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                 Rotary Global Peace Forum: Workshop Descriptions

The Generation Waking Up Experience
Cherine Badawi
The Wake Up is an interactive, multimedia workshop about the challenges and opportunities of our
time, and inspires participants to take meaningful action toward a peaceful, just and sustainable world.
Through music, powerful videos, dynamic group processes, and engaging conversations, participants
explore the critical questions facing society today. In 3 hours, participants are given an opportunity to
discover a new sense of self and purpose, as members of a generation and a movement that can
transform our world.

Peace Through Aloha: A Story of the Waikalua Loko Fish Pond
Herb Lee
The workshop will present the story of a 400 year old ancient Hawaiian fishpond on Oahu. The practice
of Aloha ‘Aina and how one “connects to place, to each other and to self” will be shared through stories
of adversity, perseverance, patience and Aloha. Workshop participants should leave ready to share
their own connection to place through stewardship, education, cultural awareness and innovative
partnerships and discover their own Peace through Aloha.

Is NonKilling World Peace Possible?
Glenn Paige
Is nonkilling world peace possible? If not, why not? If yes why? The workshop through dialogue invites
Rotarians and youth to clarify obstacles and question the prevailing assumptions that humans are
killers by nature and that nonkilling societies and the abolition of war are impossible. Why a nonkilling
approach to peace and life?

Convergent Religious Paths
Saleem Ahmed
With Rotarians internationally being broad-minded and successful individuals, this could lead to several
educational and outreach activities globally, involving both youth and adults, to promote the concept
that it is the same Reality in all religions. This might possibly break down the “religious divide” faster
than other actions tried thus far.

Smart Hearts Don’t Bully
Jim Meyer
Workshop leaders will use fun songs, anecdotes and real life stories to present a new approach to
bullying with the 7 principles of The IM4U Smart Hearts Program. This is a new teaching tool for
parents and teachers that assists young children in learning and experiencing the fundamentals of
living in community with equanimity.

Peace Through Community Collaborative Theatre
Terri Madden
Societies flourish when members know and respect one another. Community Collaborative Theatre
creates opportunities for everyday people to express and share with others who they are through story
collecting, writing and performance. Participants will learn and implement the process for story
gathering and performance.

Our Future Peacemakers
Jesse James
Present the purpose of Peacemaker Committees. Inspire others to express their visions of peace
through the production of peace videos. Through video production the students will be able to
effectively bring a greater awareness to the issues that prevent us from living in a more peaceful world.

Young RYLA
Patricia Fiske
Experiencing RMRYLA encourages students to Gain understanding and respect of self and others, Utilize
positive adult and peer relationships, Engage in their schools and communities. RMRYLA programs
focus on positive youth development through team building exercises, capacity building activities, small
and large group discussion, inspirational speakers, and diverse interactions, all designed to promote at
least one of the three outcomes listed above.

Offsite – USS Missouri
Tony Lorenzo
A hands-on service project on board the USS Missouri, site of the signing of the Declaration of Peace to
end World War II.

Findings from the Berlin GPF
Roz Cooper
Roz Cooper will bring back highlights and outcomes from the First Global Peace Forum in Berlin.

Bonsai People
Holly Mosher
Holly will describe both her inspiration and experience following the work of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Muhammad Yunus. She will cover both how microcredit empowers women and provides opportunities
and how Yunus has expanded his work to offer business solutions to other dire community needs
including healthcare, education and energy needs.

Introduction to Design Thinking
Neenz Falea
A human centered process, Design Thinking approaches challenges by first gaining empathy of end
users. Attendees will understand the critical first step of empathy and develop innovative solutions to
community challenges. Design Thinking is a transformational process that introduces the following
   1. Human Centered – Gaining empathy from end users to design with instead of for
   2. Bias Towards Action – Do rather than discuss.
   3. Radical Collaboration – Build diverse teams.
   4. Culture of Prototyping – Turn ideas into physical form to fail early and cheaply.
   5. Show, Don’t Tell – Allow end users to experience solutions rather than pitching and selling ideas.

Music that Brings Peace
John Tussey
Several selections of very peaceful and soothing original keyboard instrumental music will be presented
during this workshop. This music has a very calming effect on the mind and emotions. After listening
to each selection, the participants will be given an opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and
experiences. I will also be sharing how this music is recorded with frequencies of the Periodic Table of
Elements (PTOE) that have been accurately brought into the audible spectrum.

Turning your passion into Peace
Nancy Pace
Come and hear how one woman has taken her medical and non-profit skills to build bridges among
vastly different people groups in developing countries. This workshop will encourage participants to
think about how to turn their passion into peacemaking with definitive action steps that they will create
during the facilitated session.

Peacekeeping in your Neighborhood
Ann Frisch
Participants will gain a realization that peacekeeping is an essential first step prior to conflict resolution
and mediation. Participants will be able to take steps to protect parties to a conflict from physical and
emotional harm. Participants will be able to, at a beginning level, defuse hostile conflict.

Practices of Peace Education
Marios Antoniou
Through this workshop, participants who have an interest in peace education, human rights education
and mediation will learn about a few techniques that they can use in their effort to construct peace.

Study Abroad
Bryn Cain
Study abroad is one of the best ways for young people to develop global competencies and learn the
nuances of a more diverse, multicultural world. This workshop will help participants identify the
competencies gained while having an international education experience and how they mold
individuals into more peaceful contributors to society.

Hawaiian Culture
Pua Kanahele
Turning Ideas Into Action
Megan Meyer

Rainwater Catchment & Xeriscape
Bob Speer

Resolve Conflict Non-Violently – Ghandi Institute for Peace
Dr. Raj Kumar

Mediation in Hawaii
Tracey Wiltgen

Living Healthy in Hawaii
Dr. Terry Shintani

The Forgiveness Project
Roger Epstein

Zhou En Lai Institute for Peace
Michael North

Appreciative Inquiry
Donna Ching

Strategies for how to move the peace initiatives forward
Master facilitator

Victory over Violence
Soka Gakkai Int

Aloha Movement Project
Jonathan Fitzler

How to create your Dream job while you are in school – for students of all ages.
This program has an emphasis on Social Entrepreneurship.

Inner Peace

P4C: Philosophy for Children
Amber Strong

Poetry as an Alternative for at risk youth
Youth Speaks

Combatting Gangs
Adult Friends for Youth

Global Youth Congress Delegation
Joanne Tachibana

Ceeds of Peace
Kerrie Urosevich

Family Hui
Kerrie Urosevich

What is Aloha?
Manu Boyd

Teaching Values and Peacemaking
Pieper Toyama, Pacific Buddhist Academy

Onsite Service Projects:
Hygiene Kits for Veterans

Ramsay Taum

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