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									                                                 Moorpark College Divisions 2010-2011
                      128                122                           124                  126                      127                        123
Division                                                                                                        Arts, Media,
 Name          Language &           Mathematics &             Life and Health         Applied & Social                                   Performing Arts&
                                                                                                                Education &
            Learning Resources     Physical Sciences              Sciences               Sciences                                          Student Life
                                                                                                             Enrollment Services
  Core         Language and
                                                 Quantitative and                  Multicultural Literacy                Literacy in the Arts
Compete         Information
                                                 Scientific Literacy               and Civic Engagement               Applied Arts and Sciences
  ncy              Literacy
            A: English Language
                                     B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative
  CSU         Communication                                                           D: Social Science                    C: Arts and Humanities
 Areas           E: Life Long                                                       E: Life Long Learning                   E: Life Long Learning
                                              E: Life Long Learning
                  Inajane                 Lisa                         Kim                  Lori                    Julius                       Pat
            English/ESL           Mathematics              Life Sciences           PE/HED/Athletics         Visual & Applied Arts       Theatre Arts/
            Jerry Mansfield       Christine Aguilera       Sandy Bryant            Deena Friedlander        Candy Larson                Communications
            English               Mathematics              Anatomy                 Physical Education       Lydia Etman                 Beth Megill*
            ESL                                            Anatomy/ Physiology     Health Education         Art                         Theatre Arts
                                  Physics/Astronomy        Anthropology                                     Drafting                    Comm Studies
            CIS                   Ron Wallingford          Biology                 Behavioral Sciences      Interior Design
            ___________           Astronomy                Biotechnology           Margaret Tennant         Film Studies                Music/Dance
            Comp Info Sys         Engineering              Botany                  Criminal Justice         Film /TV Media              Beth Megill
                                  Physical Science         Microbiology            Psychology                                           Music
            World Languages       Physics                  Physiology              Sociology                Digital Media Arts          Dance
            ___________                                    Zoology                                          __________
            Sign Language         Computer                                         History/ Institutions    Graphics                    COUNSELING
            Arabic                Science/CNSE                                     Lee Ballestero           Photography                 Edna Ingram
            Chinese               Christine Aguilera*      Health Sciences         Economics                Multimedia                  Counseling
Instructi   French                Computer Science         Linda Loiselle/ Argie   History                  Journalism                  Work Experience
  onal      Hebrew                Comp Net Sys Engin       Clifford                Political Science
 Depts      Italian                                        Health Information      Philosophy               Early Childhood             ACCESS
  with      Japanese              Chemistry/               Health Sciences                                  Development                 _________
Disciplin   German                Earth Sciences           Nursing                 Business                 ____________                Learning Skills
   es       Latin                 Deanna Franke            Nutrition               ___________              Education
            Spanish               Chemistry                                        Business                 Child Development
            Humanities            Environmental Sci        Radiologic Tech                                  Prof Dev                    Faculty
                                  Geo Info Systems         ____________            Faculty                                              Theater 23.9
            TLC                   Geography                EATM                    PE 42.77                                             Counseling 25.
            College               Geology                  _____________           Behavioral 43.47                                     Music 31.6
                                                           Animal Science          History 49.1                                         ACCESS 5.5
                                  Faculty                  Exotic Animal Mgt       Business 21.35
            Faculty               Math 52.67
            English 59.1          Physics 13.32            Faculty                                          Faculty
            Languages 24.2        CS 12.42                 Life Sciences 58.35                              Visual 39.5
            Library 6.5           Chemistry 25.95          Health Sciences 39.                              Digital 19.6
            Mary La Barge                                  EATM 8.3

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