Brainwaves Controlling the Colors on Niagara Falls by darreljefferson


									Brainwaves Controlling the Colors on Niagara Falls

The world is a different place today than it was just a hundred years ago. Travel back two hundred and
fifty years, to the founding of America, and it won’t be recognizable.

 Although the mountains, trees, birds and animals would all look the same, the buildings, possessions
and hair styles would be utterly unrecognizable. Today, information travels from Sand Diego to China
faster than you can blink your eyes.

Handheld Devices

Today, people carry handheld device that can call someone around the world and look up movie times
for a friend in Alaska. Warfare has evolved to a point that one wrong push of a button could destroy the
world seven times over.

The driving force behind these changes has been immense leaps forward in computer science research.
Not only do people use computers to type an article or send an e-mail, but they use it to automate the
building of cars, order gadgets, precisely direct missiles and take pictures of the globe.

Computer Science
Computer science has made all of this possible, and it’s about to take its next leap forward. Since the
1970s, computer scientists have had an idea.

 It was a seemingly impossible feat given the technology of the time, but a revolutionary concept if they
could but achieve it. With the invention and usage of computers, one could have the power to control
an object using only the mind.

 They wanted to be able to access and use a computer using their thoughts and nothing else. The
technology did not exist at the time, but it inspired the work of a recent campaign to do just that.


The company InteraXon has created a brain-sensing headband that they say can actually control a
computer. Ariel Garten, the CEO of the company, plus several researchers have been studying the
                                                 thought pattern of brains since 2007.

                                                     Their research helped them develop the Muse. The
                                                    Muse is a head band that sits comfortably on the

                                                    The ends slide right behind the ears—like a pair of
                                                    glasses. Two sensors on the forehead and two behind
the ear are all it needs to begin manipulating the world around you.

 People have been able to change the coloring of Niagara Falls from half a world away, using only their
thoughts. That’s not all it does though.

InteraXon claims that it can also help you look at your own mind. It offers you the chance to see a
glimpse into what’s going on behind the scenes of your thoughts aiding in self-discovery.

                                                    Although its abilities are still reasonably limited, it
                                                   can do enough for you that InteraXon is selling them
                                                   now for just $199. You can begin using your thoughts
                                                   to control the digital world just as soon as they ship it
                                                   to you.

                                                    The device hooks up to your smart phone or
                                                   computer using blue tooth technology so it is
                                                   compatible with a lot of the things you already have.
                                                   The fruits of computer science continue to awe and
                                                   change the world on a daily basis.

                                                    Those involved are making meaningful contributions
                                                   to the world. CCSD offers you an opportunity to be
                                                   one of these game changers.

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