Exposing-some-staffing-myths by samtavis


									Exposing some staffing myths

There are some myths or false assumptions surrounding the staffing subject especially in
case of small businesses. Running a small business requires certain skills and etiquettes in
conformity with the cost of running the business. The staffing needs of small business are as
important as in case of a medium or large size business enterprises. There are however
some staffing myths that are quite popular within the realms of small business
organizations and these are:

1. Utilizing the services of family members or relatives: It is a false assumption that
hiring family members or relatives as employees of the organization will reduce the wage
costs. In fact, it creates a sense of insecurity among the employees who are not related
with the business owner of the concerned organization. A paid employee can be directed
well if he or she commits errors but it is not so easy in case of family member or relatives.
Moreover, other employees or people have to compensate for the errors being committed
by these members thereby loosing valuable productive time of the concerned employees.
Exceptions are there if the family member or relative had a deep knowledge and skills about
the functions of the organization.

2. Hiring young people will cost less: Hiring young people because they are perceived to
be hired for a lesser costs is a myth. Even though they may be hired with lower costs in the
short term may prove to be costly in the long run due to training, more supervision costs
and cost of errors committed due to inexperience. Therefore, the best bet is to hire more
experienced persons on the job despite of them being expensive.

3. Sticking with casual, temporary/contract employees: Even though hiring
temporary, contract or casual employees may prove to be flexible and it also avoids paying
them employee benefits (that are required to be paid for a permanent employees) may not
be the best way to run small businesses. A business on a long term basis requires
committed, faithful and engaged group of people who are desirous and passionate about the
growth of the organization. Even though, short term employees can be used for tasks that
are really for shorter periods but when it comes for an ongoing work, it is better to hire
those people who are committed towards the company’s growth.

These are some of the popular staffing myths concerned with small enterprises.

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