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New Alpha Phi Alpha Bill


									Bill F12-14                                                                  Senator Santangelo Collins
December 5, 2012

    Theta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at McNeese State

Whereas, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Theta Theta Chapter) is a student governed organization
whose purpose is to serve as the cornerstone for bonding, achievement, and collaboration amongst
affiliated NPHC organizations. Alpha Phi Alpha also serves as one of the premier service
organizations at McNeese State University;
Whereas, the Theta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha is an active organization on campus which
strives for excellence in academics and community service, while building bonds between
organizations and the community. The Theta Theta chapter has successfully completed Project
Alpha, Phresman Phorum 101 to ensure academic success, and our annual Miss Black and Gold
Scholarship Pageant. Since the Fall semester of 2008, Alpha Phi Alpha has also taken part in
constructing study sessions to ensure in academic success. In addition, Alpha Phi Alpha participates
in programs to express college life with high school students to support higher education. Alpha Phi
Alpha is very involved on campus by hosting and participating in events such as; Homecoming Step
Shows, Stroll-Offs, Volleyball games, Football games, and many more. Every Fall, Alpha Phi Alpha
host “Alpha Week”. Alpha Week is a week dedicated to the fraternity in which Alpha Phi Alpha host
different programs pertaining to education, student health, and different social events.
Whereas, the 50th Annual Louisiana District Conference will be hosted in Lafayette, Louisiana on
the weekend of January 18th-20th. Attending these conventions, the members of Alpha Phi Alpha
will learn new methods in an effort to be more effective on campus. The 50th Annual Louisiana
District conference will present ideas on programming, fundraising, and leadership development that
will benefit the organizations’ members in many ways. At this conference new members are initiated
and taught different protocols in which will be used to better serve as a members McNeese’s chapter
(Theta Theta) of Alpha Phi Alpha. Current members are taught extensive leadership developments,
and better ways to strengthen the organization not only campus wide but also in the community.
Whereas, the Theta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha will be given the opportunity to network with
other chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha (both Undergraduate and Alumni), compare ideas, and learn new
methods from their fraternity members of other universities across the region. This will allow our
chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity to represent McNeese more effectively.
Therefore, Be It Resolved, the Theta Theta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha request to receive
appropriations from the Organizations Fund of $2267.92 to cover hotel accommodations and student
registration for the stated convention.

_______________________                                         _________________________
      Davante Lewis                                                     Caleb Whalley
Student Government President                                    Student Government Treasurer

                                      Terence Delaine Jr.
                                  Speaker of the Student Senate

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