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									                       Order and Agreement Form
           Tennessee English Language Placement Assessment

Contact Name                        Ship to Street Address              Order Date

Contact Email Address               Ship to City, State, and Zip        AEA #
       @       .                           ,    .                       Choose your affiliate AEA

Contact Telephone No.
           -       x

Bubble Answer Sheets: Please just fill in the amount needed for each group.



NOTE: The above order will only include bubble answer sheets. For the TELPA
test booklets you must order directly from MI.
TELPA material orders may be placed at any time. When placing an order, you will be required to
either enter a purchase order number or indicate that no purchase order number is required. Your district
will be billed directly for all TELPA materials ordered.

                              To access the ordering web site, navigate to:
                              and enter the User ID and Password below.

                                            UserID: StateIA
                                           Password: 123456

                          Please keep this User ID and password confidential.

       If you have questions or concerns regarding your order contact: Audri Carlson 712.222.6062

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