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					                   Scientific Information Statement: Attachment B

California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board
[Materials below accessible at, and at]

       CARB, Draft Technology and Cost Assessment for Proposed Regulations to
       Reduce Vehicle Climate Change Emissions Pursuant to Assembly Bill 1493,
       April 2004

       CARB Staff, Staff Report: Initial Statement of Reasons for Proposed
       Rulemaking, Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of Regulations to Control
       Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Motor Vehicles, August 6, 2004

       CARB, Technical Support Documents for the Final Staff report:
            Climate Change Overview
            Climate Change Emissions Inventory
            Economic Impacts of the Climate Change Emissions Regulations
            HFC-134A as an Automotive Refrigerant
            Mobile Air Conditioning Systems – Direct Emissions
            Mobile Air Conditioning Systems – Indirect Emissions
            Air Conditioning Thermodynamics
            Other Considerations, all dated August 6, 2004

       CARB Staff, Addendum Presenting and Describing Revisions to the Initial
       Statement of Reasons, September 10, 2004

       CARB, Peer Review Comments and Responses, Initial Statement of Reasons
       and Supporting Appendices, September 2004

       CARB, Report to the Legislature and the Governor on Regulations to
       Control Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Motor Vehicles, December 2004

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
[Materials accessible at individual web addresses as listed, or from]

       EPA, Emissions Facts, EPA420-F-00-013, April 2000
                              Bibliography, continued

        EPA, Energy CO2 Inventories – State CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuel
Combustion 1990-2000, available online at:

U.S. Energy Information Administration, Department of Energy

        EIA, Supplemental Tables to Energy Outlook 2003, available online at:

Climate Science

        Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 16 Years of Scientific Assessment
in Support of the Climate Convention, December 2004, access online from:

        U.S. Climate Action Report, Department of State, Third National
Communication Under the UNFCCC, Appendix D, Climate Change Science, May
2002, access online from:

       National Research Council, Climate Change Science, National Academy Press,
available online from:

        U.S. Global Change Research Program, U.S. National Assessment – New
England Regional Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability
and Change, available online at:

         Climate Change Research Center, University of New Hampshire and Clean Air-
Cool Planet, Indicators of Climate Change in the Northeast 2005, available online at:

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