Staffing Services– A multi pronged strategy to tackle staffing needs by samtavis


									Staffing Services – A multi pronged strategy to tackle staffing needs

Staffing is the most crucial and vital function of any organization that is required to get on
with its growing business needs. A few decades back the staffing process was used to be
conducted as an in house organizational process with a separate department known as
Human Resources Department or HRD that used to carry out all the process of recruitment.
But with globalization of economies, some of these functions are now outsourced to firms
who are specialized in staffing services in order to reduce the costs and also to
concentrate on the core business activities by majority of organizations.

There are some organizations that still have their own in house recruitment processes, but
now these types of organizations are in minority. The staffing services being offered by
many staffing agencies are established around the world with the sole intention of
successfully placing the right person in the right job. These services are provided taking in
view the clients’ specific requirements and also saving the client’s money and time of
hunting for a suitable candidate. Most of the staffing services are offered in some or all of
the following below mentioned areas-

         Short term or Temporary Staffing – This type of service involves the filling in
          for the positions for absent employees or helping with a high work load.
         Long term Staffing – Usually this type of service is for filling the various
          positions with professionals or technical personnel that are needed on a project by
          project basis that may continue for some years.
         Contract to Hire Staffing or Temporary to Permanent Staffing – In this type
          of service, the servicing agencies or firms helps their clients in taking an employee
          on a temporary basis in order to evaluate his or her capabilities and if satisfied
          with the employees’ performance may take him or her on their employee rolls on
          a full time basis.
         Direct Hire or Permanent Placement – Direct hire is a normal process of
          recruitment taken care of by the staffing service firms that involve-
                - The job seeker filling in the necessary formalities like posting resume,
                    filling out application online and taking assessment tests if required.
                - Creating a data base of these qualified, experienced and professional
                    candidates or job seekers.
                - Filtering out the candidates from the database as per the requirements
                    and job specifications of the client.
                - Interviewing the candidate as per the set guidelines of the client
                    organization and then sending them to the organization for further
                    reevaluation of the candidate.
                - Seeking feedback of the candidate, if such candidate is finally selected as
                    an employee of the client organization.

 These are the strategies that are usually adopted by the firms engaged in providing these

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