Direct Hire Services – A new trend of hiring for modern organization by samtavis


									Direct Hire Services – A new trend of hiring for modern organization

The globalization of the businesses irrespective of their locations has lead to the
requirement of qualified, professional and experienced candidates for the effective running
of the organizations. The participants include the employers, candidates, and agencies that
supply valuable human resources. The direct hire services during the last two decades
has emerged as one of the most dynamic services that is contributing towards the growth of
several organizations around the world.

These direct hire services are augmenting the job providers search efforts in different
ways. These include conducting preliminary interviews, short listing candidates as per their
client organizations or job providers, making arrangements for face to face meetings or
interviews with the job provider thereby helping them (employers) in assessing the
candidates in final evaluation and selection for the required job position.

Most of the direct hire services are provided at the levels of-

           Senior Management
           Middle Management
           Junior Management

The following other services are also covered under the direct hire and these include-

          Providing pay roll services- Firms engaged under these services also offer services in
           pay roll that includes generation of pay slips, reimbursements, capturing taxes and
           statutory details for every employee of the concerned organization.

          Tax return filing – Some of firms also provides corporate and individual tax return
           filings and also tax consultations for their client organizations.

           Background verification of the candidates- Background verification of the candidates
           is a necessary task of the firms providing these services. The background verification

                        Address verification
                        Local verification
                        Educational verification
                        Professional verification and
                        Physical verification

In addition to providing the above mentioned services, there are add on services provided
for already employed staff of their client organizations. These include Executive
Development Programs or EDP. Some of the areas covered under this program include –
Personality development Skills, Effective Conflict Management Skills and Performance
Management Skills. Some firms also indulge in providing recruitment software solutions to
their clients in order to ease out the different activities of recruitment processes. Thus, it
can be said that time has come to use these services for organizations to remain
competitive in the business world.

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