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The Green Path to Peace

Empowering a new generation’s vision of Peace

The Honolulu, Hawaii Global Peace Forum focuses on the special importance of conserving and protecting our shared
environmental resources, encouraging young adults to take a global perspective and to believe that they can be catalysts
for peace.

        Venue: Hawaii Convention Center

JANUARY 25, 2013 (Friday)

        09:00-18:00      Registration, tickets and special activities at Hawaii Convention Center

        10:30-11:45      Workshop/Activities See Appendix for details
                         All facilitated workshops will be interactive and thought-provoking and will focus on
                         providing each participant with concepts and ideas for action.
                         The four conceptual categories are Service, Communication, Collaboration, and Action.
                         Please see the Appendix for current offerings.

                         Service Workshops

                         Communication Workshops

                         Collaboration Workshops

                         Action Workshops

        12:00-13:30      Lunch, on own

        12:30            House of Friendship Opens                                        Room 306A/B
       13:30-14:45   Workshop/Activities     See Appendix for details

                     Service Workshops

                     Communication Workshops

                     Collaboration Workshops

                     Action Workshops

       15:00-17:30   Rotary Global Peace Forum - Opening and Session I
                     Hawaii Convention Center
                     Presider Luis Vicente Giay, RGPF Convener.

                     Aloha! Introduction to Hawaii
                     National Anthems
                     Introduction of special guests
                     “Why we are here today” by PRIP Luis Vicente Giay
                     Greetings by Governor Neil Abercrombie
                     Introduction of Sakuji Tanaka, RI President, PRID T.D. Griley.
                     “Peace Through Service”, Message by RI President Sakuji Tanaka
                     “The Hawaiian Culture of Peace”
                          Pua Kanahele – Hawaiian Storyteller
                          Henk Rogers – Blue Planet Foundation
                          Nainoa Thompson – Voyage of the Hokule’a
       17:30-18:00   Rotary Moments Book Signing by RI President Sakuji Tanaka

       18:30-21:30   Mixer/Reception                 Ticketed Event – Cash Bar      Rooftop
                     Heavy Pupus
                     Entertainment                                                  Ballroom B/C
                             Anuhea and Kapena

JANUARY 26, 2013 (Saturday)

       08:00-18:00   Registration, tickets and special activities at Hawaii Convention Center.

       08:00-10:00   Rotary Global Peace Forum – Plenary Session II
                     Peace Through Communication
                     Presider: PGS Edwin Futa, Rotary Global Peace Forums Committee, Vice Chair

                     My Rotary Moment by RI Director Ken Boyd
              Peace Through Technology
                   High Tech Company panel Discussion – Burt Lum, Ryan Ozawa,
                      Heba Yacout El-Allaf via Skype
              International Communication
                   Peace Scholar Alumnus Marios Antoniou
                   Peace Scholar Alumnus Bryn Cain
                   Peace Scholar Alumnus Cherine Badawi

11:45-13:45 Rotary Global Peace Forum-Plenary Session III-Ticketed Event
Peace Through Service
              Presider: PRD T.D. Griley, Global Peace Forums, Committee member.

              Peace Video
              My Rotary Moment by RI Director Ann Matthews
              RI General Secretary John Hewko
              GSE Alumnus Wes Wong – Engineers Without Borders
              Pax Polio by PRIVP Robert Scott, Chairman of International Polio Plus Committee
              The Role of The Rotary Foundation as a Peace Maker, by TRF Chairman PRIP Wilfrid

14:00-17:00   Workshop/ Activities See Appendix for details

                   Offsite/Hands on Service Project at USS Missouri




18:00-21:30   Rotary Global Peace Forum – Plenary Session IV-Ticketed Event-Cash Bar
              Hawaii Convention Center Ballroom B&C

              Presider: 5000 District, Governor 2012-13 Chester Dal Santo.
              Rotary Moment by RI Director Bryan Styles
              Presentation of Hawaii Rotary Global Peace Award by RI President Sakuji Tanaka
              Keynote Speaker Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi
JANUARY 27, 2013 (Sunday)

        09:00-12:00     Workshops / Activities

                        Hawaii Convention Center





        12:00-13:30     Rotary Global Peace Forum -Plenary Session V Ticketed Event – Cash Bar
                        Peace Through Collaboration
                        Presider PDG Steve Yoshida, HOEC Chair
                        Peace Videos
                        Rotary Moment by RI Director Jose Antonio F. Antiorio
                        Opportunity for Problems Solving – Dramatization by T Shirt Theatre
                        Social Entrepreneurship – Holly Mosher

        14:00 –16:00    Rotary Global Peace Forum - Closing Plenary Session VI
                        Peace Through Action
                        Presider PRIP Luis Vicente Giay, Rotary Global Peace Forum, Convener

                        Rotary moment by RI Director Juin Park
                        Muslims and Jews Together – Amanda El Dakhakhni
                        Panel of Rotary Leaders addressing questions formulated from Workshops (Sakuji
                        Tanaka, Ron Burton, Gary Huang, Wilf Wilkinson, Steve Brown, John Hewko)
                        Nonviolent Peaceforce - Ann Frisch
                        Call to Action - What’s next – Ron Burton
                        Honolulu Declaration on Peace Adoption
                        Presentation to Polynesian Voyaging Society to take around the world
                        Remarks from RI President Sakuji Tanaka
                        Acknowledgements by Convener PRIP Luis Vicente Giay
                        Closing Chant
                        Closing Song

Note: Official translations available during the meeting will be: TBD

Location of plenary sessions and workshop/activities in Hawaii Convention Center

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