a-brief-study-about-it-staffing-services by samtavis


									A brief study about IT staffing services

The advent of internet along with the rapid development of communication networks required
companies doing businesses in Information Technology to get access to professional, competent and
trained people in the field of telecommunications and internet technologies. Companies are required to
get their Information Technology projects to be executed faster and with fewer resources. IT Managers
need the best people to get the projects implemented effectively within the deadline but they are
required to play important role in other areas too.

Therefore, the need for hiring the best IT staffing services arose for these companies to reduce the
amount of time spent by their in house IT managers in interviewing candidates so that IT managers can
focus on managing and mentoring their staff and completing the projects on time. The IT staffing
services are now providing services pertaining to all issues related with IT resources for a number of
industries in the field of Information Technology.

The recruiting process concerned with IT staffing services involves providing information technology
personnel for IT companies in the areas that may include software development, network and systems,
help desk support, project management, administration and support and IT security. The other related
services provided by these staffing service firms include performing background checks, pre
employment screening, interviewing the candidates. Majority of the companies or firms providing IT
staffing services act as agents and the hired individuals are not the employees of the staffing firms.

The IT staffing services rely most on the strong database that they built up with the help of their IT
recruiting specialists who reaches to every available professional in the field of information technology
wherever they are located globally. Some of these IT staffing service firms are experts in reaching for
the skilled candidates or existing working professionals either in the field of select application skills or in
select technologies or in both the areas. Some of the select application skills and technology areas
catered to by these firms include:

           Application Architecture,
           Business Analysis,
           Cloud Computing,
           Data Architecture,
           Information Management,
           IT Project Management,
           Quality Assurance, Quality Testing,
           Web/e-commerce,
           .Net, ASP.NET, VB.NET,
           SQL Server,
           C++, C#, Visual C++ etc.

Thus, these IT staffing service firms ensures that the IT companies receives the best match of IT talent.

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