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					73416 BA (Hons) Scheme in Design

Additional information - Information on Portfolio Requirements (For JEE Applicants only)

– Frequent Asked Questions in preparing portfolio submission

      Q:     How many projects should I put in the portfolio?
      A:     A maximum of FIVE and at least ONE of your best DESIGN projects done outside of
             your school work and a few small exercises. They should be able to demonstrate your
             strengths in both concept creation as well as professionalism in execution.

      Q:     What else to include?
      A:     All the project briefs; idea and concept developments and design sketches; and anything
             that can show us how you tackled the problems during design processes. Note that all
             the works shown should be self-explanatory with explanation or description next to

      Q:     What is the function of a portfolio in the admission?
      A:     The portfolio should demonstrate well your problem-solving skill, aesthetic sense, some
             basic technical skills such as drawings and 3D modeling as well as your presentation skill
             (organization of portfolio, tidiness, clarity of descriptive information about your
             submitted work, easy to open and re-close,etc.)

      Q:     Size of portfolio?
      A:     The project works must be packed flat within a portfolio of maximum A1 size.
             Nothing should stick out of the portfolio.

      Q:     Can I submit 3-dimensional work/models?
      A:     No three-dimensional work/models should be submitted as we have no room for their
             storage and are not responsible for any damage. Submit these in photographic format

      Q:     Can I submit digital and/or video work?
      A:     No, you are required to print out, on an A3 sheet in colour, a selection of frames from
             your digital/video files for the reference of the selection panel.

      Q:     How do you know which is my portfolio?
      A:     Please use the enclosed information sheet to clearly mark your portfolio on the outside
             before you submit it. Please note: NO INFORMATION SHEET, NO
             SUBMISSION! All the work inside the portfolio should also be marked with your
             name and application number just in case they got separated from your portfolio.

      Q:     When should I submit my portfolio?
      A:     You are required to submit portfolios by 15 May of the year. Shortlisted candidates
             would be recommended for telephone/skype interview in end June.

      Q:     Will the school notify me after receiving my portfolio?
      A:     Yes, it will notify you via email two weeks after receiving your portfolio.

(For JEE Applicants only)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
School of Design
73416 BA (Hons) Scheme in Design Admission Exercise 2012-13
PORTFOLIO INFORMATION SHEET (to be fixed outside your portfolio)

Application for 73416 BA (Hons) Scheme in Design

Name: __________________________________ Application Number: 1 2       O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O

Phone No.:_______________________________ Email: ___________________________________

Your current course/most relevant qualification:

Course: __________________________________________________________________________

Institute:__________________________________ Year of graduation: ________________________

Intended Choice of Discipline – the major design discipline you would like to pursue in your study

My intended choice of discipline for the BA (Hons) Scheme in Design programme is:
(Please indicate your priority by putting 1, 2, 3 and 4 into the boxes below with 1 being your highest

        Advertising Design

        Communication Design

        Environment and Interior Design

        Product Design

Signature: _____________________________             Date: ________________________________

Name: ________________________________

IMPORTANT: This sheet must be fixed outside your portfolio.

Please submit your portfolio to the following address no later than the application deadline:

Miss Donna CHUNG
School of Design
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom
Hong Kong


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