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Personalised care –                                                  Your skin in the spotlight.
optimally adapted to your skin type.                                 Starting as early as possible, the interaction between consistent
                                                                     home care, treatments from skin care institutes and dermatological
Skin texture can be positively influenced with consistent skin
                                                                     therapy will help you to achieve the best possible results for your skin
care, individually tailored to your skin condition. This should be
                                                                     if you have rosacea. This flyer provides you with an initial overview
sensibly supplemented by regular treatment from a beautician in
                                                                     of the AESTHETICO range for your medical skin care if you suffer
consultation with a dermatologist. Depending on the severity of
                                                                     from rosacea. For more detailed information, please contact your
the disorder, these specialists offer special treatments that can
                                                                     dermatologist practice or skin care institute.
further improve your condition, e. g. skin-calming methods such as
masks with healing earth or aloe vera, combined with an ensuing
rosacea massage, lymph drainage or ultrasound treatment. This
reduces redness and vascular dilation, promoting the resistance of
the skin. Extreme redness can also be covered with special make-
up (camouflage).

Your dermatologist will be happy to advise you about further

Use the following symbols for orientation!
Find the right care products for your individual skin type and
age group at the first glance. To make orientation easier for
you, we have added easily understandable symbols to each of
the products below.

Particularly recommended for:                                        stamp

       children                            day care

       women                               cleansing


                                                                                                                                                Taking care with the right care –
                                                                                                000FOLROSAZEAAE-GB   use the AESTHETICO special range.

                                                                     Medicos Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG, Orkotten 62, D-48291 Telgte
What is rosacea?                                                               AESTHETICO                                                                  AESTHETICO
                                                                               gentle cleansing and calming of the skin / masks                            daily face care l sun protection
Rosacea is a non-infectious, chronic skin condition whose main
cause has not yet been completely determined. It is however
assumed that it is a combination of genetic factors and external
triggers. Rosacea usually appears from the age of 30 onwards and
affects connective tissues, blood vessels and sebaceous glands,
mainly in the facial area.                                                          active foam                                                                 gel couperose
                                                                                    Regeneration deep into the pores: Deep-cleansing foam with                  Skin-calming perfection: This gel, which cares for skin
• The early stage: temporary reddening of the facial skin (flush),
                                                                                    modern ingredient combination for impure skin and skin that                 that tends towards redness, works two-fold through a
                                                                                    needs activation. It supports the regeneration of the acid                  plant extract combined with a cooling effect. Also recom-
   becomes permanent over time
                                                                                    skin mantle by optimising the pH value and refines the skin                 mended as after-sun care.
• The consequences: permanent dilation of blood vessels
                                                                                    texture. Ideal for preparation of skin for aesthetic procedures.
   (telangiectasia) and fine skin flaking can occur
• Further progress: pustules

The severity is highly variable, ranging from light redness of the cheek
area all the way to acne-like pustule formation. Common triggers,                   cleansing milk                                                              phytocare
which can differ from person to person, are e.g. physical exertion,                                                                                             Natural extracts against oiliness: This sebum-reducing
                                                                                    Gently clean: Liberates the skin from make-up, dirt and
negative stress, excitement, climatic effects and UV radiation. Even                                                                                            gel cream for mixed and greasy skin cools and provides
                                                                                    sebum. With a cooling effect, suitable for dry, sensitive skin,
hot or alcoholic drinks, hot spices and the wrong care products can                                                                                             intensive moisture. It is rapidly absorbed, has a matt effect
                                                                                    this cleansing milk is refatting and keeps the skin soft.
also favour the start of rosacea. They should therefore be avoided as                                                                                           and can also be used after epilation.
far as possible.

If you observe any of these skin conditions, you should visit a
dermatologist or qualified cosmetic institute as soon as possible.

                                                                                    refresh & care                                                              hydrating cream SPF 15
rosacea progression                                                                 Soothing freshness: This moisturising and particularly well-                Enjoy the summer: This day care cream for dry and
                                                                                    tolerated facial tonic refreshes and regulates the pH value                 sensitive facial skin treats the skin with panthenol and
                                            l   reddening of facial skin            after cleansing. Can also be used as a mild aftershave.                     vitamin E. It provides the skin with moisture and protects
                                                (flush), mainly on the fore-                                                                                    it against damaging sunlight.
                                                head, cheeks and chin
                                            l   dilation of blood vessels
                                                (teleangiectasia) and fine
                                                skin flaking
                                            l   pustules                            aloe vera active gel                                                        suncare sensitive SPF 30
                                                                                    Natural wellness, precisely dosed: Cooling mask for the face,               Secure UV protection: Intensive sun protection spray for
                                                                                    throat and décolleté, with anti-irritation effect for dry, irritated        sun sensitive skin and for “Mallorca“ acne, also suitable for
Care tips for rosacea.                                                              skin. Also ideal after peelings or laser treatments.                        protection of children‘s skin.

Positive results can be achieved with consistent medical skin care:
Redness and vascular dilation can be reduced and the skin can be
calmed. The acid skin mantle is stabilised and special cosmetics can
cover affected areas. Another important aspect is the correct light or
sun protection. Use high-quality sun protection products with high UVA
                                                                                    vital care                                                                  suncare sensitive SPF 50
and UVB protection.
                                                                                    Visible reduction of oiliness: This healing earth mask has                  High UV protection: Lotion for photosensitive skin,
Avoid using excessively oil-based and irritating products as it is better           astringent properties and is easy to use, reducing excess fat,              modern UV-A and UV-B broadband filter combination
to use care products with a gel basis that regulate excess sebum,                   protecting against inflammations and stabilising the acid skin              offers high UV protection. Also ideal after aesthetic
calm the skin and have anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.                  mantle.                                                                     procedures.

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