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					                             Google Earth Exercise #1

Objective:   To explore some of the capabilities involved with satellite coverage
             available through the free Google Earth program.

Process:     Double click on the Google Earth icon on your desktop, or click on the
             Start button, go into the Programs folder, then select Google Earth. x

             Notice the "Layers" that can be selected. Be certain that Geographic Web,
             roads, borders and labels, and terrain are checked.

             Under the Search tab, type Texas A&M University, then press the Enter
             key. This should zoom in to show the main campus.

             To measure distances, click on Tools on the command line (or bar) then
             select Measure. Note that you can measure distance along a line or a path
             and that the units of measurement can be changed. On this edition of
             Google Earth, you cannot directly measure area, but you can estimate of
             compute it from measurements that you make.

             Notice that you can move the map by grabbing (left clicking) and dragging
             it over. With the controls at the upper right you can zoom in or zoom out,
             rotate, and tilt the view. There is a compass indicator on the map and
             North is normally at the top of the image.

             Under View on the command line you can also add a grid displaying
             latitude and longitude. On the Google Earth Plus you can key in
             waypoints, tracks and routes from your GPS devices. With Google Earth
             Pro ($300 license) you can compute areas automatically.

             Note that you can also identify the latitude and longitude by the pointer
             location at the bottom of the image.
Assignment: Use the Google Earth program to answer the following questions.

What is the distance, in feet, from the center of the Systems Administration Building of
the Texas A&M University campus to the corner of the property at Texas Avenue and
George Bush Drive?

                              ____________ feet

What is the distance, in feet, from the center of the intersection of Texas Avenue and
George Bush Drive to the center of the intersection of Texas Avenue and Southwest
Parkway in College Station?

                              ____________ feet

If you were to walk the perimeter of the main campus of Texas A&M University along
University Drive, Texas Avenue, George Bush Drive and the Welborn road, how many
miles would you walk (to the nearest quarter of a mile)?

                              ____________ miles

What is the difference between the straight line distance from the intersection of
Southwest Parkway and Texas Avenue to the intersection of Southwest Parkway and the
Welborn Road and the distance if you follow the road (to the nearest 1/100 of a mile)?

                              ____________ miles

What is the closest Interstate Highway to the town of Ozark, Illinois?


What is the straight-line distance between the Eifel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in
Paris, France, in kilometers?

                              ____________ kilometers

Using Google Earth, what are the latitude and longitude of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris,
                            ____________            ____________
                            Latitude                Longitude

What is the approximate area, in acres, of the golf course property bounded by Texas
Avenue, George Bush Drive, Bizzell Street, and New Main Drive?

                              ____________ acres
What structure is at 37°25’19”N 122°05’06.3”W ?

What is the structure at 30 39’23.32” N and 96 20’01W?

What business is located at the junction of Sulphur Springs Road and Holick Lane in
Bryan Texas?

Find the Aral Sea and record its latitude and longitude. View its historical coverage and
record the years for the first and the most recent coverage. What is the trend for this
body of water?
        First year of coverage:
        Most recent coverage:

Use the street view feature of Google Earth to find a view of your home (or college
apartment, etc.) and use the screen capture (Print Screen) feature to place a copy of the
image below. If there is no street view available (if you live in a rural area, for example),
then do a screen capture of the best aerial view of your home and place a copy of it
below. Alternatively, you may do a street view of your favorite local restaurant.

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