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					                       Flood Mitigation Project Informational Meeting

Place: First Floor Board Room Moorhead City Hall
Date: February 23, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Project #: 11-A13-03A
Location: Project A, South/West sub-area: 3500-3538 Riverview Circle & 6-108 36th Ave
Circle S

Attendees: Bob Zimmerman, Tom Trowbridge, & Jim Schulz (City Engineering Dept.); Jerry
Bents and Mike Love (Houston Eng.); Mark Hintermeyer, Brenda Elmer and Mike Hulett (City
Council); 9 residents, including: John Brummer (3517); Keith Miller (3513); Allan Meisner
(3514); Julie Letourneau (3518); Stan Olson (3522); Charles Mathees (10); Richard & Denelle
Dauner (26); and Mark Olgard (6).

Discussion of changes since last meeting:
    The recommended setback line has been adjusted based on project-specific soil boring
       information and has now been determined assuming the construction of a proposed levee
       (the initial line was determined based on existing topography)
    The recommended setback between the toe of the levee and the previously determined
       setback line varies from 0 to 80 feet. In the vicinity of this sub-area, the recommended
       setback along the west side of Riverview Circle varies from 80 feet in the south to 25 feet
       in the north, and tapers down to match the the previous setback line on the east side of
       Riverview Circle.
    The soil borings found that the layer of weak soils was closer to the surface than had been
       previously estimated, which is a negative factor in slope stability.
    The borings also found that there was a layer of buried topsoil (from 1 to 3 feet thick) that
       was beneath approximately 4 to 6 feet of imported fill. This will increase the cost of the
       levee somewhat.
    As a result of the revised setback, the only properties that are feasible for resale are 30
       36th Ave Circle, and 3500, 3502 and 3506 Riverview Circle. Staff recommends
       preserving #30, and is neutral on the others.
    Keeping 3500 and 3502 would impact the floodway, although this could be mitigated.
    To offset the increased cost of the levee to protect 3500, 3502 & 3506, the City would
       need to be able to sell the properties for about 50% of the price they were purchased for.
    Staff will mail out buyout update information to McMerty, Miller, Olson and Letourneau.
       The City can wait until about April 1st for a response on the buyout offer. In order to
       incorporate into the planned project, the City would need to have possession of the homes
       by the end of May.
      Staff noted that should Letourneau and Olson pursue backyard levees at the same time
       that the overall levee project is being built, that it would be included as part of Project A
       and there would not be any cost share required if the necessary easements were granted at
       no cost.
      Buyouts and backyard levees are still voluntary, and we will work with property owners
       that choose to stay. For flood events that exceed 42 feet, it is possible that the City’s
       temporary emergency measures could include construction of a clay levee in front of
       those homes.
      The revised setback line means that a permanent levee would not meet stability design
       standards along 700 to 800 feet of the west side of Riverview Circle / Rivershore Drive.
       The City would build as much levee as feasible as a first phase of the project. A flood
       wall would be considered under a future phase when funding is available.

Property Owner Input:
   1. Generally the remaining property owners were interested in keeping as many houses as
   2. If kept, would 3500, 3502 and 3506 be in the revised 100-year flood plain and therefore
      need to purchase flood insurance?
   3. Property owners questioned whether preserved lots would be able to be sold for at least
      50% of the buyout price.
   4. Letourneau requested that the levee alignment in their backyard be revised so that more
      of the proposed levee be located on the previous City buyout (3510) rather than on her
      property (3518).

Future Actions:
   1. Staff and Houston Engineering will try to meet on site next week with Letourneau and
      Olson to mark out the scope of a possible backyard levee project.
   2. Determine whether any of the lots proposed for resale would be in FEMA’s revised 100-
      year Floodplain.
   3. Staff will meet next week with Sue Rogers (104 36th Ave Circle S) as she was unable to
      attend this meeting.

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