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MITS Group – Waukesha, WI        Date:
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Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                   12/5/12

1. Specifications

    This specification covers the requirements for a unitized structural base or “skid”
    assembly of Cooper Power Systems pad-mounted electrical power equipment. The
    assembly is hereafter referred to as a Modular Transportable Substation or MITS.
    Applicable Statutes, Codes and Standards
    All materials and labor supplied shall be in strict compliance with the latest edition of
    the statues, codes and standards listed herein. Where conflicts exist, the more
    stringent requirement shall prevail. Applicable statutes, codes and standards are as
                   American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
                   American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
                   American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)
                   American Welding Society (AWS)
                         o AWSD1.1, Structural Welding Code – Steel
                   National Electrical Code (NEC)
                   National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
                   National Electrical Testing Association (NETA)
                   International Building Code (IBC)

    Quality Requirements
    Structural base fabrication shall be performed in a plant with a documented quality
    system in place.
    Only welders certified through all positions will be utilized for structural base
    fabrication. Welder certifications shall be provided upon request.
    Only individuals experienced in the terminating and splicing of medium-voltage
    cables shall perform power cable terminations. Documented experience shall be
    provided upon request.

    Upon Purchaser’s request, Cooper Power Systems will submit for approval, quality
    plans, forms and procedures applicable to the manufacture of the structural base.
Cooper Power Systems                                 2 of 13                      Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                 12/5/12

    MITS Construction
    MITS structural base shall be of all welded construction utilizing ASTM-A992 grade
    50 steel for wide flange members, sized and arranged for proper strength, and able
    to withstand the stress and loads that result when lifting the complete factory-
    assembled equipment MITS. Steel channels and angles shall be made with ASTM-
    A36 structural steel.
    The MITS and all equipment anchoring/support shall be designed to meet IBC
    Seismic load condition requirements for (                                ).
                                                     City,      State,   Country

    Welding shall be in accordance with AWSD1.1. Deflection shall be L/240. The
    MITS assembly shall be suitable for outdoor installation on a Choose an item..
    MITS structural base shall be equipped with Choose an item. stainless steel ground
    pads located at opposite corners of the frame. The two holes for the stainless steel
    ground pads should be arranged in a Choose an item. pattern.

                                Typical Horizontal Ground Pad Pattern

    Skid deck shall be a minimum of ¼” H.R. smooth steel plate welded to the perimeter
    and longitudinal and/or transverse structural members of the skid. Deck loading
    shall be not less than Choose an item. PSF.
    Deck shall be provided with cutouts where required for power and control cable entry
    and exit from the electrical equipment. The cable cutouts shall be provided with
    Choose an item. with protective edging that does not abrade the cable protective
    Construction options:
    1. Provisions for anchoring the structural base to the foundation Choose an item. be
    2. A rodent control pan Choose an item. be required on the bottom of the MITS.

Cooper Power Systems                                  3 of 13                 Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                     12/5/12

          a. A rodent control pan does not act like a spill containment system.
    3. A spill containment system Choose an item. be required.
          a. The spill containment system acts like a rodent control pan.
          b. The structural base of the MITS is hot dipped galvanized standard as part
               of the spill containment system.
          c. The top plate galvanization is optional and is selected in the coating
               options section.
          d. The pan for the spill containment system will be Choose an item.
          e. The pan supports ribs shall be Choose an item.
          f. Medium voltage cables run in the spill containment area shall be mineral
               oil resistant.
          g. An alarm indicating that the spill containment area is full Choose an item. be
    4. Provisions for a cantilevered walkway around the MITS Choose an item. be
          a. The galvanized cantilevered walkway, railings and a stair system shall be
               Choose an item. be required in conjunction with the cantilevered provisions.

MITS Lifting
    Four (4) removable lifting lugs shall be bolted to the skid. A minimum of two of the
    lifting lugs shall be position adjustable. This adjustability allows for flexibility during
    the rigging process. Each lifting lug will be connected with at least 4 ASTM A490
    bolts. The size of the bolts will be determined from the total weight of the MITS to
    meet ASME B30.20-2006 “Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices”.
    A lifting plan document is prepared for each MITS. A structural engineer must
    review and approve each MITS structural base and lift plan.

    MITS lifting options:
    1. Jacking provisions for lifting MITS off a truck and onto the foundation Choose an
       item. be required in addition to the lifting lugs.
           a. These provisions are useful in areas were a crane cannot be used due to
              safety, typically associated with overhead electrical systems that may be
              nearby. For these provisions to be successful, the truck that delivers the
              MITS needs to be able to drive directly over the final location of the MITS.
           b. This provision does not include the jacks to lift and lower the MITS, just
              the “outriggers” jack system to be used below.

    MITS Coating
    Rust and scale shall be removed from MITS structural base and deck surfaces prior
    to painting. The structural base and deck plates will be painted with a minimum of
    two coats that result in a minimum 5 mils dry film thickness. First coat will be primer.
    Topcoat shall be compatible with the primer to give good adhesion between
    surfaces. Final color shall be Choose an item..
Cooper Power Systems                                 4 of 13                        Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                 12/5/12

    Coating options:
    A. The MITS structural base can be hot dip galvanized before the painting process.
       Hot dip galvanization of the structural base Choose an item. be required.
    B. The top plate decking can be ordered with galvanization. Galvanization of the
       top deck plating Choose an item. be required.
    C. A fine sand grit can be added to the top deck finish coat. This sand grit helps to
       increase traction while walking on the top deck plating. Adding sand grit to the
       final paint coat on the top deck Choose an item. be required.

    MITS Auxiliary Power Features
    All cable entrance compartments shall be equipped with anti-condensation strip
    heater(s) and thermostat.      A service station transformer is required for these
    heaters to be prewired. A service station transformer and distribution panel Choose
    an item. be required. Alternatively, if 120 Vac is provided to the MITS, the wiring for
    these circuits can be brought back to a common junction box for wiring on-site.
    Lighting options:
    A. The cabinets can have interior lighting added. This Choose an item. be required.
           a. These lights shall be operated Choose an item.
    B. Exterior lights on telescoping stands can be added to the MITS.           The light
       fixtures are directional and can be rotated 360º. Exterior light poles and fixtures
       Choose an item. be required.
           a. The light poles need to extend to Choose an item. feet above the MITS
           b. Each MITS shall incorporate Choose an item. exterior light pole and fixtures.

    Equipment Installation
    All electrical equipment furnished shall be installed and anchored on the MITS per
    engineering drawings and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Anchor
    bolts shall be Choose an item. and shall have the recommended nuts and washers for
    that standard. Anchoring shall be sufficient for transportation to the job site and to
    meet the job site seismic requirements. Although the bolts will be sufficient so as
    not to shear during a transportation event, it is still recommended that dense
    equipment such as transformers and regulators be strapped down during over the
    road transportation.

    System Grounding

    Grounding conductors shall be #4/0 bare stranded copper wire terminated to
    equipment using standard 2-hole long barrel irreversible crimp connections
    terminated on the ground pad located in MITS mounted equipment. Ground

Cooper Power Systems                                 5 of 13                    Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                 12/5/12

    conductor connections between the equipment ground leads and the primary MITS
    ground conductor shall be welded using an exothermic process. The primary MITS
    ground conductors shall be connected to the structural base on opposite corners on
    the inside of the main structural base supports.   These connections between the
    structural base and the primary MITS ground conductors shall be Choose an item.. All
    electrical equipment and raceways shall be connected to the MITS continuous
    grounding system.

    Power Cables and wiring
    Power cables shall be 15, 25 or 35 kV class, type MV-105, single conductor,
    compact stranded, copper conductor, 133% EPR insulation, Choose an item. cables.
    The cable kV and amperage rating is dependent upon application on the MITS and
    should be application specific. Conductor sizes shall be specified so as not to
    exceed manufacturer’s current rating recommendation for conduit installations.
    Cables will be supported underneath the skid deck in either an open ladder tray or
    enclosed metal trough that has drain holes. The cable-bending radius shall be 18
    inches, minimum. Splicing of power cables is not permitted on the MITS. Power
    cables shall be identified per the MRP & Cable Schedule with permanent tags. IEEE
    Std 386™ standard dead front power cable terminations (15 through 35 kV class)
    shall be manufactured and furnished by Cooper Power Systems.
    Control wiring will be run in galvanized steel conduit, or in a trough that is separate
    or rigid conduit when exposed under the skid. Wire used will be THHN/THWN, and
    sized per NEC.
    Control wires shall be minimum #14 AWG. Control wire terminations shall be
    compression type terminals and identified on each end using permanently attached
    wire markers.

    Power cable assembles (cable with both terminations installed) shall be tested in
    accordance with NETA Testing Standards 7.3 for medium-voltage cables up to
    69kV. Cable test results shall be recorded in a signed test report. Refer to
    Appendix 1.

    All intra-connected power and control wiring, terminations and, raceways shall be
    installed and tested.

    The following shall be provided:

Cooper Power Systems                                 6 of 13                    Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                                       12/5/12

                    1. Any quality plans, forms, or procedures, certified test reports
                    deemed necessary by Purchaser.
                    2. Structural drawings skid assembly depicting plan view, elevation
                    view, and base details.
                    3. A lifting plan for each section or equipment piece to be lifted,
                    including the total weight and center of gravity of the lift, and, the
                    recommended spreader bar design and attachment to the lifting lugs.

            The MITS shall be shipped to the project site as a completely assembled
            substation, whenever possible with open bed semi-trailer transportation.
            Freight terms shall be FOB-factory, freight prepaid and allowed to job site with
            48 contiguous states and Canada.

2. Documents Furnished by Cooper Power Systems
        The following documents shall be provided after order placement but prior to start
        of skid fabrication:
                    a. Three-Line Diagram
                    b. Skid Plan and Elevation Views
                    c. MRP & Cable Schedule
                    d. Equipment “approved for manufacturing” drawings
                    e. Equipment product bulletins (as needed)
3. Equipment Furnished by Cooper Power Systems
     Primary Side Switchgear Nominal Voltage: Choose          an item.     Available S.C. kA:
             Reclosers           QtyChoose an    item.       Current Rating Choose   an item.
             VFI Switches        Qty Choose an       item.   Current Rating Choose   an item.
             Load Switches       Qty Choose an       item.   Current Rating Choose   an item.
             Fused Switches      Qty Choose an       item.   Current Rating Choose   an item.
             Circuit Breakers    Qty Choose an       item.   Current Rating Choose   an item.
             Comments/Special Features:
     Power Transformers: Qty Choose an       item. Transformer Size Choose an item.

             Primary Voltage:        volts                     Secondary Voltage:        volts

             Primary Winding: Choose     an item.            Secondary Winding: Choose an        item.

Cooper Power Systems                                     7 of 13                                   Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                         12/5/12

             High-Resistance Ground (For Grounded Wye Only): Choose an          item.

             Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid-filled: Choose an        item.

             Special Approval:   Choose an item.

             Primary VFI: Choose    an item.         Secondary VFI: Choose an   item.

             Comments/Special Features:

             * May have to ship transformer separately due to weight restrictions

Cooper Power Systems                                     8 of 13                        Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                                   12/5/12

     Regulators: Qty Choose an     item.       Voltage Rating:             volts

     Current Rating:        Amperes

     Comments/Special Features:

     Secondary Side Switchgear: (Nominal Voltage: Choose               an item.)
     Reclosers                   Qty Choose an       item.    Current Rating Choose    an item.
     VFI Switches                Qty Choose an       item.    Current Rating Choose    an item.
     Load (RVAC) Switches        Qty Choose an       item.    Current Rating Choose    an item.
     Fused Switches              Qty Choose an       item.    Current Rating Choose    an item.
     Circuit Breakers            Qty Choose an       item.    Current Rating Choose    an item.

     Comments/Special Features:

     Pad-mounted Capacitor Bank for PF Correction or Signal Injection: Qty Choose an item.
           volts       KVAR Qty Choose an item. fixed steps @     KVAR each, Qty Choose an
     item. switched steps @     KVAR each.

     Substation Metering: Choose an        item.

     Choose an item. side of transformer.

     Revenue Metering class CT’s & PT’s: Choose an           item.

     Differential Overcurrent Protection Package:

     Transformer Only: Choose    an item.                            Entire MITS Substation: Choose an   item.

     Remote Substation Monitoring:          Choose an item. All systems with DNP protocol. (Select one
     package from choices below).

     Base Offering: Cell phone transmittal of individual alarm contact closures from transformer gages.

Cooper Power Systems                                     9 of 13                                  Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                          12/5/12

     Option #1: Base Offering plus transformer tank surface monitoring, digital top oil temperature
     display, and confirmation of cooling fans operating (if equipped with fans).

     Option #2: Option #1 plus remote monitoring of Cooper Power Systems Form 6, Idea and CL-6
     microprocessor based controllers. Incudes all monitored information displayed at eSubstation Web

     Distribution Automation Requirements: Choose an        item.    Radio:    Choose     an     item.
     Fiberotic: Choose an item.

     Comments/Special Features:

     IMPORTANT: A power single-line diagram must be submitted with this specification.

Cooper Power Systems                                 10 of 13                            Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                         12/5/12

                                                     Appendix 1
                     NETA Testing Standards Section 7.3 for Medium-Voltage
                                 Cables up to 69 kV Maximum
    1. Visual and Mechanical Inspection
            a. Compare cable data with drawings and specifications.
            b. Inspect exposed sections of cables for physical damage.
            c. Verify tightness of accessible bolted connections by calibrated torque
               wrench in accordance with manufacturer's published data.
            d. Inspect compression-applied connectors for correct cable match and
            e. Inspect for shield grounding, cable support, and termination.
            f. Verify that visible cable bends meet or exceed ICEA and/or manufacturer's
               minimum allowable bending radius.
            g. Inspect for adequate fireproofing in common cable areas, if specified.
            h. If cables are terminated through window-type current transformers, make
               an inspection to verify that neutral and ground conductors are correctly
               placed and that shields are correctly terminated for operation of protective
            i.   Visually inspect jacket and insulation condition.
            j.   Inspect for correct identification and arrangements.
    2. Electrical Tests
            a. Perform a shield-continuity test on each power cable by ohmmeter
            b. Perform an insulation-resistance test utilizing a megohmmeter with a
               voltage output of at least 2500 volts. Individually test each conductor with
               all other conductors and shields grounded. Test duration shall be one
            c. Perform a dc high-potential test on all cables. Adhere to all precautions
               and limits as specified in the applicable NEMA/ICEA Standard for the
               specific cable. Perform tests in accordance with IEEE Std 400™-2001
               standard. Test procedure shall be as follows, and the results for each
               cable test shall be recorded as specified herein. Test voltages shall not
               exceed 80 percent of cable manufacturer's factory test value or the
               maximum test voltage in Table 10.6 at end of section.
                       i. Insure that the input voltage to the test set is regulated.

Cooper Power Systems                                 11 of 13                           Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                       12/5/12

                        ii. Current-sensing circuits in test equipment shall measure only the
                            leakage current associated with the cable under test and shall not
                            include internal leakage of the test equipment.
                       iii. Record wet- and dry-bulb temperatures or relative humidity and
                       iv. Test each section of cable individually.
                       v. Individually test each conductor with all other conductors
                          grounded. Ground all shields.
                       vi. Terminations shall be adequately corona-suppressed by guard
                           ring, field reduction sphere, or other suitable methods as
                       vii. Insure that the maximum test voltage does not exceed the limits
                            for terminators specified in IEEE Std 48™-2009 standard or
                            manufacturer's specifications.
                     viii. Apply a dc high-potential test in at least five equal increments until
                           maximum test voltage is reached. No increment shall exceed the
                           voltage rating of the cable. Record dc leakage current at each
                           step after a constant stabilization time consistent with system
                           charging current.
                       ix. Raise the conductor to the specified maximum test voltage and
                           hold for 15 minutes on shielded cable and five minutes on non-
                           shielded cable. Record readings of leakage current at 30 seconds
                           and one minute and at one-minute intervals thereafter.
                       x. Reduce the conductor test potential to zero and measure residual
                          voltage at discrete intervals.
                       xi. Apply grounds for a time period adequate to drain all insulation-
                           stored charge.
    3. Test Values
            a. Shielding must exhibit continuity. Investigate resistance values in excess
               of ten ohms per 1000 feet of cable.
            b. Graphic plots may be made of leakage current versus step voltage at each
               increment and leakage current versus time at final test voltages.
            c. The step voltage slope should be reasonably linear.
            d. Capacitive and absorption current should decrease continually until steady
               state leakage is approached.

Cooper Power Systems                                 12 of 13                         Rev 1
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)                                                  12/5/12

                                         TABLE 10.6
                                   Medium Voltage Cables
                        Maximum Field Acceptance Test Voltages (kV, dc)
     Insulation Type             Rated Cable Voltage                Insulation Level   Test Voltage kV, dc

       Elastomeric:                         5 kV                         100%                  25

    Butyl and Oil Base                      5 kV                         133%                  25

                                          15 kV                          100%                  55
                                          15 kV                          133%                  65
                                          25 kV                          100%                  80

       Elastomeric:                         5 kV                         100%                  25

            EPR                             5 kV                         133%                  25

                                            8 kV                         100%                  35
                                          15 kV                          133%                  45
                                          15 kV                          100%                  55
                                          15 kV                          133%                  65
                                          25 kV                          100%                  80
                                          25 kV                          133%                 100
                                          28 kV                          100%                  85
                                          35 kV                          100%                 100

       Polyethylene                         5 kV                         100%                  25
                                            5 kV                         133%                  25
                                            8 kV                         100%                  35
                                            8 kV                         133%                  45
                                          15 kV                          100%                  55
                                          15 kV                          133%                  65
                                          25 kV                          100%                  80
                                          25 kV                          133%                 100
                                          35 kV                          100%                 100

Derived from IEEE Std™ 141-1993 standard Table 12-9.

Envirotemp™ and FR3™ are licensed trademarks of Cargill, Incorporated.

Cooper Power Systems                                          13 of 13                           Rev 1

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