Understanding the Skills Learned in College by darreljefferson


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									Understanding the Skills Learned in College

For students who are going through the college experience, there are doubtlessly some aspects of it that
prove to be a bit confusing when viewed from a real world perspective. Many students wonder about
some of the tasks that they are required to do in school, questioning their worth and application in the
real world.

It is a common enough issue. After all, we all like to feel like we are learning in a very direct way and that
we are getting our money’s worth when we attend school. Therefore, questions like these are positive
to have from a critical thinking standpoint.

Will My Degree Benefit Me?

                                                        These are common concerns due to the fact that
                                                        while some parts of college may seem
                                                        straightforward, other aspects may not. For
                                                        example, a student of a business management
                                                        degree may well understand the teaching of
                                                        economics and management while wondering
                                                        why they have been tasked with group work on
                                                        the side.

                                                        It takes time to fully understand this concept, but
                                                        the fact of the matter is that everything in college
serves its purpose. Even in laser focused programs which prioritize getting students on their way to
careers, there often will exist aspects that students do not fully understand or appreciate.

Many people feel that attending college is about leaning very specific information, getting certified and
building skills in a certain field, and then graduating. The truth of the matter is that every part of this
experience, both pleasant and not, serves to prepare people for their future careers.

College Homework

Let us look at homework as an example. Homework is not just assigned to give people busy work and to
prepare them for tests.

Homework (done correctly) helps people to learn information in a concrete way and to develop initiative
and responsibility when it comes to work given. Nearly all careers will provide people with deadlines and
projects which need to be met by a certain time while also meeting a certain standard of quality.

Another good example to look at is group work. Many professors will group students together for group
work in their on campus classes, and then will assign some kind of project to be completed.
Students are often reluctant to embrace such work, since it involves creating some kind of ad hoc
hierarchy, creating schedules, and assigning responsibilities. This arrangement forces individuals to
come up with structure without the direction of their professor.

Do My Grades Matter?

                                                             Many people do not care for the fact that
                                                             their grade will be somewhat dependent on
                                                             others, and that the work involves others.
                                                             However, this is a perfect analogue for
                                                             working with others in the real world job

                                                             There are going to be times where work
                                                             relies on people working together to meet a
                                                             common goal. There will be a need for
                                                             leadership and direction, as well as a need
                                                             to fall in line and complete task as asked.

These kinds of skills are taught through the course material in college. As such, it is important to keep an
eye out for lessons being learned along with stated material.

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