Some benefits of IT staff augmentation by samtavis


									Some benefits of IT staff augmentation

Staff augmentation in simple terms can be defined as contract workers brought in by an
organization to supplement the efforts of their internal staff in order to contain the costs
and handle overflow work. The main objective of staff augmentation is to fulfill the need of
specialized skills required to perform a project usually of a short-term duration in nature. In
non-professional terms, “Staff Augmentation” implies contractors function as a member of
the concerned department of an organization especially those who are engaged in IT
businesses who take direction from IT managers. In addition, these contractors receive their
paychecks from a different company and their assignments can be terminated at short
notice without a cause or merit.

The need for staff augmentation arises because developing in-house capabilities to complete
the projects may prove to be costly and risky venture particularly when the IT needs of an
organization are constantly changing. Moreover, very few companies in the IT sector have
static IT needs. Therefore, companies look for outside help in completing their Information
Technology projects and staff augmentation is considered as an applicable delivery model
for these companies. The IT staff augmentation allows a company to add staff as needed
and at the same time, the concerned company may easily ramp up and down to meet
changing demand without shouldering the costs and liabilities of a full time employee.

The advantages or benefits of staff augmentation for an IT company include:

---Existing resources can be leveraged: Staff augmentation helps in adding new skill
sets to the team by taking advantage of both external and internal resources for the
completion of their IT projects.

---Reduction on cost of acquiring skills: Staff augmentation is a way to avoid cost of
investing in internal skills and development.

---Reduction in employer burdens: Costs and liabilities arising out of hiring regular or full
time employees are avoided by going in for staff augmentation.

--- Ease of adoption: Adopting a staff augmentation is an easier model than any other
staffing models as it is only a small shift from what companies are already doing when
hiring full time candidates as their employees.

---Filling the expertise gap: Any gap arising in a project team due to lack of expertise
can be easily filled up by staff augmentation with specialized contract staff.

These are some of the benefits of IT staff augmentation.

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