katie Pelaccia
Jean Miller                              Dr. Nickolas Nickou                 Ronald A. Pelletier, Sr.
Mary J. Miller, CPA                      Concetta Nicolosi                   Linda Peltier
Richard and Elaine Miller                Nicotra Properties, Inc             Human Resources at People’s United
William and Irene Miller                 Lucille Niles                                Bank
William R. Miller, III                   Donna and Mark Nimrod               Joseph and Alaire Perazella
Alfred and Alicia Millington             Steven Nivison                      Hector Perez
Dr. Robert Milstein and Andrea           Frank and Lillian Nofsinger         Cosmo Perrelli
         Seigerman Milstein              Roy and Nancy Normen                Renee Perroncel
Drs. Leonard M. and Ellen B. Milstone    Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Staff   Benjamin and Teresa Petersen
Eric and Donna Minotti                             and Board of Trustees     Arnold and Nancy Peterson
James and Barbara Misencik               Alex Novak                          Cynthia Peterson
Pramod and Pushpa Mistry                 David and Elizabeth Nowak           Barbara and James Petrosky
Brian and Marcia Mitchell                Richard and Jane Nowak              Timothy and Sheila Pettee
James and Constance Mitchell             John and June Nowell                Stacey Phelan
Jessica Mitchell                         Judy Nunes, PA                      Rick and Lynn Phillips
Norbert E. Mitchell, Jr.                 Mary and Jim Oberhelman             Tracey and Guido Picarazzi
Valentin and Sofia Mitskevich            Kevin O’Brien                       Debra Pinto
Sally Moffo                              Harold Obstler                      Pamela Pita
Marcel Montero                           Mary O’Connell and Family           Drs. Jordan S. and Barbara R. Pober
Enzo and Irene Montesi                   John and Barbara O’Connor           David and Laura Pocock
Deidre Moore                             Craig and Laura Odermatt            Elizabeth Poirier
Gary and Stephanie Moore                 Richard and Louise Odermatt         Anita Pol
Joseph Moore                             Henry and Marilyn O’Donnell         Karen and Vincent Polito
Francine Moran                           Elizabeth A. Ofori-Mante, MD        Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Pollak
Roberta Moran                            Victoria Ogbejesi                   Philip Pomper
Stanley Morcus                           Henry Okakpu                        Pomperaug Social Club
John and Elisabeth Morgan                Frederick Olsen                     Christopher Ponzio
Leon and Jacqueline Morgan               Helen F. Olszewski                  Gina Poole
Matthew Morgan                           Marie-Alice O’Meally                Joyce Poole
Reverend and Mrs. Robert Morgan          Peter O’Neill                       Jarry and Margaret Popel
Ernest D. Moritz, MD                     Bianca Onofrio                      Dianna Popolizio
John and Eda Moroney                     Alexandra Opara                     George G. Posener
Dena and Michael Morris                  Orchard Hills School                Letizia Posta
Mount Kisco Medical Group, PC            Rae and Rocco Orlando               Andrea G. Powell
Patricia Msadoques                       Angel Ortiz                         Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Pressman
Michael Mucha                            Abiola Oshin                        PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Deceased †                                                                                                             13
     Donald and Ruth Priest             Paul and Elizabeth Russell              Robert S. Sherwin, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Dominic F. Proto      Mark B. Russi, MD                       Susan A. Shiely
     Nicholas Proto                     Kenneth and Marianne Russo              Robert and Virginia Shiller
     Carol B. Pulice, LCSW, B.C.D.      Robert and Kathy-Leigh Russo            Libert Sikov
     The Pulie, Adegbile and Haskell    Ann Rutherford                          David and Meryl Silver
              Families                  Barbara and Thomas Ryan                 Edward Silver
     Anthony Raccio                     Walter and Anne Shirley Sachs           Silver City Mammas Marine Corps
     Howard M. Raccio                   Harvey S. Sadow, PhD                              Auxiliary
     Racebrook Wine & Liquor World      Hospital of Saint Raphael One For All   Robin and Scott Silverman
     Deborah Radowiecki                          Fund                           Simjian Oriental Rugs
     Ralph E. Hull Funeral Home, Inc    Saint Vincent’s Medical Center          Barbara and Raymond Simon
     Sergio and Maria Ramirez           Hugh Salami-Kohan                       John H. Sinard, MD, PhD
     Patricia Rapini                    Lorena Salazar, RN                      Devinder Singh, MD
     RAPP                               Dr. and Mrs. Henry B. Samson            Mahendra Singh
     Marilyn Rappoport                  Judy and Steven Samuels                 Selma Singleton
     Carol Rascati                      Frank and Donna Sandillo                Jean Sisk
     Malcolm and Barbara Rashba         Ngola Santos                            Kathryn Skibek
     Thomas and Julia Raslavsky         Sargis Associates, Inc                  Mark and Judith Sklarz
     RC Knox & Company                  Charlene Sastre                         Stacy and Ronald Slater
     Reality, LLC                       John and Anita Savides                  Rose Slavin
     Edward and Madelyn Reddy           Lawrence Sax, CPA                       Steven Slink
     Mr. and Mrs. John Reese            Douglas Scales                          Mr. and Mrs. Newell S. Sly
     Louis Regina                       Deborah Schaefer                        The Smalley Family
     H. W. Reighley                     Sarah Schaefer                          Gary R. Smart
     Reliable Tool & Die, Inc           Philip and Wendy Schaefer               Frederick Smiga
     Susan and Don Relihan              Kenneth Schaible                        Joan and Joel Smilow
     Thomas and Jane Rembish            Albert and Marie Scharf                 Smilow Cancer Hospital Operating
     Paul Repasy                        Elizabeth and Adam Scheps                         Room Staff
     Dymari Reyes                       Dr. and Mrs. Christian Scheps           Brian F. Smith, CPA
     Sammy Reyes                        John Schiavone                          Jean Smith
     Frank and Susan Reynolds           Gabriella Schlesinger                   Joseph J. Smith
     Suzanne Riccio                     Mr. and Mrs. I.H. Schlesinger           Leatrice Smith
     Randolph Richardson, Sr.           Eugene and Rose Schmid                  Jeff Smith and Rhonda Tobin
     Barbara Richetelli                 The Schmidt Family                      Virginia Smith
     June Richmond                      Shirley Scholder                        William Smith
     Steven and Heather Rigatti         Agnes Scholl                            Richard Snyder
     Christopher M. Rigsby, MD          Gregg and Susan Scholler                Paul and Linda Sobolewski
     Heidi Rillstone                    Fred and Nancy Schpero                  Sylvia Socci
     Frank and Rocco Riti               Rosemarie Schroeder                     Peter Soldat
     Dr. and Mrs. John E. Rivera        David Schultz                           Andrzej and Donna Soliwoda
     Riverview Realty and Development   Charles Schulze                         Prescott Solomon
              Corporation               Helen and Malcolm Schwab                A. Tappen and Susan Soper
     Gary Robbins                       Arthur and Mae Schwalb                  Robert and Anne Soule
     David Robinson                     Jeremy and Hillary Schwalbe             Sound Foot Care Center of CT, Inc
     Henry O. Robinson, II              Nolan Schwartz                          Priscilla Spada
     Kenneth and Mary Roche             John S. Schwing                         Andrew and Lori Spadinger
     Tom Roche                          Mr. and Mrs. James H. Segaloff, Esq     Kathleen E. Spencer
     Elvin Rodriguez                    Julie Seipel                            Gerald and Sallie Spignesi
     James Rohan                        Edwin and Deborah Selden                Frank and Sarah Sprole
     John Rolli                         Anthony and Karen Sequino               Brandy Spruill
     Susan Ronai                        Laurel B. Shader, MD and Jon H.         Margaret Staack
     Herbert and Helen Rosenberg        Zonderman                               Dorothy Stahlschmidt
     Joseph and Esther Rosenman         Ronald and Dorie Shalagan               Maryann Stanisz and Karl B. Kibbe
     Michael Rosenthal, MD              Alexandra Shamyer                       Glenn and Arline Staub
     David Ross                         Joseph and Marjorie Shapiro             Steamatic of Connecticut, LLC
     Kathryn G. Ross                    Edward Shea                             Alan and Carol Stevens
     Edgar Rotger                       Shearon & Taylor Glover Foundation,     Jeffrey and Marian Stevens
     Mary Rowen                                  Inc                            Wynnett Stewart
     Angela Rowley                      Kirk H. Shelley, MD, PhD                Elaine Stibel
     James and Judith Royster           Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Shelling        Mrs. Albert Stickney
     Ted Rozenwald                      Mary Jo Shepard                         Stifel Nicolaus
     Jennifer Rubino                    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Sherman           Bertram Stiller
     Paul and I. Jeanne Russ            David and Elizabeth Sherman             Norma Stillman

14   Deceased †
Enid Stone                              Tyco Copy Center                         Whitney Center
Jack, Steve, Ginny & Howard Stone       Cheever Tyler                            Joanie Wieleba
Jeffrey M. Strauss                      Mr. and Mrs. James Tyler                 Linda Wiener
Jane and Robert Stricker                Tyler Heating, Air Condonditioning,      Bruce and Karen Williams
The Stuart Dean Co, Inc Corporate                Refrigeration LLC               The Williams Family - Randy, Caroline,
         Division                       Antoinette V.B. Tyndall                            LeeAnn, Elizabeth and Abigail
Virginia M. Stuermer, MD                George Uihlein                           Pietro Williams
Eleanor D. Suden                        Gael Ulisse                              Joyce Williams-Turner
Claudia Suech, RN                       Union Mutual of Vermont Companies        Peter and Louise Willig
Patricia Suggs                          United Steelworkers                      Renee Wilson
Emmett Sullivan                         Laura Urban                              Robert and Sharyn Wilson
Mark and Lori Sullivan                  Catherine Urbinati                       Dorothy and Chris Winkle
The Sullivan Family                     Anthony and Alice Vadala                 Ed and Kathleen Winslow
Timothy C. Sullivan                     Lorraine Valandra                        Marion Winter
Dr. and Mrs. Craig P. Summers           Adriana Valencia-Bedoya                  Dr. Irving J. Winters
Superior Remediation, Inc               David and Marcia Valente                 William and Judith Wishart
Richard Sutcliffe                       Elizabeth Valentino                      Wiz Leasing, Inc
Charles Beckman Swanson                 Doreen and John Vales                    Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wiznia
Jean Swint                              Valley United Way                        Kathy and Paul Womelsdorf
Mary Szondy                             Teresa Valliere                          William and Joan Woo
Sharon Szturma                          Ann Valus                                Andrew and Millany Wood
Douglas Tabor                           Mary Jane VanderWiede                    Richard Woolworth, Jr.
Bienvenido Tabuzo, Jr., RN              Gregory Vangor                           Vivian Wu
The Taft School                         Gian Varbaro                             Robert and Michele Wunsch
Tsuneo Tamagawa                         Angel Vazquez                            Gerald Wyckoff
Shirley and James Tamposi               Johanna Vazquez, RN                      Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital
Keith Tandler                           Barbara A. Veet, APN                     Yale-New Haven Hospital, Child Life
Chuck and Laura Taylor                  Department of Veterans Affairs                     Department
Teresa Taylor                           Charles and Marianne Veth                Yale-New Haven Hospital,
Wei Teng                                Karen Vetrano                                      Compensation and Benefits
Marvin and Diane Teplitzky              Tracey Vingiano                          Yale-New Haven Hospital, Hematology
Vijay M. Thadani, MD                    Visiting Nurse Association of South                and Chemistry Labs
Francis and Maureen Thomas                       Central Connecticut             Yale-New Haven Hospital, Surgical
Linda Thomas                            Mary Visnic                                        Oncology Staff
Jeff and Kathy Thomsen                  Meredith and Henry Von Kohorn            Yale-New Haven Hospital, Surgical
Christine Thomson                       Wachovia Foundation                                Pathology Lab
Joyce Tierney                           Mrs. Paul R. Walgren                     David and Kara Yass
Jeff and Dorotea Tindall                Nancy and John Walkley                   Ann and Art Yost
Vicky B. Tola, MD                       Alexine Wallace                          Deborah and Michael Zahornacky
Demetra Tolis                           Mary Augur Wallace                       Sandra and Joseph Zautra
Pasquale and Barbara Tomaso             Michael Wallace                          Matthew Zawalich
Eleanor Tomey                           Barry Wallach                            Andrew Zehner and Suzanne Whitty
Kristine Tomey                          John Ward                                Peggy and PJ Zeller
Edward J. Tomy                          Peter and Linda Ward                     Tara Zembrowski
Patricia Toohey                         Vera Wardlaw                             George W. Zepko
Totalcare Nursing Services              Cynthia S. Warshaw                       Donald F. Zezima
Dr. Nicholas and C. Patricia Totalo     Judith Watkins-Shapiro                   Jason Zigmont
Dr. Robert J. Touloukian and Reverend   Heather Watson                           Jean Zimkus
         Janice M. Touloukian           Ronald Watson                            Robert and Lynn Zimmer
Ronald Toyer                            Nancy Waubdy                             Dr. Marvin and Beverly Zimmerman
Perina Tranquillo and Family            Weichert Realtors, Regional Properties   Richard and Britt Zimmerman
Rita Trayner                            Ruth and Ulrich Weil                     Marilyn and Norman Zolot
Paul and Lee Tregurtha                  Richard† and Suzanne Weinstein           Dr. Howard and Linda Zonana
Kelly Tremaine                          Marjorie Weinstein-Kowal                 Karen and Jerry Zrenda
Tripletree, LLC                         Verne M. Weisberge, MD                   Charles Zwecker
Alex and Patricia Tripoli               Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Weitzer          Kevin Zwecker
Susan and Harold Trischman              Mr. and Mrs. G. Harold Welch, Jr.        Richard and Sheree Zwiebel
Dmitry Trudov                           Westport School Nurses & Health          Deborah B. Zyck
Trumbull High School, Class of 2012              Assistants                      Dr. Leo Zygelman
Arlene and Philip Turitz                Leah Whelan
Fred Turnbull                           Tyquanna Whitaker
Diane Young Turner                      Nieva White
Santo Tutino                            Tim and Pattie Whitlock

Deceased †                                                                                                                 15
     Gifts in Honor                                                                Alison Cubbellotti
                                                                                   Anonymous (2)
                                          Morgan Blume
     (Donor names appear after names      Suzanne, Frank, Evan and Sydney          Richard Acquista
     in bold)                                     Bergman                          Ali’s Angels
                                          Michelle, Scott and Phoebe Kastin        Portia and Jason Antonio
     Josef Adler
                                                                                   Jeffrey and Yolanda Belmont
     Leonard and Iris Seiden
                                                                                   Antonio and Maria Berardi
                                          Jeannette Bogdan
                                                                                   Deborah Bochniak
     Mary Ahlers                          Paul and Mary Nofsinger
                                                                                   Robert and Karen Boldrin
     F & V Services, Inc                                                           Casa Redimix Concrete Corporation
                                          Matthew Boulanger                        City Transit Mix, Inc
     Niki and Lindsay Albino              Lori B. Chuckta                          Corona Equipment Company, Inc
     Debbie Camputaro                                                              Stephanie Dorn
                                          Kerry Boyle                              GCM Steel Products, Inc
     Rosemarie Altieri                    Becton Dickinson and Company             Emma Genster
     John Altieri                         Ben Miller                               Kristine George
                                          Lance Peatling                           Robin and Michael Gottliebb
                                          Janine Spafford                          J.R.M. Construction Corporation
     Stephen Ariyan
                                                                                   JLJ IV Enterprises, Inc
     Bonnie Indeck
                                          Mary and Marcel Bratu, MD                Angelo and Sonja Letizia
                                          Valerian Hazan, MD                       David and Lisa Marks
     Susan and Carl Augusto                                                        Pramod and Pushpa Mistry
     Mr. and Mrs. K.S. Haesche                                                     New York Metro Peterbilt, Inc
                                          Tess Grayson Brensilver
                                          Fred and Suzanne Anton                   Nycon Supply Corporation
     Bernard Baer                                                                  Performing Arts Center of Connecticut
                                          Susan Denmark
     Phyllis and Manny Strumpf                                                     Power Concrete Co, Inc
                                          Joan Lapatine
                                          Marvin and Sheila Rosenberg              Walter and Louise Price
     Afsar Bahramian                      Jayne and Seymour Weiss                  Maureen Rohmer
     Shirin Karimi                                                                 Sharon Szturma
                                                                                   Nicole Tierney
                                          Kendra Brown                             Trumbull Community Women
     Amare J. Barboza                     Karen Murray
     ZBI Employee Allocated Gift Fund                                              Doreen and John Vales
                                                                                   Willets Point Asphalt Corporation
                                          Ketan Bulsara, MD                        Karen and Jerry Zrenda
     John Baser                           John and Barbara O’Connor
     Ruth Freedman
                                                                                   Elaine D’Andrea
                                          Sherrie Celone                           Paul and I. Jeanne Russ
     Dr. Margaret Bia                     St. Bridget Neighbor to Neighbor
     David A. Frank, MD, PhD                       Fund                            Jenna Ashlyn Davis
                                                                                   Robert and Christine Davis
     The Blackwell Family                 Lawrence S. Cohen, MD
     Wilcoxson School                     The Honorable Jose A. and Professor      Betsy Demir
                                                 Kate Stith Cabranes               Nancy and Myles Alderman
     Alyssa Blume                                                                  Patricia and William Bakke
     PFH Mortgage, LLC                    The Rebecca and Hillary Fund             Phoebe and Jim Boyer
                                          Cobb Family Foundation, Inc              Joan Butler
     Ashley Blume                         The Coleman Family Fund                  Patricia Cavanagh
     ANL Sports Center, Inc               Sherrerd Charitable Lead Annuity Trust   Judith and H. Chandler Clark
     Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Blume          United Way of New York City              Albert and Ann Erda
     Dr. and Mrs. Alan Feldman                                                     Mary and Norman Esborn
     Colin Foster and Andrea Ryan         Daniel Dodd Crews                        Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fearon
     Deanna and David Friedman            Terry and Regina Crews                   Terry and Tom Flagg
     Samantha Friedman                                                             Ann Marie Giordano
     Stephen Jaser and Sarah Jaser, PhD                                            Robert and Arden Gordon
                                          Gene Crutchfield
     Harry and Carolyn Katzman                                                     Krista Hart
                                          Katherine Bair
     Kauffman Associates                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert F. Hogan
                                          Leah Colihan and John Grillo
     Robert and Caren Kauffman                                                     Mandana Hopper
                                          Tracy and Gene Crutchfield
     Mercury Mortgage Services                                                     Frank and Joan Kenna
                                          Karin DeLauri
     Dr. Mark and Stacey Milner                                                    Mary Ann Lambert
                                          Susan and Richard MacKenzie
     Teplitzky & Company, PC                                                       John M. Leventhal, MD and Beverly J.
                                          Katherine Murphy
     Joshua and Linda Teplitzky                                                             Hodgson, Esq
                                          Nina and Richard Robillard
     Jeffrey and Robyn Teplitzky                                                   John and Gladys Lightfoot
     Peter and Tammy Winter

16   Deceased †
William and Julia Moore                 Betty Giovacchino†             Georgia Kubarych
Roy and Nancy Normen                    Jeffrey Giovacchino            Ida and John Kubarych
Melissa Rowe, LCSW
Elizabeth and Donald Stevens            Gilbert Glazer, MD.            Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Langner
Anita and Astrit Tena                   Jonathan M. Goldstein, MD      Mary Larsen
Dr. Robert J. Touloukian and Reverend
         Janice M. Touloukian
                                        Stuart D. Grodd                Marvin and Helaine Lender
Carla Tousey
                                        Judy and Austin Astrachan      Julia M. McNamara and Richard J.
                                        Gillie and Murray Lender                Lolatte
Michael Dennehy
Karen and Vincent Polito
                                        Zeke Halper                    Murray Lender
                                        Anonymous                      Judy and Alan Cooper
Matthew DiBuduo                                                        Ann Gelles
John DiBuduo                                                           Gloria Hoder
                                        Mia Haron
                                        Jonathan Weiner                Mr. and Mrs. James LeBlanc
Pamela DiMartino                                                       Audrey Levine
Teren D. Basel                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Levine
                                        Sabet W. Hashim, MD
                                                                       Alan and Hinda Massey, Donny and
                                        Joseph Dawkins
Richard Ehrenkranz, MD                                                         Shirley Halperin, Marvin and
                                        The Teplitzky Family
Dr. Pasquale J. Costa                                                          Bryna Gutkin, Jerry and Tina
                                                                               Gutkin, & Buddy and Helen
                                        Alexa Winslow Hassan                   Mellon
John A. Elefteriades, MD                Ed and Kathleen Winslow
Charles Sorensen
                                                                       Ben Fussiner and Sondra
                                        Dr. Peter Herbert
James Farrington                                                       Lender
                                        Ernest D. Moritz, MD
Arthur H. Knowlton, MD                                                 Jay and Sharon Alpert

                                        Dr. Raymond Ippolito
Lisa Fay, Esq                                                          Kyleigh Leos
                                        Marilyn Buel
Heidell Pittoni Murphy & Bach, LLP                                     Glenn and Shirley Ackley

                                        Dr. John Irving
John E. Fenn, MD                                                       Janet Leslie
                                        Donald and Ruth Priest
Henry O. Robinson, II                                                  Ghislaine Palumbo

                                        Lillian Carol Jessmer†
Paul Fink                                                              Donna P. Lin, Esq
                                        William Schlenk
Jay Pinchbeck                                                          Elsie T. Lin

                                        Dr. Lee Katz
The Fiorita Family                                                     Ann Loesch
                                        Lawrence and Anita Levine
Lorraine Valandra                                                      Laura Loesch

                                        Declan James Keenan
Dr. David S. Fischer                                                   Richard and Lucille LoRicco
                                        Noel Higgins
Murray Luftglass                                                       Richard and Geraldine Capobianco
Jean Cassels
                                        Quinn Kennedy
                                                                       Mark Loveland
                                        Kevin and Stacey Kennedy
Dr. Alan Friedman                                                      Gregg Loveland
Annette M. Zatkovich
                                        Dr. Walter Kernan
                                                                       Dr. Thomas Lynch
                                        Daphne Burnett
Christopher Fusco                                                      Bonnie Indeck
Ralph and Shirley Fusco                                                Kenneth and Kathleen Lundgren
                                        Edith Kieve                    Darlene and Remy Zimmermann
David and Michelle Fusco
Ralph and Shirley Fusco                                                Catherine Lyons and the Oncology
                                        The David Kirsch Family
                                                                       Nursing Community at the Smilow
                                        Anne Kirsch
Nadine Genesius                                                        Cancer Hospital
Hanna Krauland                                                         The CHE Group, Inc
                                        Patricia and Earl Korngiebel
                                        June Blossom and Bob Maccio
Patricia Gettner                                                       Maureen Major-Campos
Anonymous                                                              The Laura Hartenbaum Breast Cancer
                                        Maxine Krasnow
Jerry and Linda Diana                                                         Foundation, Inc
                                        Ann Alpert
Diane Garland

Deceased †                                                                                                    17
     John R. McArdle, MD                Anne Rubin                           Val Tuckell
     Lewis Lukens                       Anonymous                            Diane Drozd
                                        Judith and Mark Armstrong
     Dr. Patrick and Virginia McNulty   The Castro’s                         Dr. Isabelle Von Kohorn
     James and Elaine Crimmins          Carole and Harold Greenbaum          Meredith and Henry Von Kohorn
                                        Sheila Jelley
                                        Roberta, Kim and Marcy Levental
     Louise A. Mullen                                                        William Wadsworth
                                        Karin May
     Kathleen Mullen                                                         June Richmond
                                        Jeffrey and Robyn Teplitzky

     Grady Mumbak                                                            Eric Weyler
                                        Thomas J. Rutherford, MD
     Terry and Regina Crews                                                  Mark J. Schpero, DDS
                                        Janet and Ernest Milo

     Deepak Narayan, MD                                                      Dr. Richard and Sandy Whelan
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rutt
     Stella Nisson and Gerald Tarulli                                        Leah Whelan
                                        Ernie and Bobbie Bernstein

     Eileen and Michael Pedevillano                                          Dr. Frank Zolli
                                        Ronald R. Salem, MD
     Peggy and Paul Carvalho                                                 Patricia Meo
                                        Gerald Kuroghlian, PhD

     Jacques Pepin                                                           Cathy Clara M. Zwecker
                                        Meredith Santarcangelo
     Judith Fine                                                             Kevin Zwecker
                                        Susan and Robert Siverson

     Jared Pepper                                                            Meriden Lion’s Club
                                        Saviano, Ortner and Van der Wielen
     Congregation of Shalom                                                  Kenneth S. Post
                                        Florence Saviano
     Devyn Phelps                                                            Urbane. A Hair Salon - Laura Caputo
     Merle and Gloria Grant                                                  and Karen Stewart
                                        Tracey and David Scheer
                                                                             Gale and Michael Silverberg
                                        The Seedlings Foundation
     Betsy Platia
     Richard and Elaine Miller                                               Yale-New Haven Hospital, Cardiac
                                        Doug Scofield
                                        Donna Carlson                        Care Unit
     Deborah R. Postyn                                                       Frances Vadney
     The Postyn Family
                                        Stuart E. Seropian, MD
                                        Arthur Sekerak Charitable Trust      Yale-New Haven Hospital, Dept. of
     Ashley Przybylski
                                        Clayton Friedberg, CPA               Care Coordination
     Lori B. Chuckta
                                                                             Kathleen Tynan-McKiernan
                                        Anthony and Nicholas Serrano
     Justin Purviance
                                        Christen Roy                         Yale-New Haven Hospital, GYN
     Live Oaks Elementary School
                                                                             Oncology Treatment Center
                                        Gerri Lynn Spollet                   Cynthia and James Callery
     Dr. Asghar Rastegar
                                        Gerald Kuroghlian, PhD               Denise Sullivan
     David A. Frank, MD, PhD

                                        Richard S. Stahl, MD                 Yale New Haven Hospital, Radiology
     Ariana Reiter
                                        Lawrence and Anita Levine            Department/MRI
     Dr. Harvey and Deborah Bezahler
     Marvin and Diane Teplitzky                                              Dr. Kemp Massengill
                                        Deborah and Jim Thomas
                                        Betty Trachtenberg                   Yale-New Haven Hospital,Volunteer
     Emma Rhoads
     Suzanne Beitel                                                          Services/Patient Relations
                                        Dr. Val Thomas                       Diana and Bob Patruzo
                                        Robert Landwehr
     Steven Robifker
     Gary and Mary Lou Trudell
                                        Talana Thomas
     Hazell Robinson
                                        Pamela M. Thompson
                                        James Thompson
     Donna Rozanski
     Karen Kelly
                                        Carolyn Truini
                                        Bonnie Indeck

18   Deceased †
Gifts in Honor –                        Holiday Gift from The Hollander
                                                                                 Eunice and Tom Groark
                                                                                 Ronnie Hackett
Group Donation                          Joan and Frank Connor                    Sharon and Jim Hale
                                        Holiday Gift from The Hollander          Adele and Donald Hall
(Bold name indicates donor)
                                                  Foundation                     Myrna and Ed Harrison
Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth          Jose Luis Cortes                         Melody Harrison
Hollander                               Milena, Nestor, Alli, Kelley and Kimmy   Joan and Bob Haversat
Petti and Jack Abrams                             Cortes                         Maureen and Peter Herbert
Rex Adams                               Frank and Ginny Corvino                  Marty and Ham Herman
Ronald A. Adelman, MD, MPH              Dr. Joseph Craft                         Laura and Karl Hinrichs
Jennifer and Miles Alexander            Carol and Joseph Crespo                  Laura and Dan Hirleman
Shirley Alexander                       Marcial Cuevas                           Nancy and Walter Hoffmann
Diana and Steve Allegretto              Robert Culver                            Janet and Dick Hoyt
Drs. Robert J. Alpern and Patricia A.   Drs. Gracia Goade and Bruce              Elvira and Robert Hull
         Preisig                                  Cummings & Family              Mariya and Paul Hurwitz
Phyllis C. Andrews                      Joyce Curry                              Dr. Jack Irving
Sally and Michael Antonello             Kathy and Richard D’Aquila               Jana and Karel Janicek
Reverend Shirley Ada Aquart             Kay and Clyde Davis                      George and Diana Jepsen
Gabriel, Mary, Hannah and Chloe         Dr. Brian and Karen DeBroff              Thelma and Alvin Johnson
         Armstrong                      Maureen, Bruce, Andre and Ilya           Maxine Issacs & Jim and Alfred
Eleanor, Frank, Frankie, Martin and               DeNunzio                                 Johnson
         Theodore Ball                  Patty and Gary Deroy                     Maria Olivia and Jim Judelson
Kyle Ballou                             Dr. Phillip Dickey                       Manual Junca
Gini and Louis Bantle                   Georgia Dickinson                        Denise and Greg Kahofer
Vicky and Howard Barlow                 Anna and Paul DiVecchio                  Helga “Lilo” Karow
Barbara Franklin and Wallace Barnes     Mrs. Arlette Dolan                       Doug and Carol Kennedy & Family
Debbie, Marc and Noah Barnett           Chris and Edward Dowling                 Paulette and Dr. David Kessler
Mary, Rob, Madeline and Andrew Beck     Sue, Walter, Conor, Finn and Caroline    Carla Klein
Richard J. Bednar                                 Downey                         Jur Kolkmeijer & Family
Anne and Dick Bell                      Iris and Bill Drucker                    Linda and Bill Kosturko
Sidilene and Dieter Bengel              Mrs. Peggy Eberson                       Jane and Tom Kowalski
Mary Bevan                              Christie and Raymond Eccles              Eileen Kraus
Jessica Blanch                          Ruth and Rick Edelson                    Judy and John Lahey
Pauline Blanch                          Anneliese Ernst                          Tara and Mike LaLonde
Michael Boccardi                        Frank Estes                              Dorothy Lansdale
Margaret Boehmer and Family             Connie Evans and Vladimir Shpitalnik     Dolores Lapinski
Marna and Eric Borgstrom                June Fahey                               Roxanne and Bob Lawless
Nancy and Jim Brock                     Mary and Derek Farmer & Family           Kate Lederer and Chris Aull
Jennifer and Graham Bromilow &          Beverly Faucher                          Marie Perkins Lederer
         Family                         Marie Felton                             Steve Lerangis
Bishop Ted and Janice Brooks            Oradee and Fred Fichtel                  Jane and Rick Levin
Harriet, Joe, Michael and Katherine     Drs. Rosemarie and John Fisher           Dr. Arthur L. Levy
         Bucher                         Marie and Dan Fitzmaurice                Senator Joseph and Hadassah
Gloria and Bob Burnett                  Holiday Gift from The Hollander                    Lieberman
Jody and Jonathan Bush                            Foundation                     Suzanne, Michael and Allie Locking
Danielle, Tom, T.J. and Shane Cahill    Jane and John Flannery                   Lori Lolli and Family
Nikki and Morgan Campbell               Michael Flynn                            Linda Koch Lorimer
Gayle Capozzalo                         Sharon Folk                              Holiday Gift from The Hollander
John Cappelletti                        The Fornaciari Family                    Foundation
Dee and Joseph Carbone                  Geraldine Foster                                   Ginny and Jerry Lowney
Al Carozza                              Ida and Jerry Franklin                   Diane, Mike, Jennifer and Michael
Kathy Carper & Jill and Ben Kreger      Susanne and Joseph Fuller, Jr.                     Macchiarelli
Judith Sykes Castillo and Family        Zdenka Fuller                            Patricia Maddern
Myrna Ceccorulli                        Ann and Bill George                      Beth, Matthew and Sarah Maddox
Carol Chamberlain                       John Georgeopolous                       Lillian, Fred, Aika and Luke Mallya
Lynn Chamberlain                        Marit and Rene Gervais                   Kitty and Bill Mandi
John Chen                               Eileen and Sal Gonza                     Dr. Peter Marks
Mrs. Li Hwa Cheng                       Deanna, Jason, Logan and Wyatt           Bernie and Seane Marren & Family
Charles Chiusano                                  Grabelle                       Anne, John, Michelle, Suzanne, Laura
Rocky Cingari and Marti Bruno           Holiday Gift from The Hollander                    and J.D. Marsalisi
Dorothy Coffey                                    Foundation                     N. Masugata
Sharon Nally and William Colella        Jean and Rolf Granskog                   Elizabeth Mathieu
Laura and Gary Collins                  Dody Green                               Theresa and John McCabe

Deceased †                                                                                                              19
     Holiday Gift from The Hollander        Joan Sanborn                              Corinne and Earl Wunderli
              Foundation                    Betty and John Sanderson                  Christine, Jed, Jordan and Jantzen
     F. Patrick McFadden, Jr.               Arlene and Augie Sanz                              Wunderli
     Sharon McGinn                          Carla, Augie, Alanna, Austin and Sophia   Valerie and Henry Yaggi, III
     Maggie McKnight                                 Sanz                             Margery and Alex Yarmosh
     Julia McNamara and Dick Lolatte        Martha Schall                             John Yarmosh
     Holiday Gift from The Hollander        Gloria Schoolfield                        Margaret Youdin and Family
              Foundation                    Jennifer and Michael Seeley               Sue and Joe Zaccagnino
     Reverend Timothy A. Meehan             Eileen and Bob Serow                      Sandy and Joseph Zautra
     The Mehta Family                       Barbara A. Shailor
     Ambassador and Mrs. Thomas P.          Millie and Martin Shapiro
              Melady                        Jane and Don Sharpe
     Patty, Kean, Samantha and Hunter
                                            Congressman Christopher and Betsi
                                                                                      Gifts in Memory
     Holiday Recognition                    Tim Shearin and Ellen Aho & Luke,         (Donor name appears after names
     Beatrice Mitchell                               Jane, and Dale Shearin           in bold)
     Sally Moltzen                          Holiday Recognition                       Reuben Abraham
     Jane Monteith                          Dr. Bruce and Sharon Shields              Donald and Eileen Fels
     Lisa Moody                             Peg and Andy Sigler                       Charles and Joyce Lubochinski
     Susan and George Morris                Merlyn Simpson
     Joseph Mullinix                        Curtiss B. Smith                          Penelope Adams
     Marjan Murray                          Jeffrey Snyder                            Penelope Glassmeyer
     Drs. Sheila and Vasant Nadkarni        Ginny and Patsy Sorrentino
     Yvonne, Maria and Gennaro Napolitano   Drs. Dennis and Susan Spencer
     Kathrine Neville                       Susan and Tom St. Onge                    Jonathan Christopher Aiello
     Diep, Hue and Lee Nguyen               Holiday Gift from The Hollander           Jean and Allan Tomasco
     Nancy and Ray Noble                             Foundation
     Shohei Noritake                        Doris and Siegrfied Stahl                 Ettero Aiudi, Jr.
     Margaret and Rick Norman               Mrs. Alba Stamm                           Peter and Jacqueline Cimini
     Ann and Jim O’Hagan                    Joanne and Jim Staten                     Michael and Lisa Civitillo
     Tadahiro Okano                         Ian Stewart                               Don and Jean Debartolo
     Yukiko Okano                           Janet, Jeffrey, Michael, Lisa and         Discenza Construction Inc
     Barrington Parker                               Deborah Stewart                  Jamie and Thomas Emmanuel
     Carolyn Parmer                         Kate Stoddard                             Carey and Cheryl Griffin
     Clarice and Jim Parry                  Monica Stone                              Sean and Sonya Griffin
     Chris Pates                            Peter Sullivan and Margorie Salem         H. D. Segur Insurance
     Peyton Patterson                       Pat and Sted Sweet                        John and Martha Konefal
     Dolores and Bernard Pellegrino         Holiday Gift from The Hollander           Lucy LaCava and Connie Ranaudo
     Karen and Vin Petrini                           Foundation                       Shirley LaCava
     Dorean and Francis Piatek              Kathy and Dominic Szwankowski             Joan and Luke Lukowsky
     Sally and Lloyd Pierce                 Catherine and Vincent Tammaro             Lawrence Pace
     Mike and Jorgann Plale                 Carol and Emil Tarbrake                   Bill and Julie Peace
     Joyce and Leonard Pollack              Genevieve Thalberg                        Sargis Associates, Inc
     Alice Poole                            Deborah and Jim Thomas                    William Tackach and Noreen Glaski
     Sarah Preston and Family               Carolyn Tompkins                          MaryAnn Terzak
     Barry Raskin                           Sue and Charles Torre
     Lisa, Matthew, Merrell and Jack        Pat and Bob Trevisani                     Ruth Allen
              Readman                       Elinor Turner                             Bernard “Barney” Allen
     Governor Jodi and Lou Rell             Mrs. Jane Tymon and Family
     Russell S. Reynolds, Jr.               Marilyn and Lou Ulizio                    Michael Francis Alongi
     Scott and Summer Ribisl                Lisa and Gus VanDerMaelen                 Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale R. DeLucia
     Midge Ristau                           Eileen and George Vermilyea
     Flori and Craig Roberts                Maria Vesce
                                                                                      Florence Amodio
     Trudy and Bob Rosensweig               Mark Vitelli
                                                                                      Angelina Cotrone
     Joan and Frederick Ross                June, Conroy and C.J. Walker
                                                                                      Vincent and Phyllis Martino
     June and Ralph Rossi                   Hazel Wallace
                                                                                      Lucy Rachinsky
     Carolyn and Norman Roth                Kevin Walsh
                                                                                      James and Judith Royster
     Eileen Rowan                           Carol, John, Lindsay and Ashley Walter
                                                                                      Bette Sargeant
     Marlene Saar                           William Waseleski
                                                                                      Diane and Ted Sierpina
     Patti and Wayne Saar & Family          Robert M. Weiss, MD
                                                                                      Carl and Debra Stella
     Susan, Steve, Steven and Sara          Mary Lou and Edward Winnick
                                                                                      David and Marcia Valente
              Sabanski                      Margo and Nat Woodson
                                                                                      Frank and Nancy Valente
     President and Mrs. Neil Salonen        Anne and Bret Wunderli

20   Deceased †
Manuel “Manny” Andrade                  Christine Lamb                         Dr. Diana Beardsley
Sandra and Joseph Zautra                Susan Legeyt                           Yoav Haron
                                        Constance and John Lyons
Rita Andrzejczyk                        Ann and Art Yost                       Patrick E. Beirne
Linda Greenough                                                                Eileen Mulvey
                                        Annette Babin
Robert Antonetti                        Rob and Juliana Bloom, Ronnie and      Joseph A. Bernardi
Anna Ferrante                                    Jake Fisher, Sean and Julie   Dan and Joan Fine
Gary and Joyce Kelman                            MacEvoy, & Melisa Moore and
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Montesi, Sr               Charlie Helfinstine
                                                                               Adeline Berzinskis
Enzo and Irene Montesi                  David and Barbara Bowen
                                                                               Anthony and Jan Coppola
Joseph and Annette Sullivan             Kara Camera
Jen and Josh Weissman                   A. Patricia Clifford
                                        Nathan and Joan Cohn                   Irene Bickford
                                        Connecticut Resource Group, LLC        Karen and Henry Bergeron
The Antonio and Poppa Family                                                   Marion Eisnor
                                        Jill Eckerly, MD
Mary Anne Poppa                                                                Phyllis Eliot
                                        Robert and Marilou Elles
                                        Engineered Production Components,      Susan Lanfare
Kristin Nicole Appelberg                LLC                                    Lucile D. and S. A. Levchuk
Anonymous                               Ann Harriman                           Cynthia Peterson
Rosanne Badowski                        Russell and Rosann Heigel              Richard and Patricia Prout
Stephen, Alice, Bryanne and Dean Baye   Mark and Patricia Jooss                The Pawson Group
Helen Boggs                             John and Jean Kellogg                  Sandra Woodhouse
Rachel Carron                           Christine Lamb
Susan and David Colon                   Susan Legeyt                           Jonas Blackwell
David and Mary Lou Czaplicki            Constance and John Lyons               Chapel Street School Sunshine Club
Daniels Farm School PTA                 Ann and Art Yost
John Evans
                                                                               Elenita (Ellen) Bonoan
Dr. Kenneth and Ilene Feuerberg
                                        Stanley W. Bakoledis                   Nate and Adele Alelis
Douglas A. George
                                        Jim and Pauline Hogan                  Dr. Clarence Amayun
Hillcrest Middle School
                                                                               Marcia Andres
Hillcrest Middle School - Grade 8
                                        Robin Baldini                          Teresa Ardito
                                        Joyce Van Winkle                       Bernardo and Josie Azurin
Indestructible Paint, Inc
                                                                               The Bitonio Family
 The Lipsett Family
                                                                               Kinya Bonoan
Nancy Milewski                          Charles Balian
                                                                               Renato, Elaine and Amelia Bonoan
Pediatric Healthcare Associates         Faye Price
                                                                               Janet Brown
Davida and Steven Pepe
                                                                               Lolita Calubiran
Tracey and Guido Picarazzi              Herbert Ballou                         Rosita Chi
Louis Regina                            Debbie and Woody Woodworth             Josefino and Narcelia Corrales
Gerald Wyckoff
                                                                               Janice Decho, PA
                                        Willie Lee Barber, Jr.                 Cheryl Dematteis
Joy Apuzzo                              Naomi and Willie Barber                The DiMatteo Family
Ben Minichino                           Shirley and Norman Garrett             Leda Edralin and Family
                                        Alberta and Edward Mikel               Jovita and Ruben Fernandez
Kathleen Lyons Ayr                      Dora Lee Parham                        Cecile and Renato Flojo
Rob and Juliana Bloom, Ronnie and                                              Elaine and Robert Florio
         Jake Fisher, Sean and Julie    Arthur T. Barbieri, Jr.                Paula Jurewicz
         MacEvoy, & Melisa Moore and    Ed-Mor Electric Company, Inc           Angela and Rico Manalang
         Charlie Helfinstine            Ginger McHugh                          Carol Mazza
David and Barbara Bowen                 James and Joyce Witt                   Jean McAlpine
Kara Camera                                                                    Loretta Merlone
A. Patricia Clifford                                                           Jennifer Sangiovanni
                                        Frances Barofsky
Nathan and Joan Cohn                                                           Florie and Ben Santos
                                        Dick and Bob Capobianco & Ann Viti
Connecticut Resource Group, LLC                                                Donna Jo Summers
Jill Eckerly, MD                                                               Yale-New Haven Hospital, Medical
Robert and Marilou Elles                Sharon Llodra Barrows                           Intensive Care Unit Staff
Engineered Production Components,       Duso Chemical Company, Inc
LLC                                     E. Brent Wells
                                                                               Kenneth Bookspan
Ann Harriman                                                                   Rochelle and Charles Greenberg
Russell and Rosann Heigel               Stanley J. Bart
Mark and Patricia Jooss                 Holly Geffert
John and Jean Kellogg                   Newman’s Own Foundation, Inc

Deceased †                                                                                                          21
     Doshia Bowling                        Yale-New Haven Hospital, Surgical      Joan Vaughan Chappell
     Alice and Anthony Uzzle                      Oncology Staff                  Debnam Chappell

     Phyllis J. Bradley                    Benjamin N. Carr, Sr.                  Megan Elizabeth Cichowski
     Sandra and Lawrence Blum              Robert Balkow                          The Cichowski Family
     Patricia Cilbrith                     Molly Carr                             Tracy and Frank Kruger
     Ken and Tricia Janik                  Richard and Lorraine DeNicola          Live Oaks Elementary School
     Robert and Aiping Lepper              Thomas and Lorraine Murphy             Milford Board of Education
     Nancy Naramore                        David Schultz                          Orchard Hills School
     Holly Sulzycki                        Nellie Shepard                         People’s United Bank
     Roberta and William Tuttle            Candace Van Tassell
     Bruce and Karen Williams                                                     John Robert Clark
                                           Joseph Carregal                        Donald and Anne Kao Andrews
     Benjamin Bragg, Sr.                   Ann Alford                             Cheryl Bournique
     Chop-Shop Customs                     Frontage Partners, LLC                 Fairview Friends
                                           Information Builders, Inc              Donna Harkins
     Elaine Breslof                                                               Madison Avenue Hair & Skin Salon
     Blood Bank Staff                      Louis Ceccorulli                       Merchant’s Association of Florida, Inc
                                           Joel Askinazi                          Human Resources at People’s United
                                           Thomas and Diane Calello, Jr.                  Bank.
     Jacob S. Brinen
                                           Irma Ceccorulli                        Yale-New Haven Hospital, Information
     Harriet Brinen
                                           Mark and Francesca Ceccorulli                  Systems and Technology Co-
                                           Employees Activities Association               Workers & Friends
     Dr. Malcolm Brochin
                                           Bill and Lisa Fox
     Carole and Harold Greenbaum
                                           Lori Gaudreault                        Dr. Louis H. Cole
     Gillie and Murray Lender
                                           Sharon and Frank Nagy                  Marjory Cole
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perusi
     Bill Bromage                          Gina Poole                             Juan Rafael Colon
     Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Lilley           Frank and Susan Reynolds               Yale-New Haven Hospital,
     Webster Bank                          Vincenzo and Maria Testa                      Compensation and Benefits
                                           Peggy and PJ Zeller                           Staff
     Benjamin Oliver Bulkley
     Mark and Valerie Dubnoff              Florence Cervone                       George Cook
                                           Theresa Dobi                           Thomas and Deborah Hustek
     Marie Burns
     Regina Dituri                         Lorraine Cetran                        Annabel Miller Cooley
                                           Apex Pharmacy & Home Care Center,      Barkley Absher
     Dr. C. Elton Cahow                             LLC                           Bert and Cary Andren
     Carmela and Jerome Infantino          Tammy Austin                           Frances Antolino
                                           Teresa Bartley                         Jason and Maren Askins
     Charan Canth                          Ray and Pat Beimler                    Peter, Benjamin and Skylar Aysseh
     Crown Carting Company - Paul , Ann,   Terry Gill                             Karen and James Bassarear
     Kristopher and Anna                   Robert and Carole Jeffries             Bonnie Boynton
     Warren and Betty Schatzlein           Irving and Kathleen Mitchell           Evelyn and Jack Brady
                                           Kevin O’Brien                          Susan Brett
                                           Arlene F. O’Tell                       Peggy and Steve Brotherton
     Patricia Carboni                      Rae Ann Palmer
     Roseann Russo                                                                Dolores Chapman
                                           Janis Panagrossi                       Gregg Chiota
                                           Barbara Rausch                         Andrew and Amanda Cooley
     John L. Cardini, Sr.                  Smilow Cancer Hospital Operating       Virginia Cissy Covnet
     Gerald Cardini                                 Room Staff                    Sandra Cude
                                           Megan, Derek, Debbie and Barry Smith   David Cummings
     Thomas I. Carey                       Bonnie Therrien                        Rita and William Curtis
     Cindy DeCarlo                         Mary Thibeault                         Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Denny
                                           Robert and Joselyn Valente             Anne DePledge
     Esther M. Carocari                    Stephen and Dorothy Villano            E. Roberta Drobis
     Robert J. Carocari                    Richard and Margaret Walsh             Debbie Dugger
                                                                                  Ida Early
     Angela Carofano                       Barbara Chambers                       Jill and David Ebaugh
     Marguerite and Robert Amendola        M. Laura Macaluso                      Mary Anne Filiberto
                                                                                  Pamela Fletcher
                                                                                  Virginia Forbes

22   Deceased †
Kathleen and Alfred Garofolo            Joseph M. Corey, MD                        Eleanor Tomey
Doug and Katie Goodman                  Shirley M. Allgood                         Kristine Tomey
Jeffrey and Sandra Gray                 Matthew and Nancy Annitto                  Edward J. Tomy
Gyro:HSR                                Dink, Mary, Teri and Julie Brown &         Beatrix Wagner
Jeffrey and Lori Hahn                            John, Martha, Jack and Jess       Westport School Nurses & Health
Paul and Darlene Harper                          Bilski                                     Assistants
David and Marianne Harrison             John and Phyllis Carroll                   Jack and Chris Wilson
Martha B. Healey                        Joan Cronin
Janet Herald                            Franklin Z. Davidson, MD                   Anthony M. Corrado
Rainey and Chad Hicks                   Della Femina, Rothschild, Jeary and        Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Blakeslee
Matthew Igoe                            Partners
Image Excellence, Inc                   Mary DeMarzo
                                                                                   Lorraine Corsano
Rita Jernigan                           Alice Devine
                                                                                   John Corsano
Joel and Louise Johnson                 Steve Farrell
Jackie and William Joyner               The Flatley Family - Jim, Pam, Riley,
Mary-Jo Keane                                    and Robin                         John Edward Craw
Mary Lenzen                             John and Kevyn Gardella                    Margaret and Elmer Craw
Miranda Y. and David J. Lind            William and Mary Jane Gardella
Natalie Lynn                            Norma Gardella                             Annette Cutler
Val and Donna Malzewski                 Ron and Jo Gilley, Chris and Julie         Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale R. DeLucia
David and Carol Martin                           McMahon, Terry and Jan
Ginger Maynard                                   Mostrom, George and Sarah         Betsy Ellen Czombos
James and Lisa Mezoff                            Valiath & Brade and Mary Ann      Joram Hirsch, Esq
James A. and Joyce Miller                        Whitmore
David and Judith Nessel                 Monica Gribaudo                            Joseph Dadio
Charlie and Melissa Nickels             Robert and Honore Hager                    Elizabeth and Joseph Agosta
Christopher Oster                       Ray and Joan Hanrahan                      The Fitzgeralds - Bobby and Terry,
Joan and Rush Oster                     Aline and Paul Houston                              Colleen and James
H. Gary and Winnie P. Pannell           Philip and Mary Kenter                     Lanell and Michael Jones
Julie Paris                             Donna and Michael Kirwan                   Frank and Rocco Riti
David and Laura Pocock                  James and Patricia Lamb
Brian and Deborah Povinelli             Norman and Judy Lay
Larry and Jackie Puz                    Stewart Leonard, Sr.                       Michael Davitt
Camilla Quinn                           Bruce and Carol Mac Callum                 Pat, Sean and Patrick Davitt
Sara Beth and David Quinn               Suzanne Maryeski
RAPP                                    John and Marie McBennett & Family          Kaye and Duke DeCarlo
Mary Rauh                               Dr. John R. and Ellen McNamara             Cindy DeCarlo
Les and Susan Ravitz                    Robert and Marie Mendence
Kathleen and James Reeves               Robert Mendence                            Henry C. Deens, III
Rutherford Women’s League               Georgiann Morgan                           Charlotte and Joseph Forst
Judith Shortino                         Philip Murphy
Marg Skretny                            David Nelson                               Lauren Marie Delepine
Stephanie Smartt                        The Parker Family - Jeff, Heidi, Jen and   The Delepine Family - Mike, Sue, Peter
Krisie and Bryan Smith                           Bobby                                     and Emily
Richard and Faye Sneeder                Jonathan and Guila Parker
Marsha Sparks                           Catherine Peters
                                                                                   Lynne DelGrande
Ruth and Jeffrey Springer               Patricia Pidgeon
                                                                                   Sue Eisaguirre
Ellie Susmeyer                          Ernest and Helen Rezzonico
Jane Sykes                              Roberta K. Tager Revocable Trust
Tanner Companies, LLC                   Dr. and Mrs. Terry D. Ryan                 Frances Della Rocca
The Thursday Book Group of the Junior   John Sacco, MD                             Nancy Abbate
         League of Eastern Fairfield    Lynn Sakuma                                The Baylor Family - James, Carrie,
         County                         Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Salvato                       Robert, Lisa, Gary and Donna
Trinity Episcopal Church, Southport     Leonor Salvin                              Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DellaRocca &
Angie Valentino and Family              Kimberly and Steven Santora                        Sons
Barbara Viner                           The Schmidt Family                         David and Angela Watrous
Virgin Atlantic Airways                 Shorehaven Golf Club
Nancy and John Walkley                  Clarence and Maria Sikes                   Jeannette Desrochers
Barbara Washeim                         Mr. and Mrs. Alan Staack                   Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander
Karen, Bill and Emma Winget             The Sullivan Family
Nancy Woodman                           Betty Tarnoff                              Natale DiMeo
                                        Kent and Debbie Thomas                     Carlo and Maria DiMeo
                                        David Tisdale and Elliott Zivin

Deceased †                                                                                                                    23
     George N. Donaldson, Sr.                   Ivar Erickson                          Raymond and Sophia Thomas
     Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander   Vincent Cassano                        Robert and Michele Wunsch
                                                Willam Creagan
     Cecelia Dorosh                             Tom and Gerry Creamer                  Stan Fivekiller
     Celeste and Salvatore Aconfora             FedEx                                  Edwin Fivekiller
     Kim and Chelsea Capobianco & Andrea        Donna Marino                           Sharon, Jim and Jennifer Miller
              Hyde                              Jeannette and Maurice Martel
     Allen and Sharon Coppolo                   Fred and Joan Melillo
                                                                                       Pell W. Foster IV
     Derby Police Union Show                    Eleanor and Leonard Merola
                                                                                       John and Kristin Foster
     Aldo M. Dorosh and Gregory M. Dorosh       Lucia Pannella
                                                                                       Sally M. Foster
     “Aunt Bibby” Evelyn Dorosh                 Cheryl and David Serfilippi
     George and Judith Dunne                    West Haven Italian American Club
                                                         - Bocca League, Dart League   Susan Clark Foster
     Sophie Martin and Elinore Stockmal
                                                         and Horseshoe League.         John and Kristin Foster
     Theresa Mongillo
                                                Yale-New Haven Hospital, Surgical      Sally M. Foster
     Joseph Moore
     Pamela and Mark Neuendorf                           Pathology Lab Staff
     Patricia Rice                                                                     Rita Fox
     Kathleen M. Ring and Andrew R.             Carina Sofia Fanelli                   Joe and Deanna Carbone
              Chernok                           Anonymous
     The Rivers Family and Jeanne                                                      Saul A. Frankel, MD
              Bucchino                          Peter F. Farasciano                    Dr. and Mrs. John E. Fenn
     James and Kim Saldamarco                   Bonita Garone
     John Strom                                 Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Staff      Avery Coyle Franks
                                                         and Board of Trustees         Jan and Matt Coyle
     Helen E. Downing
     Yale-New Haven Hospital,Volunteer          Christina Farricielli-Schaap           Joseph Fuller, Sr.
            Services/Patient Relations          Angeline Cama                          Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander

     Oscar S. Draper                            John Fattibene, Jr.                    Bob Gaffney
     Mabel Draper                               Pearl Fattibene                        Tauck World of Giving

     Steven Drozd                               Patricia Fekete                        William Gambino
     Robert Arserio                             Diana, Michael, Linda, Dana and Aunt   Florence Gambino
     Roberta Dinicola                                    Betty Bechard
     Knights of Columbus, St. Joan of Arc       Amy Drega                              Theodore F. Gawlicki
              10477                             Jessie Ford                            Theodore and Mary Gawlicki
     Liturgical Publications, Friends and
                                                Anthony Fermo                          Ted Gerber
     Donald and Grace Noto
                                                Anonymous                              Eileen Boreth
     Annette and Ron Rogers
     Ralph and Anne Stanford
                                                Angela Perine Ferreira                 Mildred “Dolly” Gill
                                                Thomas and Susanne Porch               Edmund J. Balint
     Ron Durand
     John Sanchis                                                                      Charlotte Blake
                                                Janice Ferreira                        Marilou and Rosemary Cariglio
                                                Jennifer Abdelnour                     Lois Casey
     Rosalina Durante                                                                  Jane H. Denison
     Brienna Mut and Angelo Durante                                                    Kathleen A. DeSantis
                                                Pierina Ferrucci
                                                Robert Becker, Jr.                     Patricia and Larry Green
     Robert Joseph Dzurka                                                              Pamela and Paul Manville
                                                Connex Credit Union
     Hill and Plain Elementary School,                                                 Barbara L. McCormack
                                                Elizabeth Cooney
              Sunshine Fund                                                            Robert and Anne Soule
                                                Gloria and Anthony Giano
                                                Andrea and Richard Kaman               Donna Walton
     John T. Early                              Lynn D. and Edward C. Knapp            Robert J. Wilke
     Barbara and John Coppola                   Frank and Lillian Nofsinger
                                                Evelyn and Donald North                Charles E.L. Gingell
     Gregg K.O. Edelmann                        Carl and Heather Pearson               Francette Gingell
     Edward and Libera Vizoskie                 Yolanda and Santino Perri
                                                Rose Marie and Robert Petronzi         Betty Ann Giovacchino
     Sarah Rose Englander                       Steven and Heather Rigatti             Jo-Ann Cecarelli
     Ted Rozenwald                              Beverly Rivest                         Loretta and Joseph Dempsey
                                                Robyn Sommer                           Carol Edwards

24   Deceased †
Corrine Gilbert                          Conrad Guenzel                           Walter and Sheila DelMonte
Jeffrey Giovacchino                      Tamara Brown                             Robert and Alexis Hickerson
Rosemary and Paul Giovacchino            Mr. and Mrs. Scott Homschek              Thomas and Kathryn Hinckley
Kenneth and Lorraine Hardy               Reitman Personnel Services, Inc          Phyllis and Wayne Johnson
Thomas and Joanne Howe                   Lee and Robin Sloan                      Roger and Rae Lambert
Tonya and Michael Kellogg                Carol Spagnolo                           Nancy and Evelyn Lee
Richard and Lisa Langlais                                                         Friends of Eileen Lombardi
Louis and Katherine Mazzucco             Brian Gustaitis                          Kathleen and Harry Lunemann, Bill
Grace and William Mower                  Armand and Shirley Alvandian                      and Barbara Lezette, Vera and
Ron and Fran Piotrowski                  Frank and Martha Autuore                          Jude Gillesque, Mildred and
Cynthia Prajer                           Debbie and Lanny Boles                            Anthony LaBate & John and
The Stafford Family and Elder Families   Jim and Marcia Carruthers, Jess                   Rose Jorgenson
Helen and William Violano                         Monson, Jerri and Walter        Marilyn Martin
Webster Investment Services, Inc                  Dittmann & Susan and Dove       Edwin and Hilda Mursko
                                                  Slojkowski                      Dolores and William Nofsker
Juanita Gomez de Artigas                 Driftwood Communities Association, Inc   Georgene and John Pekala
Miriam Batista                           Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Eades                 Beverly Teitel
                                         Elliott Merrill Community Management     David and Kare Teitel
                                         Karen Frey                               Jeff and Glenda Teitel
Mary Goncalves
                                         Margaret Greenman                        Barbara Walton and Ann Marra
Erika and Bob Ceccarelli
John and Carolyn Eltzholtz               Patricia Gustaitis
Mark and Lara Pires                      Hill and Valley, Inc                     Harold Hammie
                                         Bruce Hunt                               Daisy Badger
                                         Mr. and Mrs. David C. Jack
Louis Goodwin
                                         Helen and Joseph Kotulich                Myron P. Hardy
Paul Goodwin
                                         Robert Kraft                             Vernon and Barbara Bartosik
                                         The Mangler Family                       Elaine and Jonathan Bowman
Evelyn E. Gordon                         Charles and Mildred Mealey               Nancy and Roger Cunningham
Dr. Martin E. Gordon                     Bruce and Gayle Neff                     Theresa Dobi
                                         John and Susan Petrizzo                  Marilyn Etter
Rose A. Gorman                           Pomperaug Social Club                    Helen Flonc
Rosemary and Thomas Lague                Scott and Deborah Rhoades                Vincent and Jean Martire
                                         Richard and Carol Samuelson              Alfred and Alicia Millington
Leslie K. Grimaldi                       Judith and Andrew Sheehan                MaryJane Millington
Robyn and Dan Alsop                      Lloyd and Evelyn Sullivan                Helen Jane Rogalewski
Jed Best                                 Rita Toronto                             Ann Rogers
Theresa and David Champagne              Andy and Marna Wenturine                 Zimmer & Zimmer, PC
Don and Robin Corrington                                                          Anne Zimmer
Donald and Gloria DesPierre              Joseph P. Guthrie
Paige and Bruce Falasco                  Susanne and Joe Bowery                   Judith R. Hatch
Katie and Brian Fischer                  Elizabeth Cooney                         R. Randolph Hatch
Timothy and Mary Green                   Suzanne Cooney
Verna Jefferson and Friends              Philip and Barbara Costello
                                                                                  Peter Hayes
Kenneth and Nancy Miessau                Mary P. Donohue
                                                                                  Simsbury Fighting Cows
Dave and Beth Moffat                     Malcolm and Amy Friedman
Janet Moffat                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Z. Fusaro
John and Elisabeth Morgan                Anne Kelley                              Sutton Joy Hazzard
Margaret Nourse                          Joseph and Tricia Lee                    Ruth and Glen Austin
Mary and Joseph Pacella                  Molly Meyer                              Paul and Christine Babon
E. Anthony Petrelli, MD                  Maureen and Lawrence Roberts             Brewster Fire Department
Richard and Marion Petrelli                                                       Clark Funeral Home, Inc
Jane Skolnick and Bob Moore                                                       Gerrie and Bruce Colombraro
                                         Joan A. Gutmann
Florence and John Tees                                                            Robert and Rosemary Decatur
                                         George F. Gutmann
Charles and Marianne Veth                                                         Annmarie Durkin
                                                                                  Dutchess Putnam Ulster Funeral
                                         Jessica Lynn Halliday                             Directors Association
Dr. Richard D. Grossman                  Eileen and Don Halliday                  Kenneth and Dorothy Eastwood
Roberta Grossman
                                                                                  Anne M. Fox
                                         Lillian Halovatch                        Anita Torsone Freer
Ba Gucwa                                 Dennis and Anne Badger                   The Genovese Family
Gary and Marlene Rappaport               John and Kathleen Bilicki                Karen and Kenneth Giek
                                         Elizabeth Brandt                         Patricia and Robert Hall
                                         Edward and Ellen Del Vecchio             Edwin and Joan Hazzard

Deceased †                                                                                                                 25
     Heather and Geoffrey Hazzard               Caroline Horne                           Thomas E. Karpicky
     Lorraine and Edwin Hazzard                 Anonymous                                Kathleen Atkinson
     Horn & Thomes, Inc                         Cynthia and James Callery
     Stuart and Amy Horvitz                                                              Patricia C. Keavney
     Tom and Ronnie Howley                      Tom Husband                              Patricia M. Keavney
     Thomas and Shirley Hutter                  Philip and Judith Catalano
     Wongee Joh and Ben Kim
                                                                                         Kenneth M. Keller
     Matthew and Denise Kelly
                                                Richard J. Hyman                         Saint Vincent’s Medical Center
     Martin and Carol Kessman
                                                Dr. and Mrs. John E. Fenn
     Joan Larkin
     Robin and Roderick Macrae                                                           Gilbert Kenna
     Ellie McCaughey                            Stanley W. Jackson                       Ward Doonan
     The McHoul and Cassidy Families            Richard and Elinor Katz                  Alexander B. Kenna
     Peter and Angela Milano                                                             Caleb Kenna
     William R. Miller, III                     Mrs. Walter Jacobson                     Frank Kenna, III
     Albert and Cheerie Nolletti                Richard and Elinor Katz                  H. Robert Kenna
     Mary O’Connell and Family                                                           Margaret A. Kenna, MD
     Leslie Palmieri                                                                     Matthew G. Kenna
                                                Dr. Michael C. Jaye
     Donald and Sally Parfitt                                                            Samuel C. Kenna
                                                Jeffrey M. Postman
     Patterson Rotary                                                                    Christine Kenna-Moore
     Brian Pendley and Gene Rinchik                                                      Estate of Roger Kenna, III
                                                Steven F. Jess                           Theodore B. Lynch
     The Pescatore Family                       Robert and Eileen Jess
     Marilyn Platt                                                                       Cynthia K. Mullins
     Stuart and Jane Pratt                                                               David Rogers
     Dr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Ross, Jr.           Lillian Carol Jessmer                    Sarah Rogers
     Ronald Schlichting and Bryan Piuchino      Elizabeth and Robert Evans               Betsy L. Strom
     Joseph J. Smith                            Michael and Bill Hafford
     Lorraine and David Smith                   Elizabeth Jacovino                       Jack Kennedy
     The Town Clerk’s Office, Town of           Mark McGeehan                            Dorothy and Kenneth Gentil
     David and Maureen Stano                    Betty Ann Johnson                        John J. Kennedy
     Jack, Steve, Ginny & Howard Stone          Paul Berg                                Christopher and Anna Buckley
     Sweet’s Funeral Home                                                                Edward and Carol Grandjean
     Justin and Lorraine Tavino                 Nancy Ellen Johnstone
     The Tompkins and Morgan Families           Norman, Elliot, Jason and Ian Alderman   Michael Kertis
     Regina and John Vassak                     John and Gail Cushing                    Susan Connors
     The Williams Family - Randy, Caroline,     Christina and George DeRienzo
              LeeAnn, Elizabeth and Abigail     Diane Dowd, Carolyn Behram and
                                                                                         Gertrude King
                                                         Dorothy Hirchak
                                                                                         Elmer and Barbara Deshefy
     Samuel Heyman                              Julie and Ray Johnstone, Joseph and
                                                                                         Gail Troutman
     Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander            Sherri Corona & Lorraine
                                                David and Norma Morris                   Carol Jean Klimek
     Derrik Hoitsma                                                                      Steven Manzo
     The Trustees of Amherst College            Mary and Michael Routh
                                                Welder Repair & Rental Service, Inc      Edward Savard

     Wayne W. Holder                                                                     Lois Knuths
     Grace DeCarlo                              Hillary Lee Jones
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Jones, Jr.        Henry and Susan Bonner
     John and Ruth Esposito
     Patrick and Gerda Leveille
     Donald and Sharon McClory                  Carl W. Jordan, Sr.                      Rose Kopal
     Andrew Orefice                             Carl and Susan Jordan                    Donald Kopal
     Silver City Mammas Marine Corps
     Auxiliary                                  Linda J. Karbowski                       Dan Kops, Sr.
                                                Eleanor Earl                             Nancy Kops
     Lena Hollander                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Iannuzzi
     Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander   Bill and Judy Iovanna                    Mary “Ann” Kowalsky
                                                Verna Jefferson                          Gloria Alfieri
     Eleanor Holmerud                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruocco & Family     American Legion Auxiliary Unit 174
     Michael and Carrie Walker                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Archer
                                                Carl A. Karlson                          Carl, Audrey and Paul Behuniak
                                                Carole Lee Berlin                        Helen M. Bodnar
     Louise Holmes                                                                       Alan Charles
     Paul Holmes

26   Deceased †
Joel D. Cirkot                            Paul C. Landino                            Leslie Wallace, RN
Evelyn and Randy Close                    Louis and Marie Kessler
Brenda Cusack                                                                        Carlo Letizia
Department of Veterans Affairs            Robert Lang                                Letizia, Ambrose & Falls, PC
Kathy Gans and Family                     Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander   John and Laurie Ann Letizia
Rose Moskwa
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Polvani
                                          Anthony J. Langella                        Judy Lewis
Fernando Polvani and Robert Polvani
                                          Edward and Susan Apuzzo                    Amgen Med Comm
Camille Prestash
                                          Blumenthal Squire & Blanck                 Jay and Connie Goebel
Penelope Preston
                                          Kathy and Cecilia Cassell                  Lord Chamberlain Nursing &
Steven Pupchyk
                                          Ann and Joseph Cavallaro                           Rehabilitation Center Sunshine
Ralph E. Hull Funeral Home, Inc
                                          Isabel Cortese                                     Fund
Spill The Beans, LLC
                                          Connie D’Elia                              Stanley and Greta Stanford
Susan and Ronald Turmel
                                          Michelle and Effy Eckhaus                  Brandon, Karla and Caroline Todd
                                          Francette Gingell                          Blake and Karen Wamester
Evan Kreighbaum                           Kaiser Whitney Staffing
Bailey, Schaefer & Errato, LLC            Linda Langella                             Louis A. Lifrieri
Paul D’Ostilio and Janet Barillari        William and Marla Lewis                    Helen Hovdesven
The Buckingham Routh Company              Judith and Joseph Pfister
Jean Burr, Betty Russello, Peter Banca,   Nancy and John Stanish
           Christine Gromala, Cortnei                                                Anne Lillis
                                          Maria Tammaro
           Dolan, Steve Moalli, Gia                                                  Dorothea Giatrelis
                                          Kimberly Thomas
           Paturzo, Roberta Baum and                                                 Kristin Guerin
                                          Elissa Westefeld
           Paul Vitale                                                               David and Linda Langley
                                          Paul and Doris White
Ed Beam and Meg Goodrich                                                             Metlife Auto and Home
                                          Steven and Ana White
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Caprio
Elizabeth Caspe                                                                      Benjamin Lipka
                                          Carol Lawlor
The Children’s House of Montessori, Inc                                              David and Janice Lipka
                                          Michael and Michelle Buscher
Lori Cirillo
Linda and William Consiglio                                                          Nick and Laura Loiacono
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Davies, Jr.       Sandy Lee, RN
                                                                                     Roseann Ciochetto
Peter and Anne Diamantini                 Iqra Abbas, RN
Priscilla Diamantini                      Glorivee Acosta, PCA
                                          Yanirabell Acosta, PCA                     Lucyna “Lucy” Lozada
Jean and Mark Ferris                                                                 Ginny Argenio
Lawrence and Margaret Fusco               Donna Andrews, RN
Mary Gramesty                             Azaleah Austin, RN
Greco’s Auto Parts                        Jeff Baran, RN                             Manuel Lucas
Michaela Harris                           Jennifer Barna, RN                         Thomas and Diane Calello, Jr.
John and Susan Jankovich                  Amy Bennett, RN
Mary L. Tracy School Staff                Claudia Bonilla, RN                        Alison Lukowski
Scott Mastrangelo                         Bertie Chuong, RN, MSN                     Geraldine and Vincent Hunt
Carol Maturo                              Donna Collins, RN
Barbara Murray                            Laura Devaux, RN                           Fannie Macare
Sandra Sarno                              Odette Espaillat, RN                       Anne Finn
Elizabeth and Adam Scheps                 Sixto Garcia, RN
Paige Sloman                              Monica Gasperini, RN
                                          Kevin Gonzalez, RN                         Ronald MacDonald, Jr.
Mary Szondy                                                                          Deborah Picozzi
Tim and Kathy Taylor                      Belen Hilario, RN
                                          Michael Imevbore, MD                       Jerome Pie
Dr. Nicholas and C. Patricia Totalo                                                  The Associate Members of Westerly
Elisabeth Travers                         Blair Kavanagh, RN
                                          Bonnie Landon, RN                                  Lodge #10
Karen and Jerry Zrenda                                                               Westerly Dental Group, Inc
                                          Jasmine Manalo-Rooney, RN
                                          Sherri Martnick, RN
Nancy Kriston                                                                        Matthew David Mann
                                          Melissa McArdle, RN
Richard and Tilda Peters                                                             George Ames
                                          Justine Moore, RN
Reliable Tool & Die, Inc                                                             Janet Ames
                                          Vallerie Rivera, RN
                                          Kathleen Ruotolo, RN                       Peter Baker
Reed Cronin La Verde                      Ann Ryder, RN                              Ann and Rhea Bilobrowka
Dr. Gordon and Joyce Clark                Lorena Salazar, RN                         Jorge Canizares
                                          Ann Smith, RN                              Jennifer Castro
Peter Whaley Lamb, Sr.                    Cynthia Smith                              Gail Conti
Mary Lou and Joseph McCabe                Bienvenido Tabuzo, Jr., RN                 Nina Coulter
Edward and Madelyn Reddy                  Johanna Vazquez, RN                        Eileen and Don Halliday

Deceased †                                                                                                                    27
     Bob and Ann Hamilton                       Joseph F. Martucci, Jr.                   Amelia (Mimi) Mitchell
     Susan and Bryan Hetherington               Shirley and Harvey Cohen                  Courage is Contagious
     Kristina Lambros                           John Mongeluzzi                           James and Jane Mitchell
     Gary Langer                                                                          Jessica Mitchell
     Malcolm Pirnie, Inc                        Dolores Masi                              Sound Foot Care Center of CT, Inc
     Linda Mann                                 Mary Lou Bosco
     Lynn S. Mann                                                                         Jacqueline Mitchell
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mayes &                                                       Dana and Maureen Kent
                                                Lillian Massari
              Christine Rubino                                                            James and Constance Mitchell
                                                Diana Savo
     Barbara and Donald Miller
     Eileen M. Modesta
                                                Thomas C. Mastropetre                     John Ward Montgomery
     Rebecca Natale
                                                Michele Mastropetre                       The Carlucci Family - Marion, Donna,
     Muriel Pinkham
                                                                                                  Denise, Gary, Cam, Clare,
     David and Kathleen Raneri
                                                                                                  Laura, Jake and Rachel
     Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Reid                    Ann Mattei
     Annesa Seemungal                           Salvatore Mattei, Jr.
     Glenn and Arline Staub                                                               Christine Morandi
     Nicole Tom                                                                           Stuart Dean Co, Inc Corporate Division
                                                Belle Mazin
     Sari Wacks                                 Linda, Paul, Adam and Matthew
     Justin and Jessica Williams                        Goldstein                         Roberta Downes Morgan
                                                                                          Matthew Morgan
     Michael Manna                              William “Bill” McCarthy
     Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander   Paul and Roberta Marianella               Raymond Murphy
                                                                                          Josh and Jackie Blau
     Magen Marcus, MD                                                                     Maureen and Michael Bokowski
                                                John “Jack” McDonald
     Sara Alavi, MD                                                                       Susanne and Joe Bowery
                                                Alan and Carol Stevens
     Leonard and Lisbeysi Calo                                                            Antone and Theresa Cardoza
                                                Virginia and Warren Whitehouse
     Lara Colabelli                                                                       Rosemary Cassidy and Vince
     Daphne Evans                                                                                  Frankovich
                                                Christopher C. Melillo                    Ken and Linda Chipkin
     Rela Geffen                                Joseph and Deanna Carbone
     Catherine Giordano                                                                   Margery Demay
     Shelly Goldfeder                                                                     David and Sally Dixon
     Dean Joseph Gordon                         Frank Melillo                             Noreen and Michael Feldman
     Grossman Office Services                   Dominick Melillo                          Frank and Mary Francis
     Lara Hauslaib                                                                        Frank and Jill Fulhan
     Michael Imevbore, MD                       John M. Mikulka, Sr.                      Frank and Josie Fulhan
     David and Mary Kmetz                       Anonymous                                 The Garmisa/Pinchbeck Family
     Dr. Jonathan Krasner                       Theodore and Audree Adams                 Alec and Joan Gonsalves
     Julius and Daniele Lassner                 Allison Butler                            Frances Gwozdz
     Richard A. Lefkowitz, Esq                  Olga Chapkovich                           Thomas Hoke
     Amanda McCabe                              Frank and Cathy DeSocio                   John and Geraldine Ibberson
     Deborah and Samuel Newborn                 Evaluation Associates                     David and Ann Marie Lee
     Elizabeth A. Ofori-Mante, MD               Terry and Gene Gentile                    William and Marla Lewis
     Nicholas Ragovis                           Dawn and James Hogan                      Donald and Phoebe MacKinnel
     Dr. and Mrs. John E. Rivera                Heather and Ryan Hoytink                  Madison Country Club
     Ruth F. Rosenthal                          Janet Kalwat                              Madison Youth Football
     Leah S. Samson, MD                         Ladies Auxiliary V.F.W., Sgt. Thomas J.   Rita Mulligan
     Christopher Sankey                                  Nelson Jr. Post 9427             Ann Murphy
     Jodi and Rob Scheinfeld                    Ephrem Medina                             Ann Murphy
     Jeremy and Hillary Schwalbe                Pepsi-Cola Bottlers’ Association          Jim and Kim Nute
     Becky, Ken, Dana and Julie Silverstein     Linda Schlissel                           Christina and Robert Palffy
     Anneliese L. Sitarz, MD                    Ruby and Charles Schneeberger             Steven and Maryann Pascarella
     Vicky B. Tola, MD                          Rhoda Shapiro                             Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce
     Gian Varbaro                               Barbara A. Szoke                          Leonne Roessle and Family
                                                Karen Szoke and Dana Licata               Dina Sanghvi
                                                Nancy Waubdy                              Douglas Scales
     Mary Markosky
                                                                                          John and Michele Scoopo
     Richard and Barbara Brewer
                                                Charlotte Miller                          Robert and Helen Walsh
                                                Linda, Paul, Adam and Matthew             Addie Young
     Mollie Martino
     John and Patricia Martino                          Goldstein
                                                                                          Mr. Murtha
                                                                                          Sandi and Robert Adler

28   Deceased †
Angelina Mut                            Staff of Washington at Livingston/               Gagliardi
Brienna Mut and Angelo Durante                   Bergen County Special           Louis and Marie Kessler
                                                 Services Camille Lorino,        Frank and Gayle Pannone
Dorothy (Betty) Myers                            Teresa Stuckey, Joseph Fett,
Holly and David Magee                            Drew and MarilynGiehl,          Richard J. Pulie, DDS
Audrey L. Smith                                  Cynthia Mills, Karen Kent,      The Adegbile, Haskell and Pulie
                                                 Jocelyn Jenkins, Ivan Grotz,             Families
                                                 Mona Abbriano and Sandra        Lori Allen
Lena Notarfrancesco
                                                 Melicharek                      Dona Barrows
Patricia Brill
Inez Gagliardi                                                                   Virginia and Peter Bartelloni, MD
Marie Ignoto                            Frank Pagliuca                           James H. Biggart, Jr.
Barbara and Mark Lidsky                 3M Health Information Systems            Harold and Shirley Candee
Norman and Carolyn Roth                        Employees                         Richard and Katherine Cardinal
RSCC Wire & Cable, LLC                                                           Caitlyn Cianciolo
                                        Elaine Palumbo                           Harold R. Connelly, Jr., DDS
                                        Coventry High School, Special            Dick and Mary Dalling
Lena Notarfrancesco
                                                Education Department             Mrs. Henry J. Fox
Ann Valentino
                                                                                 Mark Fries
                                                                                 Donald and June Hall
Jamia O’Brien                           Grace Parfitt
                                                                                 Bob and Carol Haskell
John and Thea Guidone                   Jennifer Beatty
                                                                                 Abraham and Jayne Hoffmann
Barbara Maillard                        Betty Kirkpatrick
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoffmann
                                                                                 John and Virginia Hogan
Sara O’Connor                           Esther Parri                             Peggy Iacozza and Family
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Demir                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Zaccagnino        Dominick and Michele Modugno
                                                                                 Monroe Elementary School
                                        Gregory Paul Peluchette                  Jim and Joan Penders
Eugene L. Ogden
                                        Janet Lockwood                           Catherine Radlinski
Lesley Barker
David Gioiello and Denese Deeds                                                  RC Knox & Company
Josephine and John Kopchik              Ramona Perrelli                          William and Rosalie Ruocco
Bertha Mollica                          Joseph and Sandra Bonatti                Margaret Shelby
Catherine Ogden                         Phyllis Freedman                         Loretta and Michael Spinelle
John and Janet Petrillo                                                          The Hartford Insurance Group
Shelton Democratic Town Committee       Ruth Ann Petrello                        Beth Young
The Tice Family                         Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bricuglio               Deborah and Michael Zahornacky
Lucille Wells                           Nancy A. Bricuglio and Larry Adoian
Leon and Lois Wheeler                   Marilyn Butler, Christy Semmelrock and   Ashley Jean Pullicino
                                                Friends                          Paul and Christina Clarke
Jeannette O’Neill                       Kip and Deborah Gienau                   Gabriel and Veronica Johnston
Donald O’Neill                                                                   Perfection Fence Company
                                        Alberto Pettinella                       Antonio and Irene Vidal
Joan Borda Osinski                      John and Barbara Saraceno
Bob and Debbie Adams                                                             Joanne Rainone
Roger and Marcia Addil                  Shannon Piccirillo                       Ryan Aliciene
Michael Clark                           Justine Early                            Vincent and Barbara Alisi
John and Gail DeGrand                                                            Bart LoRusso & Sons, Inc
Civia, John and Sam Eldrich                                                      The Blanco, Salcito, and McGurie
                                        Jane Pierson                             Families
Mitchell and Abby Goldblatt             Loren Trotta
The Graham Family                                                                The Brennan Family
Margaret Harrison                                                                James and Carol Caruso
                                        Richard Guy Piselli, Jr.                 The Ciampi Family
Robert and Martha Judd
                                        The Piselli Family                       Donald and Ellen Ciampi
K.T. M. Electrical Construction, LLC
Doris Knight                                                                     Marc and Vivian Ciampi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. LaFreniere       Andrew T. Popson                         Anthony and Elaine Ciminera
Pamela Lemere                           Evelyn Popson                            William and Aline Creel
Jean Masella                                                                     CT International Association for
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Meehan           Melissa Pringle                                   Identification
Milford Pediatric Group, PC             Anonymous                                Robert and Carol Damelio
Staff of New Bridges/Washington South                                            Mabel B. Fischer Grant Foundation
Ronald and Ann Petrillo                                                          Judith and Douglas Goodrich
                                        Frank Proto
Erik Porter                                                                      Angeline Guiliano
                                        Pasquale and Maria Delise
Michael Potter                                                                   Bob and Betty Hathaway
                                        Gary Gagliardi and Margaret Kelly-

Deceased †                                                                                                           29
     Heitkamp, Inc                      Leslie Bulion                            Robert and Susan Ziaks
     Anne Herr
     Albert and Janet Hopper            Stephen Wayne Running                    Donald Scanlon
     Eileen Joyce                       Mary Turnquist                           Imani Bennett
     Stephen and Geraldine Joyce                                                 Larry and Darlane Hoffman
     Kevin and Kelly MacLaren
                                        Marge Russell
     Gregory McCarty
                                        David Russell                            Albert H. and Catherine Scharf
     Angela McHale
                                                                                 Albert and Marie Scharf
     Frank Moffo
     Sally Moffo                        Vita Saginario
     Francine Moran                     Carol Klingele                           Charles Newton Schenck, III
     Mary Mullin-Hope                   Mary Mascolo                             Barbara Wareck and Charles Perrow
     Dennis and Lucinda Phelan          John and Diane Mauceri
     Susan and Mark Piccirillo          G. Jerry and Maryann Padula              Helen Schmidt
     Barbara Ponzillo                   Anita and Joseph Riggi                   Donald Kopal
     Joseph Rainone and Janay DeCarlo
     Thomas and Jane Rembish            William “Bill” Salter                    Janet Schulman
     The Rieger Family                  Ann Mautone                              The Judelson Family
     Ronald and Karen Rutkowsky
     Frank and Karla Scalo              Ang Sam                                  Eric Francis Schumacher
     Matthew Sivilla                    Yale-New Haven Hospital, Hematology      Chuck and Laura Taylor
     Charles and Eileen Stango                 and Chemistry Labs
     Jeffrey and Marian Stevens
     Mary Sullivan                                                               Joyce Angell Schwab
                                        Anita Guglielmo Santora                  Vernon and Mary Beatrice
     Lillian G. Taranovich              Joe and Moira Aitro
     John Zappone and Family                                                     Sharon and Jack Feighery
                                        Judith Ardigliano                        Earl and Anne MacSorley
                                        Richard and Elizabeth Ardolino           Jancy and Peter Olsen
     John Rawlick                       Stephen and Judith August                Mary Phillips
     Emily Rawlick                      Judith Barone                            Nancy Schwab
                                        Michael and Marie Caporale               Lorraine Standish
     Robert Jay Rayner                  Grace Carrano
     Dawn and Jay Rayner                Peter and Paula Cuticello
                                                                                 Nick Scirocco
     RJ’s Ride                          Lisa and Martin Dadio
                                                                                 Judy and Barry Cobden
                                        Edward Dickus
     Lorraine Reddy                     Carol and Ernest DiPietro
                                        William and Joanne Durand                Albert I. Sheppard, Jr.
     Mary Lou and Joseph McCabe                                                  Patricia and Herbert Brown
     Edward and Madelyn Reddy           Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PC, Staff
                                        Bill and Marie Forslund                  Allison M. Maltese and Family
                                        Lynn and Steven Goldaper                 Florence Marrone
     Filomena Ritieni                                                            Al and Camille Perry
                                        Thomas Gould
     Maria and Angela Bellizzi
                                        Frances Guidone
     Lucia Laurenzano                                                            John L. Simon, Jr.
                                        In Focus Optical
     Dino and Maria Vitto                                                        Robert and Rita Bobko
                                        Joan Lyke and Al Acampora
                                        Donna and Ralph Marottoli                Paul Edwards
     Genevieve Roche                    Arthur Martorella                        Steve and Patricia Hira
     Marie Jones                        Carole Mascarini                         Jack Novey
     Shirley Nilan                      Nancy and William McCormack              Thomas Prezioso
                                        B. A. Minichino                          June and Walt Purcell
     John Rodko, Jr.                    John and Kathleen Murphy                 Michael and Carol Santelle
     John and Arlene Rodko              Ronald and Anne Newman
                                        Elizabeth Nolan-Integlia                 Thomas Simonetta
     Sonia Rodriguez                    Theresa and Theodore Olear               Jeanette Simonetta
     Gregg Loveland                     Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peccerillo
                                        Kristin Carolla Piraneo                  Joseph A. Smith
                                        Barbara and Edward Pulaski               Joyce Smith
     Carl Rohrberg
                                        Retiree Chapter of the New Haven
     Jill and Carl W. Rohrberg
                                                  Federation of Teachers
                                        J. Joyce and Emilio Sanseverino          Nelson and Dorothy Smith
     Ruth Halle Rowen                   Arthur Martorella and Phyllis Savo       David Smith
     Mary Rowen                         Robert and Jane Schmitt
                                        Philip J. Silverstone, MD                Angela Smolley
     Susan Rubel                        Barbara M. Stern                         Karen and Jeffrey Belanger
     Claudia Albert                     Louis and Kathleen Vitale                Bradley and Kim Conn

30   Deceased †
Connecticut Curtain & Linen Company        Reuben E. Thalberg                        Eric and Marilyn Parnes
Beverly Dachenhausen                       Genevieve B. Thalberg                     Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Patterson
Peter A. DiMauro                                                                     Sherry Stidfole
Klickers Hair Studio                       Claudia D. Thomas                         Harold and Ann Thomas & Family
Elizabeth and Al Pageau                    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thomas              Fred Turnbull
Barbara and Moe Tanguay                    Betty Trachtenberg                        Marion Westbrook
                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wiley, Jr.
Trina Sonia Soto Narvaez                   Christine Thomson
Mary McGee                                 Christine Thomson                         Ralph Valentino
                                                                                     Thomas and Diane Calello, Jr.
Gary Soule                                 Susan Bates Tierney
City of West Haven 1st Fire Taxation       Susan Boland                              Jack Viele
         District                          Margaret Davis                            John and Lillian Viele
Lewis and Patricia Martino                 Janine Deering
Maureen Vets                               Beatrice Guerrera                         Ralph John Vollono
Michael and Lynn Zaffino                   Kathleen MacElhiney                       The Bissell Family
                                           Martin and Jacquelyn Marley               Marie and Ernest Criscuolo
Scott Spaulding                            Dorothy and Thomas Murphy                 Maryann and Edward DeMichele
Antal and Marlene Bencze                   Marilyn Petersen                          Vincent and Marguerite Gambardella
                                           Pomfret Community School                  Margaret and Gerald Gedrim
Dr. Susan Spencer                          Pulmonary Associates of New Haven,        Kurt and Joyce Hollenbeck
Richard Alexis                                     PC                                Lynn D. and Edward C. Knapp
Jonathan M. Goldstein, MD                  The Schmidle Family                       Phyllis and Gary Lefort
                                           Dorothy and Glenn Weston-Murphy           Edward and Barbara Makuck
                                                                                     Jean Palmarozza
Rose M. Staplins
                                           Peter Tolis                               Debra Papeika
Richard and Geraldine Capobianco
                                           Demetra Tolis                             Joseph Sansevero†
Betty Carrano
                                                                                     Michael Sansevero
The Credit Bureau of Connecticut, Inc
                                                                                     Roberta and Gary Scepanski
Nick and Dianne Fernicola                  Lorraine Tomassetti
Debbie and Robert Gross                    Jean Blair
Judith Kanoff                                                                        Robert D. Wales
Edward Rapuano                                                                       Marliese Aguele
                                           Michael J. Tranquillo
Joan Remaly                                                                          Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Inc
                                           Perina Tranquillo and Family
Joseph Strilbyckij                                                                   Diana Beeton
                                                                                     Robert and Janice Evans
                                           Christine Trinkaus                        Jean Forshay
Bernard P. Stoltie                         Alethea and Michael Trinkaus              Teresa Foster
John Asiaf, Jr.
                                                                                     Alfred Gwilliam
Janice Baragwanath
                                           Deborah Harris Turnbull                   International Society of Lower Fairfield
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barto
                                           Alstom Power, Inc Co-Workers - Jeff                County
Margaret and Gary Dimmick
                                                    Rode, Walter Gill, Richard       Robert and Christel Kehoe
Louis and Judith Falango
                                                    Ward, George Pyzocha,            Christer and Leena Krook
Carol A. Forest
                                                    Michael Dull, Sam Mikus, Frank   Louis and Dale Milani
Marilyn H. Forest
                                                    Macri,                           Lucille Niles
Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce
                                           Todd Kratzer and Stephen Thresher         George and Elisabeth Patterson
Catherine Higgins
                                           Alstom Power Quality Department           John and Anita Savides
Joseph Kurilecz
                                           Kenneth Ambrose                           Barbara and Raymond Simon
Tamposi Foundation, Inc
                                           Helen and Siobhan Blank                   The Smalley Family
Shirley and James Tamposi
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boddie               Peter and Annemarie Sternbach
Elizabeth Wargo
                                           Grace Burrell                             Peter and Janice Sullivan
                                           Michael Carucci                           Teresa Taylor
Sy Syms                                    Mr. and Mrs. Carmine DeStefano            United Way of Rhode Island
Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander   Patricia Harris                           Richard Ziegler
                                           Linda Hayes
Kimiko Tamagawa                            Diane Klotz                               Gerald Walker
Hiao Chiang Chen                           Gale and Chet Loch & Piper and John       Michael and Carrie Walker
Li Ching Lin                                        Caramanica
Tsuneo Tamagawa                            Jane Madison
                                                                                     Lois Wallack
                                           Kenneth and Sheryl Mann
                                                                                     Myrna Kalakay
James O. Tchakirides, Jr.                  Michael and Dona McKee
Eileen and James Tchakirides               Nathan Hale School
                                           Ronald and Linda Orkney

Deceased †                                                                                                                      31
     Vrginia Walsh                         Stuart Subotnick                        Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals,
     Jeffrey M. Walsh                      Laura Urban                                      Inc
                                           William and Judith Wishart              Boom Restaurant Group
     Leah C. Walston                                                               Natalie and Adam Booth
     Job Day                               Edward and Thelma Yopp                  Borders Books
                                           John Yopp                               Dr. and Mrs. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr.
                                                                                   Boston Celtics
     Gail S. Warren
                                                                                   Boston Red Sox
     Lee and Henry Kirchheimer             Charles and Elsie Zaremsky
                                                                                   Justine Boughton
                                           Eleanor Dapkus
                                                                                   Steven M. Bowman Charitable
     Dr. Joseph Warshaw                                                                     Foundation
     Staci Brenner                                                                 Bethany and Sean Boyle
                                                                                   Matthew and Nancy Boyle
     Elizabeth Wedda                       GIFTS IN KIND                           Brady’s Smile, Inc
     Carol Albanese                        A Touch of Comfort, Inc                 Branford Electric Railway Association,
     Paul and Violet Austin                AAA Southern New England - CT                    Inc
     Arlene and Ralph Barbieri             ABC Cosmopolitan Limousine Service      Branford Pediatric & Allergy, PC
     Christl and Franklin Daniels          ABC TV                                  Brazi’s Restaurant
     Loretta Dufresne                      Abigail Kirsch at Tappan Hill           Bridgeport Sound Tigers
     Foxwood Condominium Association       Abrams Books/Stewart, Tabori & Chang    Bess Brodsky
     Joseph and Audrey Fusco                        /Abrams IMAGE                  Thomas and Joanne Brooks
     Anne Marie and William Gallagher      Acqua Ristorante                        Virginia F. Brown
     Joyce and Roger Gordon                Adam Broderick Salon & Spa              Brown-Forman
     George and Barbara Lind               Jim Adams                               Brownie Troop 198
     Arlene Pacilio                        Advanced Office Systems                 Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc
     Kenneth Thomas                        Aetna & Aetna Foundation Volunteers     Cabot Creamery Cooperative
     Patricia Toohey                       Samuel T. and Michelle Alprin           Cafe Allegre
     Robert Toohey                         American Cancer Society                 Cafe Goodfellas
                                           American Singles Golf Association       Michael Cahill
     Richard Weinstein                     Amity High School, A Cause for A Cure   Cakelove
     Marjorie Weinstein-Kowal                       Club                           Linda Cammarota
                                           Amity Wine & Spirit Company             Salvatore Cappetta
                                           Andre Phillips Salon                    Carbonella and DeSarbo
     George Welles
                                           Angel Hair Salon                        Renato and Melissa Carboni
     Emergency Medicine Physicians
                                           Apex Pharmacy & Home Care Center,       Cardiology Associates
                                                    LLC                            Julia Carlozzi
     Traci Wheldon                         David Armstrong                         Barbara Carlson
     Lisa Aschenbrenner                    The Armstrong Family                    Matt Carlson
     Karen Vetrano                         Ruth Arotsky                            Carol’s Creations
                                           Arthur Murray Dance Studio              Elizabeth Caspe
     Anita M. White                        Carol and Valeria Asprelli              Patricia Cavanagh
     Jules White, MD                       Christine W. Aulicino                   Barbara Cevero
                                           The Bachman Company                     CG Sign and Graphic Service
     Junior Wiemers                        Kyle L. Ballou, Esq and Dr. Keith D.    Patty Chamberlain
     Shelly O’Brien                                 Johns                          Charles Riverboat Company
                                           Barcelona Wine Bar                      Chelsea Piers Management
     Dakota Lee Williams                   Ellen Baron                             Cheshire High School Future Business
     Patricia Amendola                     Kathryn Bartels                                  Leaders of America
                                           Nancy and Richard Beals                 The Children’s Museum
                                           John and Robin Beecher                  Chili’s Restaurant
     Robert J. Wussler                     Megan Belt                              Chips Family Restaurant
     Bill Bartholomay Foundation           Chris Bennett                           Jennifer Chobor
     S. David Fineman                      Bentara Restaurant, LLC                 Melanie Christian
     E. Gregory Hookstratten, Esq          BIC Corporation                         Laura Christiansen
     Friends of Robert J. Wussler          Big Y Foods, Inc                        Kevin and Jasmin Christopher
     Last Mile Communications, LLC         Bikram Yoga New Haven                   Circle of Care for Families with Cancer
     Gregory and Gail Levin                Black Bear Saloon                       Classic Limousine Service, LLC
     James Lindstrom                       Black Hawk II                           Coca-Cola Bottling Company of
     William and Linda Manning             Bloody Good Products, Inc                        Northern New England, Inc
     NBC Universal                         Bobo’s Pasta Sauce                      Matt and Cindy Cohn
     PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP            Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable     Community Dining Room
     Shearon & Taylor Glover Foundation,            Foundation, Inc                Conair Corporation
                                                                                   Congregation of Shalom
     Richard and Margot Sherwin

32   Deceased †
Ann Marie Conlan                        Ruth Freedman                              Katz’s Deli, LLC
Connecticut Magazine                    Eric French                                Cornelia K. Kavanagh
The Connecticut Rock Gym                Kathryn Frund                              Drs. Craig M. Keanna and Erin N. Rice
Connecticut Sports Foundation Against   Fuzion Medical Aesthetic Boutique          Craig Kell
          Cancer, Inc                   Diane Gardner                              Meghan Kelly
Christopher Cordima and Melissa         Sandy Garvin                               Kennedy & Perkins, Inc
          Federico                      Jessica Gerber                             Kentucky Fried Chicken
Costco Wholesale                        Gregory S. Germain, MD                     Kathy and Pete Kenyon
Scott and Meredith Cowperthwait         Antonio Giano                              Keurig Inc
Chris and Shari Cretella                Girl Scouts of CT Oxford                   Christine Kica
CT Xtremes Auto Club                    Glam Spa                                   Kidcity Children’s Museum
Cub Scout Pack 43                       Go Green Fitness                           Danielle Kinstlinger
The CUREchief Foundation                Golf Galaxy                                Kisses from Katie
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Curtiss                            Elaine and Sidney Klein
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart         Good As New, LLC                           Kristine’s Papery
Danford’s Hotel & Marina                Good News Christian Center                 Kubs for Kids
Dangerfield’s                           Goodcopy Printing Center, Inc              La Cuisine
Danone Waters of America, Inc           Goodspeed Musicals                         Leslie Laich
Jean and Hugh Davis                     Barbara Goren                              Diana Lamenzo
Beverly and Joseph DeCato               Gouveia Vineyards                          Nicholas and Jean Lamont
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Demir                Kerry Graham                               Land Rover Guilford
Michael D’errico                        The Grove School                           Marie Larricia
Elannah Devin                           Guilford Art Center                        Gary Larson
Diageo                                  Hamden Girl Scout Troop 60122              Patricia Laspino
Dick’s Sporting Goods                   Sandy and Jim Hanrahan                     Le Petit Cafe
Gregory Diodato                         Krista Hart                                John M. Leventhal, MD and Beverly J.
Dip Top                                 Hartford Restaurant Group                            Hodgson, Esq
Maggie and Ella DiPierdemenico          Hartford Stage                             The Liberty Boston Hotel
Meredith Donahue                        Hartford Symphony Orchestra                Joe Ligouri
Erika Dotor                             Hartford Wolf Pack                         Livable Solutions, LLC
Rob and Sue Dow                         The Hartt School, University of Hartford   Live Nation - Chevrolet Theatre
DP General Dentistry                    Peter Hawes                                Loading Dock Wine & Spirits
Dunkin Donuts                           Amanda Hayward and Simon J.                Long Wharf Theatre
Earthplace, The Nature Discovery                 Gharibian                         Nicolas Lucas
          Center                        Hewlett-Packard                            Lucibello’s
Edible Arrangements                     Hilltop Hose Company 5 Fire                Luigi’s Restaurant
Gabrielle Egger                                  Department                        Nancy Meyer Lustman
Jesse Elgarten and Nancy Hall           Barbara Hirschman                          Lyman Orchards
Eli’s on Whitney                        Paul Holmes                                Madison Depot Seniors
Elizabeth Shelton School                Pia Gero Honeywell                         Major League Baseball Players
Empire State Building Observatory       Hope Academy                                         Association
Equinox Diner                           Margaret K. Hostetter, MD                  Malkin Construction
Essex Steam Train and Riverboat/ The    Carolyn Howe                               Kevin Maloy and Beth L. Maloy, MD
          Valley Railroad Company       HP Hood, LLC                               Cynthia F. Mann, MD
Evening Star Holiness Church            Hummel Brothers, Inc                       Dr. Marc E. and Margaret Mann
          Fellowship Ministries         Hyatt Regency Greenwich                    Alan and Vickie Manning
Extreme Paintball                       Elisabeth M. Hyde, CNM                     Marco Pizzeria
Fairfield Warde High School             Hy-Line Cruises                            Paulette Marcus
Lillian Falko†                          Allison Hyzak                              Mark Barry’s Restaurant
Family ReEntry                          I Spa                                      Ray and Pam Mathews
The Farms Country Club                  I.B.E.W. Local 90                          Catherine L. Mathieu
Susan Farricielli                       IKON Office Solutions, Inc                 Giovanna and Marcello Mazzariello &
Jane Farrington and Michael Schaefer    Israel Consulate                                     Brad Youhas
Fighting Fitness                        J Cleaners                                 Debora McCauley
First Church of Christ, Woodbridge -    J. Gilbert’s Wood Fired Steaks and         Debbie McEvoy
          Circle 4 Women’s Fellowship            Seafood                           Paul and Janet Weiswasser Michaelson
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Flagg           Lyla and David Johnson                     Mikey’s Way Foundation
Fleur de Lys Floral & Gifts, LLC        Jokers Wild Comedy Club                    Mikol and Company Fine Jewelry
Foundation Middle School                Jones Family Farms Winery, LLC             Milford Police Department
Foxon Park Beverages                    Meghan Kane                                Kristina Mitchell
Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana          Cal and Barbara Kaplow                     Kerry Mizak
Frank’s Got Gas, LLC                    Karen Kollars                              Moda Capelli Hair Salon
Frederick Wildman & Sons                Joel and Inez Karp                         Moe’s Southwest Grill

Deceased †                                                                                                                 33
     Mohawk Mountain Ski Area                Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, PC    Erin Springhorn
     Mohegan Sun                             Frank Perrelli                            Dr. Stephen T. and Myra S. Stanley
     Mohonk Mountain House                   Elena Petrie                              Pamela Stanton
     Diane and Thanasis Molokotos            Kathy Petro                               Star Distributors, Inc
     Mom Club of Orange                      Pilot Pen Tennis                          Stew Leonard’s
     Monini North America, Inc               Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club       Karen Stewart
     Stacia B. Morehouse                     Elizabeth Platia                          Denise and Matt Stone & Family
     Mrs. Fields Orignial Cookies, Inc       Richard and Sandra Poirier                The Study at Yale
     My Princess Closet                      Polliwalks                                Subway Corporation
     Kevin and Gail Myatt                    Porch & Patio                             Claudia Suech, RN
     Mystic Arts Center                      Portland Harbor Hotel                     Sundae Spa
     Mystic Seaport                          F. Judith Postemsky                       Sweet Annie & Company
     N. V. Perricone, MD, Ltd                Pottery Plus American Handcraft Gallery   Joan Tarasevich
     Nails 2000                              Prime 16 Restaurant                       Ten Twenty Post
     Nancy’s Nails and More                  Project Oceanology                        Francine M. Testa, MD
     National Amusements                     Quassy Amusement Park                     Jordan Theroux
     National Association of Insurance and   Quick Center for the Arts at Fairfield    Patrice Thomas
              Financial Advisors                      University                       Thomas Hooker Brewing Company
     New Britain Rock Cats Baseball Club     Quinnipiac Student Nursing Association    The Tommy Fund for Childhood Cancer
     New England Air Museum                  Deborah Quinn-Munson                      Cindy Torres
     New Haven Country Club                  Mary Ann and Mark Jr. Quiriconi           Richard Tott
     New Haven Parole and Community          R.C. Bigelow, Inc                         Towne Billiards
              Services                       Race Brook Country Club                   Trader Joe’s
     New York Football Giants                Sean and Jennie Ragan                     Travelers Championship
     New York Mets                           Katherine and Daniel Rausch               Diane Young Turner
     New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher   Red Rooster Baking Co, LLC                Cheever Tyler
              Hall                           Redex Industries, Inc                     United States Tennis Association
     New York Rangers                        The Reilly Family                         UnitedHealthcare Services
     New York Yankees                        Revive Wellness Center                    Unitex Textile Rental Services
     Newman’s Own, Inc                       Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc                University of New Haven - Sigma Alpha
     Nicotra Properties, Inc                 Amy Rice                                           Epsilon and Delta Phi Epsilon
     Margot Nimiroski                        Richard Penna Salon, Inc                  Urban Objects/Urban Baby
     North Haven Public School System        Ristorante Luce                           USS Chowder Pot
     Marissa Noto                            Roly Poly                                 Nancy Valentino
     Notre Dame                              Don Romeo                                 Valleycrest Productions
     Oak Lane Country Club                   Anne Rubin, RN                            The Velasco Family
     Obstetrics-Gynecology & Infertility     Sam’s Club                                Village Bagel
              Group, PC                      Dr. Dorothy G. Sanger                     Village Chocolatier
     Heidi M. Ochab, RN                      Sasa Nails                                Barry and Hyla Vine
     Ronnie O’Hara                           Savin Dermatology Center                  Vine Products Manufacturing Company
     Okemo Mountain Resort                   Saybrook Point Inn                        Vineyard Christian Fellowship of New
     Old Towne Restaurant                    Edwin Schaefer                                     Haven - Bible Camp
     Sofia Olexovitch                        Larry Schaefer and Lina Lawall            Vineyard Vines
     Olive Garden                            Leslye Schaefer                           Wake Robin Inn
     On Track Karting, Inc                   Schick Wilkinson Sword                    Lisa Walach
     Orange Ale House                        Karen and John Schneider                  Wallingford Country Club
     Orange Hills Country Club               Miriam Scott                              Warner Theatre
     Oronoque Country Club                   Mr. and Mrs. James H. Segaloff, Esq       Cheryl E. Warrick
     Our Lady of the Lakes                   Seven Angels Theater                      Waterford Group Charitable Foundation
     Outback Steak House - Orange            Lauren Sherwonit                          Water’s Edge Resort & Spa
     P&M Orange Street Market                Heather, Jason and Tyler Sherwood         Webster Bank
     Justin Paglino, MD                      Shoreline Wine Merchants, Inc             Weekend Kitchen
     Palace Theatre                          Shubert Theater - CAPA                    Laura West
     Panera Bread Company                    Daniella Silva                            West Elementary School
     Parfums de Coeur                        Six Flags New England                     Westport Country Playhouse
     Barbara Parsons                         Ski Sundown                               Westport River Gallery
     Pasquariello Electric Corp.             Slocum & Sons                             Whole Foods
     Christine Patterson and Shane Moore     Paige Sloman                              The Wilkes Group, Inc
     Paula Deen Enterprises                  Kathryn, Joseph and Zachary Smith         William B. Meyer, Inc
     Paul’s Fine Clothing                    Southern Connecticut State University     Jona Wilson, RN
     Peabody Museum of Natural History at             Athletics                        Winding Trails, Inc
              Yale University                Sponge Brothers Car Wash                  Women Redefining Retirement
     Marie-Claire Peakman                    SportsCenter of Connecticut               The Write Approach, Inc

34   Deceased †
The Write Choice                                                                         Bessie Friedman
WWYZ - Country 92.5 Radio                   The hospital wished to take this             Alfred H. Gildersleeve
Yale Child Study Center                                                                  Robert and Meri Goodman
                                            opportunity to honor the memory
Yale Repertory Theatre                                                                   Eugene Gorlick
Yale University Athletics                   of those friends who remembered              Maryanne Greeley
Yale University, Dept. of Chemistry         the hospital in their estate plans           Dr. Alvin D. Greenberg
Yale University, Office of Public Affairs   and who bequests were realized in            Laura Hagfeldt
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Dept. of           fiscal year 2010.                            Gordon Hallas
        Anesthesiology                                                                   Dr. William D. Irving
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Dept. of           Estate of Alice Carashick                    Alvin and Thelma Johnson
        Food and Nutrition                  Estate of Louis A. Ceccorulli                Samuel Kahn
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Dept. of           Estate of Saul Fox                           Annie Kaplan
        Social Work                         Estate of Victoria Friedman                  Constance L. Kastelowitz
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Marketing          Estate of Daniel Hays                        Morris and Sigrid Klein
        and Communications                  Estate of Ruth Hays                          Nancy and Daniel† Kops
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Maternity          Estate of Gilbert Kenna                      Cary and Lucia Kortze
        Unit                                Estate of Elizabeth Todd                     Dr. Robert G. LaCamera
Jeannette and Thomas Young                  Estate of Walter Wallace                     Carol Lee
Zane’s Cycles                                                                            William O. Lenihan
Todd Zavorskas                                                                           Donald Lillicraf
Zoo New England                             Dr. Jonathan Knight Society                  Elisabeth and William Maley
                                            Members                                      Charles N. McClure
                                            The Jonathan Knight Society gratefully       Julia Chieppo McConnell
Yale-New Haven Hospital                     recognizes individuals who have              F. Patrick McFadden, Jr.
                                            established a planned gift to benefit the    Randy Murallo
wishes to express appreciation              hospital and acknowledges the vital role     Belinda Pappacoda
those individuals, corporations,            these benefactors have played in the         Nicholas M. Passarelli, MD
foundations and organizations               emergence of Yale-New Haven as one           Anthony and Ramona† Perrelli
whose total lifetime support has            of America’s leading hospitals. Planned      Ruth J. Pollowitz
                                            gifts include bequests, charitable gift      George G. Posener
met or exceeded $500,000.
                                            annuities, charitable trusts, and gifts of   Paula Rossano
                                            insurance and retirement benefits.           Lucille Setescak
Anonymous (2)
AT&T                                                                                     Robert L. Simon
                                            Anonymous (5)                                Peter Thorner
Bank of America
                                            Cecle and Josef Adler                        Marc E. Vincent
Estate of Dorothy D. Chittenden
                                            Lucille and Arnold J. Alderman               Walter W. Wallace†
The Community Foundation for Greater
                                            Salvatore Amendola                           Stuart Warner, Esq
          New Haven
                                            Michael Apkon, MD                            Sylvia Weiss
Friends of Yale-New Haven Children’s
                                            Alexander C. Bainbridge                      Eugenia Wolliak
                                            Ray and Donna Bankoski                       Joseph A. Zaccagnino
General Reinsurance Corporation
                                            Myrna Baskin                                 George W. Zepko
Ruth F. Hays Trust
                                            Albert S. Beasley, MD                        James and Ann Zielinski
Dr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander
                                            Frederick M. Bering
Estate of Susan Hoppin
                                            Joseph Boragina
The John Day Jackson Eye Clinic Fund
                                            Marna P. Borgstrom                           Matching Gift Companies
The Treadwell L. Jude Fund
                                            Dr. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr.                 Special thanks to the following
                                            Gail Brown                                   companies which have matched gifts
The Kresge Foundation
                                            Rhoda W. Brownstein                          given by their employees to Yale-New
Mahlon H. Marlin Trust
                                            Robert L. Butzko                             Haven Hospital:
Mary M. Marlin Trust
                                            Arina R. Cadariu, MD
Omega Engineering, Inc
                                            Herbert V. Camp, Jr.                         Abbey National Employment Services,
Estate of Mildred Z. Partyka
                                            Nancy Campbell                                        Inc
Karen Pritzker and Michael Vlock
                                            James Carney                                 Allstate Giving Campaign
River Bend Executive Center, Inc
                                            Louis and Irma Ceccorulli                    American Refining Group, Inc
Joan and Joel Smilow
                                            Anthony and Ann Cooper                       AXA Foundation
The Garrett B. Smith Foundation
                                            Paula Crombie                                Bank of America
Estate of Margaret Sprick
                                            Sarah Delaney                                Colgate-Palmolive Company
Estate of R.C. Taylor, Jr.
                                            Sandra DiMaggio                              Covidien
The Tommy Fund for Childhood Cancer
                                            John W. Dixon                                General Electric Foundation
Estate of C. Rachel Trowbridge
                                            Edward Dowling                               General Re Matching Gifts
Philip T. Wright
                                            Audrey Downes-Geer                           Goldman, Sachs & Company
Alden Wright Foundation, Inc
                                            Cornelia Evans                               IBM Corporation
Yale-New Haven Hospital Auxiliary
                                            Stephen V. Flagg, MD                         Johnson & Johnson Family of

Deceased †                                                                                                                      35
     Companies                                  County Obstetrics & Gynecology Group,    Abe and Suzan Lopman
     Kraft Foods, Inc                                    PC - Kristen R. Aversa, MD,     Julia Chieppo McConnell
     Maverick Capital Foundation                         Michael R. Berman, MD, Scott    Christopher Morley and Leone T. Young
     Merrill Lynch & Co Foundation, Inc                  E. Casper, MD,                  Marjorie and Rob Mountain
     NewAlliance Foundation                              Adina R. Chelouche, MD,         Peyton Patterson
     PepsiCo Foundation                                  Ljiljan Plisic, MD, Norman A.   Guido and Diane Petra
     Pfizer Foundation                                   Ravski, MD, and Howard          Dr. Joseph M. Piepmeier and Dr.
     WellPoint Foundation                                Simon, MD                                Patricia E. Pedersen
                                                Covidien                                 Stephen J. Riker
                                                William Curran                           Norman and Carolyn Roth
     Smilow Cancer Hospital Campaign            The Curran Foundation                    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thomas
                                                Andrew and Eileen Eder                   Turner Construction Company
     Yale-New Haven Hospital                    The Sidney & Arthur Eder Foundation,     Webster Bank
     acknowledges with great appreciation                Inc
     the generosity of those who have           Richard Gilder, Jr.                      $25,000 to $49,999
     supported the Smilow Cancer Hospital       The Gilder Foundation                    Lucille and Arnold J. † Alderman Fund
     Campaign. The following listings reflect   Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Haversat, Sr.     Bruce and Christine Alexander
     the combination of cash gifts and gift     Dr. and Mrs. Peter N. Herbert            Stephen and Diana Allegretto
     pledges received toward the Campaign       IBM Corporation                          Dr. Michael and Michelle Apkon
     through September                          David and Betty Jones                    William Aseltyne
     30, 2010.                                  Estate of Gilbert Kenna                  Tom Balcezak and Soni Clubb
                                                Frank and Joan Kenna                     The John M.C. Betts Family Trust
                                                Lewis and Louise Lehrman                 Kerry Boyle and Nilda Luz Ramos-Boyle
                                                The Lehrman Institute                    Dr. Andrew Bronin
     Joan and Joel Smilow
                                                Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum, Inc     Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft
                                                Daniel and Judith Miglio                 Gayle Capozzalo and Dr. Jack Heil
     $1 MILLION and OVER                        Diane and Thanasis Molokotos             Michael and Danette Cemeno
     Anonymous                                  Jane Monteith                            Michael J. Chasanoff
     The Tommy Fund for Childhood Cancer        NewAlliance Foundation                   Louis and Debar Chênevert
     United Technologies Corporation            Oak Point Partners, Inc                  Charles and Ruth Chiusano
                                                Obstetrics, Gynecology & Menopause       Computer Sciences Corp
     $500,000 TO $999,999                       Physicians, PC - Julia Cron, MD,         James and Roseann Cunneen
     The Chênevert Family Foundation                     Steven J. Fleischman, MD,       James and John Cunneen & Family
     The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation                  Thomas M. Hanson, MD, and       F.J. Dahill Company, Inc
     Palmer G. Jackson                                   Musa L. Speranza, MD            Dr. Steven and Andrea Fleischman
     Helaine and Marvin Lender                  Estate of Mildred Z. Partyka             Clayton Friedberg, CPA
     The Marvin Lender Family Foundation        The People’s United Community            Friends of Yale-New Haven Children’s
     Philip T. Wright                                    Foundation, Inc                          Hospital
     Alden Wright Foundation, Inc               Abe† and Irene Pollin                    William Frost
     Yale-New Haven Hospital Auxiliary          Charles L. Slaughter                     Grace-New Haven School of Nursing
                                                R. James Slaughter, Esq                           Alumnae Association, Inc
     $100,000 to $499,999                       William A. Slaughter, Esq                Frank M. Grazioso
     Anonymous (4)                              James and JoAnne Staten                  Greater New Haven OB/GYN Group -
     All American Waste & Recycling             Peter Thorner                                     Randall B. Kaump, MD, David
     John and Caron Avery                       The United Illuminating Company                   M. Lima, MD, Vincent A.
     John E. and Caron G. Avery                 The United Illuminating Foundation                Lynch, MD, Richard
              Foundation, Inc                   Unitex Textile Rental Services                    D. Moscarelli, MD, and Denise
     G. Leonard Baker, Jr.                      Wiggin and Dana                                   Tonzola, MD
     Bank of America                            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Zaccagnino        Richard Grossi
     The Bank of America Charitable             James and Ann Zielinski                  Dr. Thomas and Jane Hanson
              Foundation, Inc                                                            Jack and Laurie Heflin
     Ruthann and David Beckerman                $50,000 to $99,999                       Gayle Capozzalo and Dr. Jack Heil
     Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc              Anonymous                                Margaret K. Hostetter, MD
     Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Blume                Mark and Susie Andersen                  Joseph L. Hudson, Jr.
     Marna and Eric Borgstrom                   Barnes Group Foundation                  James and Ann Jacobs
     Bradlees Stores, Inc                       Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Crespo                Maria Jacobson
     Sara P. and Jeffery R. Buell               Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dowling           Samuel Kahn
     Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Bush              Sue and Ray Fitzsimons                   Arthur Sekerak Charitable Trust
     Richard and Geraldine Capobianco           William and Cynthia Gedge                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Ketchum
     John Krob Castle                           Velma and Stuart Grodd                   Dan† and Nancy Kops
     Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Chapman              William R. Handelman                     Peter J. Lagemann
     The Community Foundation for Greater       Morris and Sigrid Klein                  John and Laurie Ann Letizia
              New Haven                         John and Judith Lahey                    Richard and Ann Lisitano

36   Deceased †
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation       Karen Camp                                Jay Morris, PhD
Linda Lorimer and Charles Ellis         David and Louise Carter                   Dr. Errol Norwitz and Dr. Ann Hess
Pat and Carol Luddy                     Professor and Mrs. Sydney P. Clark, Jr.   Panera Bread Company
Marcia and Vincent Lynch                Erika Cleveland and Peter W. Marks,       Allan and Allie Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Mancheski              MD                               George G. Posener
Blaise and Sharon Masone                Donald K. Clifford, Jr.                   Rebecca B. Pringle, MD and Wallace
Julia M. McNamara and Richard J.        The Color Pink for the CURE                        Pringle
         Lolatte                        Connecticut Gastroenterology              R & W Family Foundation, Inc
Stephen and Nandini Merz                         Consultants, PC                  Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rawlings
Estate of I. Margaret Mesite            Dennis L. Cooper, MD and Jean L.          Rita and M. Wallace Rubin
Jack R. Mitchell                                 Bolognia, MD                     Thomas J. Rutherford, MD, PhD
Kevin and Gail Myatt                    Radley Daly†                              Samuel V. Schoonmaker, III Esq
Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, PC            Richard and Kathleen D’Aquila             Peter E. Schwartz, MD
Owens & Minor, Inc                      Roland A. DeSilva                         Shepley Bulfinch
David W. Parke, MD                      Frank C. Detterbeck, MD and Judit         Dr. Joel and Tina Silidker
Vincent and Karen Petrini                        Farkas, PA                       Gale and Michael Silverberg
Quinnipiac University                   Milton and Margaret DeVane                Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Snyder
Russell S. Reynolds, Jr.                John and Carolyn Dobbins                  Sodexo Health Care Services
 The James R. Riley Family              Robert and Christina Dow                  Stephen A. Stein, MD and Emily A.
Stephen A. and Carol Ross               Helen E. Downing†                                  Fine, MD
Sidney & Betsy Savelle                  Eastern Bag & Paper Group                 Shepard and Marlene Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan R.† Shemitz         Susan and Arlo E. Ellison                 Dr. and Mrs. Bauer E. Sumpio &
Ross D. Siragusa, Jr.                   Endocrine Associates of CT                Christina, Brett and Brandon Sumpio
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Skelly             Judit Farkas, PA                                   Catherine Sumpio
Barbara Stahl, APN                      Dr. and Mrs. Alan Feldman                 Susman, Duffy & Segaloff, PC
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Stahl           Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund             Jeffrey and Robyn Teplitzky
Elsa L. Stone, MD and Steven Wolfson,   Denise Fiore                              Joshua and Linda Teplitzky
         MD                             Dr. and Mrs. David S. Fischer             Teplitzky & Company, PC
Sylvan R. Shemitz Designs, Inc          Kim C. Fletcher, MD                       Nancy and Mark Tepping
Genevieve B. Thalberg                   Michael and Suzanne Flynn                 Alan J. Tuchmann
Reuben E. Thalberg Foundation           Gary E. Friedlaender, MD                  Drs. Robert Udelsman and Nikki J.
The Cunneen Company                     Kenneth and Mara Ginsberg                          Holbrook
The Turner Construction Company         Dr. Peter M. Glazer and Dr. Susan J.      United Way of Central and Northeastern
Foundation                                       Baserga                                   Connecticut
Diane and Tom Vorio                     Marjorie and Dr. Charles Guglin           The Urology Center, PC
Dr. Lynn Williams                       Murat Gunel, MD and Jennifer              Dr. Ronald and Amy Vender
David Wurcel                            Moliterno, MD                             Kenneth P. Vives, MD
                                        Jean T. Harrison                          Kevin F. Walsh
$10,000 to $24,999                      Mark and Donna Haversat                   Stuart Warner, Esq
Anonymous (2)                           Ann Hess, MD, PhD                         Charles G. Watson
Donald and Anne Kao Andrews             Alton and Elizabeth Hollingsworth         Harold E. Woodsum, Jr., Esq
The Charles Andriole Family             Mr. and Mrs. Alvin R. Johnson             Debbie and Woody Woodworth
The Angeletti Group, LLC                Joel and Inez Karp                        Barbara Wright
Ana Maria Apoltan, MD and Ionut B.      Thomas J. Keefe                            Friends of Robert J. Wussler
         Anton, MD                      John and Aline Kirchner                   Yale School of Medicine, Dept. of
Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Ariyan             Kirk and Amy Kolligian                             Obstetrics, Gynecology &
Kyle L. Ballou, Esq and Dr. Keith D.    Joan and Paul Kopperl                              Reproductive Sciences
         Johns                          Dr. Boonsri Kosarussavadi and Mr.
Marilyn L. Balogun                               Chansak Laoteppitaks             $5,000 to $9,999
Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting          The L. Suzio York Hill Companies          Anonymous
         Engineers, LLC                 Suzanne Lagarde and David Stagg           Robert J. Alpern, MD and Patricia A.
Myrna Baskin                            Tucker and Catherine Leary                         Preisig, PhD
Maria Benedetto                         David J. Leffell, MD                      Dr. and Mrs. John E. Aruny
Michael C. Bennick, MD                  Arthur and Mary Ellen Lemay               The Honorable and Mrs. James A.
C. Bradford Bevers                      Sandra Leyton                                      Baker, III
The Bilco Company                       Dr. David M. and Elizabeth Doyle Lima     Beers, Hamerman & Company, PC
Dr. James H. Blume                      Dr. Charles and Nancy Lockwood            Vincent Boyle
Renato, Elaine and Amelia Bonoan        Thomas Lynch, MD and Laura Pappano        Charlotte Brenner
Nicholas F. Brady                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyons, Sr.         Hon. George H.W. Bush
Stephen and Camilla Brauer              William and Jean Mahoney                  Patricia A. Byrne
Dr. Gerard and Ann Burrow               Elisabeth and William Maley               C. A. White, Inc
Arina R. Cadariu, MD                    Manafort Family Foundation                Colgate-Palmolive Company
CAMA, Inc                               Mason, Inc                                Luis and Anne de Ocejo

Deceased †                                                                                                                 37
     Patricia Dewitt                      Daniel and Mary Anderson                 John A. Creatura, MD
     Michael Dimenstein                   Linda Anderson                           CRN Helping Hands
     Marcia Dobrowski                     Marcelle Applewhaite                     Edgar O. Crossman II†
     Douglas and Judith Doyle             Marjorie Ardito                          Nancy Cummins
     William H. Draper III                Louise Bahner                             John N. Daly
     Ronald G. Ebel, MD                   Bailey, Schaefer & Errato, LLC           Linda David, RN
     Eclipsys Solutions Corporation       Wilder D. Baker, Jr.                     Beverly and Joseph DeCato
     Ruth and Richard L. Edelson, MD      Jeff Baran, RN                           Marvin J. Deckoff
     Elias Family Charitable Trust        H. Douglas Barclay                       Ginny DeFilippo
     Dr. Jack and Sandra Elias            Tonya Barham                             Eileen Dehm
     Robert S. Evans                      Leonard Barraco                          Carolyn Deleo
     Mr. and Mrs. John Evenwel            William C. Baskin, Jr., Esq              Debra Dellamonica
     Fidelity Investments                 Bastians Countryside Day Spa             Louise-Marie Dembry, MD
     David S. Fischer, MD                 Olivia Bell-Brantley                     Alexandra Demou
     Rosemarie L. Fisher, MD              Beverly Belton, RN                       Simone Demou
     Christopher A. Forster               Stephen Bencivengo, Jr.                  Paul C. Dietche
     Colin Foster and Andrea Ryan         Tom Bender                               Denise DiMauro
     Frederick Frank                      Judith R. Benson                         John W. Dixon
     Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund      Nancy and Richard Bercik                 Diana Ellison
     Maurice Goodman, Jr.†                The Beryl Companies                      Alexander Cochran Ewing
     James A. Greer II                    Michael Richard Berman                   Dr. and Mrs. Michael Farber & Family
     Fred and Nancy Hassan                James Berner                             Jane Farrington and Michael Schaefer
     Henry G. Higdon                      Robin Bernstein                          Alisa and Peter Fay
     Helen W. Jones†                      Kenneth F. Bick                          Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fearon
     Andrew L. Kahn                       Robert B. Blanchard                      Peter L. Feldman
     Jane and James R. Kaplan             Barbara Blanko                           Dr. and Mrs. John E. Fenn
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Knapp         Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable      Jeffrey Finley
     Tunde Kovacs                                  Foundation, Inc                 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Flora
     Karl F. Krieger                      Jeanette and Francis Bogdan              David Friezo
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Lamont        Ann Marie Bonvini                        Virginia Ganucheau
     Lawrence Realty Co, Inc              Ann Marie and Robert Bonvini             Mr. and Mrs. David E. Gauley
     David Manaster                       David and Tanya Bottaro                  General Electric Foundation
     William M. McKenzie, Jr.             Matthew and Nancy Boyle                  Joseph Gerhard
     Michael and Lisa Parisi              Lynne and Edward Bradstreet              Millicent Gershon
     Patrisha Pellegrino-Triplett         Cynthia and Stephen Brenner, MD          Bruce Gerstman
     The Piselli Family                   Shelley Britt                            Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Getman
     Sharon Reed                          The Broadridge Foundation                H. Leland Getz
     Ritch, Greenberg & Hassan, PC, CPA   Jennifer Brown                           William and Susan Gill
     Earl J. Rusnak, Jr.                  Peter Bulkeley                           Pat and Gary Ginsberg
     Tahiry S. Sanchez, RN                Nancy and Jeffrey Busch                  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Girden
     Pamela Scagliarini                   Marilyn Butler, Christy Semmelrock and   Albert and Judith Glassenberg
     The Schaffer Family                           Friends                         Mr. and Mrs. Alton H. Gloer
     Edward C. Schmults                   Tracy Carafeno, RN                       Alfred Goldstein
     Gay G. Steinbach                     Mariane Carna                            John L. Gray, III
     The Freas Foundation, Inc            Jannie B. Carter                         John Grillo and Leah Colihan
     Leanne and David† Trout              Sylvia Carter                            Daniel Grogan
     Hon. George H. Walker III            Patricia and Dominick Caruso             Michael Gruner
     Elizabeth N. Welke                   Irma Ceccorulli                          Richard Guandalini
     Peter and Tammy Winter               Mark and Francesca Ceccorulli            William F. Guest
     Kent and Deborah Zergiebel           Melanie Champion                         Mr.† and Mrs. Anthony P. Halsey
     Jeffrey Zielinski                    Bernard and Claudette L. Chênevert       Lowell Kay Hansen
                                          Jeffrey and Jacqueline Clark             Mary E. Harris
     $1,000 to $4,999                     Cly-Del Manufacturing Company            Melody Harrison and John Esposito
     Anonymous                            Darcey Cobbs-Lomax                       Deb and Jack Hauser
     180 Varick Street Corporation        Ray and Eleanor Colacray                 Jack Hauser, MD
     Leon and Mary Ann Abramczyk          Leah Colihan and John Grillo             George J. Hill, MD
     Clark Adams, PA and Family           Anna Conley                              Hill and Valley, Inc
     Shirley and Clark Adams              Kathleen Connelly                        Betsy and Darryl Hine
     Christopher Adante                   Timothy Cooney                           Jeannette and Stephen Hodge
     Cecle and Josef Adler                Covidien                                 Matthew and Cheryl Hoey
     Jean Ahn and Jonathan Han            Cox Communications, Inc                  Maryrose Hoffman
     James and Martha Alexander           Benedict W. Cozzi                        Attorney and Mrs. John W. Hogan, Jr.
     American Medical Response            The Crane Family                         Jean Swint Holland

38   Deceased †
Sally Howell                            Alan and Jayne Mossberg                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schlesinger
James and Carole Hunt                   Kimberly C. Mule                        Gloria D. and George C. Schoolfield
Richard A. Hutchinson, Jr.              Kathryn Munroe                          Schwab Charitable Fund
International Union of Operating        Francis Murdica                         Kathleen Scott
         Engineers, Local 478           Kelli Naidorf                           Sedona Day Care & Learning Center,
Carey Irish                             Don H. Nelson                                    LLC
Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt, Dow & Katz PC   Sujing Nettland                         Sempra Energy Trading, LLC
Stephen Jaser and Sarah Jaser, PhD      Harry Nicholls                          Janet Serra
Elias Family Philanthropic Fund of      Kevin and Jacqueline Normoyle           Carl B.E. Shedd
         the Jewish Federation of       Salvatore J. Nuzzo                      Susan Sheehan, RN
         Greater Philadelphia           Craig and Laura Odermatt                Donald A. Sheff
Johnson & Johnson Family of             Nora O’Keefe                            Peggy Simonette
         Companies                      Peter O’Neill                           Aileen and Lee Sklar
Carol Just                              Panache Hair Salon                      Edward W. Sloan III, PhD
Richard Katz                            Nicholas and Judith Papale              Paul and Peggy Sowa
Kauffman Associates                     Victoria Parker-Orkins                  SPI Lighting, Inc
Robert and Caren Kauffman               Sanjay V. Patel, DPM                    Susan and Tom St. Onge
Brooks M. Kelley                        Thomas M. Pearce                        Catherine W. Stevens
 Marisa A. Kemp                         Lina and Jim Perrotti                   B. Corey Stone, Jr.
Frank L. Kennard                        Takia Perry                             Students for a Yale Cancer Center
William P. Kennard                      C. Paul Pesek                           Lisa Stump
Madeleine, Grayson and Jackson Key      Pet Supplies Plus of Connecticut XI,    Hope is Coming 5K Run
Susan King                                        LLC                           Marina Syrax
Philip and Charlotte Kinsella           Barbara Phelan                          Douglas Tabor
David Kogan                             Joanne Pinto                            Keith Tandler
Susanne and Thomas Koshis               Piselli Construction, LLC               Lynn Tanoue, MD
Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, PC           Dr. William J. Pite                     Geraldine L. Terrill
Robert Todd Lang                        Jody Platner                            Grant and Elizabeth Thompson
The Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation      Louis F. Polk, Jr.                      Joyce L. Thompson
Gillie and Murray Lender                George A. Poole, Jr.                    Peter C. Tittmann
The Murray Lender Family Foundation     John S. Potter, Jr.                     Edward D. Toole, Jr.
Reverend Margaret D. Lewis              Michelle Poynton                        Town Fair Tire Centers, Inc
Warren Lieberfarb                       F Herbert Prem, Jr.                     Per and Sherrie Trellevik
Louella Lieberman                       Richard and Barbara Pulie               Patsy and Richard Twohill
Zhenqiu Lin                             E. Leigh Quinn                          Kathleen Tynan-McKiernan
Michael Loftus                          Patricia and Joseph H. Raffin           United Way of Central New Mexico
Francine and Bob LoRusso                Maureen Raucci                          United Way of Greater New Haven
Murray Luftglass                        RBS Greenwich Capital Foundation, Inc   United Way of Tri-State, Inc
W. Bruce and Delaney H. Lundberg        Howard Reiter and Jody Ellant           Catherine Urbinati
Kenneth and Kathleen Lundgren           Dymari Reyes                            Emilia D. Van Beugen
Robert R. Lyman†                        Louis Reyes                             Mary Jane VanderWiede
Manic Productions                       Tamrah Riley                            Mami and George Varghese
The Carl Marks Foundation, Inc          Joan Rimar                              Charles Vaughn
JoAnn Massari                            John W. Roberts                        David Vinas
Gwendolyn Masselli-Morin                Tom Roche                               Vincent Vollero
Joel Massey                             Sonia Rochester                         Donald and Susan Waggaman
MassMutual Financial Group              Dr. Donald and Kathy Rocklin            Charles M. Waite
Michele Mastropetre                     Karen Rolli                             Louise Walker
Konrad and Gay† Matthaei                Lynda E. Rosenfeld, MD and Richard M.   Walter D. Sullivan Company, Inc,
Michael Matthews                                  Weiss                                  Mechanical Contractors
Pasquale M. Maturo                      Allison Ross                            John Wareck
Sanford E. McCormick                    Sarah Roumanis                          Steven and Elizabeth Weinstein
Susan McDonald                          Lucien Roy                              Ena Williams, RN, BS
Evyleen McGucken                        Anne Rubin, RN                          Michael and Judith Wood
Hobart A. McWhorter, Jr.                Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry & Design        William Woodburn
Medianet Digital                        Mark B. Russi, MD                       Jacqueline Wrinn
Mary Ann Meehan                         Victor and Barbara Russo                Yale Cancer Center
Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Mehuren            S.G. Milazzo and Company                Drs. Lawrence Young and Lynn Tanoue
Mercury Mortgage Services               Jane Safer                              Matthew Zawalich
James G. Mersereau                      Richard and Elizabeth Sansaricq         Robin Zenobi
Stephen and Stephanie Miklos            Robert Sarnecky
Dr. Mark and Stacey Milner              Marcie Scalia
Gina and Bret Morrow                    Susan and Neil Schiff

Deceased †                                                                                                            39
     $500 to $999                              Fannie† and Solomon† Elkin            Gretchen Lamprea
     Anonymous                                 Constance Engelking                   Hilary Laubach
     Dr. Ali Abu-Alfa and Leila Hachicho       Linda Evans-Willis                    W. Harmon Leete
     AJA Charitable Fund                       Paul and Stephanie Fappiano           James C. Leipold
     Andy Astrachan and Amy Wood               FCE Consultants, Inc                  Chelsea Lennon
     John and Dorothy Allen                    Jose and Jean Fernandez               Lighting Associates, Inc
     Sandra Amodio                             Ramon Figueroa                        Stephen and Susan Lindsey
     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Angeletti, Jr.     Mary Finan                            Bonnie and Kevin Liston
     Lori Antezzo                              Brenda Finoia                         Elizabeth Locke
     Susan Arbo-Givens                         Marilyn H. Forest                     James R. Loeb
     Kimberly Ardito                           Antonia Fourtin                       Albert and Barbara-Ann Lutz
     Michael Atwater                           Monica Fradkin                        Elizabeth Lynch†
     Robin C. Atwater                          Kathleen French                       Lisa and Joe MacDougald
     Samuel F. Babbitt, PhD                    Louis Friedman                        Geri and Ross Mahler
     Eileen and David Babbitz                  Teresa Fripp                          Linny Maldonado
     Stacy Bailey-Lombardi                     Terese Fritzell                       Miriam Maldonado
     Shepard W. Baker                          David and Nadine Gannon               Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Malinconico
     Danette Barnett                           Robert and Valerie Goldfein           Herbert and Lillian Malkus
     Brenda and Geoffrey Beard                 William R. Gombeski, Jr.              Ronald Mangano
     Lois Benis                                Senator Roy M. Goodman                Sandra and Francis A. Manning
     Bergen Community College                  Goodrich Foundation, Inc              George Manzo
     Donald David Berman                       Therese M. Goodwin                    Boris Maranets
     Paul Bernier                              Cheryl Granucci                       Alison and David Marquis
     Deborah and Charles Bielefield            Guilford High School                  James Martin
     Eunice, David, Lori and Cindi Bigelow &   Laura Hagfeldt                        Bill Mascolo
               Friends at Bigelow Tea          Lisa Hansen                           Richard and Kim Masterson
     Cheryl Bournique                          Harborside Healthcare Willlows        Kathleen Maturo
     Scarlett Wood Branham                     Meredith Harper                       Kevin McCaffrey
     Melisa Brereton-Esposito                  Merwin R. Haskel, Jr.                 Dr. and Mrs. William B. McCullough
     Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brown               The Hematology and Chemistry Labs &   Joseph McCullum
     Shelby Brundage                                    Intraoperative PTH Team at   Mark McGeehan
     Eileen Cain                                        Yale-New Haven Hospital      Cheryl Middagh
     Michelle Caputo                           Peter Holland                         Joyce Mockalis
     Maureen Carey                             Marie Ellen Hollfelder                Matthew Morgan
     Stacey Cartier                            Edward Hoopes                         Katherine Murphy
     Donna Caseria                             Joana Huff                            Karen Naccarato
     Nancy Cavallaro                           Pamela Hunt                           Jeremy and Nancy Nadelmann
     Lynn Cermola                              Robert B. Hutchison, III              Mr. and Mrs. Jude P. Napierkowski
     Elvire Charles                            Cheryl Hyder                          Amber Natusch
     Jean-Pierre Chateau                       In Demand, LLC                        Rhonda Naylor
     Chesapeake Lighting                       Telisha Jackson                       Suzanne Niglio
     Kathleen Chmura                           Colleen Jannitto                      Judy Nunes, PA
     Susanne Clark                             Dr. and Mrs. Peter Jatlow             Mary and Jim Oberhelman
     Crystal Clemons                           Amy Johnson                           William and Susan O’Brien
     Diane Collins                             Thomas Johnson, III                   Michael O’Donnell
     Donald Costa                              Diana Jones                           Victoria Ogbejesi
     Paula and David Crombie                   Paula Jurewicz                        Henry Okakpu
     Cynthia Dabbraccio                        Stanley H. Katz                       Dominic and Judith Palumbo
     David and Gina D’Agostino                 Eric Katz                             Joyce Pantalone
     Dalio Family Foundation, Inc              Kristaps J. Keggi, MD                 Diana and Bob Patruzo
     Lisa D’Alton                              Karryellen Elizabeth Kehoe, RNC,      Donald and Kristin Pawlitz
     Anthony Dawson and Catherine                       PPRN                         Denise Peacock
               Sutton-Dawson†                  Mrs. John O. Keim, Jr.                Otis P. Pearsall, Esq
     Michael DeAngelo                          Christine M. Kern                     Alaire and Joseph Perazella
     Neil Deluca                               Sharon Klein                          Jorge Pereira
     Tony Subtil, MD                           Richard Kleindienst, Sr.              Shirley L. Pinette
     David and Gina Depukat                    Fred Kleiner                          Elizabeth Poirier
     Timothy Derby                             Joann Knudson, MD and Tom Handler,    Letizia Posta
     Thomas J. Devine                                   MD                           Michael Potter
     Mario Donini                              Monica Konstantino                    Joann and Robert Poulsen
     Susan Doolittle                           Joseph Kosh                           Pratt & Whitney
     Leonard Dorissaint                        Dean Krynicki                         Maryellen Priebe
     Henry Dziekan                             Cassius Lamprea                       Thomas Pulie

40   Deceased †
Deborah Radowiecki                        Yanirabell Acosta, PCA                    Linda Coleman
Suzanne Riccio                            Ivy Agyarko                               Nanci Coleman
Barbara Richetelli                        Louise Albis                              Donna Collins, RN
Estherine Robinson                        Jane and Milo Altschuler                  Deborah and Bryan Conklin
James Rohan                               Karen E. Anderson                         Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists,
Frank Rovello                             Donna Andrews, RN                                   PC
Ngola Santos                              Association of American Medical           Gloria Cothran
Marie Sasso                                        Colleges                         Charles and Barbara Coudert
Nancy O. and James J. Satterwhite         Nadeen Atkinson                           Karen Coulter
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Savin              Azaleah Austin, RN                        Jacquelyn Crenshaw
Jennifer Schmidt                          Sandra Bacon                              Frank and Claire Criscuolo
Karen Scorel                              Diana Badamo                              Michael and Diane Crist
Lynn Sellers                              Honorine Bagwell                          William D. Dana, Jr.
Sesco Lighting, Inc                       Christopher Baillargeon                   Mark D’Antonio
Carol Sewell                              Janice Baker                              Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Davis
Susan A. Shiely                           Linton H. Baldwin                         Gerald Defelice
Michael Silecchia                         Cynthia Banuelos-Blessing                 Donna and Robert DeMarinis
Maurice Simon                             Bruna Banyas                              Patricia and Gary Deroy
Jean Smith                                Jennifer Barna, RN                        Frank and Cathy DeSocio
Sheila Smith                              Jennifer Bates                            Laura Devaux, RN
Susan Sousa                               John Beck                                 Peggy DeZinno
Philip J. Speller, MD                     Becton Dickinson and Company              Joyce Di Mauro
Gery W. Sperling                          Raymond Bell                              Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. DiGiovanna
Reva St. Hilaire                          Janna H.J. Bellwin                        Roberta Dinicola
Wynnett Stewart                           Michelle Benish                           Hon. Peter C. Dorsey
Lisa Strada                               Amy Bennett, RN                           Eleanor and Francis Dougherty
Staff of New Bridges/Washington South     Steven Benoit                             Lawrence Dunn
Edmund Sullivan                           Claudia Bonilla, RN                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Dunphy
Shawn Sullivan                            Jeannine Bradley                          Karl and Mary Beth Eckert
Donna Summers                             Irwin M. Braverman, MD                    John W. Eden
John Sward                                Richard Breier, MD and Lisa Freed, MD     Jamie and Thomas Emmanuel
Tamposi Foundation, Inc                   Bill and Billie Brown                     Anthony Enders
Thomas and Stefanie Tasso                 Paul R. Bruch, Jr.                        Odette Espaillat, RN
Ernest Tate                               Patricia Burke                            Sheryl Esposito
Wei Teng                                  Grace Burrell                             Fairfield Prep Alumni Lacrosse Club
The Parsons Family Foundation             Jeanie and Gregory Cacopardo              Anthony Fasulo
Qaya Thompson                             Mary-Jane Callahan                        Joel T. Faxon
Stacey and David Trachten                 Connell C. Cannon                         Cesaltina Ferreira
UBS Matching Gift Program                 Geraldine Carbone                         Paul and Melissa Fiorita
Christina Umlauf                          Eileen Carey                              The First United Church of Christ
Vanguard Charitable Endowment             Mr. Richard Carlo                         Margaret Fitcher
          Program                         Denise Carr                               Thomas Fleming, Jr.
Linda, Lisa, Jim, Laura, Lija and Alexa   Robert and Suzanne Carroll                Deborah Ford Flanel
          Vikmanis                        Carrubba, Inc                             Carol A. Forest
Linda and Gaetano Villano                 Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Carrubba           Maria Frentress
The Walden Family Charitable Fund         Michelle and Anthony Caserta              Deanna and David Friedman
Noble Welch                               Carol Cestaro                             Dr. William and Deborah Friedman
Leah Whelan                               Ellen Chapman                             Mary Catherine Gannon
Linda Wiener                              Rosita Ng Chi                             Sixto Garcia, RN
Drs. Shirvinda and Namita Wijesekera      Mark Chiaramonte                          Monica Gasperini, RN
Ruby Wilson                               Christian Woman’s League                  Christina Giannelli
Yale-New Haven Hospital,Volunteer         Jack and Bertie Chuong                    Carolyn and Paul Gillespie
          Services/Patient Relations      Bertie Chuong, RN, MSN                    Liliana Giordano
John Yarcusko                             Mr. and Mrs. Elias A. Clark               Barbara Goffredo
Tara Zembrowski                           Kenneth Clarke                            Goldman, Sachs & Company
Darlene and Remy Zimmermann               Donna Clayton                             Joann Golebiewski
Deborah B. Zyck                           Shannon Clement                           Kevin Gonzalez, RN
                                          Club Help - Chitra Nidadavolu, Kathleen   Susan Goszewski
$250 to $499                                       Nickson, Kristine Nickson,       Anne M. Goto
Iqra Abbas, RN                                     Melanie Greene, Erin Grady,      Rafelina Graham
Abbey National Employment Services,                Kaelyn Mostafa and Rakshana      Charles Grannick Jr. Memorial Fund
        Inc                                        Selvarajan                       Ruth B. Grannick
Glorivee Acosta, PCA                      Judy and Barry Cobden                     Frances Grindell, RN

Deceased †                                                                                                                 41
     Sonia Grizzle                            Samuel W. Meek, Jr.                Sandra Ryan
     Lorna Grohs                              Aida Melendez                      Ann Ryder, RN
     Patricia Gustaitis                       J. Edward Meyer III, Esq           Lori and Christopher Ryder
     Fannie Hardy                             Maria Meyerholz                    Lorena Salazar, RN
     Holly and Keith Hawkins                  Ben Miller                         Matthew and Susan Salomone
     Ronald† and Phyllis Hedberg              Kaprice Miller                     Lawton and Audrey Sargent
     Philip F. Hendel                         Elizabeth and Andrew Montelli      Charlene Sastre
     Jeffrey and Joyce Hendrickson            Justine Moore, RN                  Herb Savitt and Vivian Hyman
     Belen Hilario, RN                        Patricia Msadoques                 Jeffrey Schlegelmilch
     Tara Hoffman                             Richard Murdock                    Helen Schweidler
     Gilbert F. Hogan, MD                     Lorna Mutty                        Julie Seipel
     Michael Imevbore, MD                     Zenna Neal                         Lester Seligson
     Jennifer and Steven Isko                 Philip W. Ness, Jr.                Ronald and Dorie Shalagan
     Fatma Issa                               Roxanne Niblack                    Nellie Shepard
     Florence Jasudowicz                      Maureen Nickle                     Kathryn Skibek
     Jetcraft Corporation                     Steven Nivison                     Gary R. Smart
     Thomas and Sherry Kaczan                 Jack Novey                         Frederick Smiga
     Harold and Peggy Kamins                  Kevin O’Brien                      Ann Smith, RN
     Jane Kasper                              Dr. Charles and Leslie O’Connor    Cynthia Smith
     Harry and Carolyn Katzman                Elaine Ogle                        Leatrice Smith
     Blair Kavanagh, RN                       Marie-Alice O’Meally               Easton B. and Phyllis M. Smith
     Kevin Kelley                             Bianca Onofrio                     Virginia Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kemp              Natalie Ortoli-Drew                Priscilla Spada
     Diane Keogh                               Jill J. Parkosewich               Janine Spafford
     Lauren J. Kessler                        Judith Pasqualoni                  Jill Spatafore, RN
     John M. Kingsley, Jr.                    Paul Francis & Company             Maria Starno
     John B. Kirby, Jr.                       Jean Pawlich                       Mary Szondy
     Ken and Robin Kramer                     Carol Pawlush                      Bienvenido Tabuzo, Jr., RN
     Claire Krueger                           The Pawson Group                   Jeramy Tabuzo
     Nora Lacks                               Doug Payne                         Upkar and Niti Tandon
     Bonnie Landon, RN                        Lance Peatling                     Tauck World of Giving
     Bernard W. Lane and Dr. Janice           Jennifer Peccerillo                Nancy Tauscher
               Owens-Lane                     Joanne Pentino                     Denise Thibault
     Joseph and Theresa Lederer               People’s United Bank               Linda Thomas
     Lorraine A. Lee, RPh                     David Petric                       Mr. and Mrs. James Tyler
     Levin, Powers, Brennan & Shea, LLC       Nancy Picroski                     Gael Ulisse
     Mr. and Mrs. Alfons Libsch               Teresa Pienkos                     Adriana Valencia-Bedoya
     Bonnie and Kevin Liston                  Debra Pinto                        Lisa and Gus VanDerMaelen
     Cherisa Lloyd                            Platinum Worldwide Entertainment   Johanna Vazquez, RN
     William J. Logan, Jr.                    Joyce Poole                        Priscilla and Michael Verzi
     Aracelia Lopez                           Dianna Popolizio                   Nicholas Vitale
     Edward J. Lynch, III                     Mary Anne Poppa                    Robert G. Wahlers
     M. Laura Macaluso                        The Postyn Family                  Leslie Wallace, RN
     Diane Madore                             Laurie Prentice                    Lawrence and Sheila Wartel
     Ellen Makar                              Joseph and Maureen Prior           Donna Watkins
     Jasmine Manalo-Rooney, RN                Henry A. Pritzker, MD              Judith Watkins-Shapiro
     Charles and Patricia Marchesani          Bob Prota, LCSW                    Heather Watson
     Toney S. Marguy, Sr.                     Nicholas Proto                     West Michigan Lighting, Inc
     Sherri Martnick, RN                      Carrie Pyer                        Clayton Westermann
     Margaret Massaro                         Anthony Raccio                     Tyquanna Whitaker
     Alan and Hinda Massey, Donny and         Michael and Edith Rafferty         Linda White
               Shirley Halperin, Marvin and   Patricia Rapini                    Agatha Williams
               Bryna Gutkin, Jerry and Tina   Joanne Reilly                      John Williams
               Gutkin and Buddy and Helen     Dimitri and Julia Rellos           Patricia Worthy
               Mellon                         Sammy Reyes                        Yale-New Haven Hospital, Dept. of Care
     Susan Mastriano                          Vallerie Rivera, RN                          Coordination
     Prescott and Karen May                   Maria Robles                       Yale-New Haven Hospital, Information
     Barbara B. Mazzarella                    Ann Rogers                                   Systems & Technology
     Melissa McArdle, RN                      Mary and Robert Ross                         Department
     Karen McCausland                         RSCC Wire & Cable, LLC             Sandra and Joseph Zautra
     Sandra McNair-Boyd                       Dr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Ruben       Jason Zigmont
     Joan McNiel                              Kathleen Ruotolo, RN               Zimmer & Zimmer, PC
     Tracey Mead                              Edwin S. Ryan

42   Deceased †
$100 to $249                              Mr.† and Mrs. Giovanni Balisciano      Harriet and Jeffry Brand
Anonymous (2)                             William Balzer                         Kathleen and Quinton Brantley
Peter B. Aaronson                         Phil and Maxine Barbeau                Peter W. Brengel
Osama Abdelghany                          Jody Barbero                           Barry Breslof
Acton-Boxborough Regional High            Victoria Barnes                        Piper Brien
          School, Social Studies          Sherri Barnhill                        James and Holly Brink
          Department                      Sharon Henrietta Barrett, MD           Amy Brodeur
Lori Adair                                Thomas Barrett                         David and Geraldine Brohel
Joseph A. Adams                           Elizabeth Bartone                      The Brooks Group and Associates, Inc
Theodore and Audree Adams                 Teren D. Basel                         Jeanette Brooks
The Adegbile, Haskell and Pulie           Jenny Bataguas                         Josephine R. Broude
          Families                        Maria Batick                           Janet Brown
Andrea Adimando                           Mary Ann Battipaglia                   Tamara Brown
Louis A. Affinito†                        Margaret Bauer                         Rosa Browne
Olukemi T. Akande, MD                     Sharifatu Bawa                         Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brownell, Jr.
Joyce J. Albert                           Diana, Michael, Linda, Dana and Aunt   Mairi Bryan
Steve Albert                                       Betty Bechard                 Juliette Buccilli
Gloria Alfieri                            Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Bednar          Lyla Buckle-Natt
Bernard “Barney” Allen                    Alice Beeman                           Paul R. Buckley, Jr.
Karin Allen                               Justin Begley                          Stacia and Edward Bucnis
Jorge and Filipina Almeida                Carl, Audrey and Paul Behuniak         Alfreda Ann Burblis, RN, EdD
Dr. Luis and Mrs. Sheila Alonso           Ellen Weber Bell                       Donna Burke
Alpha Kappa Sigma Fraternity              Patrina Bell                           Jean Burkus†
Robyn and Dan Alsop                       Darrell Bellamy                        Paula Burns
Alstom Power, Inc - Co-Workers Jeff       Dr. Morton and Linda Bender            Bushka Lumber & Millwork Co, LLC
          Rode, Walter Gill, Richard      Cheryl Bennett                         Gracia Bustamante
          Ward, George Pyzocha,           Martha Benzel                          Eric Cabie
          Michael Dull, Sam Mikus,        Ronald Benzi                           Sandra Cacace
          Frank Macri, Todd Kratzer and   N. B. and Francine Berg                Diane and Thomas Calello
          Stephen Thresher                Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Berg            Barbara H. Callachan and Family
Alstom Power Quality Department           Suzanne, Frank, Evan and Sydney        Carol A. Callahan, DPM
Audrey Alston                                      Bergman                       James D. Callery
Paul Altieri                              Nelson and Louise Bernabucci           Karen Cameron
James A. Ambrosio                         Fior Berroa                            Susan Campagna
Amgen Med Comm                            A. Diane and William Betts             Robert and Marina Campbell
Harvey Anderson†                          Cornelius Bevis                        Harold and Shirley Candee
Lillian Anderson                          Dr. Harvey and Deborah Bezahler        John E. Cannon
Mary-Anne Anderson                        Stephanie and James Bilskis            Christopher M. Cannon
Annette Andrews                           Henry and Margaret Birman              Ronda Capello
Dana and Annette Andrews                  William and Katherine Birney           Tasheen Caple
Ann Angotto                               Sherrie and Jeffrey Bitterman          Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Capozzi, Sr.
David V. Annunziata                       Jacqueline Blake, Esq                  Captain’s Galley Restaurant
Danielle Antalffy                         James E. Blake                         Captain’s Galley Restaurant, Patrons
Sherly Antony                             Monique Blake                                    and Employees
Apex Pharmacy & Home Care Center,         John G. Blakesley                      Marie Carattini-Bancroft
          LLC                             Helen and Siobhan Blank                Joseph and Deanna Carbone
Edward and Susan Apuzzo                   Josh and Jackie Blau                   Carbutti Law Firm, LLC
Arbella Insurance Group                   Margaret and John Block                Patricia and Daniel Carey
Matthew J. Ardas, Jr.                     Blumenthal Squire & Blanck             Mary Ann and John Carmody
Lisa Arneth                               Ronald Bokine                          Adela de Loizaga Carney
Sarah Arnold                              Carol Bonapace                         Molly Carr
Ian Arroyo                                Joseph and Sandra Bonatti              Karen Carriero
Reverend Susan L. Asher                   Kelly Bonito                           Richard and Nancy Carroll, Jayne E.
Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Inc         Henry and Susan Bonner                           Carroll, Mary Catharine
Sharon Attin                              Joyce and Sanford Bookstein                      Colburn & Marguerite B. Smith
Sharon Attin                              Sarah Borgerding                       Jim and Marcia Carruthers, Jess
Nancy Atwood                              Jean G. Bortner                                  Monson, Jerri and
Paul and Violet Austin                    Susanne and Joe Bowery                           WalterDittmann & Susan and
Tammy Austin                              Ralph† and Debbie Bowley                         Dove Slojkowski
Joseph Avitable                           William and Lucille Bozelko            Mr. and Mrs. George P. Carter
Alicia Ayala                              Mary and Charles D. Bradley            Michael Carucci
Walter Bailey                             Cornelia Bradley†                      Nancy Carvalho-Considine
Frank Balisciano                          Allan Braman

Deceased †                                                                                                                 43
     Rosemary Cassidy and Vince                Peter D. Culbertson                      Durant, Nichols, Houston, Hodgson &
               Frankovich                      Pamela Cullen                                      Cortese-Costa, PC
     Darlene Castillo                          Sharon M. Cullen                         The Durol Company
     Gerardo Castro                            Katherine Cunningham                     Patricia Dwy
     Marilyn and David Cataldo                 Nancy and Roger Cunningham               Linda Dwyer
     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cavallaro            Orlaith Cunningham                       E Discovery Digital
     Myrna Ceccorulli                          Paul and Kathryn Cuozzo                  Carol Edwards
     Kathy Cech                                Jeffrey Curran                           The Eggert Family
     Joseph E. Celentano, Sr. Trust            Lewis Perry Curtis, Jr.                  Alix Elkin
     Lorraine Cetran                           Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel N. Cusanelli        Elliott Merrill Community Management
     Richard M. Chapman                        Kim Czepiga                              Elaine Ellis
     Joyell Chavez                             Beverly Dachenhausen                     Frederick Elmy and Lisa Johns-Elmy
     Chesapeake Health Education               Martin Dagata                            Robert C. Ely
     Shannon Childs                            Dick and Mary Dalling                    Dan and Mickey Emery, Sophie
     David and Catherine Christensen           Giovanna D’Amelia                        Dawidczyk, The Kirchon Family &
     Reverend Douglas G. and Christine J.      Michelle D’Amore                                   Theresa
               Christgau                       Joseph Danko                             David and Elaine Emery & Family
     Rose Ciardiello                           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. D’Antonio        Energy Wise Insulation Co, Inc
     Anna Cierpisz                             Friends at DataViz,Inc                   Engineered Representation, Inc
     Peter and Jacqueline Cimini               Nevenka Daupern†                         Serle M. Epstein, MD
     Joel D. Cirkot                            Doreen Sestito Davidge                   Dorothy A. Erickson
     Michael and Lisa Civitillo                Peg and Don Davidson                     Dolores Errity
     Carole Claps                              James and Lucille DeJesus                Americo E. Esquibies, MD
     Rochelle Clementson                       Sarah Delaney                            Marc and Lynn Estra
     Clinton Country Club                      Rosemary Delisle                         Evaluation Associates
     Cobblestone Square Apartments             Jan Delnero                              Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PC, Staff
               Company                         Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Deloughery           Fairfield Prep Alumni Lacrosse
     Eileen Cohen                              Marcelle DeMarco                         Thomas Fedora
     Judith Cohen                              Anthony DeMeo                            Marylyn Fernandez
     Marci Cohen                               Michele Dempsey                          Dr. and Mrs. Howard D. Fink
     Morris and Gloria Cohen                   Sandra DeNovellis                        Gina Finley
     Philip and Clio Coles                     Michael and Lori DePaola                 Linda L. Fiore
     Gilbert Colgate, Jr.                      Patrick A. DePaolo, Sr.                  First Light
     Elaine Collake                            Department of Veterans Affairs           Paul D. Fischer, MD
     Anne-Camille Collin-Hersh                 Professor Joseph H. de Rivera            Barbara Fitch
     Liz Collins, Pam Mathews, Maria Dio,      Donald and Barbara DeRosa                Janice Fletcher-Yarson
               Leslie O’Connor, Beth Klink,    Jack and JoAnn DeRosa                    Marie J. Follo
               Betty Hagan, Kathy O’Connell,    Jody Lynn Destefanis                    Sherrill Forbes
               Evy Siegal, Helen Barnes, and   Craig Diangelo                           The Foulkrod and Alcorace Families
               Deborah Libman                  Kagin DiBella                            Peter Fowler
     Marge and Tom Condon                      Carlo and Maria DiMeo                    Dennis and Christi Fowler
     John Cone                                 Margaret and Gary Dimmick                Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Fragola
     Congregation of Shalom                    Ma Salud Dio                             Carl Fraleigh
     Connecticut Light & Power Company         Michael and Kathleen DiRocco             David A. Frank, MD, PhD
     Harold R. Connelly, Jr., DDS              Tracy Distefano                          Wilma Frank-Ryan
     Connecticut Court Reporters               Eric and Lori Diton                      Jane and Joe Frattaroli
               Association                     Diversified Cross Street, LLC            Samantha Friedman
     Connex Credit Union                       Karen Dohna                              Alma Friedrich
     Scott and Nancy Conover                   Richard and Emilia Donahue               Frontage Partners, LLC
     Hillary Converse                          Arthur C. Doran, Jr.                     Mr. David Fryberger, PhD
     Alan H. Cooper, DDS                       Diane Dowd, Carolyn Behram and           Frank and Josie Fulhan
     Michael Cortigiano                                 Dorothy Hirchak                 Charles E. Fulkerson, Jr.
     Marianne Cosgrove                         Denise Draffan                            Daniel J. Furst
     Sarah Coulter                             Jenna Driscoll                           Barbara Gaab
     Melissa and Kevin Cox                     Inge H. Druckrey                         Anne Gabriel
     Douglas Cram                              Kate Duddy, Lesley Klein, Emily Grant,   Megan Gaffney
     Tom and Gerry Creamer                              Jennifer Davidow and Carrie     Lynne Gainnotti
     Mrs. Edmund S. Crelin                              Evans                           Nancy and Richard Gallerani
     Karen Crisci                              Edward and Suzann Duffy                  Bonnie Garcia
     David and Victoria Crompton               Judi Duffy                               S. P. Garg and Dr. Asha S. Garg
     Renee Croog                               Patrick R. Duffy, Jr., MD                Katherine Garlin-Kane
     Mary S. Crooks                            Richard Dunham                           Bonita Garone
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cubeta                                                        Robert and Mary Ellen Garvey

44   Deceased †
Joann Gaudioso                         Krisha Hegde                          Dawn Kapinos
Mary Gauld                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hegel            Doreen and Steve Karabeinikoff
Cynthia Gavin                          Heidell Pittoni Murphy & Bach, LLP    Martin W. Kasischke
Holly Gaydos                           Douglas Hellmann                      Richard Kasprzycki
Bruce S. Gelb                          Georgina Hendrick                     Michelle, Scott and Phoebe Kastin
Dorothy Gemmell                        Mr.† and Mrs. Philip D. Hercz         Cheryl Kaszeta
Daniel Gentile                         Larry K. and Sandy Hertell            David and Stacey Katz
Ann Geoghegan                          Claudia Heyman                        Lee D. Katz, MD and Lauragene Lyons
Mary Ghaly                             Charlotte Hickey                      James and Melissa Keane
Susan Giacomara                        Roberta L. Hines, MD                  Thomas J. Keane
Laura Giambrone                        Harriette Hirsch                      Allen and Beverly Keesen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Giannino        Joram Hirsch, Esq                     Robert and Christel Kehoe
Kip and Deborah Gienau                 Marilyn W. Hirsch                     Margie Kelley
Erika Giglio                           Cindy Hoboken                         Colleen Kelly
Gary and Sheri Gilchrist               Gloria Hoder                          Mary E. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Gildersleeve   Nancy M. Hoey                         William D. Kemp†
Carla Giles                            Larry and Deborah Hoffman             Jason Kemp
Joanne and Jack Gill                   Ann E. Hogan                          Maureen and Harold Kennedy
Terry Gill                             Martha Hogan                          Lauren J. Kessler
Noreen Glaski and William Tackach      Thomas Hoke                           Louis and Marie Kessler
Albert Glassenberg                     Mr. and Mrs. William Holler           King Philip Regional High School
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gobrecht        June W. Holmes                        Steve Kitchen
Mr. and Mrs. Zelly Goldberg            Carol and Ted Hoponick                Lynn D. and Edward C. Knapp
Voula Golfis                           Nicolas Houghton                      Knights of Columbus, St. Joan of Arc
Dr. and Mrs. Caleb Gonzalez            Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Howard                  10477
Dr. David and Sandra Goodkind          Thomas and Joanne Howe                Kenneth Knowlton
Therese M. Goodwin                     Lori Hubbard                          Linda and Michael Koch
R. Schuyler Goodwin IV                 Regina Hunnicutt                      Julie Kohler
Dr. Martin E. Gordon                   Geraldine T. Hunt                     Koller Craft Plastic Products
Bill Gordon                            Dwayne Hunt                           James and Sandra Kovach
Noreen Gorero                          Eleanor Hunt                          Robert Kraft
Anne Gormley                           Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Hunt          Jan Kreitler
Oscar Gottscho                         Stephen J. Huot                       Vyto and Shige Kronkaitis
Donna J. Gramolini                     Richard A. Hutchinson, Jr.            Cathi Kroon
Theresa Grant                          Richard J. and Suzanne Hyman          Julia Lacey
Amelia A. and Albert Grasso            I.G.A.S. CT Chapter                   Gary Lachance, DMD
Judith A. Grasso                       Andrea Iacomacci                      Louise and Frank E. Ladden
Marie Helene Gratton                   Maryann Iadarola                      Mengqing Lai
Hank and Louise Graver                 Maryann Iannotti                      Tenzin Lama
Vernette Gray                          In Focus Optical                      Jude, Victor and Victor A. Lamberti
Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce     Bonnie Indeck                         Lillian and Victor Lamberti†
Edwin and Eileen Greenberg             Charles S. Ingersoll                  Karen Lamy
Steven and Francesca Greene            Sarah Ingraham                        Dr. Craig and Maribeth Landau
Sylvia Greene                          Ironworkers Local Union 424           Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Lang
Gordon and Susan Gregoretti            Aiman Issa                            David and Linda Langley
Greg and Susan Groh                    J & S Bookstein Foundation            Jack and Kathy Lapolla
Robert and Deborah Gross               Stephen W. and Nancy Jackson          Heidi Larson
Cheryl Guliuzza                        Sis and Howard Jacobs                 Mary Lau
Alfred Gwilliam                        Rebecca G. and Susan E. Jacobson      Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Laudano
H. D. Segur Insurance                  Elizabeth Jacovino                    Andrew P. Laudano, Jr.
Janifer Hailey                         John and Madelyn Jannitto             Valerie and Ronald A. Lauderdale
Hamilton Connections                   Jarett M. Crooks Architects, LLC      Laugeni Family Foundation, Inc
Susan Hanson                           Robert and Carole Jeffries            A. Roy and Diana Baker Lavik
Jack Harmon                            Donna Jersey                          Lewis R. M. Lawrence
Hart Industries                        Johnson Memorial Hospital, Dept. of   Fonique Lazarre
The Hartford Insurance Group                    Surgery                      LCS Management, LLC
Donna and David Harvey                 Joseph Johnson                        David C. Leake, PA
Bob and Carol Haskell                  Gabriel and Veronica Johnston         Glenda Leake
Christine and Greg Hauser              Karen G. Jones                        Hyun Hwa Lee
Maribeth Hayes                         Robert Jones                          Suzanne Lemoine
Healthcare Technology Group, LLC       Lacey Jordan                          Catherine T. Lepper
Katherine Hearn                        Ann Marie Julian                      Valerie Leshane
Drs. Suzanne and Craig Hecht           Andrea and Richard Kaman              Letizia, Ambrose & Falls, PC

Deceased †                                                                                                          45
     Linda and Christopher Letz             Cheryl Mayeran                           Donald and Sheila Morrison
     Jerome M. LeWine, Esq                  Terrell and Merilah Mays                 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Moseley
     George and Barbara Lind                Louis and Katherine Mazzucco             Barbara Mott
     Jean Yves Lindor                       Ashley McArthur                          Mr. and Dr. Wojtek Sosnowski
     Edward Linehan                         Mary Lou and Joseph McCabe               Augusta Mueller
     Lynette Lines                          T. Robert and Phyllis McCarron           Carlyn Mueller
     David and Janice Lipka                 McCarthy Heating Oil Service, Inc        Bahiyah Muhammad
     Timothy Liston                         Laura McCarthy                           Christine Mulqueen
     Liturgical Publications, Friends and   Kelly McCollough                         Eugene Mulvaney
              Colleagues                    Laura McCoombs                           Holly Mulvey
     Linda T. Lo Cascio                     Mrs. James McCormick                     Nancy Munson
     Gale and Chet Loch & Piper and John    Thomas and Betty McDonald                Mary Murphy
              Caramanica                    Daniel and Maryellen McGrath             Rebecca Murphy
     Thornton C. Lockwood                   Susan and Bartholomew J. McHale          Evanna Baldwin Murray
     Audrey Y. Loe                          Gloria McHugh                            Karen Murray
     Yollanda London                        Helena McKee                             Eileen and James Mydosh
     Long Sales Agency, Inc                 George C. McKinney                       Sharon and Frank Nagy
     The Longo Families - Americo &         Gertrude McKitterick                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Napolitano
              Antoinette, Nick, Anthony &   Kelly McNamara-Diorio                    George Narvaez
              Linda, Michael & Genice and   Lisa McNellis and Kim Root               Letitia (Letty) Nastri
              Children                      Edward and Jennene† McSweegan            Nathan Hale School
     Claudia Lopez                          John A. Mead                             Lauren Negri
     Barbara and Carleton Loucks            Medical Research Associates, LLC         Nevada Sales Agency
     Ellen D’Andrea Loura                   Ephrem Medina                            Charles W. Nicolson
     Kathryn Lovejoy                        Kathryn Medina                           Nicholson Associates, Inc
     Gregg Loveland                         Rinaldo J. Mele                          Nick’s Char Pit Employees
     Antoinette Lowell                      Dee Melio                                Nancy Nickless
     Mary F. Lowery                         Joseph and Kathleen Mengacci             Concetta Nicolosi
     Joe Lowery, Jr.                        Munaf Merchant                           Kathleen and Thomas Niezelski, Jr.
     Cynthia Lowman                         Merchant’s Association of Florida, Inc   Lucille Niles
     John Lufrano                           Lisa Mercugliano                         Rocco and Lisa Nisivoccia
     Joan Lyke and Al Acampora              Anthony and Dana Merola                  Theresa Noreika
     Karen Lynch                            Merrill Lynch & Co Foundation, Inc       North End Club
     Timothy Mack, RRT                      John and Marianne† Metcalf               Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Staff
     J. Thomas Macy                         Metlife Auto and Home                              and Board of Trustees
     Madison Youth Football                 Herbert and Margery Meyer                Harold Obstler
     Susan Madsen                           Trenneth E. Meyers MDiv, BCC             OCE North America
     Barbara Maillard                       Virginia Michalko                        Suzanne and Dennis O’Connell
     Julia Portilla Majeski                 Milford Pediatric Group, PC              Dolores O’Connell, DMin
     Nellie Malchiodi†                      Allison Millar                           Richard and Louise Odermatt
     Jeffrey Malcolm                        John R. Miller                           Elizabeth A. Ofori-Mante, MD
     Mary Malcolm                           Lee Ann Miller                           Evelyn Ojeda-Diaz
     John and Carolyn Malkin                Alfred and Alicia Millington             Jane G. Olejarczyk†
     Dr. Marc E. and Margaret Mann          Matthew Milner                           John V. Olejarczyk
     Ziaul Mannan                           Amanda Mincey                            Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Oneglia
     Frances Mantiglia                      Mizuho USA Foundation, Inc               Jorge and Consuelo Oporto
     Carol Marci                            Sheryl Molaskey Jones                    Jillian Orlando
     Robert Marcinek and Alison Smith       Evelyn and Ralph Mollet                  Rae and Rocco Orlando
              Marcinek                      James W.M. Monde                         Jerry and Maxine Orum
     Vicky Mariconde                        Cheryl Monde                             Angela Osorio
     Karen Marini                           Paula and George Montano†                John Pagano
     Maria Marini                           Enzo and Irene Montesi                   Rae Ann Palmer
     John and Tina Marino                   Tamira Montorsi                          Janis Panagrossi
     Marketing Communications, Inc          Barbara Mooney                           Roger Panaguiton
     Peter E. Marone, Jr.                   Deidre Moore                             Lisa Panczak
     Edward J. and Anna M. Martini          Joan M. Moore                            James Panichella, Jr.
     Ronald Masiero                         Roberta Moran                            Grace and Dick Pantano
     Elissa Mastrangelo, RN                 Richard Moreau                           Alison Parillo
     Carmel Mastroianni                     John and Elisabeth Morgan                Dr. Janet Parkosewich
     William Matteson                        Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Moritz              Stephen and Jill Parkosewich
     John J. Maturo                         Kevin Morley                             Eric and Marilyn Parnes
     Gilberta Barroco Mauro                 Stephanie Morriar                        Brian and Marycatherine Parr
     MaxQ Technologies                      Paula Morris                             Ralph and Barbara Parson

46   Deceased †
Steven and Maryann Pascarella        RC Knox & Company                       Melanie Savage
Rhonda Pattberg                      Edward and Madelyn Reddy                John and Anita Savides
George and Elisabeth Patterson       John R. Reese, Esq                      Douglas Scales
Paul Patton                          Mr. and Mrs. John Reese                 Albert and Marie Scharf
Maribeth Pauli                       The Reeves Family                       Ron and Linda Schauwecker
John† and Elaine Pavlik              Reliable Tool & Die, Inc                Dr. and Mrs. Christian Scheps
PCI Medical, Inc                     Joan Remaly                             Steven Schneider
Evan and Katie Pelaccia              Carl and Loretta Rennie                 Rosemarie Schroeder
Human Resources at People’s United   Bonnie and Louis Rescignano & Gina      David Schultz
         Bank                                 and Ken Mitchell               Frank Schwab, Jr.
Paul and Arlene Pepin                Respironics                             Eugenie Schwartz
Maureen Perachio                     Respironics, Marketing                  Caroline Scorel
Anna Perillo                         Communications                          Cheryl Scott
Melissa Perna                        Department                              Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scovel
Tasha Perregaux                      Gail and Sandy Ressler                  Rita and Richard Seclow
Maria Perugini, RN                   Randolph E. Richardson                  Gloria Sesler
Cynthia Peterson                     Ridgewood High School Class of ‘41 -    Alexandra Shamyer
Edward and Susan Peterson                     “Girls Group”                  Anthony Shaw
Petra Construction Corporation       Kathleen and Leonard P. Rienzi          Beverly Shaw
Robert E. Petsinger                  Steven and Heather Rigatti              Edward Shea
James R. Picone                      Heidi Rillstone                         Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Shea, Sr.
Walter Pieper                        Jeannette Rios                          Petra B. Shearer
Karen K. Pineman                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Riscica            Kaye and Art Sheehan
Manuel and Christina Pires           Diane and Louis Ritucci                 Roy G. Sheldon
Denise Piselli                       Anne Marie Rivard                       Kirk H. Shelley, MD, PhD
Lauren and Kevin Pollio              Barbara A. Roach, MD                    Mary Jo Shepard
Pomperaug Social Club                Gary Robbins                            Sahel Shwayhat
Christopher Ponzio                   Heidi Roberts                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Siderowf
Gina Poole                           Patricia Roberts                        Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Siegmund
Jarry and Margaret Popel             Susan Robforgel                         Marilyn Signor
Pasquale Porto                       Ed and Donna Rocco                      Edward Silva
Julie Potack                         Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable             Inetta Silva
Fred and Rita Potter                          Corporation                    Barbara and Raymond Simon
Andrea G. Powell                     Rebecca Rode                            Ron Simon
Carol A. Powell                      Arlene and Warren Roman                 Mary Sliwinski
Donald C. Pranulis and Karen         William Rosenblatt and Jeanne Steiner   The Smalley Family
         Cianciola-Pranulis          Kathryn G. Ross                         Smilow Cancer Hospital Operating
William W. Prentiss                  Rita-Marie Rossetti                               Room Staff
Mary Press                           John and Deborah Rota & Family          Irving Smirnoff, Esq†
Estella Presswood                    Rotary Club of Newington                Peter N. Smith
Jerome Priest                        Michael Roth                            Fred G. Smith
Pamela Pronto                        Ronald and Barbara Roth                 Angela Smith
Stephen V. Prota                     Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Roth              Reverend Geoffrey C. Smith
David Proto                          William Rourke                          Professor John E. Smith
Claire Puklin                        Angela Rowley                           Penny Smith
Mark Puklin                          James and Judith Royster                Sherry Smith
Sherri and Chris Pulie               Ted Rozenwald                           William Smith
Laura and Richard Pulie              Sheila Rubin                            Solvay-Geddes Rotary Club
Juliann and Robert Pulie             Marjorie Ruiz                           Ana Sostre
James Pulie                          Heather Russell Milici                  Leonard Sousa
Margaret and John Queenan            Roseann Russo                           Nancy Funt Spector
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Quiniconi          Audrey and Richard Ruttkamp             Spectrum Healthcare
R.C. Lurie Co, Inc                   Kevin and Christine Ryder               Patrick D. Spinola
Cheryl Raab                          Michael J. Saccardi                     Andre Spitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Rafferty      Walter and Anne Shirley Sachs           Maria Spodick
Donald Ragozzine                     Dianne Sagnella                         Brandy Spruill
Ralph E. Hull Funeral Home, Inc      Frank and Evelyn Sainz                  Edith L. Spruill
Sergio and Maria Ramirez             Sharon A. Sanford                       Bethany Sprung
Christina Rao                        Sebastian J. Santacroce                 Marilyn St. George
Carol Rascati                        Sheyla Santana and Joe Marranca         Patricia Stacy
Malcolm and Barbara Rashba           Florecita Santos                        Gregory J. Stamos
Norman and Harriet Rashba            Sargis Associates, Inc                  Carol Stec
Mr.† and Mrs. Gregory F. Raucci      Brenda Sarosario                        J. Roger Stemen

Deceased †                                                                                                      47
     Erich and Katherine Riker Sternberg   Gary W. Volz, D.MD                    Paul Holmes
     Anne Stevens                          Paul, Cheryl and Taya Voronko         Hope is Coming 5K Run
     Thomas E. Stevens, Jr. †              Victor and Florence Voronko           Cornelia K. Kavanagh
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Sting          Dr. Jeffrey A. and Cindy Wagner       Paul K. Kelly
     Edward D. Stone, Jr. †                Dinny and Charles Wakerley            Kevin Hall Design
     Enid Stone                            Roger A. Wales                        Patricia Laspino
     Kathleen Stoppel                      Carol J. Walker                       Ray and Pam Mathews
     Robert G. Stout, MD                   Mary Augur Wallace                    Margot Nimiroski
     Jeffrey M. Strauss                    Anne B. Wasko                         Panera Bread Company
     Edward A. Strenkowski                 Jane C. Waters                        Deborah Quinn-Munson
     Milton and Carole Strobel             Nancy Waubdy                          Sound Runner
     Walter M. Stuhr                       David R. Webster, Jr. †               Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
     Tracy Sturrock                        Bev and Manny Weinberg                Cheever Tyler
     Eleanor D. Suden                      Marvin Weinberg                       Cheryl E. Warrick
     Claudia Suech, RN                     Beryl B. Weinstein†                   Laura West
     Emmett Sullivan                       William Welch
     Gina Marie Sylvain                    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Wells          All donations to the Smilow
     Arthur and Barbara Tacinelli          David Wengert
                                                                                 Cancer Hospital Campaign will be
     The Taft School                       West Haven B.P.O.E. 1537
     Vincent and Catherine Tammaro         Westport Police Athletic League       acknowledged in a special report to
     Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS and Sunanda   Barbara A. Wexelman, MD               be published at the conclusion of
              Muralee, MD                  Marian Fox Wexler                     the Campaign.
     Shirley and James Tamposi             Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. White
     Rocky Tang                            Glenda White                          Smilow Cancer Hospital Campaign
     James Taravella and Family            Steven and Ana White
     Louis Travella and Family             Wilcox Fuel, Inc                      Committee Members
     Teresa Taylor                         Bruce and Karen Williams
     Rosalina Teixiera                     Margaret Williams                     Mr. Charles Andriole
     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Teodosio      Mary and Norman Willmott              Mr. Jonathan Bush, Co-Chair
     Carla Thomas                          Jo-Ann Wilson                         Mrs. Josephine Bush, Co-Chair
     Cynthia Thomas                        Dorothy and Chris Winkle              Mr. Richard A. Capobianco
     Robert Thompson                       George B. Winter                      Mrs. Debra Chênevert, Co-Chair
     Eric Tichy                            William Winterer                      Mr. Louis Chênevert, Co-Chair
     Dong Denise Tien                      Edward L. Wise                        Mr. Charles F. Chiusano
     Mary Tirozzi                          Linda Witalis                         Dr. Edward Chu
     Maria Tomasetti                       Helen Wolstenholme, Patricia          Dr. Vincent T. DeVita
     Nancy Tommasini                                 Wolstenholme and Jeanne     Ms. Geraldine Foster
     Patricia Toohey                                 Ruyack                      Dr. Peter Glazer
     TopCoder, Inc                         Jill and Jack Woodilla                Mr. Robert A. Haversat
     Alfred Tosetti                        Jim Wright                            Dr. Peter Herbert
     Gerrit and Virginia Towle             Qing Jiang Wu                         Mrs. Betty Ruth Hollander
     W. Sibley Towner                      Robert and Michele Wunsch             Mrs. Helaine Lender, Co-Chair
     The Tracy Family                      Yale-New Haven Hospital,              Mr. Marvin Lender, Co-Chair
     Travelers Insurance Company                     Compensation and Benefits   Ms. Peyton Patterson
     Rita Trayner                                    Staff                       Mr. Joseph R. Perella
     Susan and Harold Trischman            Yale-New Haven Hospital, Surgical     Dr. Joseph Piepmeier
     Lisa Truini-Pittman                             Pathology Lab Staff         Mr. Russell S. Reynolds, Jr.
     Elizabeth Tuach                       Judith Yoia                           Mr. Stephen Riker
     Fred Turnbull                         Jeannette and Thomas Young            Dr. Clarence T. Sasaki
     Arthur Turpin                         John A. Young                         Dr. Peter Schwartz
     Santo Tutino                          Deborah and Michael Zahornacky        Deborah Thomas, PhD
     Dennis and Joan Tutor                 Peggy and PJ Zeller                   James A. Thomas, Esq
     Michael A. Ulick                      Jean Zimkus                           Mr. Pete Wright
     David and Marcia Valente              Ann B. Zimmer                         Mr. James Zielinski
     Ann Valentino                         Dee Zimmerman
     Douglas Vaughn, MD                    Dr. Howard and Linda Zonana
     Frances Veiga                         Karen and Jerry Zrenda
     Corinne Versage
     Charles and Marianne Veth             Gifts In Kind
     Giuseppina Violano                    Ian Cunningham
     Mary Visnic                           Susan Farricielli
     Michael and Diane Viveiros            Dr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Freedman
     Adele H. Volpe                        Sandy Garvin

48   Deceased †

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